The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 29


Aerin's eyes got opened when the sunlight kissed her forehead. She rolled down over the soft mattress under the cozy blanket. She groaned because of the tight headache and held her head. She sat up on the bed with a little difficulty and found herself bare under the blanket.

She gasped but then slowly remembered about the last night a little. She groaned and just want to jump out of the window and never came back facing Jungkook.

*I won't be able to face him... Gosh! What I have done last night, after that it's impossible*

She groaned facepalming herself in disbelief.

*Gosh Jeon Aerin, Why you were a horny bitch last night... What he will think... Arhghh!*
*What he will think, that I fucking tried to force him... ARGHHHHH!! NOOO*

She punched the pillow digging her face in the blanket because of the shame and the guilt which took over her.

*But, But as long as I remember, He didn't do anything with me*
*If he wants, he could've done so much and smoothly put all blame on me by saying that I was drunk....*
*But... He didn't*
*He is not someone I hate... He still cares about my words*
*He still does*
*But, he didn't show this*

*Gosh Jungkook, why are you like this?*

It's... It's making me... Fall for you*
*Am I?*

Aerin's thoughts interrupted with the sounds coming from the kitchen and she sighed thinking that he was probably making breakfast. She got up tiredly and went to the bathroom to get ready.


Aerin come out of the room and went to the hall. She found Jungkook was busy in the kitchen. Without saying anything, she went to the living room to read the magazines.



Another noise reached Aerin's ears and she heard Jungkook yelling inside the kitchen. He was probably struggling with making breakfast.

*What's wrong with him... Should I go and check on him?*

Aerin thought biting her nail. But the next moment her steps were going towards the kitchen when she heard another noise.

She went there and saw Jungkook was struggling with the frying pan. He was looking so cute and Aerin chuckled looking at him from afar.

JK: Arghh!!

He screamed holding his finger. Aerin gasped when she saw blood on his index finger. She quickly went there and holds his finger in her soft and little hands and started sucking on his finger.

AR: Omg! You should be careful.

Jungkook was so surprised at Aerin's behavior. She was sucking his finger.

*Damn girl! You're a vampire or what?*

He thought. He looked at how Aerin's eyes were showing concern for him. He didn't how to feel at the moment but he can surely tell that his heartbeats were going rapid.

He was just kept starring at Aerin's face. A smile appeared on his face when he saw how Aerin was worried. It gave him the same feeling as before. Like the way, they used to make food in the kitchen. All those memories come into his mind once again.

Aerin's eyes slowly lit up to met with his. She came back to reality when her eyes met with his and he was starring at her. She quickly pulled her mouth back.

AR: Sorry, I..I just.. Umm.. You should be careful.

Aerin told him smoothly yet awkwardly. Jungkook smirked looking at his finger as all of the blood was vanished. He felt relieved.

She went back looking down. She saw that almost the whole breakfast was ready but he was struggling with cutting the salad. She slowly chuckled looking down but make sure not to caught his eyes.

AR: I will cut the salad... You can go.

She told him. Jungkook smirked taking his steps towards her. She didn't get to know what is going inside his head. She stumbled back and Jungkook caged her.

JK: Why are you being a scared puppy now when you were a wild feisty cat last night.

He said in his husky voice. She closed her eyes in shame. She was just searching for a window so she can jump off.

*Argh! Give me some water. I want to drown myself.*

She cursed herself in her mind. Jungkook chuckled looking at her. But then thought of leaving. He backed off leaving her and picks up the plates and left the kitchen leaving her alone.

She gained her breath back when he left the kitchen and sighed facepalming herself. She felt the hotness on her cheeks.

AR: Oh god, Aeriniee, Why are you feeling so hot?

She asked and started fanning her cheeks. She took a deep breath and went to cut the salad.


The silence was too much. Aerin was not liking it at all. And she was sure of it. She wants to do interactions with him but it seems like if he is thinking that he was the one present there and that's why eating his breakfast silently.

It's true that they are not like other normal couples. But at least they can try to be. Aerin was herself not sure upon what she was feeling for him. She likes him. She doesn't like him.

Her mind was getting a bunch of questions and she groaned ruffling her hair.


She groaned gaining Jungkook's attention. Jungkook looked at her with knitting eyebrows. He gave her a weird look and now at the moment, She was double embarrassed.

JK: What's wrong?

He asked taking the last bite of donut in his mouth and chewed it.

AR: huh? Ah Um... Nothing.

JK: whatever...

He finishes eating his breakfast and got up leaving her alone.

JK: Pack everything... We are going back.

He said to her before exiting the dining area and left her alone. She sighed and continued eating her breakfast.

*Did I'm having a crush on him?... Huh?.. Tf?*


She groaned.


She heard Jungkook yelling from the living room. She flinched and mentally slapped herself.

*Stop being a train of thought... You stupid*

AR: Umm.. Nothing. I'm going to do the ing.

Jk: Whatever...

She heard Jungkook mulling. She sighed and finished her breakfast and left the hall to do their packing.


It took almost 13 hours for them to come back to Korea. They were tired as ass and especially Aerin who didn't sleep a bit in the jet. For Jungkook, he took a nap of 5-6 hours so he wasn't so tired,and also he has to left for his destination as per as V said to him.

YUMI: So how was your honeymoon huh?

Yumi asked while Aerin was busy unpacking her clothes. Aerin can hear Yumi's teasing tone easily. She sighed.

*I wish if it would have been a honeymoon.... Wait what?*
*TF? Stop Aerin, what are you even thinking*

She again mentally slapped herself and looked at Yumi who was helping her.

AR: Unni, It was just... Normal.

YUMI: WHAtt? I thought, that you both would come back after breaking the bed for sure.

Yumi said and Aerin gasped. She hit slightly on Yumi's shoulder.

AR: What are you talking about...

She whispered and Yumi can see Aerin's red flush cheeks. She was blushing.

YUMI: Why? It's common between couples.

Yumi said and Aerin frowned. But deep down, she can feel that her heart was going rapid just by imagining a simple scene of her and him. How would it be?

But she didn't know, that it will become her worst nightmare ever


Aerin come back in the room. She found Jungkook was sitting on the couch talking with someone. She went straight towards the bed and sat there doing her business.

JK: Don't worry I will be there in night. Just don't worry. Why are you so tensed up?

Aerin heard him saying these words. His voice soothing and not like a cold. Aerin's curiosity rises up to know from whom he was actually talking because he doesn't talk to her like this.

JK: Don't worry... Listen....

She heard the door opening as Jungkook just left the room while talking. She sighed and took off her robe and wore her normal clothes after the shower.

She heard that her cell started ringing.

Yeah her cell. Jungkook gave her cell back to her. But she doesn't know what Jungkook had done with it. To keep knowing about her every moment.

She went there and saw that it was Ahyeon. She quickly picked up.

AR: Yes Ahyeonah, What happened?

AY: Aerin, I want to ask you something.

AR: Yes....

AY: Are you free this time.

AR: Umm yes.. But what happened?

She asked getting confused. She can see that Ahyeon's voice was tensed up and Aerin's heart was getting rapid too.

AY: Actually, Eunho has fallen from the stairs.

Ahyeon said as the sadness was clearly visible in her voice. Aerin's heart dropped in her stomach listening to her.

AR: Whatt? How? Is he fine? OH god! You should tell me before.

She asked her all questions together as the tension rose in her mind. Eunho, is like a son to her. And he falls from the stairs.

AY: He is fine now... But he was missing you...., can you come to meet him... Maybe it can help him to heal faster.

Ahyeon told. Her tone was completely changed. Like if she had cried a lot. Her tone was dried.

AR: I will be there... Don't worry.

She said and up leaving the room. She went guessing probably will be there. She went and saw him still talking with someone. She went there and she needs to ask for his permission.

JK: Don't worry Daihee, h, I'll be there at night...

She Heard Jungkook saying those words. She felt like her heart was crushing. A great pause hugged her when she was listening to Jungkook's talks.

*Who is Daihee?*
*Why he is talking with her*
*Where he is going at night*

Her thoughts interrupted when Jungkook turned and his coffee brown orbs met her oceanic hazels. She looked down. Jungkook's reaction didn't change a bit. He was still looking calm like before. But the question was with whom he was talking.

JK: I will talk to you later..

He said and hanged up the call and took his steps towards the shelves to took out the things of his business and started shoving them in his black bag.

JK: What made you come here?

Jungkook asked making Aerin's thoughts stop again.

AR: I want to ask for your permission.

JK: About what?

AR: Ahyeon called me... She said that Eunho has fallen off the stairs and he got hurt. He was asking for me... So... can I go there?

She asked slowly attaching her fingers hoping that he agrees.

JK: Okay.. I will drop you there...

he said and continued doing his work. A sigh of relief left her mouth.

AR: Thanks...

She said and left the room. But her mind was still filled at the. On the way, ungkook was talking with someone.

*Who is Daihee?*

*Where he is going?*

*Is she his girlfriend?*

*No No... Don't let negative thoughts come to your mind Aeriniee... There is nothing*

She shook her head and went back to the room.
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