The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 34



Jungkook's eyes twisted when the sunlight falls on his hair covered forehead. He groaned rubbing his face and turned to the side when his arms encircled Aerin's waist. Everything that happened last night, flashed in his mind and his eyes opened.

He saw Aerin was sleeping right next to him. They both were completely naked and that's when Jungkook got to know that it was the real, not just a dream.

He can see Aerin's tear-stained face and also his slap marks on her cheeks. He closed his eyes feeling like hitting himself to do such a shameless thing with his own wife.

*Jeon Jungkook, what you've done?*
*You broke her... Even if she was at the fault you should've not done this*
*You can't force her to love you back*
*And what you did last night was not love at all*

But, Deep down in his heart he can feel broken too. After all those betrayals he received from Aerin. All those love-moments they spend together were fake. Just a part of her revenge. Aerin didn't love him in the first place. Never. Those thoughts made him heartache.

It all was fake love.

He still can see that hurtful image where he was paying for Aerin's betrayal. He was heartbroken. He went to the darkness again.

His all regrets for last night got vanished when everything comes back to his mind. What she did with him in the first place. She even shoots him.

He still has that scar on his chest. Just above his heart. Where Aerin shot him.

He gathered his cold-face back and got leaving the bed and went to the washroom to get ready for the day.


Aerin's head started throbbing in pain. There was numbness in her lower body like if someone would have cut her, ripped her. She hissed in pain when she moved in her sleep. She felt the sunlight was kissing her eyelids.

Her eyes get opened with the chirping sounds of the birds which were roaming in her ears.
With a heavy headache and dry throat, she sits on the bed while hissing in pain.

Her pain in the lower region was the evidence of his roughness last night on her. She sits on the bed while rubbing her head and eyes and then her eyes fell on the bedsheet which is covered with dried blood.

She was looking at the sheet with her glossy eyes till then he came back in the room while rubbing his hair with the towel. He was only wearing a pant. His eyes fell on his broken wife's broken figure. But he rolled his eyes and paid no attention to it.

He throws the towel on the couch and opened the closet to take out his shirt and coat. With the closet's sound, she came out of her thoughts and saw him in the room. She quickly covered herself with the sheet and after some struggle finally got up from the bed while wincing in pain.

Again a painful wince comes out of her mouth when she took her first step. But he was deaf to hear her painful wince.

She makes her way towards the bathroom door slowly but before she can enter, he closed her between his arms. She looked at him with her glossy hazels pleading him to let go but no he wasn't in the mood for this.

Jk: so how was your first-time wifey.

He asked her shamelessly and she looked at him again with disbelief and he smirked.

Jk: tell me... You enjoyed it so damn much. huh.

He said again shamelessly and this time she slapped him hard on his left cheek. Her hazels were enough to give him the feeling of despise.

He held her roughly and she again winced in pain. He clenched his jaw while looking at her.

Jk: your hands are going too high wifey. I think I should give them something.

He said while looking at her hand from which she slapped him. After a minute he smirked and she got confused. He pulled the sheet from her body and it fell down on the ground. She quickly kneeled to took the sheet to cover herself but before she can pick the hem of the sheet he placed his foot above her hand.

She let out a painful wince again but it was of no use. He pressed her hand more and more and after a minute he let go of her. He kicked her hard on her stomach at which she fell to the ground completely.

Jk: useless bitch.

With that, he left while fixing his coat. And she was laying there while facepalming, crying, and sobbing. Cause no-one is here to save her.

She was broken.
Mentally broken.
Physically broken.

Aerin gathered her broken figure which was curled up in a ball. She sat on the floor while hugging her knees. She pulled the bedsheet on herself to cover her naked shelf and cried hard.

Did I do something that much bad for deserving this?
This pain.

After crying hard for almost an hour, she managed to get with the support of the wall and went inside the bathroom. She closed the door throwing the sheet away from her body.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She can see his brutal marks all over her body. Her neck, cheekbones, chest, stomach, abdomen, and even thighs. There were hickeys all over her body. Like if he painted her with the purple and brown color.

She went inside the shower turning it on and stayed still for some time. She was continuously feeling like her vagina was burning because of the pain. She looked down only to met her eyes with fresh wet blood again. It was coming out of her body.

*I had my monthlies last week. Then what is it?*

She shook off her thoughts and continued to shower for some time. But every time, she did a move, her body gives her unconditional pain. She was hating the reactions which were happening in her body.


Minho was having some discussion with men. He was inside his office when he felt a tight barge inside. A smirk comes upon his lips seeing JK there.

Jk pushed the door completely storming inside and without wasting any other second, Jungkook threw a hard punch on Minho's face making him collide back with the wall.

Minho stumbled backward hissing in pain. The men were too astonished but before they can do anything, Minho snapped his fingers and gestured them to go outside.

He got up straightening his muscles, he tilted his head taking a deep breath, and a wicked smirk flashing over his lips.

MH: Relax Jeon, I know the reason for your vexation. But I can't help.

JK: You don't even need to be.

JK hissed gritting his teeth in anger. Minho smirked walking towards him. He straightened his body in front of JK who was still looking with the mysterious rage quilting in his orbs.

MH: one should always control their anger and their hand, before it always make a wrong move and they did the mistake.

Minho spat in a vicious yet wicked tone looking completely pissed by Jk's presence.

JK: I know very well that you're the one who had to send me the clip last night.

He hissed through tightening his jaw making his cheekbone visible. Minho knitted his eyebrows together with an astonished look on his face. He let out a dried laugh.

MH: Oh, the reason for your punch, I got it.

He winked giving him another wicked smile making JK's blood boiled out in the wrath.

MH: Damn dude, that was hard.

Minho said rubbing the corner of his lip which has replaced with a light brownish wound over there.

JK halted near him grabbing him by his shirt's collar. If he wants, he could've kill Minho on the spot but just because of their business he won't do that. But it didn't give Minho the license to do his shits with what was JK's.

JK: I came here only to make you remember to obscure yourself from something which isn't yours.

JK vocalized in a calm tone yet it holding a kind of wrath for Minho in itself.

MH: Feeling envious.

Minho cocked his eyebrows but Jk only smirked in return.

Cocky fucker

JK: I don't have to be. Because I know that her taste is not even that bad.

Jungkook smirked in return making Minho hissed in his fury. JK can sense the outrage in Minho's breaths and he is much pleasured by this.

MH: You! Minho hissed vexatiously making JK smirk.

He likes to see the furiousness in his adversaries. It gives him inner pleasure.

On top of that, he has a conviction about Aerin that she won't do something like this. But still, the things which happened yesterday make him vexed last night.

And his temptation put the fuel on the fire making him do the things he didn't want to do in the first place.

Yes, it's true that He hates Aerin.

He hates Aerin

For her being a betrayer.

For playing with his emotions.

For playing with his feelings.

For throwing his heart into the darkness again.

But hurting her physically was never in her plans. Being the boss of mobs doesn't mean to give you a license to do anything. They have rules too.

JK: Just fuming with my words. Imagine what will happen if I gave proof of it.

He cocked his right eyebrow.

JK: Just wanna tell you a thing... Keep your fucking self Outline from her.

He jerked him and Minho stumbled backward but managed to stand properly. Without saying any other thing JK turned his foot to go out of the cabin but Minho's next word stopped him on his way.

MH: Why? Because you too love her? She is your wife?

Jk smirked shaking his head in disbelief and looked at Minho with commiseration in his eyes.

JK: I can give a more valid reason than this. Want to know?

He flashes a smirk making Minho knit his eyebrows.

JK: Because she is Jeon Aerin.

Jk smirked making the wicked smile vanish off of Minho's face. Somehow, JK's answer was holding potential and determination in his tone.

JK turned around exiting Minho's cabin leaving Minho behind with fisting hands.


JK: I know you probably abominating me now.

JK let out a sad smile while sitting on the side of the grave. Today he came to the graveyard to visit his mom. His mom and dad's grave was next to each other. Jk was sitting on the end of her mom's grave. Silver tears were brimming in his orbs.

Whenever he felt sad, depressed, or disconsolate, he came to visit his mom and dad. Visiting to them makes him forget his sorrows.

The wind was hitting his face continuously making his scar incite in the sunlight which was glistening on his face.

JK: You should. After all, I did something so shameful. I know I am a sinner and you both are loathing me now.

Jk sighed hugging the marble placing his head there. The tears brimmed out of his eyes and fallen onto the white marble making it shine under the fading sunlight.

JK: Hurting her was never written on my list. But... But it's her fault too.

He coughed on his tears. his nose started getting red because of the continuous wails.

JK: I felt betrayed mamma. I felt dejected. She broke me... again and again. Every time, I brought myself to trust her, she broke me.

His wails started increasing only when he brought Aerin's name.

JK: There is no one who can love me, care for me, cherish me... Not even she.

JK: I loved her with all my heart mamma. But she... she proved that love was nothing for her... She broke me, my heart, and my soul... All of inside me is shattered.

He coughed hard when the tears covered his pinkish nose-tip. He kept placing his head on the end while hugging the grave's end.

JK: I'm alone mamma... Please come back to me. I need you back... I will die... Please come and collect my broken shelf.

He closed his eyes only to open them after replacing his pain with his rage.

JK: I know I did something unforgettable... I know you and dad are hating me now... I will clear my mistakes... I won't hurt her ever again the way I did.

JK: But I won't ever love her again. I won't be able to love her ever again...

He hissed with the quit amount of rage in his painful orbs.

JK: I won't be able to love her ever again. Otherwise, I won't be able to recollect my broken shelf.

(Love is that river which no-one can cross without drowning themselves)
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