The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 24

V come back and he directly went to Black-town042 (the place where every technology was which helps their mafia during wars or any other bad situations).

V's whole day passes here and sometimes, even his nights too. As being the professional hacker and tech expert, they needed V almost all the time there. The place where Jungkook's all system technologies work.

Man: Oh! Good evening Mr. V.

V: Hmm, good evening.

He simply replied without even looking at him and then he went to his office.

He went inside and closed the door tightly behind him. He sat down on his chair and facepalmed himself.

His whole mind, his whole condition was messed up. He was broken again. From past 4 years, even if Ahyeon left him, he was still hoping that one day she will come back in his life. One day he will get his love. He kept that light of hope in his from past 4 years.

But, after what he saw today, his whole condition got worsen. His mind was messed up. His heart sank deep in the sorrows.

*For past 4 years.... For fucking past 4 years, I was hoping that one day I will meet her again. But now, It looks like my all hopes are drowning... Why... Why I'm feeling so much pain... why*

*So, that was the reason that she didn't accepted my feelings... she already wrapped Jaechan on her net of tricks.... Just because.... Just because he was rich... And, I... I... I was just a middle class guy.... That's why she did that... She didn't even cared a bit about my feelings... My emotion at that time... She was already with jaechan... She even had a boy with him.*

His tears started falling while remembering that beautiful and innocent smile of Ahyeon which he used to see 4 years ago whenever he saw her in their center.

Taehyung laughed bitterly at his own luck. Accepting that there was no one who could love him. But there was anger on his heart more than sorrow. He was getting angry on himself for falling for her.

He wiped his wet tears and took a deep breath.

*Now I get to know... All girls just run before money, Power and luxury... That what she wanted, that what she got.... They are just bitches*
( No, My dear taelien... you are wrong :( ...)

Taehyung started focusing on the computer screen doing his work when he got call from someone. He took out his phone and saw Jungkook was calling him. Without wasting any other second.

V: Yeah?

JK: Is work done?

V: Yeah, I gave him the papers and CD.

JK: Hmm... Good. well where are you now?

V: Black-town. in my cabin... doing my work.

JK:Oh Okay then, I'm hanging.

V: okay...

He said and hanged his call. He throws his phone at side and went to do his work again. Till then Jimin entered V's room with his laptop in his hands. He sat beside V on other chair and put his laptop infront of V gaining his attention.

JM: Dude... look, My laptop stops working. It isn't letting me open my video-chat.

He said with a pout and V sighed. He took his laptop in his hand and starts looking what happened while Jimin was starring there blankly.

V performed some functions on it and the laptop became again like before. And V gave that back to jimin.

JM: Woahhh! No doubt you are genius bro.

V: Yeah yeah...

JM: Btw, What happened to it. why it wasn't working.

V: You put that on wrong settings by mistake. I rearranged them and installed some antivirus. That's it.

JM: Oh Okay... thank you so much... Gosh! I thought I lost Yehan.

V: Huh? means

JM: I was video cconferencing with her when it stopped working. Hey, Btw she is my new girlfriend.

V: You change your girlfriends like clothes huh?

V said chuckling and starts doing his work. Jimin smiled in proud.

JM: Well, It's really interesting.... I'm telling you, You should try this too bro.

V: Yeah.. I'm thinking to do so.

He murmured to himself with completely blanked expression but his mind was completely filled with mess. He sighed and continued doing his work.


Aerin finished doing the rest chores which Jk told her to do as it was one of the rule and then went to the room. She lied down on the soft mattress as the light of the room was off.

It was cool and was freshing her mind. She wanted to took a short nap but then the lights of the room turned On and she startled.

JK: How dare you sleeping this time.

She quickly turned her face to the side and saw jungkook was sitting on th couch with legs crossed and he was looking calm and scary at the same time.

Aerin got up and sat on the bed when she felt jungkook's deep gazes on herself. Just by it, she can feel herself shivering.

JK: Remember, what I told you... You dare to keep resting while doing nothing in my house.

AR: I..I.. Finished every work... But, Why are you here at this hour.

JK: let me tell you bitch, It is my house. So whenever I want, I can come or go.

He spat and Aerin rolled her eyes internally. She got up from the road ready to leave the room but jk again stopped her.

JK: Where? I didn't told you to leave.

AR: Then what I'm supposed to do here...

she asked blankly and JK smirked. He took of his coat and loosened his tie. He placed his foot on the table in a criss-cross position while leaning back.

JK: Come here.....

he said in his deep voice and Aerin can't help but went there only hoping that he won't do something shit with her. she went there and stood infront of him.

JK: So my little bird didn't have anything to do... I've got work for you... Give me a great massage so that my whole fatigueness would fade away. C'mon.

AR: Huh?

JK: What bitch. Come and give me a massage. C'mon.

He didn't left any option for her so she sighed internally and went behind the couch. Jk smirked and took off his shirt throwing that on the side and leaned back again closing his eyes.

JK: Start.

He said and she placed her palm on his shoulders and started massaging him. He let out relieved growl feeling her hands on his skin. Her hand was feeling so good on his flesh that he went to another world for sometimes.

JK: Keep going....

He said while closing his eyes and she started massaging his shoulder and then his muscular back. He was relieved yet comfortable in her touches. He didn't wanted her to stop at all. No doubt, she was so good in it that it vanished jungkook's whole stress and tiredness.

After 20 minutes of massaging him, when Aerin felt that Jk probably sleeping as his low growls weren't hearable anymore. So Aerin checked on him. She found him sleeping as his eyes was completely closed and he just breathing.

As there was nothing to do so Aerin thought of leaving. She turned around taking her first step but soon she felt a pull on her hand and she landed on jk's lap.

AR: Oh my!

she gasped as her heart started beating faster and she got surely scared for some moments.

Jungkook closed her between his arms while encircling them around her waist and pulled her even more closure. Aerin's forehead started sweating because of his closeness as her heart was already beating faster.

JK: My little bird was so good at it. So, daddy thought of giving her reward.

He said in his deep husky voice closing every distance between them. But Aerin's mind filled where Jungkook break her leg as a reward. Her palms started sweating and the fear took in her mind that he might do hurt her or something.

She placed her hands on his chest to maintain the distance as her mind got filled with that hurtful night when he break her leg with the iron rod.

She closed her eyes while backing off but he pulled with her neck's nap and placed his lips over her shivering lips. She got surprised that he was actually kissing her.

She tried to pull away but it was looking like he wasn't in the mood. He pulled her more closure while holding her tightly by her waist and was keep sucking her plump rosy lips.

He started nibbling her lower lip and she whimpered. When she found he wasn't stopping at all, she gave up and closed her eyes too slowly responding to his kiss. It didn't gone unnoticed by him. Jk smiled and kept nibbling her lower lip.

Their kiss was calm, sweet, passionate and relieved one. It was showing millions of emotions of both of them. Aerin can feel herself melting under him. Only his touches can leave these effects on her and she knew it very well.

Finally after a minutes or 2, he pulled back breathing heavily and so was she. His breaths were uncontrollable but hot too. He sighed deeply controlling his breaths and looked up. He found Aerin still was closing her eyes while holding onto him.

He tucked a strand behind her ear and whispered over her lips.

JK: No Doubt, I hate you the mostest.

He whispered and Aerin opened her eyes in shock. Her face left all it's happiness in just a millisecond. Her inner smile fade away. Jk can read her reactions very well and smiled.

JK: I Hate You so much. Jeon Aerin.

Aerin's eyes started becoming glossy but she can't let them out infront of him. Most importantly, she can't let him know about what she was feeling at the moment. She can't let him notice that his word's somehow pierced her heart.

JK: You know... Long ago, I fell in love with a girl. She was pretty, cute, innocent and so smart. She was a genius cook and she always cook for me while I help her in the kitchen. We talked almost all night long not even knowing how much time was. I started loving her with my whole heart. She became the reason of my happiness. We spend our every special moment together. my love for her became unconditional. I thought that I was the luckiest man in this whole world.

He told her softly while caressing her cheek and she didn't get what he wanted to prove after all. She simply listened to him. He smiled while thinking about all those beautiful memories. But then gazed her lips which was shivering. He smiled and put his thumb while rubbing it slightly and then continued.

JK: But one day, She proved me wrong..... She proved that Love is a Lie.... and I was a fool to love her.

He said as his facial expressions changed into a dark one. Aerin can feel his hold was getting tighter on her waist and she whimpered in pain. But he didn't cared a bit about it. She can see how much JK's eyes were screaming. She can see his pain in his eyes.

She was feeling bad that she was the one who did this... She broke his heart. She broke his trust. She played with his feelings.... But still, there was her reasons to do so.

JK: That's why I started loathing her.

He said caressing her hair. He was completely looking like a sadist. His eyes become dark once again which were enough to make Aerin shiver and he can feel it. She thought of defending herself by words but till then his phone started ringing.

AR: Jungkook ah, I--i..

His phone started ringing so he pick up and saw that Yoongi was calling him.

JK: Yeah hyung, what happened?

YG: Jungkook ah, come to office soon.

JK: Huh? I just came back from there... But why again. What happened.

YG: I think someone is detecting our systems... Files aren't opening anymore.... I have doubt we lost it.

He told in a shaky voice and Jungkook's eyes became wide in shock.


He pushed Aerin off of his lap and she whimpered in pain when the couch's side hit on her elbow but jk seems to care less about it. Jk got up from the couch and quickly wore his shirt and then coat. Aerin looked at him in confusion.

AR: where are you going...

She asked but he completely ignored her and her question and left the room leaving her in confusion.



Jungkook quickly stormed inside his office where all the system was beeping.

JK: What happened?

YG: Come, take a look by yourself...

He said and jk quickly went there. He went towards the direction where the main computer was. His eyes became wide when he saw.



He said in a high pitched voice as his mind became a complete mess. One of their man quickly called V who was in the Black-Town048. The guard put that on speaker and Jk heard V's voice.

V: What happened?

JK: V Listen, Someone is trying to detect our location... YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING QUICK.



v: Don't worry let me do something.

V quickly went away from there. The other men + Jimin saw V running towards main system direction. V quickly detected the problems... and his eyes became wide in shock.


He saw some unknown system was really trying to detect their locations. and their personal files too. It can harm the whole branches of their empire. V quickly gather all of the staff there.


He said and in a millisecond the building gathered darkness as the guard turned off the whole connection system of the building as per as V's order. They all stayed in the darkness.

JM: V, But what happened?

V: Some unknown source was trying to detect our locations.

He said and all gasped.

JM: whattt!!! What the actual fuck...

Jimin mumbled to himself sighing in relief that V turned off the whole system. After sometime, V thought of starting up the system again so he announced again.


He said and the system turned on. V quickly went towards computer and rechecked everything. He sighed in releived​ after making sure that everything is fine now.

V: everything is fine now... Go and do your work.

He announced again and all the men sighed and went away from there. Jimin too sighed in relief and went towards V who was rubbing his forehead probably got a headache.

JM: Thank God everything is fine...

V: We could've lost everything...

JM: Why someone did that... to gather info about our secret plans.... or to harm Jungkook.

V: Maybe both.

V sighed and mumbled but jimin can hear it. Jimin shake his head.

JM: Jungkook live almost his everyday probably in doubt that maybe he will not be able to see the sunset or the sunrise of next morning. God! A mob's life can't be simple. That's what we all have.

V: Yeah You are right... A mob can't live peacefully. And about JK, He is so brave also when he suffered a lot.

JM: Yeah bro, our friend is so brave. That's what made him cold and dear Aerin is suffering.... Btw, who tried to did all of this detecting bullshit?

V: Still don't get to know about it.
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