The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 25


Jungkook was still so surprised about the sudden cyber-attack they got from their unknown enemies. If it wasn't sorted out by V, they will probably gonna lose it.

Jk's mind was still messed up because of the cyber attack. Yoongi was too sitting on the other couch as they both were discussing the matter.

YG: It's fine now... Leave it.

JK: HOW? How I'm supposed to leave.... It was a fucking cyber-attack Hyung. THAT BASTARD. WHOEVER HE OR SHE IS, I'M GONNA KILL THAT PERSON.

He yelled in anger and Yoongi shut his eyes and Jk's high-pitched voice which was echoing in the big and silent cabin.

YG: Listen, I know you are stressed. And, don't worry V will find out about that.

JK: But still, It was something unforgettable. It can harm all of our empires.

He yelled out again in frustration as the electricity was running inside him because of anger. His veins were popping out because of his furiousness.

YG: Listen Jungkook ah, you have to think with a calm mind. Maybe, it was a warning from our enemies.

JK: Maybe... But still, if it that so. Then we have to take two steps forward than those motherfuckers.

He hissed while gritting his teeth and clenching his jaw. Yoongi can see how much jungkook was angry and also stressed because of a sudden attack.

YG: Don't worry. I will talk to Jimin about it. We all will think about something together. Now, go.

JK: I can't. That attack won't let me sleep in peace without any stress. Hey Hyung, what if that motherfucker jaechan did it.

He asked while twisting his eyebrows and Yoongi frowned.

YG: Oh C'mon, take a deep breath and think. Why would he do this? He knows very well that it will bring him harm. I don't think he is behind all this.

He explained and jungkook nodded while thinking deeply. He sighed in tiredness while rubbing his forehead. It didn't go unnoticed by Yoongi and he placed his hand on Jk's shoulder gaining his attention.

YG: Jungkook, I can see you are stressing too much. If you want, you can go out of the country for some fresh time.

JK: Huh? No Hyung I'm fine.

YG: Don't worry about here... Just go.

He said and Jk sighed. Well, about what Yoongi said, he was also thinking of doing it. He was so stressed for the past few days that he needs some kind of change. And Yoongi too told him to do so.



Jungkook entered his room only to found Aerin sleeping on the bed so peacefully. He went there and sat beside her starring at her flawless face. No doubt, She was breathtakingly beautiful for him. In his eyes, she is the most beautiful, a goddess. But in his eyes, she was a betrayer too. A betrayer, who broke his heart.

*Thanks Jeon Aerin, Thanks for making me remember that there is no one who can love me. Even you.*
*thanks for making me remember that Love isn't made for a person like me*

*I know you hate me... Despised me.*
*And your reason for hating me is also right*
*A girl can't love someone who has killed her father*

*But believe me, If you were at my place, You would've done the same*

Jk didn't himself knew when his hands started caressing her cheeks with its cold fingers. She moved a little in her sleep and he quickly pulled his hand back not wanting her to disturb .

*Eventho I wanted to hate you. But still, That idiot heart doesn't listen to me... and It becomes hard for me.*

He smiled like a lost boy and then thought of getting up. He turned around to look at her for the last time and then went towards the closet. He took out a big clothes bag and starts packing their clothes.



The sunlight tip-toed and falls into the big room kissing Aerin's forehead and blessing her with its light. She groaned and moved in her sleep. She placed her hand on the side but didn't found JK there.

She opened her eyes and then tried to recognize the things. She found herself in a different room which made her tremble and she quickly sat down starring at the whole room.

AR: Where I am?

AR: Oh My god! Am I kidnapped again.... OH NO NO.... SOMEONE HELP. HELP!!

She started shouting and started jumping on the bed.

JK: Don't be a drama queen Bitch. You are with me.

Jk spat while entering the room. He went and sat on the couch like if nothing happened and completely ignored Aerin. Aerin, on the other hand, was so surprised at him.

She quickly comes down and went towards him while he was playing social media in his phone.

AR: But where are we then? This is not our room. Are you going to kill me? Huh? Oh no.

She asked panicking and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

*Drama queen*

he thought and scoffed.

JK: Listen, we are in Spain for someti-


She screamed in surprise making Jk's ears almost fuse for some seconds. He closed his eyes controlling his heart which was thumbing so badly.

*Seriously bish!*

AR: But why are us here? Why did you bring me here? I wanted to go home. I'm-


He shouted making her flinch and she closed her mouth looking down. Sometimes, her childish behavior became his headache.

JK Sighed and got up towering over her and she backed off to maintain the distance between them.

JK: Listen, I come here because I wanted to and I took you here too because I wanted to.

He told her and she looked up at him almost surprised by his words.

*Whatt! Do I look like some kind of toy stuff to you? which you will carry anywhere*

JK: We will gonna stay here for some days and that's final. If you wanted to or not. It's not my problem.

He simply said and left the room leaving her dumbfounded there. But before leaving he turned around to say something.

JK: Your clothes are in the closet. Bath quick and come downstairs. The breakfast is ready.

He said and left the room leaving her alone in the beautiful room. She sighed and stared at the room. It was kinda different, fresh, and was giving her relaxing vibes.

She sighed and then searched for the closet and found it by luck after some time.

*Woah! He packed my clothes.*

She thought while taking out her clothes and went to the bathroom.



She comes downstairs to find the dining area. And after some struggle she finally able to find it. She saw Jungkook was coming out from the kitchen with dishes in his hands and after putting it on the table again went inside to take the food bowls.

He finished serving the breakfast and starts having his in silence. Aerin was so surprised to see him like this.

*He made all of this. Woah! Wait, Are we alone in this beach house*

JK: Eat.

His sound vibrated through his throat gaining Aerin's attention. She started eating. She took the first bite and moaned internally at the delicious taste.

*No doubt, I taught him how to cook so well*

She smiled on her own at the fact and it didn't go unnoticed by Jk.

JK: What's wrong?

AR: huh? Uhh.. Nothing.

JK: whatever.

He murmured rolling his eyes. He finished eating and got up from his place and went out of the house leaving Aerin alone at the dining table.



V: Bartender! Another glass.

V said deeply and the bartender passed him and he gulped it down through his already burning throat. He was deeply drowned in Ahyeon's memories. It was looking like if it became hard for him to move on even tho he wanted to.

His mind was whole engraved by Ahyeon's name and he knew that it was almost impossible for him to forget about her even tho she is someone else's now. Not only someone else's but she has a family now. She moved on, leaving her past and him too.

V: Another glass...

??: Give me one glass too.

A man vocalized from his throat gaining V's attention. He sat down next to V on the other stool. He was looking as if he was drunk so badly that he can't even walk properly.

V's eyes went wide in shock when saw the face of the person cause it was none other than Jaechan. Jaechan smirked and joined V in drinking. He took a big sip on his tequila before looking at V who was still processing the things in his mind.

JC: Hey V, nice to meet you here.

V: ah Yeah, me too.

JC: This taquilla is my medicine.

He vocalized but V was still confused to see him.

V: What are you doing here?

He asked gaining jaechan's attention. He smirked through his drunken eyes.

JC: A person like me supposed to be here. You know... It becomes easy for you to separate from the world when you gulped this burning drink down in your throat.

He said drinking another glass of the drink. The waiter gave him a weird look but then continued doing his business.

V was silently listening to him not knowing what to say.

JC: You know.... From childhood till now, I was ruined only ruined. Not only me but my sister too.

He said with a pain visible on his face and voice. V was just sitting there listening to him. He can't even leave because Jaechan is an important member of their mission.

JC: When I was a kid, My father handled me a guns, knives, drugs instead of balls, bicycles, and cars. I was like a blank paper before which got filled by my father's ink. And now, Even If I wanted to, I can't escape from this world. Because I'm boss.

JC: And my sister, my innocent naive baby butter. Even without any mistake, she got ruined by that rascal friend of yours.

V can feel his blood was boiling in anger when Jaechan curses Jungkook. But he stayed silent listening to jaechan because at that time Jaechan was saying his feelings, his emotions.

V: jaechanah, You are drunk. You should go home now.

V told him in his usual deep voice but jaechan shakes his head like a kid and continued.

JC: Then Ahyeon ah, she ruined me. Why? Just because I fucked her.

He said and V's eyes went wide in shock at the sudden statement of Jaechan.

JC: That gold-digger. She just used me. I never bring myself to love her even tho I wanted to. I don't know why. But this is a hardcore truth.

He said and V gulped his saliva down. He can feel his throat was hurting. Jaechan looked at him through his drunk eyes.

JC: That bitch. By using my innocent sister, she makes her way towards me... and when I fucked that horny bitch, by becoming pregnant with my child, she made a great way towards me.

Jaechan laughed like a maniac making V's mouth shut in shock. But still, his heart wasn't believing in all that Jaechan said. Maybe he was drunk that why he is saying this... or maybe that's what he thinks about Ahyeon that's why he was saying this.

V: Jaechan, you are too much drunk.

JC: I know she has a secret.... and you too...

He said starring deeply at V and V can feel his body was shivering. V gulped down because this time Jaechan was guessing something true.

JC: I know she was a bitch before..

He said laughing and landed on the table losing his consciousness. V was still shocked by Jaechan's words but he can feel his heart was bleeding in pain.

The more he wanted to forget about Ahyeon, the more she was coming back in his life making it hard for him. But mostly at the moment, It was hard for him to believe what Jaechan said. what he told him.

JC: Aishhh! Ahn Ahyeon, that bitch.

He murmured in his sleep and V sighed. He put Jaechan's weight on his shoulder making him stand properly.

V: Now I have to drop him home.
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