The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 30

AR: How actually did this happen?

Aerin asked looking at Eunho's hand which has some wounds and cuts. Eunho who also has a little scratch on his head pouted.

EH: Au..aunt-

AR: Shut up. You're screwing too. I don't want this Eunho and you know this. Gosh! How many times do I have to tell you that you should listen to your elders?

Aerin scolded him. JK who was watching all the scenes while sitting on the couch chuckled looking at her as she was not looking less than any mother who used to pull their children's ear.

He himself didn't get to know why? but he was liking the way she is. It helps to bring a smile to his face at least.

AY: Aerin ah, you must be tired. Let's take some rest.

Ahyeon who was sitting beside Eunho told her. Aerin shakes her head.

AR: No, I'm fine.

She said caressing Eunho's hair. She saw him after a long time that's why her emotions were taking control over her. No doubt, she missed her family so much.

AY: Okay then, I'm going to make dinner for you all. Jungkook ssi, what would you like?

Ahyeon asked Jungkook who was sitting on the couch placing next to the bed where Aerin was.

JK: No, Actually I will leave in some minutes. I have some work. I will come in the morning to pick Aerin up.

He informed them as Aerin was staying with them for the night.

AY: Oh okay...

She nodded and get up leaving the room. Now Eunho, Jk, and Aerin were in the room. Since Jaechan was doing his work. He was about to go towards the bed when his phone started ringing.

He can see very well the pissed expression on Aerin's face as Eunho was sleeping peacefully on her lap and she didn't want him to wake up because of this. Jk took out his cell and his eyes twisted looking at the screen.


He got leaving the couch and exit the room leaving the room. Aerin found it strange also her mind was still filled with the scene of Jk talking with someone.

She gently laid down Eunho's head on the mattress and got up from the bed leaving the room and started going after Jk.

JK: What I told you. I will be there after some time.

JK: No... You don't have to worry. I'm coming.

That's what Aerin heard Jk saying and she can bet that the person was none other than the girl with whom he was talking in the library.

Means he is going to meet her.

Means he is going to spend his whole night there.

Who the fuck gives you the right to hide things from me Jeon fucking Jungkook.

Don't worry, I'm not like other weak or naive women. And, I will stalk you now. Let me see what is going on inside your mind.

That's what were the thoughts which started running inside her mind. Aerin clenched hardly on the curtains from where she was listening to his talks.

When Aerin heard his footsteps were reaching them back. She quickly ran away and went inside the room sitting beside Eunho pretending as if she was there all the time.

Jk came inside and saw Aerin sitting beside Eunho. He sighed and went inside gaining her attention.

JK: I have to go to the office. I will be here in the morning.

He said to her and she nodded. He left afterward but Aerin's mind was still not wanted to believe what Jk told her.

Is he really going to his office. Or somewhere else?

The only thought came inside her mind. She didn't want to believe him or can say that she wasn't able to believe him after what she had heard.

Aerin saw Jk from the big window he was again talking to someone. She herself didn't know why? But she was feeling insecure at the moment. Probably fear that he has someone else in his life.

Aerin saw Eunho was sleeping peacefully. She got up from the bed storming out of the room. She went to Jaechan's room where Jaechan was doing his work. Aerin stormed inside the room making Jaechan confuse.

JC: Did Jungkook left?

He asked and she nodded forcing a smile. She wanted to tell Jaechan but she can't also when she herself wasn't confirmed about what her mind was thinking and telling her.

AR: Oh yeah he left. Oppa, Can I borrow your car keys?

Aerin asked nervously forcing a smile on her face trying to look as normal as she can but deep down in her heart. She was so confused as the anticipation was running through her whole body.

Jaechan knitted his eyebrows together examining his sister's expression.

JC: Why? Where do you have to go? aren't you staying with us tonight?

Jaechan asked and Aerin laughed.

AR: No. It's not like that. I.. I just have to buy something and Jungkook already left so I was asking if you could lend me your car's keys. I will be back within a half-hour.

Aerin pleaded with him with her eyes and he smiled nodding. He took out his car's keys from his drawer and gave them to her. She smiled and thanked him.

AR: Thanks Oppa.

JC: Come back before dinner.

AR: Yeah I will.

She said and left. Jaechan can see the hurry in her tone and her feet. He can also see the tension on Aerin's face but he didn't ask as maybe Aerin wasn't in the state to tell him anything.

After all, now she was married and she too has a personal life and Jaechan can understand that she didn't want to share with him what she was feeling.

But if she needs him, he is ready to stand by her side always. But about Jungkook, He still hasn't completely trust in him for his sister. Also when today he heard Jungkook talking to a girl.


Jaechan who was going through the aisle heard JK talking with someone. He went there and trying to hear his talk but what he heard next make him shocked.

JK: Oh god! Daihee, try to understand. I just came here how I'm supposed to come.

Girl: I don't know Jungkook. Pleasee. Come here as soon as possible.

JK: Fuck! You won't let me live.

Girl: Please, asap.

Jaechan heard Jungkook talking with a girl like this. The girl was telling him to come soon. Like if there was something between them. Something is going on.

Jaechan's brain cells twisted hearing Jk cause no matter what, But Jk is now his brother-in-law and he has to make sure if his sister is secure under JK's control or not.

With whom he was talking.?
Where he has to go?

Jaechan thought.


Jaechan smirked thinking about that and leaned back on his master chair while playing with a pen.

Unwanted but luckily, It became a plus point for Jaechan to prove Jungkook wrong in Aerin's eyes even more. No matter if the girl has any kind of relation with Jk or not. But Jaechan got a great point to use it against Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook, Just watch! How I will take my sister back from you.
You fucker.


Aerin, who was driving Jaechan's car on the road full of vehicles. She was still following Jk's car.

She wants to know where he was going.
She wants to know with whom he was talking.
She wants to know what is going on inside his mind

And many more questions about which, Aerin doesn't have any ideas but she needs the answer. Her eyes were roaming all over the road and then she saw Jk's car was taking another turn.

She quickly turns in the same direction as Jk's car and followed him. Jk who was unaware that his wife was following him, was going without any ideas of the thing.

It was already 10 pm thee night. Her eyes were glossy and deep inside, her heart was clenching in pain. A pain to lose him.

She was Jk was again taking a right-hand turn and now he was on a not so active road. The roads lead to some kinds of societies and colonies. Where mostly ordinary people live.

Soon his car stops in front of an apartment. She parked Her car at a far place where Jk could not notice her and the car. After turning the engine off, she stayed still inside the car.

Please god! I will not be able to bear any kind of betrayal.
Even if our relationship isn't normal, But I don't want him to become someone else's.

She mentally prayed and stayed still inside the car waiting for Jk's next moment. And then where his car's door got opened.

He came outside locking his car and then made his way inside the apartment. Aerin's eyes were completely set on him. Looking at his every action.

JK knocked on the door and after a minute, the door got open revealing a girl. She was probably the same age as Aerin. And also, beautiful.


The girl smiled and hugged Jk. Aerin felt her blood was boiling in anger. She tightens her grip on the steering and clenched her jaw. Feeling envious of how the girl just hugged her husband.

But for her next shock, And to add the fuel to her anger, Jk hugged the girl back. Aerin felt a pang on her heart. She felt rejected. Like trash.

But to Aerin's surprise, there was a kid too. A boy. He hugged Jungkook by his thigh and dig his face on his leg.

Jungkook chuckled looking at the little boy. He picked the boy up in his arms and ruffled his hair making the little kid giggle. The girl Daihee smiled looking at them.

Aerin was so shocked to see all of the scenes. It was becoming hard for her to believe that maybe it was his Family.

The tears started making their way into her eyes. She saw Jk getting inside with them and the girl closed the main door after welcoming him.

She started punching the steering like a kid. She started crying and sobbing. Unconditionally, she felt a pain inside her heart. Aerin placed her head on the steering and started sobbing.

She was feeling cheated.
she was feeling rejected.
And most importantly, She felt her heart was breaking into million pieces.

But most importantly, Why she was feeling all of this?
She never liked Jungkook then why she was feeling sad if he is with someone else.
She should be happy that he also feels the same way she does... Only Despise.

The sobs got interrupted when she heard her cellphone was ringing. She quickly controlled her sobs when she saw Jaechan was calling her. She didn't want to let anyone know about this.

She picked after wiping her tears.

AR: Hello..

JC: Where are you? Eunho woke up and he is asking for you.

AR: I..I'm Coming Oppa. D..don't worry.

She said trying so hard not to sob.

JC: Okay. come back soon.

AR: yes.

She said and hanged up. She closed her eyes sniffing and took a deep breath and fanned her face.

AR: It's okay Aerinee, you need to stop now.

She calmed herself down and then start the engine back and drive off from their.


Jk who was sitting on the opposite couch facing Daihee. He sighed rubbing his palms together and placed his elbows on his knees while looking at her.

The living room was filled with nothing but silence was all around them. After putting the boy into sleep Daihee finally able to talk to Jk. As they can't talk in front of kid.

JK: what do you want me to do then?

He asked breaking the silence. Daihee who was sitting their nervously starts playing with her fingers.

DH: I don't know... But please, I'm requesting you not to do anything with him.

JK: Why?

Jk asked.

DH: Jungkook ah, I..i...

JK: Listen daihee ah, I'm not forcing you. But atleast we have to go on a decision. I'm mean, what about Jisang. He didn't even know what is going in his life.

DH: It's okay, I just want to leave now... I will take him with me and I don't want anyone to know about this.

JK: How I'm supposed to hide all of this? He has right to know about this.

DH: But he didn't want anything related to me.

Daihee started breaking down into tears. Jungkook felt bad for her. He went there and starts to comfort her. She is like a sister to him. And he can't let anything happen with her and her child.
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