The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 31


'Love' and 'Trust' are like a sensitive mirror.
If the trust gets break, the glass of the love ends up shattering.



After picking Aerin up from Ahn's villa, Jk drove off back to their destination. The drive was silent yet heart-piercing for Aerin. JK was looking at her time-to-time but thought of not bothering her.

Maybe, she is sad because I brought her back early morning.
Maybe, she is missing them.

He thought and continued driving. After fifteen minutes of driving, Aerin felt a jerk on her body but the seat-belt was luckily tied around her upper body preventing her to move much.

She looked up and saw the familiar scenario indicating that they arrived back at the mansion.

JK: Be ready by evening. We have to go somewhere.

He said wearing the cold mask on his face plus he was tired too but instead of sleeping on the day, he thought of finishing his left work.

AR: For what?

JK: Do as I say. Now get out.

He spat viciously making not wanting to talk with her further as his mind was already setting on the disastrous fire. Aerin clenching her fists. She internally took a deep breath and opened the door leaving the car. She was just loathing the way he talks to her.

She slammed the car's door and went inside jerking her leg. JK found it weird. He rolled his eyes blowing his hair above his forehead and turned the engine on again.

What the fuck is wrong with her?
This girl is definitely on her periods.

He rolled his eyes noticing the behavior and then left.


Aerin entered the hall tiredly as she didn't get to sleep the whole night there. All the time her mind was only drowned in the scenes she got to see last night.

She was on the verge of crying every time, it repeats in her mind. But on top of all of that, she herself didn't know why she was feeling like this. She should be happy that he won't like or force again and again. But leaving all of this on the side, her heart was only bleeding.

YUMI: Oh you come back. Jungkook called me a while ago telling me this.

AR: Oh yeah.

YUMI: Are you fine. Aerin ah.

Yumi asked as she saw Aerin's pale face which wasn't seeming normal at all. She was looking stressed and sad.

AR: Yes I..I'm fine. It's just I'm tired.

Aerin told her back while putting a dry smile on her lips. Yumi nodded.

YUMI: Go freshen up. Breakfast is ready.

Yumi patted her shoulder. Aerin sighed looking down. Her legs were actually wobbling and now she doesn't have left any strength for standing a single second on the ground. She wanted to throw herself on the bed.

AR: Actually unnie, I'm really tired. I just want to sleep.

She said tiredly shrugged her shoulders.

YUMI: Okay then, go and take a rest. We will talk in the noon. Also, be ready for the function. I guess Jungkook already told you.

AR: Hmm.

YUMI: Okay then go.



Jk stormed inside his office where Jimin and V both were present. He saw them discussing something as the seriousness was clearly visible on their face. Jungkook clenched his jaw and fisting his hands, he went towards Jimin and gave a hard punch on his face.


V tried to stop him but he didn't. The impact was that hard that Jimin landed on the table holding his mouth. He hissed seeing that the blood started oozing from Jimin's mouth.

JM: Jungkook at least listen to me........



He again gave a hard punch on Jimin's face and he hissed but didn't say anything to Jungkook. He closed his eyes receiving and bearing the sharp pain around his lips and eyes. But he knew that he deserves it.

V: Jungkook enough!

JK: Don't you dare to defend him Kim Taehyung.

JK Hissed as his orbs were showing the hatred completely. He grabbed Jimin by his collar and jerked him.

JK: You jerk, How could you...

Jk hissed venomously as the anger was clearly visible in his tone. Jimin was on the verge of crying. V sighed looking down he knew that he can't defend Jimin.

JM: Jungkook, at least listen to me. I didn't know a single thing about it.

Jimin told him. Jungkook hissed while clenching his jaw.

JK: You Will Pay.

Jungkook seethed. Jimin looked down. Not wanting to pull the matter furthermore. He jerked Jimin and went inside his cabin slamming the door. He went throwing his coat away on the couch and went to his big black leather chair to sit on.

He leaned back resting his head and closed his eyes. Thinking about all the chaos is going on in his life. His whole mind was in chaos. He sighed rubbing his head with his palms.

He gets himself back to the work but the calmness didn't last too long. His pen was already fallen down from his right hand as if his hand was getting numb. He hissed closing his eyes tightly and groaned.

Jungkook has fallen on the ground holding his shoulder and groaned loudly. He got this again. He was again having the pain attack. His breaths started becoming heavy. And his body started writhing in pain.

JK: T..Ta..e..hyung!

Jungkook groaned holding his shoulder. V quickly barged inside running when he heard Jungkook's loud groans. His eyes went wide and he quickly went towards Jk holding him.


V screamed seeing JK on the floor. JK grunted closing his eyes tightly as the pain was going limitless. He grunted again.


V screamed and Jimin who just came there quickly went to call Their gang doctor aka Kim SeokJin. Jimin nodded and quickly called Seokjin. Jungkook hissed shutting his eyes. The limit was increasing with the amount of pain.

JK: V..V, d..drugs.

JK whispered as he was going breathless. V and Jimin both stopped in their way looking at each other. They gulped because they know that the drugs JK was asking for will remove the pain, but they will remove his emotions too.

Mafias mostly took them before engaging in the fights or wars to keep themselves free of any soreness and powerful without any pain. But it also freezes the emotions and the capabilities of thinking straight which proves to be beneficial for them before wars or fights.

JM: Jungkook But.....


Jungkook cut him in the middle and spoke clenching his fists. Jimin quickly nodded getting up and went to their locker where they kept these kinds of things. He took out a syringe and filled it with venomous liquid.

He stormed back and gave a look to V. V nodded permitting him since they have no other option left. Jimin slowly injected it into JK's veins and his all veins started popping out. He groaned loudly and closed his eyes breathing heavily as the pain was fading away.

JM: It worked.

Jimin let out a sigh of relief and they helped JK in getting up and went to his secret room to lie him down on the bed.



SK: Don't worry I gave him the injections and make sure to give those medicines to him.

Seokjin declared while checking upon Jungkook. V nodded taking the tablets and injections but they were fearing to tell him about Jungkook taking the drug before as JK told him not to.

Seokjin is their personal doctor and also good maintenance on Seoul's top hospital which works with them. JK is like a younger brother to him and he always willingly ready to do anything for him.

SK: Did Jungkook took something?

Seokjin asked and V and Jimin looked at Jungkook who glared at them not to open their mouths. They looked back at Seokjin shaking their head like 'No'

JM: No Seokjin Hyung. He didn't

SK: Oh okay... Take rest dude. You will be fine in some hours.

JK: Thanks Hyungnim.



The night was there. Everyone was present there. The party was going on. Some couples were even dancing in the hall at the slow romantic music playing on. Almost everyone was present there and enjoying except some souls which were broken completely.

V's eyes lingered on Ahyeon's flawless face again. She was standing beside Jaechan who was talking professionally with some of their important partners. Jungkook was also there introducing them to guests.

He can notice Jaechan's arms around her waist possessively and Ahyeon was definitely uncomfortable with it. But kept standing there forcing a smile. Her hazels went on V who was standing in a corner with a drink on his hands. Their eyes interacted for ones but they quickly looked away hiding the pain.

The number you're trying to reach is switched off

Jimin cursed under his breath while holding his hair. He slammed the phone on the desk. His whole mind was messed up. He was cursing himself for doing the sin he never supposed to do. He was on the verge of crying. Eventho, others were seeming to enjoy, but he was not.

He was holding his head when a girl reaches him at the bar where he was sitting.

Girl: Hey Jimin, Wanna dance?

JM: Natalie Just go away from here. I'm not in the mood.

Jimin said uninterested but the girl pouted.

Girl: But at least....

JM: Just GO!

Jimin said annoyingly and the girl left leaving him alone. He slammed his fists on the desk.

Aerin comes out of the washroom. She sighed and freshen up. She was busy checking if everything was looking fine or not. When she felt hands on her body. She startled and turned only to found Minho with a dirty smirk on his face.

MH: Long time no seen, Babygirl.

He whispered erotically while completely hovering over her. She placed her hands on his chest to maintain the distance and pushed him.

AR: Be in your limits.

MH: Oh C'mon, No matter how hard you resist, I know you want me too.

He said trying to catch her lips. Aerin rolled her eyes. If she wants, she can scream and call the men outside who will beat Minho to the pulp. But she didn't want any drama to happen. And also, Handling Minho wasn't a big deal for her.

Aerin smirked looking deeply into his eyes.

AR: You know? Woah, Finally you know about my feelings for you.

Aerin whispered seductively tracing down her fingers on Minho's exposed chest. She can te;; how well he was enjoying her touches.

AR: Ofc I want you..

She whispered and traced her finger to his cheekbone. He smirked. But then she gave a hard slap on his face jerking him.

AR: In your dreams, You fucker.

Aerin spat and left the washroom. Minho held his cheek and hissed angrily.

Just wait and watch. Ahn Aerin


Aerin was sitting on a corner table looking at how JK was well busy in his business completely forgetting about her. She was still not healed by yesterday's incident on top of that, Jungkook's behavior was pouring fuel on the fire.

Yumi: Hey girl... Why are you sitting alone here?

Aerin's thoughts interrupted when Yumi joined her. She forced a smile because of Yumi but inside, her head was aching.

AR: Nothing just.

Yumi: Have some drink.

AR: No unnie, I'm fine.

She said and Yumi nodded. She continued to drink her orange juice when she saw Yoongi was calling her. She excused herself to meet him. Aerin was again, left all alone.

Aerin's eyes were set on the hall where the crowd was when her eyes caught something similar.

The same girl whom Jungkook visit yesterday

Aerin clenched her fists in anger got up ready to go.

Today, I'm gonna clear all the things with her. What the hell this woman actually wants.

Aerin thought storming outside of the hall in anger. She stormed where the girl was standing alone as the cold wind was blowing slowly. It was looking like the girl was talking to someone.

DH: I'm saying that. I want to meet you. Please come outside.

Aerin heard her saying.

Oh, so she came here to meet Jungkook again. She's telling him to come outside. This bitch.

The blood started boiling in her body and she went there ready to slap the girl. She went there turning her around and gave a hard slap on her face from the impact Daihee fell down on the ground holding her cheek. The tears filled her eyes.

Aerin went there and caught her by her elbow jerking it. Daihee yelped in pain.

AR: YOU!! You're the same girl. WHY? WHY THE HELL DID YOU CAME HERE?

Aerin asked shouting at her. Daihee's expression was completely confused. She didn't get to know what the girl was talking about.

DH: Ma'am, w..what a..are you talking about?

She asked holding her cheek still where Aerin slapped her.

AR: YOU... You're trying to seduce my husband. Aren't you? YOU FILTHY WOMAN.

Aerin asked her while jerking her hands. Daihee was completely shocked about what Aerin was talking about.

DH: Who are you? I don't understand what you're talking about.


She said loudly and Daihee understood that she is Aerin. Jungkook told her about Aerin.

DH: L..Listen Ma'am I was just...


She was ready to throw another punch but Jimin was fast enough to hold caught her. He pulled her backward making sure she was not harming Daihee.

JM: Doll, what are you doing?

AR: Leave me Jimin, I'm not gonna let her go... She is ruining my fucking life.

JM: No Doll, You're misunderstanding her...


Aerin went back towards Daihee who was already scared as hell. She caught Daihee again by her elbow jerking her.


Aerin felt a hard jerk on her elbow and landed on the floor feeling a tight stingy pain on her cheek. She looked up to saw Jungkook was standing there with a completely angry yet pissed look on his face.


AR: Oh c'mon Jeon fucking Jungkook. Now you've come to save her. Huh? From me? Do I look like any villain to you? She is the one who is ruining us.

Aerin cried out while hitting Jungkook's chest with her palms. She went there and jerked him. Jimin and Daihee were so shocked to even stop them.

AR: You cheater... I'm gonna kill you too.

Aerin tried to jerk the hulk in front of herself but he jerked while caught her by her elbows.

JK: Fucking come to your senses, Jeon Aerin. She is with Jimin.

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