The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 26

(The chapter will be a flashback of Ahyeon, Jaechan, and V's life.)



After putting Eunho to sleep, Ahyeon was waiting for Jaechan to come back. It was late midnight and he still didn't come back which make Ahyeon worried for him.

After sometime almost midnight, she heard the doorbell. She sighed and went to open the door quickly. She saw V was there and Jaechan was standing by V's support since he was drunk.

AY: What happened?

V: Actually, he is drunk. So, I thought of dropping him.

V said nervously.. Ahyeon nodded and let them inside. V asked her for their room and she showed him the room. V carried Jaechan to the room on his shoulder and throws him there breathing heavily.

JC: Aishhh! I need more glassssess... Give me one moreeee drink.

Jaechan murmured and V gave him a weird look.

V: What's your problem dude?

V asked sighing. He shakes his head in disbelief and thought of leaving the room. Ahyeon was still in the living room. She found V was coming back downstairs.

She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water for V. He was about to leave but Ahyeon stopped him.

AY: Taehyung ah- I'm mean, V ssi, water...

She said politely forwarding him the glass of water. V's emotions started filling his heart again. He was feeling his anger was increasing in his veins.

AY: Thank you for taking Jaechan here--

Before she can complete her sentence, V took the glass throwing it on the floor making it break into pieces. Ahyeon gasped at the sudden outburst of V. She looked up at him with glossy eyes.

AY: what is wrong with you-


V shouted making Ahyeon at her spot. She closed her eyes getting scared.

AY: What are you say-

V: I don't even like seeing the face of a slut like you.


Ahyeon shouted at him and V smirked. He can see Ahyeon's eyes were glossy but he didn't want to notice them.

V: Why getting angry when I showed you your real face. Huh?

V seethed angrily and Ahyeon clenched her fists. That's what V thinks about her. A slut. She started breaking into pieces from inside but didn't let notice it to V.

AY: Do you even know what this word means.

V: I know very well. I know too that there is no difference between a slut and you. You are not less than any.


V: You... You choose Jaechan over me because he was rich, had billions, and I.... I was just a growing up middle-class guy. Huh? You reject my feelings and here YOU GET YOURSELF FUCKED WITH THAT JAECHAN. Huh?

V shouted and him and it was enough for Ahyeon. She gave him a hard slap on his cheek. V holds his cheek tightly while glaring at Ahyeon. Ahyeon glared at him back but the difference was that her eyes were glossy.

V clenched his fists in anger and caught Ahyeon by her elbows and slammed her on the nearby wall harshly. She yelped because of the pain entered her back.

V: No doubt I loved you so much. But after what you did to me, I despise you.... Only despise.

V seethed in anger and Ahyeon's tears started falling from her eyes. V let go of her harshly and exit the living room. Ahyeon slides and sat by the support of the wall. She hugged her knees while sobbing.

Her heart started bleeding in pain after what taehyung did with her. She thought that she got an old friend but no... That's what taehyung did with her. He thinks of her as a slut who trapped Jaechan.

But no one knew that she was the real victim of all the situation. She didn't even want to come with Jaechan. It's jaechan who brought her back because he wanted his child.

5 years ago

Ahyeon exited her class and come out of the class. She was busy putting her books back on her bag when she felt someone just kissed her cheek. Her eyes become wide and she looked up only to find Taehyung there. He smiled nervously and scratched the back of his neck.

Ahyeon's eyes became wide open in amazement. She didn't just get to believe what just happened now. Taehyung kissed her on her cheek. She started feeling butterflies on her stomach.

Soon her ears heard some hooting noises. She looked up only to find Taehyung's friend were cheering him and hooting for him. Taehyung smiled nervously looking at Ahyeon.

V: I'm so sorry actually. It was a bet and I lose. S.o.r.r.y.

V said embarrassed. Ahyeon smiled nervously looking away.

AY: Oh, It's okay... It's fine.

*Dumb me, I thought he kissed me for real. Aish! Why are you so stupid Ahyeon ah*

V left and Ahyeon sighed smacking her own head. Her phone started ringing. She took it out and checked. It was her best friend from high school. Since Ahyeon joined that school, She became her best friend. They almost spend the whole day together. After IT classes, Ahyeon spends her whole day with her best friend. Ahn Aerin.

AY: Yes...

AR: Where are you? I'm waiting.

AY: Just five minutes. I'm on my way.

Ahyeon said and ran off the place to meet Aerin who was waiting for her in a cafe.


AR: Hello Oppa, meet my friend Ahyeon.

Aerin told Jaechan who was busy looking for some files. Jaechan's eyes went on a girl behind Aerin. She was the same as Aerin. She was pretty that caught Jaechan's eyes. Jaechan eyed her from her toe to her head and licked his lip.

AY: Umm... Hello Oppa. I'm Ahyeon, Aerin's friend. I have newly taken admission in her school.

Ahyeon said nervously while fidgeting her fingers. Jaechan smiled and gave his full attention to her.

JC: Oh yes... I got to know about it from Aerin last night. So Ahyeon, I hope Aerin didn't annoy you. Since my little dumb sister is so annoying.

Jaechan chuckled and Aerin looked at him with an open mouth. She hit him slightly on his shoulder. Ahyeon too smiled looking at the brother and sister.

AR: Oppa.. I'm not.

Aerin pouted making Jaechan chuckled.

AR: Anyways, I'm here to tell you that Can I stay at Ahyeon's apartment tonight. I'm mean, we have to do an assignment. So pleaseeee...

Aerin said with puppy eyes. Jaechan again eyed Ahyeon who was looking nervous as well. Jaechan smiled and nodded.

JC: Okay you can. But come back by tomorrow.


She screamed and Ahyeon smiled too. She was feeling uncomfortable with the way Jaechan stared at her but she didn't mind it much. The girls went to Ahyeon's apartment.


After that day, Ahyeon's visit becomes regular in Aerin's house, and sometimes, Jaechan too got to see her. He started attracting to Ahyeon physically. And he had inside a great desire to make Ahyeon moan his name.

Sometimes, when he got a chance, he tried to touch Ahyeon inappropriately. Ahyeon, on the other hand, being naive didn't mind it much. She only visits there to meet Aerin or to study with her.

Every time, Jaechan tried to take a step towards Ahyeon, she backed away by two steps. Jaechan's desire started getting increasing day by day.

Jaechan's 22nd birthday was coming and he organized a big party. Being the new don, he has so many responsibilities and so many partners. Ahyeon was also present there. She didn't want to come but because Aerin pleaded her, so she can't say no to her friend.

Ahyeon was on the other hand was trying so hard to keep the distance from Jaechan as she sometimes feels uncomfortable when he comes too close or tried to touch her inappropriately.

It was already midnight and Jaechan's birthday party was going on. Aerin was too busy with her some other friends and Ahyeon was alone. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned only to found Jaechan was standing there.

JC: Why are you alone here? Where is Aerin?

Jaechan asked in a concerned tone.

AY: Oh! She is talking with some other friends. I was having a headache so I thought of standing here.

Ahyeon explained nervously.

JC: Oh! If you are having a headache then you can drink this. It will help you.

Jaechan said forwarding her a glass of cold drink. She quickly shakes her head.

AY: No..No.. It's okay.. I'm fine.

Ahyeon said.

JC: It's okay. It's just a cold-drink. You can drink this. Here drink this. Nothing will happen.

Jaechan said and forwarded her the glass. Ahyeon was feeling a little bit thirsty and her throat was dried so she took it and drink that. Nothing happened for at least one hour.

But after the party, Ahyeon ended up in Jaechan's room by mistake.

Jaechan kissed her neck and she let out a small moan gripping his shirt. He laid her down on the bed and then, He ripped Ahyeon's clothes apart while sucking her and stimulating her with his tongue.

Ahyeon on the other hand, feeling something new happening with her body, closed her eyes, and started moaning.

JC: Fuck! You're hot. I always wanted to make you mine.

He murmured against her soft skin. Ahyeon closed her eyes feeling his hot breaths were against her skin. Jaechan got up and stripped himself too before joining Ahyeon back in the bed. And the hot night passed as a session.


It's been a month since that incident happened. When Ahyeon wakes up in the morning, she found herself next to Jaechan and all naked on his bed. Ahyeon started hating herself for her mistake. She shouldn't have come to the party. That was her mistake. Without thinking anything else. With tears in her eyes, Ahyeon got up and collect her belongings. She left the house in the early morning after finding something for herself to wear.

After that incident, Ahyeon not got the strength to go to Aerin's house. Last week, she got to know that she is pregnant. Her world collapsed hearing the news. How was she supposed to handle all of this? Living on her own, it wasn't easy for Ahyeon at first but she managed and started caring for herself and her baby.

Ahyeon wiped her tears and collected her notes ready to leave the center. But she found Taehyung coming towards herself. Ahyeon got stern not knowing why Taehyung was smiling at her and also, he was holding a red rose in his hand.

TH: I.. Umm... I really like you Cha Ahyeon.

Taehyung said and Ahyeon heart crunched. She felt herself going weaker with every other passing second. She wanted to cry so bad but she can't and most importantly, she can't accept taehyung's proposal because she is carrying someone else's child and no one even knew about it.

TH: I said I like Ahyeonah... Will you be my valentine?

AY: N-no... I-I don't l-like you.

AhyEon said and ran away from there leaving Taehyung shocked. Ahyeon's tears started falling but her feet were running continuously. Her heart started clenching in pain.

* I can't be anyone's valentine Taehyung ah... I'm sorry*


Months started passing, Ahyeon was six months pregnant at that time. Her bump started showing so she ends her contact with everyone and undergrounded herself for months. She didn't want to come in contact with anyone's eyes otherwise, it will be hard for her. She even didn't tell Aerin about these things. She started facing everything on her own.

Aerin on other hand was being desperate for her friend. Ahyeon didn't contact her for months.

JC: What do you mean?

Jaechan asked in confusion when Aerin told him all her problem's reason.

AR: I don't know she isn't even answering my calls and messages. What's wrong with her.

Aerin said and sighed in defeat. She left Jaechan's room but Jaechan's didn't leave the things which happened between him and Ahyeon on the party night. He still remembers every single thing which happened that night. And somehow he is guilty too for ruining an innocent girl. But if Ahyeon undergrounded herself because of him, then he will gonna take her back no matter what he will have done for it.

He took out his phone and told his man to find out every single thing about Ahyeon. He has to find her at any cost.



Jaechan come out of his shower when he got a call from his man. He answered the call.

JC: speak.

Man: Boss, I found out the girl. She is currently staying in her old apartment far from main city. And......

JC: and...

Man: She is pregnant. We found that out from the city hospital. We spotted her going there yesterday.

JC: okay.

Jaechan hanged the call throwing his phone on the bed. His mind was completely messed but he need to think calmly and he did.

*If the child is mine Cha Ahyeon... Then you have to come back to me*


Ahyeon heard a ring on the main door. She sighed and got up from the couch and walked towards the main door. She opened the door but to her shock, she saw someone she didn't expect to see... It was Ahn Jaechan. The guy who ruined her.

Ahyeon's eyes become wide as the fear took place inside her heart. She tried to close the door but Jaechan was fast enough to put his leg between it and prevent Ahyeon to close the door. He quickly opened the door and went inside closing it.

He slammed ahyeon on the nearby wall completely towering over her. He caught her by her shoulders and she yelped in pain she felt she hold her baby bump tightly.


AY: L..leave me.. You're hurting me..

She sobbed holding her bump.

JC: Listen, you too know that what we did that night, it was by your will too. GOT IT. You're equally responsible as me.

Jaechan seethed in anger. Ahyeon let go of his hold.

AY: Yes, I know and that's why I'm not blaming you for this... I'm bearing all this by myself and not asking for anyone to come and support me. I'm okay being with my child I don't need anyone else... So, please leave.

Ahyeon said holding her bump securely. She didn't even interact with Jaechan. All she wants now is for Jaechan to leave as soon as possible. Jaechan's tongue stuck in his mouth and he didn't know what to say at the moment except for one thing.

He caught Ahyeon by her shoulders making her glossy eyes come in contact with his ones.

JC: Marry me... I want to take you and the baby back with me. So, marry me.



Ahyeon wiped her tears when she heard some footsteps. She looked up and saw her priority was coming towards her with his sleepy eyes. She quickly wiped her tears and stand up.

AY: what happened Eunho yah?

EH: mamma, I want water. I'm feeling thirsty.

Eunho said in his sleepy voice. Ahyeon smiled ruffling his hair.

AY: Come, Mamma will give you water.

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