The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 2

JM: how??

Jk: well it's a not so long and not so short Story.


Jk was going to meet some important dealers so he ordered the driver to drive the car a little fast.

Also, the traffic of the city was so much which is making him angry more. He shouted at the driver to drive a little fast as the dealer is important for him so he has to meet him at any cost for his new marketing project.

Jk: gosh!! That much traffic. Arghhhh.

He punched the seat in front of him while clenching his jaw. After some time finally, the traffic crowd come in control. So the driver started the car again.

He was scrolling down through social media when the car got in an accident with someone.
He got shocked by what just happened now.

Jk: what the hell had happened...

Driver: I think sir someone hit from our car.

The driver said nervously and got shocked. Oh god, it's morning time even his day didn't start yet and the bad things started happening.

Jk: What..

Driver: so-sorry s..sir.

He just sighed and get outside from his car to look who got hit by his car. He reached there and took off his glasses to see who is it.

There was a girl who was rubbing her knee and elbow to reduce the pain. Her bicycle also got damaged so badly because of the car's hit. He towards the direction where the girl was.

He went there to see who the girl is. But when his eyes fell on her cute and innocent face. He just forgot to breathe for a moment. He just keeps starring at the girl.

"So beautiful. So sweet, so pretty. Her everything is perfect. Her eyes, her hair, her orbs, and most importantly her lips. She is breathtakingly beautiful."

He came out of his thoughts and marched towards her. He kneeled down in front of her to see her condition.

Jk: I'm so sorry... Please I'm really sorry.

He said in an apologetic voice and the girl looked at him. The tears are clearly visible in her eyes but she didn't let them out. She surely hurt very badly.

AR: no.. it's okay.

She said and tried to get up from the road but failed a little. He quickly grabbed her wrist in order to not to let her fall. Her skin is so soft.

He came out of his thought again when the girl looked at him confusingly. He then looked in another direction and saw her bicycle was there damaged so damn Badly. She with slow steps reached on the side of the road and picked her cycle again which was now got damaged a little but still it is able to ride.

Jk: I'm really sorry... You can take the money for it.

He said started to take out his wallet but the girl stopped him again.

AR: no there is no need for it. And I already said it's okay. Please don't feel pity for it.

Jk: but it was my mistake. I..I. should be careful. But my mistake

AR: it's okay. It happens. There was also my mistake I also should ride bicycle carefully. But anyways.

Jk: are. Are you really fine?

AR: yeah yeah.. don't worry.

She told him with a sweet smile and he can't help but also have to smile back at it. She then kicks the paddle and starts riding her bicycle again and left from there. Leaving the man there with only her glimpses of her sweet voice, lips, and so on.

He can say that he really started liking the girl now. The way she talks, her facial features, her politeness. He fell for all of that. He can't help but converted his lips into a thin curvy line.


After some days...

Jk wanted to know so much about the girl whom he saw some days ago. He can bet that she is the right girl for him. He wanted to take out the information about her. But he finds it bad. Inquiring about someone without her knowledge.

One day he was going to meet someone. He in his way saw the same girl whom he saw some days ago.
She just went inside a supermarket probably to buy something.

He thought of going there and meet her. He told his driver that he will come by himself so the driver doesn't have to stay anymore.
The driver left after that and he goes inside the supermarket where she went.

He started searching for her in the big halls between lots of people.
After some time he finally saw a similar figure with that girl. He picked a trolley and went there.

She was busy buying the groceries and other basic need things till then she just collided with someone. She looked around and saw the same boy with whom she got into an accident.

AR: oh you!!

Jk: ah..yes.. but what are you doing here.

AR: I just came here to buy some groceries and you.

Jk: well I also.

He said while showing him the tofu pack which he just took out from the tofu's section.

AR: ohh...

Jk: well... Should we buy things together?

He asked and she got amazed. Well, it's a little awkward for a girl to talk with someone whom she didn't know completely. But still, she nodded and he smiled internally at his first success.

They brought the things together and he also has to bring because he is still with them because of that reason otherwise she will gonna suspect him.
They came out of the supermarket together after paying the bills and starts walking together.

Jk: well about that day... How's your bicycle now.

AR: Kitty is fine now...

Jk: Kitty??

AR: Kitty... My lovely bicycle.

Jk: ohh...

He said in his while nodding and chuckled at her cuteness she even names the things. Wow.

Jk: well can I know your name.

He asked a little hesitantly. She looked at him but then tell him.

AR: Aerin... Ahn AeRin.

Jk: oh nice name... Well, my name is Jeon Jungkook.

AR: thankyou and your name is also nice.

She said while smiling as they both were just walking together.

Jk: so AeRin... What are you doing here? I mean early morning at the supermarket.

AR: Well I just came here to buy groceries and other things for my children.

She said and he got shocked like hell. What the FUCK... Children.

Jk; CHILDREN...???

AR: Yeah.. I mean. I work in an Orphanage as a cook. So of course the children there was also mine.

She said and he sighed in relief internally. Seriously he just went from a serious heart attack just a few seconds ago.

Jk; ohhh... "I thought that you are talking about your children'

He shooked his head but then another thought comes inside his mind. " Wait... She is a cook there. Means tasty food every day. Now I will final my decision"

AR: but why did you come here this early.

She asked out in blue and he just stopped for a second. He didn't know what to tell her. He didn't want her to tell who the real he is. Cause a girl can never love a monster.

Jk: I.. I also came here to buy groceries of course.

AR: oh.. well if you don't mind. Can I ask you a thing?

Jk: sure...

AR: What were you doing there. I mean that day when we meet the first time. That area was for high-class people and I was also just passing by there. But what are you doing there?

She asked and he again didn't get to know what to say.

Jk: well.. I was just coming back after completing my boss's work. That's Why.

AR: ohh... Well. Leave it. And nice to meet you.

She said forwarding him her hand and he then also forwarded his hand to hand shake with her.

Jk: me too...

He said while smiling but his eyes were showing something else. Like if was asking for some more time to spend with her. She went towards her cycle and put the big grocery bag on the cycle's basket and then sit on it and starts riding. She waved her hand at him for the last time and he also and then she left.

JK: I wish I can be with you like this. For always.

He said and then turned around. He looked at the grocery packet in his hands. He just bought them without any reason and now what will he do with them. He even can't take it home like this or what the guards will think about it. He sighed but at the same time, his eyes fell on a lady whose grocery fell on the road accidentally.

He went there to help her but it was also of no use cause all the groceries are now completely wasted.

Jk: you can take it if you want. I won't mind.

He said with a bright smile and the lady hesitate first but then took the bag from him. She bowed and left with it.


Time started passing and jk and AeRin started meeting like normal friends. Jk even become her friend. He never acted the way he act when he was at his work. He just changes completely whenever he is with her.

They both started spending time together like lovely friends. But in jk's heart, there was something else going. He wanted to confess her. Cause he loves her. And he wanted to spend his whole life with her.


One day he thought of confessing to her no matter what happens. After all, he just can't hide his feeling for her, always. He wanted to start a relationship with her. A cute, bright, and happy relationship.

One night he left the mansion. He put on his hoodie and starts the car's engine. As it was winter season so the snow was raining continuously. But he didn't care.
He went to the orphanage where she lives and works. He even knows her room.

There was a big garden outside of his room. He just rubbed his hands for the last time and went towards the garden. He just throws a stone in her room through the window.

Aerin got startled by the noise. Who the hell there at that late. She got up from the bed and saw a stone with wrapping paper over it. She took out the paper.

"Come at the window of your Room. Now"

She read it and got confused but did as was written on the paper. She peeked outside to see who is that late.
But next moment. Her eyes got wide open and her all sleep got vanished.

She just stopped breathing for a second at the sight in the garden.

There was written I love u on the snow very beautifully. She looked there and found jk standing there while rubbing his hands together.

She got amazed also happy at the way he proposed to her. It's so unique.
He forests his hand and told her to come down.

She didn't know what to do. But also she was feeling happy from inside.
She gets there silently without making any noise as others were sleeping. Cause it is a time of midnight.

She reached there where he was standing biting his lips in nervousness and also excitement. Well, it's is the first time that Jeon Jungkook. The mafia of mafias was getting nervous in front of a girl.

AR: what is this Jungkook..

Jk: Aerin ah... I will not lie to you but the truth is that I really love you. Will you please be with me forever.

He kneeled down and proposed to her while showing her a beautiful ring. Her mouth palmed while seeing this. Well, it's true that Aerin also likes him but she also didn't tell him.

She then bit her lower lip in nervousness but then forward her left hand giving him permission through her eyes. He smiled brightly at this and then slid the ring in her ring finger and then get up from his place.

Jk: I love you AeRin. I really do... And I promise that I will take care of your whole Life.

He said and AeRin smiled. She then looked at him with eyes to eyes. He orbs were shining so brightly.

AeRin: I..I love you too..

She said while looking down in shyness and he got amazed. She does. She really does. She also loves him. Means his love has now become his.

He embraced her and her also. They both stayed like this for some time the snow started covering their heads but they don't care.
He is really so damn happy now. Like if his life was completed.

He pulled away after some time looking in her shiny oceanic hazels. He tucked and strand behind her ear examining her beauty carefully.

He soon placed his lips on hers and kissed her in the midnight also in the snowfall. She also kissed him back and that's when they had their first kiss. And start their relationship.

JK: I love you...

AR: I love you too.



Jk: that's how our relationship started.

He said while driving the car and Jimin just listened to his whole story with an open mouth.

JM: wow man... It's really different.

JK: yeah...

JM: well I wish you the best of luck with your trip.

He said while inking at him and then hung his bag on his back and get outside of the car. As his destiny arrived.

Jk after that started his car back and starts driving for his apartment where nowadays AeRin lives.


He finally stopped the car in front of his apartment. And a bright smile appeared on his face. Finally, he is here for her. After full two months.

He came out of his car after parking it. And took out his bag and some other important things which he brought for the apartment with the groceries.

He picked all of them and then make his way inside the house. Now after a long time, he is again here.

He came inside and starts calling his girlfriend's name.

JK: Aerin I'm home...

He said while placing the bag in the hall and then went to the kitchen to place the groceries there. But still, he got no response.

He got a little confused but then again called her name.

Jk: AeRin ah... Baby where are you.. I come back home.

He said but still got no response. He sighed then starts Searching for her.

Jk: AeRin... Baby where are you..

Jk: AeRin ah...

He again called her name in his sweet voice. Till then he heard a thud sound from his back.

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