The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 32


Love is meant to be get broken.
If it didn't break you or your heart, It isn't Love


JK: She is with Jimin.

Jungkook roared furiously on Aerin's face. She felt as if her blood get soaked from her veins. She felt a tonne of emotions filled her. On one side she was feeling relief that JK didn't cheat on her but on the other side, she was despondent that she slapped an innocent girl without any fault of hers.

JM: Yes Doll, Daihee is my girlfriend.

Jimin said nervously looking down. He was so embarrassed after the mess he has created. He didn't know that Daihee would be here. But when Jungkook told him, he didn't leave any second and straight come out to see her.

JK: Now did you fucking understood. You idiot. You slapped her without any reason. Why the hell you have to enter in this fucking matter.

JK shouted and jerked Aerin hard by her elbow at which she collided with his chest. The tears were almost falling from her eyes. She was feeling downcasted at the moment that she realized how big the mistake she did.

Jk was right.. He didn't say anything wrong.


That what she was feeling at the moment. She didn't say anything. It was feeling as if her tongue was gotten stuck in her mouth. She wasn't able to speak a single word and mostly she can see very well that she woke up the beast who was fuming in anger.

She didn't even say anything about that. She knows that she deserves it.

She deserves to be hated.

She deserves to be get slapped.

She deserves to be broken.

She felt another jerk on herself making her come out of her thoughts. But she wasn't able to give him any response. She didn't even know what kind of words to use to apologize to them. She was guilty.


Jungkook again jerked her harshly by her shoulders that she started sobbing.

DH: Jungkook ah, please don't do this. It wasn't even Aerin's mistake either. Please...

Daihee who was standing beside Jimin tried to calm the monster inside Jk as she can clearly see how damn angry he was and everyone presenting there was well aware of Jungkook's anger.

And now, Aerin was on the mouth of the death.

JM: Jungkook please, Leave her.

JK: No, She deserves to be get treated like this. It's her fucking fault.

Jk roared clenching his jaw and tightening his grips around her bicep that a yelp comes out of her mouth. It was hurting too much at the moment that it will surely leave marks on her body.

JM: Jungkook but.....

JK: No interruptions. It's my fucking personal matter with her.

Jungkook seethed in anger and Jimin closed his mouth. He backed off from Jungkook's way because He really doesn't have any right to talk between a husband and wife's personal matter.

AR: I'm sorry Jungkook.

Aerin finally let it out but it almost comes out as a whisper. Jungkook was not in his senses at the moment. Without wasting any other second, he dragged Aerin towards his car and throws her on the passenger's seat.

Jimin and Daihee were too shocked to even react. Soon Jungkook drove off of there and the car's speed was damn fast that it swept within a millisecond leaving Jimin and Daihee there.

AR: Jungkook listen...

JK: SHUT UP! just shut the fucking up... Your nuisances are going too much Jeon Aerin. You need to learn a lesson.

Jk snarled as if the wolf inside him is waking up. But, she can't let him took control over herself also when he is replaced with a monster.

They reached the mansion In some time. JK was looking so furious that his nerves started popping out of his neck. Aerin flinched he come out after slamming the door tightly. He comes towards her side and pulled her out unmercifully.

AR: Jungkook. I'm sorry but at least listen to.....

JK: Shut up!

He roared again making her eyes shut tightly. She was scared of him at the moment. She never knew that her one mistake will make him that much furious.

But little did she knew, It was something else which was making him angry.

He took or more like dragged her till their room unmercifully not even listening to her pleads and begging. It seems like his eardrums just stop working whenever it comes to Aerin.

He slammed her inside the room on the wall and she groaned in pain. She rolled her eyes back and glared at jungkook. Jungkook throws his necktie and coat somewhere and took his dreadful steps towards her.


Aerin yelled in anger glaring at him but it didn't affect him. He was looking like a possessed wolf who won't calm.

JK: If you don't know about something, then you should not barge in it.

Jungkook spat venomously while glaring at her. Aerin can see the redness possessing his orbs and he was looking like a satan who doesn't have any emotions or feelings.

AR: How many fucking times do I have to say, I'm sorry.

Aerin yelled back but his words didn't get fulfilled when she received a hard slap on her cheek that almost fused her brain cells for some seconds.

He slapped her again

She holds her red cheek which has to have tight pain on it. Her eyes automatically started filling with warm liquid and she was feeling piercing at the moment.

JK: Mind your tongue...

AR: What was my mistake even... Every woman has the right to know if her husband is a manwhore.

She spat with the same rage-filled in her eyes. Jungkook looked at her for some time. But then started laughing like a maniac. His maniacal laugh was ear-piercing for her. She didn't got to know why he was behaving like this.

He is pure Bipolar

Jungkook growled liked a wolf and glared at Aerin's back. He caught her by her jaw making her yelp in pain since his hold was too much to tolerate.

JK: I guess you know very clearly who is the real whore here.

His voice was throwing venom completely with the feeling of despise. Only despise. Aerin glared at him but she still didn't get the meaning of his words.

AR: Jungkook... Ahhhh!

She tried to sound at the same level as him. He throws her on the couch and a wall-piercing scream left her mouth.

He marched there furiously and caught her by her elbow. His face was holding different emotions at the same time... Hate, Sadness, furiousness, despise and regret. All of this was clearly visible in his almost glossy eyes.

JK: I guess I would've understood this before... But your father definitely raised a great whore like you. Who can fucking go around to get fucked by innumerous men and can make a good amount.

His tone was holding venom, despise and hate. Aerin felt like if someone ripped her heart. She felt in getting broken into million pieces.

She felt as if her dignity was breaking down.

She felt as if someone has thrown stones at her.

Her character was molding.

She felt dejected, downcasted.

AR: Jeon Jungkook!!!

She held Jungkook by his collar while jerking with all the strength she has.


She yelled at him with her whole strength but it didn't affect him a much.


She yelled pushing him with all the energy she can use. He collided with the curtains on the window but it didn't affect him much. He was like a hulk towering over her.

His level of furiousness increased when he saw the sudden outburst of her.

Completely fake

She is fake.

Everything about her is fake.

He clenched his fists. He went there caught her by her elbow jerking her towards himself.

AR: Leave me...

Her words got cut when Jungkook suddenly played a clip in his cell-phone. which was showing Aerin and Minho when they were in the bathroom and how Aerin was flirting with him.

Aerin smirked looking deeply into his eyes.

AR: You know? Woah, Finally you know about my feelings for you.

Aerin whispered seductively tracing down her fingers on Minho's exposed chest. She can te;; how well he was enjoying her touches.

AR: Ofc I want you..

Aerin's eyes went wide watching the video. It's true that she was there. But the video was only showing one side. She got to know that all of it was planned. It all was.

It all is fucking Minho's dirty game.

Jungkook closed the video and throws the phone aside making Aerin flinch.


He yelled on her face. She was feeling scared but she needs to explain to him. It was making her guilty in his eyes.

AR: J..Jungkook I..It was... I..

JK: Now fucking give me a false explanation. Do you think I will believe you?

He spat viciously.

AR: No.. Listen...

JK: I should have understood this before, then you're fucking slut...

He jerked her hard, throwing her on the bed and the fear enveloped her mind when he took deadly steps towards her.

JK: Then why can't I fuck you. I have my legal rights on you.

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