The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 36


Aerin's POV:

My eyes got opened because of the sunlight directly hitting them. I moved a little and opened my eyes.

Finally, it's morning now.

I looked down only to met my eyes with a bulky hand that was surrounding my waist securely. I turned to see 'him'.
He was sleeping peacefully beside me on the bed.

When did he come back?

It was looking like if he is so tired. I slowly bring my hand towards his face and caressed his forehead. A smile crept on my lips seeing him sleeping beside me and holding me as if his life depends on it.

It reminds me of some of our old days. When he used to hug me in his sleep. And, his hugs were so tight and cute that no one can deny. I didn't know why and what is happening to me? But, I'm sure of one thing.

Yes, I'm falling for him.

It was never in my plans to fall for him but my heart... I don't have any control over it. It doesn't listen to me. It never did. It only does what it likes to do and I, I always accept its decision gladly.

Yes, I started loving him.

B..but, did he loves me?

Will he love me back again?

I think.... No.

I know that he will never love me back again. But still, my heart can't stop itself.

I'm fine with my one-sided love.

I don't know what to feel, After the night he consummated our marriage, I should be sad because he first should listen to me.
But, since that night, I can see my feelings are getting stronger for him.

I know I'm stupid.

But I can't stop myself. I don't know why?

But, I also can't let him know about what I started feeling. Because he never gonna love me back.

He will not forgive me for what I've done with him.

I shook my head bottling up my thoughts and then without making any noise or disturbing his sleep, I got up and left the bed. I covered jk with the duvet and headed to the closet to get ready for the day.


AR: I'm really sorry, Daihee ah.

AeRin said hesitantly while fidgeting with her fingers. She was really sorry for the way she behaves with Daihee.

DH: No.. No.. it's okay, AeRin ssi. I'm not angry with you and I can understand you very well about your situation. Every woman has the right to know where her man is going.

Daihee spoke softly while placing her hand on Aerin's. It gave AeRin a little easement. She was Hella nervous to talk with Daihee.

Today, Daihee comes to meet them in the mansion for Aerin's request.

Yumi: How did this actually happen? I'm mean, what happened between you two, that you both don't live together? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you but I was just curious.

Yumi said making a sad smile appeared on Daihee's face.

DH: Actually, I and Jimin met 4 years ago, It was the first time I came to Seoul. I came here for a special project and luckily I knew V here. V was the only one I knew here. He helped me in my projects and between this, V introduces Jimin and JK to me. I knew they all belong to mafias but V was my friend so, there was nothing to be afraid of. Between it, I and Jimin eventually got close with each other and I felt so happy and safe with him. He often comes to my apartment, helps me in my projects, stays with me and our relationship started to grow. We dated for 1 year and also, we were living like a normal couple.

Daihee said while Aerin and Yumi were listening to her with an open mouth.

DH: But, like every other relationship, our relationship had some bad things too. After, sometime it all started becoming frustrating. Neither I was happy nor Jimin. It was getting hard to adjust when we were already having issues with each other. So, one day, Jimin came and said "It's over between us" I was shocked but I didn't stop him from going. I thought that ending our relationship would be a better option if we were having so many issues to adjust to each other. So I accepted what he said and left. I too left Seoul after that as living there with awful memories was becoming hard for me. But at that time, I didn't know that I was pregnant. And, that's how Jisang comes into my life.

DH: I started living with my son taking care of him happily. But, because of some official work, I had to come to Seoul and coincidently, Jungkook spotted me and also remembered me. His curiosity begins when he saw Jisang with me and I told him the truth. I requested him not to tell Jimin about it and he agreed on one condition. He said to me to stay in Seoul for some days so that he could arrange a better place for me to stay with Jisang. And, that's how Aerin ssi saw me.

Daihee explained everything and Aerin looked down as the guilt again took over her mind. Daihee quickly wiped the tear which escaped her eyes without let them noticing. Yumi exhaled her breath understanding every point of Daihee's explanation deeply. And said.

YuMi: so what you've decided now?

Yumi got to know about Jimin and Daihee from Yoongi last night. And when they got to know, they took no time in coming back to the mansion. She left YoonMi at her friends' home. As the environment in Mansion was not suitable for kids.

Jisang, who was sitting beside his mom while playing with his car toy not knowing what his mom and aunts were talking about. He only knows to understand and say some words. One of them which is Papa.

He didn't even know that his father is Jimin. That's why he always called Jungkook, 'papa'. Daihee let out a sad smile while looking down.

DH: I'm leaving this city tonight. I will go somewhere else with Jisang.

AR: Have you told Jimin about it?

AeRin asked.

DH: no. And I don't think he is willing to stay in an unwanted relationship. So it will better if I leave.

Daihee sighed looking down. Yumi patted her shoulder and gave her a smile.

Yumi: Whatever decision you take, We are with you.

DH: Thanks Unnie.

AR: Yeah, we are with you.

Aerin told her with a hearty smile. They continued to talk and Daihee and Jisang had their lunch with them in the mansion.


On the other hand, JK and other males were in their office. Jimin got to know about Jisang and Daihee's leaving from JK and Yoongi and he is now desperate to meet her. He said Yoongi and JK to take him to Daihee.

He was so desperate to meet her. Today he wanted to sort out every confusion between them. Maybe, Daihee didn't know about it. But Jimin was willing to make her his.

He wants to take care of her and his son both. He wanted to love them. He was thinking that ending his relationship with Daihee would be a better option for their happiness but he was actually wrong.

Since the day Daihee left him, he never lives happily. Even if he was with other girls, Daihee was the only name surrounding his mind. He tried every possible way to forget about Daihee because she already left the city but he didn't succeed.

And, when he got to know about Jisang from Jk before the party, he just wanted to hit himself. If he knew that Daihee was pregnant with his child when he left her, he did never left her.

They come back to the mansion and without wasting any other second, Jimin comes out of the car and ran inside just to see the face of his loved one.

Jimin ran inside where he saw all Daihee, Yumi, and Aerin were talking. Daihee was flabbergasted to see Jimin there. She stands up facing him. Jimin took no time and quickly hugged Daihee leaving her shocked and speechless.

Others were shocked too. But they can understand Jimin and Daihee's situation so they find it better to be mute in their matter.

DH: J..Jimin ah.

JM: I'm sorry Daihee ah, I'm really sorry. But, please don't leave me. Please. I never knew that you were pregnant otherwise I never had left you alone. Please give me a chance. Please. I'm willing to love you once again.

Jimin cried leaving Daihee shocked. She felt Jimin's warm tears were dripping off of his eyes and falling on her shoulder.

JM: I know I did the biggest mistake of my life by leaving you. But please don't leave me. I love you so much.

He said making tear brimmed out in Daihee's eyes.

JM: Please don't go anywhere else... Please, stay with me. Please. I know Our relationship was not perfect. But there are imperfections in every relationship. And, I'm willing to live with you and our son. Please, don't go.

JM: We will make our imperfect relationship beautiful. We will make it perfect together. But please, don't go. I'm really sorry for the mistakes I did in the past. But believe me, I love you so much.

DH: Ji... Jimin ah.... I...

JM: no, please don't say that you didn't forgive me. Please don't leave me. Please... I wanted to give our relationship a second chance. Please don't leave me.

He said crying while hugging her like a child. Jisang who was standing there was watching all of this with his own doe-like eyes.

DH: Jimin ah, listen to me...

she tried to speak but cut her off again.

JM: No.. No.. please don't say that you're leaving, please. I will die without you and our son. Please... Don't go. I'm begging you. Please don't go.

He cried again.

DH: Listen to me... I'm not going anywhere.

She said making Jimin's cries stop suddenly. He was jammed at his spot. He pulled back and hold Daihee by her biceps. A smile appeared on Daihee's face but Jimin still didn't believe in his ears.

JM: Y..Did you forgive me?

He asked and Daihee smiled.

DH: I forgave you... And, I'm not going anywhere. Aerin and Yumi Unnie taught me. They told me to give another chance to our relationship and I'm willing to give another chance to our relationship.

She said making a bright smile appeared on Jimin's face. He quickly hugged her back.

JM: Thank You so much. I.. I love you so much.

He said. JK who was watching all the drama from a little far shook his head looking down.

"Aish! Such a drama queen," He murmured making Yoongi chuckle who was standing beside him.

Jimin's eyes went on Jisang who was hiding behind Daihee scared of all the new environment surrounding him. Jimin smiled and kneeled down in front of Jisang and Jisang hide even more behind Daihee.

JM: Jisang ah, Please forgive daddy. Please.

He said joining his hands in front of his 2-year-old son. Who didn't even know what the man in front of him was talking about? His eyes went towards his mother who smiled nodding.

He quickly ran and hide behind JK while hugging his knees.

"Papa," He said to JK in his innocent tone. Jimin's heart shattered into pieces that his own son is scared of him.

Jk kneeled down to Jisang's level and kissed his forehead. He made Jisang look at him and said.

JK: Listen, Baby, You don't have to be scared of him...

"N..No papa," He said again shaking his head.

JK: Listen Jisang ah, You trust me right?

He asked and Jisang nodded not even knowing what JK was talking about. But he can see the emotions in his eyes which were enough to teach him.

JK: he is your Papa, go. hug him. He loves you very much, my son.

He said pointing at Jimin and Jisang nodded. He went there and Jimin quickly hugged him kissing his forehead.

"Papa," He said again making Jimin smile.

JM: I'm sorry baby. But, I promise, Papa will take care of you. He loves you and mamma so much.

He said making a smile appear on everyone's face. They are happy that finally Jimin and Daihee are now together.

He turned towards Daihee and kneeled down in front of her making her flabergasted. Everyone watched them in 'awe'

JM: Daihee ah, I'm willing to take care of you. Please, will you be Park Daihee for me? Will you marry me?

he asked taking out a ring. Daihee mouth-palmed herself and tears started flowing from her eyes. She nodded and Jimin quickly slid the ring in her ring finger. Aerin and Yumi clapped for them.

Yumi: Congratulations.

She cheered.

AR: Let me bring some snacks for the celebration.

Aerin said Yumi nodded. Aerin left the hall but she can feel JK's intense gazes. She quickly left and went in the kitchen's direction while others were cheering Jimin and Daihee in the hall.

But, Between her way, Aerin heard some noises were coming from a room. The room remains empty as no one sleeps here but today she heard some noises. Aerin's curiosity begins and she went to check inside the room.

She opened the door and went inside the room. But for Aerin's shock, she saw something unknown and unexpected and screamed because of fright.

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