The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 33


The heart-piercing thing in the whole world is that to the one whom you give your everything is the one to hurt you the most.



JK: Why can't I fuck you...

He growled like a hungry wolf talking his deadly steps towards Aerin. She got up from the bed in order to run out of the room but he was fast enough to catch her by her waist.

She started struggling in his arms. Her heart was on the verge of exploitation. Her whole body was trembling but she wants to get out of the room as soon as possible.

JK: You think you can escape from me? HUh?

He growled on her face like a satan and she flinched. She tried every possible or impossible way to keep the distance between them. She never wants Jungkook like this.

If you only want to mark your relationship because of jealousy or anger, then you're wrong.
It is only possible when two souls combine together.

AR: Jungkook please leave me. You are not in your senses. And, if you want to do this, first listen to me.

She tried to explain him. His eyes were blood-red as if he was possessed by some kind of monster.


He yelled on her face with rage-filled eyes. She shook her head in 'no'. She never has intentions like that. What Jungkook was just a mere source to manipulate him and he got.

AR: No.. No... He is the one who came there. I didn't even have any idea about this.

She tried to explain him but it was looking like if he already had believed in something else except his wife's words.

JK: Yeah, And when he came inside. You fucking started hoeing with him.

He jerked her on the bed harshly. The impact was too much that the tear wriggled out of her hazels and she started crying because of the pain on her back.

AR: Leave me... p..please, this is not right.

She cried hard and he laughed at her sentence. He was looking like a maniac. He leaned closure to Aerin's face and dug his index finger on her chin making her look into his possessed orbs.

JK: This is not right. And, what you were doing with that motherfucker Minho inside the washroom was right.

He laughed again like a maniac but next Aerin yelped in pain when she felt his hand was tightening around her jaw that the skin became red due to the impact.

JK: If I fucking want to have sex with my own wife. Is this wrong? Am I?

He whispered hoarsely on her face. She closed her eyes tightly fearing him and his maniacal behavior.

JK: I fucking gave you enough time to be prepare. Now, not anymore... Now, I fucking want to complete this marriage. So, You will get to know whom you really belong to. Tonight, I will consummate this relationship.

He dangerously leans over her making her feel like if her all blood is soaked in her veins.

He didn't even give her a second to explain further and smashed his lips on her to kiss her hungrily and harshly. She shook her head like a child to let go of his lips but he twisted his head to get the correct angle of her lips.

He pulls her by the hair while encircling her waist with his other arms and deepened the kiss after opening her mouth forcefully with his tongue. She felt his alcohol enveloping tongue was colliding with hers continuously. She felt disgusted.

She tried to hit him on his chest but it wasn't budging him. He started exploring every inch of her mouth. It was so brutal that Aerin felt as if he was sucking the life out of her. She was nearly about to collapse when he left her lips only to attack her neck brutally.

AR: No...

A weak whimper comes out of her mouth while she was catching the breaths. He suddenly starts to attack her neck.

AR: No... At least listen to me first...

She shooked her head like a child while tears started coming out of her. She didn't want this the way he was forcing her to do.

It's not like she doesn't want to consummate their marriage. But, she wants him to listen to her first. She wants to explain herself first. She wants to tell him what actually happened and what JK saw was just a mere source of manipulation.

JK: There is nothing left to listen to.

She didn't want this to take place when he didn't even have faith in her. He doesn't even believe her. He was only want to consummate this marriage because he wants to bond her with himself.

His hands erotically started roaming on her upper body and she felt disgusted. She pushed him so hard that he stumbled backward and glared at her.

AR: You're a Psycho...

Aerin screamed on top of her lungs when her heart started shuttering. She felt broken, alone, and humiliated.

The side of Aerin didn't much like by Jungkook. Aerin tried to get up and run but he was fast enough to approach her and again pushed her on the bed that her figure collided with the mattress and she laid down on the bed completely.

JK: Yes, I'm a psycho, and tonight.. you will gonna see that psychotic side of mine.

He spoke dangerously over her face. She tried to push him but he tugged Aerin on the headboard and she cried out in pain.

AR: Let me go... You monster.

She yelled on his face.

JK: Let you go? Haha... After what I fucking saw from my eyes, you think I will let you guy? You don't even deserve to be treated fairly but still, I did. You don't deserve to get trust but I did... And, in return... what you did... You fucking broke my trust again.

He yelled back with the same rage that was filled in his tone.

JK: You broke my trust innumerable times, Jeon Aerin.

He shakes her harshly by her elbow and the tears dripped off of her eyes when his venomous tone and harsh word filled her ears.

JK: Tonight, I will gonna break you... Cause, whores like you doesn't deserve to be treated well.

AR: Jungkook, I will scream... Or first, let me explain.

She warned him and he laughed again.

JK: You will scream. Then who will come to save you... No-One. Cause this whole mansion is empty. And even if someone heard you, then what you will say... I don't want to intimate with my own husband because I'm whore and I like other men... Is that so?

He chuckled deeply.

AR: You've fucking lost your senses Jeon fucking Jungkook.

Aerin cursed him but next, she felt a tight sting on her face. Jungkook slapped her.

JK: Say anything else and I will cut that little tongue into so many pieces in front of your eyes.

He spoke dangerously and Aerin's felt like if her heart got sank deep down leaving the ribcage that she can't even hear the heartbeats.

JK: You were enjoying with that bastard right? Now, you will get the opposite of it. Tonight I will replace his every touches with mine. From now on, you'll only be mine. ONLY JEON JUNGKOOK'S.

He growled when his beast again passed him. He tucked Aerin harshly on the bed and hovered on her. He put his knees on both sides of her waist so that she will not move or try to run.

AR: Let me go-- mmphh.

He again smashed his lips on her not letting her complete. She again started exploring her mouth when she was feeling suffocating. Her throat started hurting due to screams and yelling. Her eyes were burning in pain.

Jungkook started moving his hands up and down on her body and when it comes with her bulky dress, he ripped the dress apart with a harsh jerk leaving Aerin screaming because of fear.

He throws her dress on the side-couch leaving her only in her white panty and bra. She closed her eyes in shame feeling as if her dignity is ripping. which was actually.

JK: I knew from starting that you've mole above your right breast.

He complimented her chuckling but she only felt loathed. He gave an open mouth kiss above her black mole and she closed her eyes. He started sucking and licking her cleavage and took no time in undoing her bra when it started annoying him between his pleasure.

AR: Nooo...

A scream left her mouth when she felt the cold air was brushing her pink buds making them hard. She felt fear was building inside him.

AR: No No.. Leave me.. Please Not now... Please no... Leave me, I swear I did nothing wrong... Please.

She suddenly tried to push and continued to yell because she knew he wasn't in his senses to listen to her. Her wails increase ten folds only imaging what could be his next step.

JK: Stop struggling If you don't want me to go brutally hard on you.

He jerked her by her elbows making her shut her mouth. She was sobbing.

JK: It will be better if you submit yourself to me without any nuisance. Otherwise, I know force too... And If I forced, then It will be gonna so painful for you. So you better shut up and lay down or else I will get the cuffs.

He threatened her in a dangerous voice. She gulped hard receiving such a response from him. It was not like she doesn't want to consummate this marriage. But the way he was doing was completely beyond her imagination. She wants to tell him the truth and wants him to trust her.

But she knows too that he only loathed her... Despises her...

Her body was exhausted due to continuing jerks and yells and she felt like her throat was parched that not a single sound was coming.

His mouth latched on her right nipple and he began to draw circles on her bud with his tongue. She arched her back when she felt his warm tongue was surrounding her already sensitive bud. She was feeling shivered and sensitive.

Jungkook encircled his left arm around her waist while pulling her closure and gave a slight squeeze to her breast making her gasp. She holds his biceps tightly for support and her lips parted. His hand went down feeling her soft and smooth skin.

He shoved his hand inside her panty feeling her warm sensitive part. Her lips parted to suck breath when she felt his fingers were entering her virgin walls.

She never felt something like this before that's why she was bearing an intense pain inside her vagina for the first time. A parched sound left her throat which pleased his ear so well. The tears started falling from her eyes feeling the cold fingers were entering inside her.

He took his fingers back and again shove them back a little faster than before. She was feeling so good to him. That he mentally prepared himself for the upcoming pleasure from her.

JK: Fuck your pussy is so soft.

He murmured over her lips and kissed her hungrily. She closed her eyes letting him kiss her but didn't kiss him back. Her back arched again colliding with his broad chest when he fastened the speed of his fingers and started fucking her faster.

AR: Ahh!!

She screamed again when she felt her core was burning with pain. She heard that a girl's first time always be painful, but your partner makes it easy for you.

But here, Aerin didn't saw anything in Jungkook's eyes. She was feeling like if he only gets pleasure while seeing her in pain. Seeing her suffering and crying.

She felt like if her muscles were clenching and her stomach was urging to release something and she did. Jungkook chuckled looking at her wet core. Aerin collided back on the bed breathing heavily. She felt so sensitive yet exhausted that she closed her eyes.

He took out his fingers leaving her core burning and throbbing in pain. He ripped her underwear roughly leaving it into some shreds and throws that somewhere on the floor. Aerin gasped and closed her legs tightly feeling the cold air on her sensitive part.

Once, he finished marking her from up to down, He got up sitting on his knees, nd started unbuttoning his shirt. Aerin closed her eyes tightly next when she heard his unbuckling belt's sound. She fisted her hands preparing herself for the upcoming pain.

She can't even request him to be slow and easy on herself.

When Jungkook finished taking every single clothe off of his body, he aligned himself back on Aerin's body. His throbbing manhood touched her belly button and she gasped.

JK: Get ready for what is coming next. It gonna be painful.

He whispered as a warning. Aerin clenched her jaw because of anger but opened her eyes only to found his face above hers.

AR: Will you listen to me first. Will you believe me?

Jungkook was surprised internally by some unexpected questions from Aerin's side. But he quickly hides his emotions replacing them with a smirk.

JK: Not anymore...

He whispered in a passionate voice that dripping venom.

He already lost his trust in her the moment she shoots him.

AR: Then go ahead and end it soon.

She spat viciously holding hate in her eyes. Jungkook felt his blood was boiling again he clenched his fists punching them on the mattress on the side of her head.

He took no time and shoved his length brutally inside her and she closed her eyes when a parched scream come out of her mouth. Her lips parted and back arched. Jungkook groaned entering in her tight walls.

She felt her hymen was getting broke by his massive and throbbing length. She whined and screamed loudly and dig her nails into his biceps.

He stayed still for some time and nuzzled her face on her neck feeling her vanilla scent. He can hear the whines coming out from Aerin's parched throat. He started sucking and licking her chest and neck again and pulled back only to shove it again with a faster yet brutal speed.

AR: Ahh!

She screamed again jerking herself when she felt her vagina was burning because of his manhood. He holds his body weight onto his elbows and started thrusting inside her.
His length was coming back and forth continuously and he knew very well that it a heavenly feeling to feel Aerin around himself.

JK: Ughh! You're pretty tighter than all those girls whom I slept with.

He whispered moving back and forth. Aerin felt her heart was shattering into million pieces after listening to JK's last sentence. It was just a mere source of pleasure for him. But he didn't know that it was someone's dream to get loved by someone who truly loves her. And he broke her dream.

Unaware of Aerin's all feelings, Jungkook kept thrusting inside her harder and faster. He throws his head back while fucking her hard.

AR: Ah fuck, slow please.

Aerin cried laid there closing her eyes which were throwing the warm water continuously. Even it was hella painful for her and she was feeling her core would completely be ripped, not a single sound come from her mouth except some parched sounds.

JK: Ahh fuck!

He growled like a wolf again and increased his speed as if his life was dependent upon fucking Aerin. Aerin shut her eyes tightly whimpering accepting his every thrust and praying for the pain to over soon.

JK: Now do you think someone else can fuck you better than me? Huh?

He asked in a husky voice which was holding a kind of pride in itself. Aerin kept paying there closing her eyes tightly. Jungkook was feeling that if some kind of liquid is covering his length. He looked between them only to meet his eyes with his throbbing manhood which was covered in red liquid and still was moving back and forth.

He groaned fisting his hands. He didn't want to behave like this with her. If he would've only wanted her body, he could take it even in the starter. His plan was never to hurt her physically but today, he was feeling as if his mind is replaced with satan's and he can't stay calm.

AR: I..I h..hate you.

You didn't listen to me Jungkook. You didn't believe me.

You didn't let me explain myself.

At least let me tell you the truth about what actually happened between me and Minho.

Those were some last words his ears reached when his face met with the already collapsed face of her.

She fell unconscious due to his harshness.

JK: Arghh!!

Jk groaned in frustration. He wanted to hit himself on the moment because of ruining her. He never wanted to... Never. But tonight, when he saw Aerin and Minho were together also in the bathroom. Then, his mind got triggered and the anger enveloped his soul.

He kept thrusting inside her while looking at her angelic face which has tears' stains and his slap marks too.

He was angry and she was angry too. And, that's how the anger took place on their mind and they converted a loving moment to a fight.

He felt like if he was about to explode out and he released every single drop of cum inside her breathing heavily.

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