The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 27


Jungkook's eyes got opened first. He growled spreading his hands on the other side of the mattress. He saw Aerin was sleeping peacefully beside him. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock. It was 6:00 am in the morning.

He got up leaving the bed. The slow sea-wave sound was reaching his ears as the morning was sunny bright as always in Spain. He starred at the beachside which was clearly visible through the large window of his room.

He ruffled his hair sheepishly and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. He wore a simple loose white shirt and sweatpant and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Since they came to Spain, Jungkook didn't tell Aerin to cook or do anything in the house. He did everything on his own without even her help. After doing every house chore, he used to read novels in his free time.

He just cut his bond from the city life for some time. And here staying in Spain in his apartment, his life is at rest and he didn't want to leave it. He wanted to stop, to stay forever, still and all the time.

He started preparing for the breakfast and within an hour, he gets ready all the things and put them neatly on the dressing table. After one hour, Aerin too comes downstairs.

She saw Jungkook was eating his meal silently. She pouted as he didn't wake her up. She sighed and went to the dining table and sat beside him. She herself didn't know what was happening with her, but she didn't like it when Jungkook isn't paying attention to her. Not a single bit. It makes her furious.

*Stupid person, can't even call me for breakfast. What did he want? That I should die?*

Aerin muttered under her breaths. Jungkook on the other hand, who was unable to hear her gave her a weird look. He didn't mind it much and continued eating.

They ate in silence. No one was saying anything. Jungkook found it weird so he thought of breaking the silence.

JK: Get ready by the evening. We are going to the beachside.

AR: But why?

She asked completely innocently and Jungkook Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows.

JK: Since staying all day in this apartment, making me bore. So I am leaving, If you wanted you to come otherwise stay.

He said more like spat and left the place leaving her alone.

AR: No, I will come.

She screamed back.



Aerin got ready in a simple dress for wherever Jungkook was taking her. He said it will be a fun night so there is no need to wear something decent or so on. She can simply pull her usual look.

She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and wore her sandals before going downstairs where Jungkook was waiting.

Jungkook, on the other hand, was waiting for her to come. He was listening to some of his favorite playlists while sitting inside the car. His eyes got open in the middle and he saw Aerin coming towards him.

He gazed at her from head to toe biting his lower lip. He felt something pang in his chest but didn't mind it and kept looking at her.

He blinked his eyes several times and then looked away murmuring something.

*Why she had to wear something like this here. Can't she wear this in our bedroom. I will so pleased to tore that apart from her body*

Jungkook smirked and started the car's engine when Aerin sat down next to him. After half hour of drive, they finally reached their destination.

Aerin come outside and followed Jungkook. The place was strange but modern. Many peoples were dancing on the dance floor and some even making out in the corner. Aerin rolled her eyes and get away from there.


Aerin vocalizes the night's theme clearly.

AR: Oh Party at the beach.

It was already night and the music was loud. Aerin gazed at the whole surroundings. There were girls roaming here and there and were only in bikinis. Aerin's mind frozen and she rolled her eyes.

She read the board on the dance floor which was written 'beach Party' over there.

Jungkook and she went to a side a little far from the dance floor. Aerin sat down on the couch there. Another random girl passed by Jungkook winking and smirking at him and he smirked back which Aerin didn't like a bit.

*More like Bitch Party*

Aerin muttered under her breath in anger. She fisted her palms ready to throw the punch at the girl but she left till then.

Jungkook left and went towards the bar and asked for two drinks.

JK: One tequila and one fresh lemon.

Jungkook said loudly because of the music and the bartender nodded.

Man: Oh okay.

He said and prepared a tequila and lemon drink and gave it to Jungkook. Jungkook thanked the bartender and went back to where Aerin was sitting.

He sat opposite of her and slide the lemon juice to her side gesturing her to drink.

JK: Here you go.

AR: when will we go back?

Aerin asked making Jungkook choke on his tequila.

JK: we just came here... If you are feeling that uncomfortable then you should stay at the apartment. Why did you come here?

Jungkook said in disbelief and Aerin looked down. It's not like she didn't like the place. She just didn't like the surroundings and mostly the girl who was eyeing Jungkook.

Aerin shake her head and took her lemon juice and started drinking it. Her eyes went on a girl who was starring at Jungkook from a far place.

Jungkook on the other hand, unaware of his surroundings was enjoying the music while drinking his tequila. Aerin looked at how Jungkook's exposed chest was on complete display. Aerin closed her eyes in disbelief. She again looked at the random girl who was still looking at Jungkook while licking her lower lip.

Aerin's limit gave up. She decided to break the silence. Also Jungkook was sitting far from her which made her feel hurt.

AR: Jungkook I think we sh-

Before she can finish, The same random girl came and sat beside Jungkook.

Girl: hey handsome, what's your name?

The random girl asked. Aerin's eyes become wide when the girl sat beside Jungkook. She clenched her jaw and fists.

JK: It's Jungkook, baby girl. And yours?

Jungkook asked in the same playful tone as the girl did. Aerin's anger increased tenfolds when she saw that Jungkook too was giving importance to the girl. The way he never gave Aerin.

Girl: Mine is Eliana. I think you're alone here?

The girl guessed as Aerin was far away from them but can listen to them very well. Aerin glared at Jungkook and Jungkook smirked.

JK: Yeah well I am.

Jungkook said and Aerin looked at him with an open mouth. She didn't expect Jungkook to say this. Aerin looked away clenching her jaw and Jungkook felt so relieved after making Aerin jealous. Aerin felt hurt she even herself didn't know why. But she felt hurt.

Girl: Would you like to dance with me?

*What the fuck bitch? Go and find some other man. Why are you drooling over my man?* Aerin thought fisting her hands.

The girl proposed while sliding her index finger on his exposed chest. Jungkook finds it a better way to make Aerin more jealous. He smirked and accepted the girl's proposal.

JK: Sure.

*WHAT THE.........*

Aerin's anger increased as she went red. Jungkook chuckled seeing her like this and got up from his place and left with the girl leaving Aerin all alone.

He went towards the dance floor with the girl and stands opposite her. He caught her hands and placed them on his shoulders playfully and placed his one on her waist and hip. Aerin watched his every movement with that random girl. She felt hurt. The tears were clearly visible in her eyes. Her limit gave up and she looked away.

Jungkook on the other hand was dancing with the girl to the rhythm of the music. The girl was trying to get in contact with Jungkook so playfully. They were so close that Aerin started feeling like going and throwing a punch on the girl's face and pull Jungkook's hair so badly.


She said in an angry tone. The waiter gave her a weird look but gave her the drink. She gulped the drink down her throat in one go and the waiter's eyes went wide.

AR: One more...

She said and the waiter gave her another glass. She gulped that down in one go same as before. The waiter was so shocked.


She said and then gulped down the third glass and then One by one... She gulped down





Total seven glasses which was hard enough to make her half unconscious. Jungkook on the other was busy with the girl.

Jungkook kept looking at Aerin' all the time. He can't have his eyes on any other random girl when he has the prettiest girl as his wife. But in middle, Aerin missed Jungkook's eyesight.

Jungkook felt a hard pull on himself like someone was trying to detach the girl from him. He saw Aerin was there. She glared at him with her glossy, alcoholic eyes.

AR: Aye Back of you bitch!

She shouted at the girl in her drunk voice. Jungkook's eyes twisted at Aerin's behavior and he got to know that she was drunk at the moment. He got completely surprised.


The girl shouted back at Aerin and Aerin started pulling her hair.

AR: Yoouuuu Bitch... I'm his wifeeee. Did you get that.... How dare you touch my man.

Jungkook flickered his gaze and chuckled when Aerin said 'My man' he didn't what but he was feeling something different again. He himself didn't know that he liked it.

Girl: WHATT!!!

AR: Yes he is my man. And you... you dare to continue your fucking seduction on my husband. I'm gonna scratch your dirty little face with my pretty long nails.

Aerin said savagely to the girl making her frown. She turned towards Jungkook who was watching the incident from a distance.

She stormed towards him and clenched her jaw. She caught Jungkook by his collar pulling him close to herself.

AR: And you, you manwhore! You're in trouble now. You like touching other random sluts. Huh. Come home, I will punish you so badly tonight.

She said making Jungkook's eyes wide. With that, Aerin pulled him with herself and went out of the floor leaving the beach and all the people there.
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