The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 35


Aerin finished doing her work and she thought of going downstairs. She also has to talk with JK to go out to the hospital as she was bleeding and it kinda was hurting her.

It was the time of noon and also no one was present in the mansion. She talked to Yumi and she told her that they won't come back till tomorrow because they are taking Yoonmi out because of her wish. Mrs. Min was also out of the town to meet her friend. And, there was no one.

She dressed in a loose and comfortable dress. Her ears gained attention as there were some noises coming from downstairs. She went downstairs but her eyes only met with 'his' cold ones.

He was present there. He came back earlier.

Jungkook ignored her and kept doing his work while sitting on the couch. She took a deep breath and went towards him.

AR: Jungkook, I have to talk about something.

she said hesitantly gaining the man's attention. He looked up at her with a raising eyebrow. He eyed her head to toe checking her and her uncomfortable but pushing her thoughts aside she stayed still.

JK: go on.

He said diverting his eyes from her to his work.

AR: I..I.. need to see a

JK: why?

He asked closing his files and towering over her. She automatically backed away at his closeness. Which didn't go unnoticed by him.

What I'm supposed to tell him.
That's I'm still bleeding.

She tucked her lower lip between her teeth thinking. She was feeling uncomfortable telling him about her problems. But she should. He is her husband and he will understand her.

AR: I need to see a doctor because... I.. um.. I'm still bleeding 'there'. So, I need your approval. Can I go outside to visit a doctor?

She told him looking down not being able to look up. She felt like if her blood was running with 2X speed. It was kinda embarrassing for her to discuss these kinds of things with him. But there was no one present for her except him. So she decided to tell him.

JK: Okay, but you don't have any need to go outside. I will call our personal doctor. She will come to check up on you by the evening.

He said leaving her alone and went to his library while dialing someone's number.



YJ: So tell me, Mrs. Jeon? What happened?

Dr. Yujin whom Jungkook called in the noon to do a checkup on Aerin, asked her with a smile on her face. She was an alluring woman in her mid-20s and also she is a good friend of Dr. Kim Seokjin. And both of them are also Jungkook's family doctor.

Aerin gulped fidgeting with her fingers. Her tongue was stuck in her mouth at the moment. Dr. Yujin tried every way to make Aerin feel comfortable but she was still shy and nervous to tell her.

YJ: You don't have to be nervous girl. You can tell me. I'm your doctor after all.

She said placing her hand on Aerin's giving her a reassuring smile.

AR: Actually... Dr. Yujin, I was actually bleeding down in my private part still.

She told her after shaking her head and throwing her embarrassment away.

YJ: did you have your periods?

She asked and Aerin nodded.

AR: Yes, It was last week. And... actually last night we had intercourse for the first time and after that, I still didn't stop bleeding and it was hurting a lot too.

YJ: Hmm... Okay, lay down. Let me do a check up on you.

She said and Aerin nodded, She took off her underwear as per Yujin's guidance and laid down on the bed taking a deep breath. Her breath hitched when she felt something inside.

Aerin kept lying there. After some time she felt the thing been stretched out and her region was empty again. She exhaled her breath. Yujin told her to get up. She got wearing her panties again and sat down on the couch back with her.

YJ: there were some cuts. But don't worry they can heal with the creams and medicines.

Yujin told her with a smile and she nodded. She prescribed Aerin some creams to apply and medicines to take so that it will help to heal the tears soon.

YJ: Make sure to not engage in sexual activities for at least one weak. And, be careful after that.

Yujin said and Aerin nodded. She had a coffee with her with some great talks with made her know more about Dr. Yujin and her personality and after that Aerin bid her goodbye.

After coming back, Aerin didn't found JK anywhere. She went to his library to check but he wasn't there too.

Maybe, he caught in some work.

She sighed and shrugged off going to her room. After coming she changed clothes and applied the cream before taking the medicine and laid down on her bed thinking about JK. And soon sleep engulfed her. And, she slept there till almost midnight.



Aerin rolled down on the bed again closing her eyes tightly but the sleep was nowhere in her eyes. She already slept for 6 hours and that's why she wasn't sleepy now.

It was 1:AM at the night but JK still didn't come back. He left the mansion in the evening and still didn't come back which make Aerin a little worried for him.

No-one was present in the mansion and JK too left her alone which made her feel sad, Anticipated, and...... alone.

She just wanted to hug someone tightly so she can sob in someone's arms. She wanted someone to hug her, to soothe her. So that she can let out her sorrows. So that she can cry out loud holding someone. So that she can feel safe and protected.

She was feeling alone.







Anticipation was the only thing that took her mind and she was feeling lonely and scared.

Aerin hugged the pillow tightly and closed her eyes. A tear escaped her eye and sniffed while wiping it from the back of her sleeve while closing her eyes.

But deep down, a corner of her heart was praying JK to come back and hold her. She wants him by her side. Somehow, she wants him to soothe her, to trust her, and.... to love her.

But she knew, it never gonna be happen because..... he only despises her. He didn't want her. He just hates her.

Another drop of tear escaped her eye thinking about all of this. She just wishes if life could be a little easy for her. There was no one to stand by her side.

She lost her mom first.

She lost her dad.

She lost her family.

And, she lost Jungkook too.

He doesn't love her... He only hates her. Only despises her.... 'The Unconditional Despise'

Her eyes blinked several times to let go of the water and looked at the wall-clock. It was 2:AM of the night. Still, JK was nowhere to have come back. He just left her. Alone, Depressed, Sad.

She got up and hissed. Her body still wasn't recovered from yesterday's night. She yelped holding her abdomen.

There was no one to even calm her. To help her.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. After a minute of calming her mind, she opened her eyes back. After taking a breath, she took the glass of water and gulped down the medicine with it, and laid back.

Her eyes went to the door but it was the same as before. It didn't get opened nor anything else.

She waited for him.



And, waited.

But he didn't come back. She was feeling like if he just doesn't want to see her face. She shrugged off closing her eyes forcing herself to sleep.

And, soon the sleep engulfed her because of her sorrowful mind. And she drifted to sleep.


JK stopped his car in front of the huge building and looked outside. His eyes were dark and glossy. Like if some awful memories from the past have engulfed his brain.

He took a breath and comes out shutting the door behind him. It was 2:AM of the night but the city was still awake. He doesn't live in a city which falls asleep easily.

Jungkook made his way inside the building and took the elevator to go on the 5th floor. After reaching there, he went towards the reception.

JK: Mr. John?

Girl: Yes sir, Dr. John has been waiting for you. You can go inside.

The girl said and Jungkook nodded. He went inside the cabin of Dr. John where he was busy checking some files of his patient.

JK: hello Dr. John.

Jk said gaining John's attention. John smiled and shake his hand with JK.

John: Hello Mr. Jeon, Finally you're here.

John said as they both shared the seat. JK sat down on the couch facing John. His hands automatically started rubbing with each other like if he was curious and has any kind urge to know about something which was clearly seen on his face.

JK: Is there any important thing you called me to tell about?

JK asked the guy same as JK's age. John leaned back taking his glasses off.

John: Actually Jungkook, we have performed a lot of treatments upon him. And, he is improving too. He is listening, obeying but his mind was still not ready to accept the real self of himself.

Dr. John explained making the curiosity level high inside JK.

JK: What do you mean by not ready Doctor?

He asked as he was struggling with the lump in his throat. John sighed and leaned back.

John: Jungkook, JungHan is his 30s. But his mind is still like a 5 year. And, we are still not sure if he will be fine or not.

JK: means?

John: It's been 14 years Jungkook. So many doctors came and gone. But JungHan's condition is same. He is not ready to accept the things surrounding him. His body has improved but his mind is not.

John explained and JK sighed looking down. Tears brimmed in his eyes but he didn't let them fall down in front of John's eyes.

John: do you wanna see him? Btw, He has been missing you from one week.

John said making JK's head lit up. A hope brimmed on his eyes and he nodded smiling. John chuckled and got with Jungkook.

John: Come.....

He said and JK followed him to the out of the cabin. They went towards so many rooms. JK can hear the screaming and yelling of other patients. It was normal as he was in mental asylum.

Some screams even made him flinch but he kept forwarding his steps till he wasn't standing on his destination...

Room No. 244, Jeon JungHan.

John: Go... meet him.

The doctor said and JK nodded. He pushed the door knob opening the door and there his eyes fell upon the guy who was sitting curling up like a ball on his bed. A smile appeared on JK's lips and he sniffed wiping the few drops which escaped his eyes.

He went inside and the guy who has same eyes as JK's looked up at him. The guy kept starring at him till he went to sit on the bed next to him. JK smiled taking seat next to him. The guy's lips hanged into a slight curvy smile.

JK: How are you doing?

Jk asked and the guy kept looking down innocently. JK felt if someone was stabbing a knife on his heart. He shattered.

His whole family got destroyed.

JK: Doctor said you were missing me? were you missing me? Really?

JK let out a fake dramatically gasp making the guy giggle. Which made him laugh too.


The guy asked pouting.

JK: Oh! So that's the reason. Hyung wasn't missing me but his new car.

JK said making a fake sad face. The guy looked up and quickly his head in 'no'.

JungHan: Nooo... I..I missed you too. Chipmunk.

A sparkle-ish smile appeared on JK's face when Jungsan called him that. He always used to tease JK with that. But now, JK's smile depends on this nickname.

Junghan: I... I don't like this place... It's bad... They don't let me go out... I felt bored... I want to come with you. Chipmunk.

The guy said and pouted innocently fidgeting and playing with his old cars. JK felt a stab on his heart again. The thing hit him hard but the truth is... He can't take Junghan out.

Junghan is different.

Jungkook smiled and said.

JK: I will take you out soon. We will go to garden then.

Jk said excitedly making the guy look up. He clapped.

Jungsan: promise?

JK: Promise...

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