The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 28

AeRin and Jungkook come back to the apartment after some time. The whole rode was hella hectic for Jungkook. Aerin didn't even let him drive with focus. She kept disturbing him. She even pulled his hair and shirt's collar but he didn't say anything because he knew that she was drunk and wasn't in her senses.

Jungkook stopped the car in front of the apartment's gate. He huffed in frustration as he was completely a mess because Aerin pulled his hair so hard.

He glared at Aerin who glared him back with the same level. But this time, He didn't get angry because she was looking so cute and innocent that melts his heart.

AR: Yahhhh Jerkass bitch, where did you bring m- OHH!! It is our home, right?

She said as her eyes became wide. She looked back at Jungkook with a smile. Jungkook didn't say anything and come out of the car after undoing his seat belt.

AR: Yahh Jeonky Donkey, answer my question.

Aerin screamed at him and then pouted.

*Jeonkey Donkey!!! The fuck bitch, do I look like a donkey to you?* Jungkook glared at her.

JK: Come out.

He said and she shakes her head sheepishly.

AR: Noooooo.... Jeonkey Donkey is bad. I won't come out.

She said pouting. Jungkook sighed and pulled her out by her elbows and picked her up in the bridal style.

AR: Ahhh Nahhh!!! Put me downnnn...

Aerin screamed like a child but Jungkook didn't pay any attention and went inside.

AR: Ayy Stophhh!!!!!

she hit on Jungkook's chest making him stop. He looked at her.

JK: What?

He asked in frustration. Aerin pouted closing her eyes.

AR: Mah Sandals are in the carrr... I want them.

Aerin pouted. Jungkook sighed and went towards the car while still Aerin in his broad secured arms. He opened the car's door and pick up her sandals with some difficulty since Aerin was in his arms and then closed back the door.

Aerin clapped happily like a child got his chocolate. Aerin hugged her sandals closing her eyes and Jungkook went inside.

AR: Ayy my donkey is being a honey. Woahh!

Aerin said caressing Jungkook's cheek with her sandal. Jungkook glared at her but she smiled sheepishly.

Jungkook went upstairs and throws Aerin on the bed. She groaned because of pain and rubbed her butt glaring at Jungkook.

AR: YahH Jeonkey Donkey....

She got up and went to fight back. Jungkook on the other hand who wasn't affected by Aerin's childish behavior was doing his work.

Aerin pulled him close by his shirt's collar. It was difficult for Jungkook to manage himself and he landed on the bed above her.

Aerin quickly switched the position and get on top of him. His eyes became wide at the sudden Changement in Aerin's behavior.

AR: What did you said to that bitch, that you're alone. Hmm?

Aerin whispered seductively in his ear. Jungkook can feel the tingling sensation and he was feeling something different and weird. He can feel Aerin's hot breaths on his neck which somehow give him pleasure.

Ar: You've been a bad bunny, Now you will gonna get a punishment. Mr.Jeon.

She said more like whispered and gave a slight bite on Jungkook's earlobe. Jungkook's breath hitched at this. He was so sensitive whenever it comes to Aerin's touches.

JK: You will gonna punish me?

Jungkook asked but his voice comes out as a whisper. Aerin trailed down her cold finger on his chest making him go wild.

AR: Yes... So badly.

she whispered back on his ear and Jungkook groaned.

Aerin drunken glossy eyes gazed at Jungkook's lips. She licked her lower lip and caught him by his nap and pulled him close.

She slowly placed her lips over his leaving his eyes wide open in surprise. Aerin started kissing and sucking his lower lip.

He closed his eyes and kissed her back. Aerin sat on his abdomen pulling her closure by his shirt's collar making him sit on the bed.

He pulled her towards himself by gripping on Aerin's waist. She collided with his chest but didn't bothered and continued kissing him. She trailed down her hot tongue to his cheekbone licking it.

She trailed down her finger on his chest again and when it comes upon the shirt's button, she took no time to broke the buttons making his shirt open. His abs were on full display, Aerin slowly trailed her hand towards his abs touching them.

He groaned in pleasure and pulled Aerinclose by her butt. His hands started moving up and down on Aerin's thigh which was on display as her dress hike up because of herself sitting on his abdomen.

JK: This is my punishment?

He asked in a sensitive tone. Aerin stopped her movements and looked at him eye to eye.

AR: Even worse than this...

She whispered over his lower lip. Jungkook smirked and pulled Aerin close by her eaist.

JK: I'm glad.

He whispered back. Aerin smirked back continued kissing his cheekbone. He moaned in pleasure and his hands slowly reached towards her head gripping her hair and caressing them.

JK: Fuck it feels so good.

He moaned as his lips parted to suck breath. Aerin is the only one who could make him feel like this. He was feeling as if he in any heaven. And, he didn't want her to stop at all.

Aerin pushed him on the bed in hands landed on each side freely Aerin leaned in and started kissing his forehead. She then pecked his nose-tip then cheeks and then lips and went further.

Her mouth comes in contact with his already sweaty neck. She placed her warm lips on his neck's crook and she opened her mouth forming an 'O' shape and started sucking his sweet spot. He moaned and whined at the same time.

Aerin's teeth were sharp and when they come in contact with his skin she gave a slight bite on it making Jungkook whine. He parted his swollen lips to suck a deep breath at the impact Aerin was leaving on him.

JK: arghmm!

He moaned heavily when Aerin went further. She started massaging her both hands on his biceps. She removed his shirt making it thrown over the bed at the speed of light.

she went down kissing his chest which was vibrating. She kissed there and Jungkook felt as if his heart gonna jump out of the ribcage. His heartbeats went fast and he fisted his palms to calm himself mentally.

JK: fuck ah yes.

He moaned and closed his eyes. His heart was on a marathon race. He gritted his teeth jerking himself when he felt her tongue was swirling around his abs. He groaned in pleasure throwing his head back.

He was at the high of his limits which started breaking now. He can feel himself getting horny. His fingers latched on her waist and he gripped it turning and switching the position with a speed of light.

Now he was on top of her. He started giving open mouth kisses on her jawline and neck. She holds him by his biceps and parted her lips breathing deeply. She arched her back. He interlocked her small waist in his hands and pulled her closer that her chest collided with his.

An immense amount of lust engraved on Jungkook's brain and he began to suck and lick the life out of her lips. She moaned and wriggled under him.

He slid his hand upward and started unzipping her dress slowly. Aerin not knowing as her mind was completely shut because of the great amount of the alcohol took control over her, was moaning to his distinctive pleasurable touches.

When her dress was undone, again with great speed Jungkook throws that somewhere on the bed or floor.

She was underneath him only in her inner wears. It made him hard as a rock. He gazed at her whole figure. He started placing wet sloppier kisses on her stomach down to her abdomen.

AR: ahh!!

A sweet moan interrupted his ear when his hot tongue trailed down on her belly-button. She arched her back closing her eyes.

It was different.

It was heavenly pleasurable.

It was sensitive.

It was distinctive.

But, was it right?

Jungkook's movements stopped when his eyes went on her face which was looking so soft yet innocent. But Jungkook's whole started getting into a storm.

His hands stopped their movements automatically. He was just starring blankly at Aerin's face.

Stop it, Jungkook.
What are you doing?
She is not in her senses.
what if she regrets this in the morning.
What if she started hating me even more?
She will think that I only played with her.
No.... This is not the right time.
You should stop now.

Jungkook pulled his hands back which were spread on Aerin's bare body. He got up leaving Aerin on her spot. Aerin looked up at him through her sleepy hazels and pouted.

AR: What happened?

She asked in a soft tone and Jungkook looked at her. She was looking so innocent yet so pure.

Jungkook's stone heart somehow melts by looking at her face. He smiled caressed her cheek with his thumb.

JK: You need to sleep.

He whispered and Aerin pouted. She was completely looking like a kid whose chocolates got snatched. Yet she didn't know what is actually happening at the moment. The only pleasure was the only thing for her she needs the most.

AR: But........... I want to play.

Aerin pouted and looking down. Jungkook smiled. He went near her laying beside her and covering her fragile bare figure in his arms securely.

With the other hand, he pulled the duvet over their bodies since he was shirtless too. He gave a slight peck on her nose-tip and she squeezed her nose making a funny face.

JK: we will play when you wake up, sweetheart.

He whispered and she nodded.

JK: Now sleep.

He whispered and Aerin closed her eyes holding on to his abdomen. She dug her face on his bare chest inhaling his manly scent and took a long sniff. Jungkook was caressing her hair so it could help her to fall asleep and after some minutes she did.

Jungkook looked at her angelic face without blinking his eyes.

Eventho, This innocent face of yours is just a mask.
Eventho, These features of yours are fake.
But still, they did affect me.
And, my heart melts.

Eventho, you gave me unbearable pain.
But still, I can't see you in the same condition I went through.
If you got hurt, It hurts me too.
That's why I stopped.

But, You never had any idea what I actually feel.
What I went through.

Eventho, It was just a game for you.
But still, It was real for me.

Jungkook's thoughts got interrupted by his phone which was ringing. He sighed and got up picking his phone since it was V.

He went to the side to attend as Aerin was in her deep slumber.

JK: Yes.

V: I want to tell you that you have to come back.

JK: Why..?

Jk asked as he can notice the tension in V's voice clearly.

V: Mr.Kang arranged an important meeting. Come back as soon as possible.
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