The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 37


Aerin opened the door and saw someone was inside. The curiosity to know about it increases in her mind and she went inside. She saw that the guy was sitting on the floor. She went there and patted on the guy's shoulder.

The guy turned back as he saw someone unfamiliar, he quickly got up pushing Aerin to the side. Aerin screamed holding her face because of the fear.


Her voice reaches the hall where all were cheering Jimin and Daihee. Their head turned towards the voice's direction as it was coming from the room next to the hall.

JM: Aerin?

Jimin got confused, All of them quickly got up running towards the room's direction when they heard another scream from Aerin. Jimin ran fastest going inside the room and sighed. Aerin was facepalming herself while shoving herself in a corner completely.

JM: Doll?

Jimin asked and Aerin quickly ran standing behind Jimin.

AR: Jimin ah, t..that person... W..who the hell that bastard is?

She yelled and JK who was standing few inches apart from them glared at Aerin. His blood boiled when she heard Aerin's nonsense about his elder brother... Jeon Jungsan.

JM: Ahh, Doll, you don't have to be afraid of him... Aish! Hyungnim, you're scarring my doll.

Jimin said to the man who was standing there with confused looks on his face. He wasn't able to think a simple thing in a straightway. As he is suffering from PTSD.

Yes, he is suffering from PTSD.

JK quickly ran towards Jungsan and Jungsan holds his hand hiding behind JK. JK can feel that his brother's hands were shivering. He was probably got scarred from Aerin.

JK: Hyung, calm down.. Nothing will happen. I'm here.

JK Said in a soothing tone. Jungsan hides behind JK probably frightened of Aerin. Analyzing the situation, Jimin quickly said.

JM: Daihee ah, please take Aerin with you. I'm coming.

Daihee and Yoongi too gestured to Yumi to go out. Yumi nodded and took Aerin and Daihee out of the room. Yoongi turned around going towards JK who made Jungsan sit on the bed and forwarded him a glass of water.

JS: J..Jungkook ah, T..that gi..irl.

He said with the fear completely visible in his eyes.

JK: Hyung, don't worry. She won't do anything. I'm here with you.

JK again told him in a soothing voice. Jungsan nodded. Jimin forwarded JK, a box of medicine. Jk took it opening it and gave Jungsan his medicines to drink. Yoongi who was watching all of this, went towards the side of the bed taking a seat while Jimin sat down on the stool next to the bed.

YG: When did you bring him back?

Yoongi asked sighing looking at Jungsan. As, they all know about Jungsan, this wasn't something hard for them.

JK: In the morning...

JK replied giving medicines to Jungsan.

YG: At least, you can tell me.

Yoongi said shaking his head in disbelieve.

JK: You were out of town. So, I thought not to bother you. Simple.

He replied coldly.

JM: And, what did the doctor said?

Jimin asked JK.

JK: His condition is getting better. But his mind is still not ready to accept his real self. The doctor said that it can be cured with medications, psychotherapies, and the support of family members.

JK said finishing up giving medicines to Jungsan and then made him lie down.

JK: Hyung, listen to me, Please stay inside the bedroom. I will come to meet you. And, if you need anything, press that ring.

He said pointing at the ring bell placed on the side table. Jungsan nodded innocently and JK made him lie down covering him with the blanket. The men left the room afterward.


Yumi and Daihee took Aerin out of the room. The girls went to Yumi's room but Aerin's mind was still wasn't working. She was way too shocked to see someone unknown in their home.

Also, the man seems creepy to her.

YM: Here, drink this.

Yumi gave Aerin water to drink and sat down beside her on the bed while Daihee was to the next side.

DH: Unnie, but really, who was that man?

Daihee asked as she can completely understand Aerin. The man seems really creepy to even her also.

AR: Unnie, how did Jungkook, Yoongi Oppa, and Jimin can be so normal. That man doesn't seem right to me. Who is he? He was about to hit me...

Aerin asked facepalming herself in disbelief. Yumi looked down sighing. She doesn't know at the moment how to tell the girls who really he is. But, she has to tell them cause now, Aerin is also a part of their family and he can't hide something so important from her.

YM: Listen, Aerin ah... Daihee ah... you both don't have to scare of him. He is not the type of man who will hurt you. It's just, he was scared when he saw Aerin because he didn't know her. And, he is Jungkook's elder brother. Jeon Jungsan.

Yumi told and Daihee's jaw hung low. She never knew Jungkook has an older brother too. She thought that Yoongi was Jk's only brother who is older than him.

DH: Unpredictable.

AR: But why he was scared of me? I wasn't going to kill or hit him.

Aerin shrugged looking down. Yumi sighed.

YM: It's not that Aerin ah, Actually he is suffering from PTSD.

Yumi said and the girls gasped in surprise. They didn't have any idea that the man was having the disorder. Also, PTSD.

AR: Whatt?

YM: Yes,

DH: And, how did it happen? What made him like this?

she asked and Yumi shrugged looking down.

"It's so long and frustrating" She murmured but then looked up looking at Daihee and Aerin who was looking at her with their doe-like eyes waiting for her answer. Their facial expression is a great example of curiosity and desperation.

YM: actually, I myself don't know much about it, But what I got to know from Yoongi that it's some 14-15 years ago, Their parent's died and after that, they faced so many problems for their living. Jungsan was 15-16 years old when he faced that trauma. Jungsan started remaining stressed and frightened. And, his trauma becomes a nightmare for JK. Due to the death of their parents, Jungsan started being traumatic and developed PTSD symptoms.

Yumi said with a sad face.

AR: Oh!

Aerin mumbled looking down at what to say in this. She knows very well, how it feels when parents left you. She is also one of those kids.

DH: I never knew Jungkook suffered that much.

Daihee mumbled and Yumi nodded agreeing.

YM: He did a lot. That's why he became so much cold and emotionless. He didn't even show his emotions to us. He doesn't want to face all of that which he faced in the past.

Yumi said not knowing that Aerin was deeply listening to her thinking about jk.


Aerin comes upstairs to her room as it was already late at night. Jimin and Daihee too left after the dinner. She was about to go inside the bathroom when she felt a hard slam on her back and groaned in pain. She looked up only to meet her eyes with his ones.

With what Aerin was seeing in Jungkook's eyes. She can see that he was angry. He tightened his hold on her arms and she winced feeling his tight grips which will surely leave marks on her skin.

AR: J..Jun..ugkook, it's hurting.

She yelped but it seems to like it has less impact on his mind. He even tightened the grip more on her arms making her groan.

JK: What did you say there? Huh? Bastard...

Jk snarled in anger making her flinch.

AR: i..I'm sorry, please, I don't have any idea that he is your brother. I..I.. got scared. My tongue slipped.

She told him in a hurry while closing her eyes. Her heartbeats became wild at the close proximity of his.

JK: You should control your tongue if you don't want me to cut it off.

JK spat viciously hatred visible in his voice. Aerin gulped looking down. The tears brimmed in her eyes after listening to his harsh words.

JK: And don't even......

Before he could say something else to her, his phone started buzzing. He closed his eyes in annoyance. And, pulled his hands back freeing her, and took out his phone.

JK: What?

V: Where are you?

JK: In the hell. Say your thing don't piss me off with your nuisance.

JK said as he was so pissed off with everything around himself. Especially Aerin.

V: Okay-Okay, I called you to tell you that We finally got Nichola's man who is behind conducting the raids in our warehouses. He is the one who told everything to ministers. What do you want me to do next?

JK: That damn motherfucker! I'm coming. Then I will tell you.

He hissed and Hanged the call. He let go of Aerin jerking her at which she stumbled backward holding the closet, he went to the drawer and took out his gun loading it with the bullets and went out of the room slamming the door not even glancing at her.

Aerin sighed rubbing her face.

It's so frustrating!

She murmured rubbing her face. She went inside the bathroom and splashes the cold water on her face before coming back to her bedroom. She laid down on the bed closing her eyes and forced herself to sleep alone as JK won't come tonight.



Aerin finished doing the work in the kitchen as Yumi was upstairs. Her eyes were going to the door of Jungsan's room again and again. She felt pity for him. Her sympathy was with him and she will also try if she can help Jungsan in any way to overcome his trauma.

She nibbled her lower lip thinking and a smile appeared on her face when she got an idea. She went towards the fridge and took out the packet of ice-cream she placed some ice-cream in a bowl with a spoon and then head out of the room with the tray.

Aerin slowly opened the door of Jungsan's room peeking inside. She saw that he was sitting on the mat which was placed on the balcony. He was playing with some of his toy cars. A smile appeared on her face and she went inside.

She went towards the balcony sitting beside Jungsan on the mat and placed the tray to the side.

AR: Umm.... Hi!

She said waving her hand. Jungsan looked up and gasp. He quickly backed off closing his eyes and hiding his face with his hands.

He was probably scared of me.

Aerin thought.

JS: G..go away. shoo! shoo!

She heard Jungsan mumbling closing his eyes because of the fear.

AR: Listen, please don't scare of me... I won't harm you... I swear. Please don't be scare of me.

She said in a pleading tone making Jungsan look up at her. Jungsan can see the innocence same as his on her face.

AR: Please, sit with me. Please...

Aerin said patting next to her. Jungsan pouted thinking deeply but then slowly went to sit beside her. A beam of hope appeared on Aerin's face and she smiled showing her pearly white teeth.

AR: Please, don't be scare of me. I won't harm you.

JS: W..who are youuu?

Jungsan asked slowly looking down fidgeting with his fingers.

AR: I.... I'm your friend.

She said making him look up at her with wide eyes.

JS: Friend?

AR: Yes... I'm your friend. Will you be my friend? Pleaseeeee. I'm so alone. Pleasseee.

She said with puppy eyes forwarding her hand. Jungsan nibbled his lower lip thunking to accept her handshake or not. But then slowly forwarded his hand.

AR: Omo! Thank you so much.... My name is Jeon Aerin. What is your name?

SHe asked him trying to start a conversation with him.

JS: J..Jeon Jungsan.

He mumbled slowly. Aerin smiled taking the bowl and forwarded it towards him.

AR: Do you like Ice-cream, Jungsan, I bought it for you.

She asked and he nodded. She smiled and gave him the bowl filled with ice-cream. Jungsan took it happily and smiled. That smile of his increased Aerin's hope ten folds.

If she can help Jungsan in any way to overcome his fear, his trauma, and his past, then she is so glad to perform a role in it.

Not only because she only sympathize Jungsan. But, because Jungkook's family is also hers.

He started eating the ice-cream while she was sitting there.

AR: So we are friends, right?

Aerin asked trying to know what Jungsan actually had in his brain. Jungsan looked up at her with his doe-like eyes.

JS: Friends.......

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