The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 38



Two months passed in a blur. Everyone's life was going as usual. Jimin and Daihee's wedding preparations were going on too. They are marrying next week and everyone is so happy for them.

Also, Aerin and Jungsan become best friends in these two months. Now Jungsan is not scared of her and almost enjoys his whole day with Aerin. Yumi and Mrs. Min are so happy that the younger daughter-in-law of Jeon's playing a very precious role in caring for the elder son.

Jungsan also started changing. Not completely but as time is passing, it is always bringing changes in him. Now, he was able to understand things faster than before and also can reply very easily not with much speak lacks. But still, he was not fully recovered.

It was the time of night, Jk came inside the mansion while talking to someone on his phone when his eyes went on the hall where AeRin and Jungsan were sitting. Their giggles were hearable to him. He just kept starring at them Emotionlessly. Especially Aerin.

AR: here, you're done....

AeRin said completing the painting which she and Jungsan were drawing for so long.
Jungsan gasped and clapped in happiness.

JS: OMG! Girlfriend, you're so smart.

He jumped and quickly hugged AeRin leaving her flabbergasted. Not to make it too awkward, AeRin hugged him back Patting his back.

And, yeah, he used to call her girlfriend. And, she didn't object because she knew it wasn't mean that girlfriend but girl friend.

JK: what is happening here?

Jungkook's voice echoed in the hall and AeRin and Jungsan turned around. Jungsan's smiled increased when he saw his younger brother.

JS: Jungkook ah, see what we made...

He said happily and showed him the scenery which he and AeRin made together. But all the time, jk's eyes were setting on AeRin who was standing behind Jungsan Looking down.

JK: it's beautiful. Who made this?

JS: me and my girlfriend.

Jungsan exclaimed happily pointing at AeRin. Aerin's eyes became wide and she gulped down her saliva thickly when she felt Jungkook was glaring at her.

JK: girlfriend?

Jungkook asked raising his eyebrow in a playful manner making AeRin's nerves turned cold. She nibbled her lower lip nervously.

JS: yeah she is my girlfriend.

Jungsan said happily and made AeRin stand in front of Jk face to face. But, the courage to look in jk's red eyes was nowhere in her.

JK: girlfriend....

Jk clenched his teeth looking at her. He himself didn't know, but he was not liking when Jungsan called AeRin his girlfriend.
He knew that Jungsan didn't mean what he said but still Jk's possessive alpha took control of his mind.

JS: yes.. she is a girl... And she is my friend... So she is my girlfriend. Simple.

Jungsan exclaimed happily and jk smirked.

JK: oh! Is that so?

He asked. Aerin looked down nervously as she can feel jk's burning glares on herself.

JS: isn't it nice?

Jungsan asked with the sparkle visible in his eyes.

JK: it's good. You did well, Hyung.

Jk said smiling at his brother.

JK: btw, it's pretty late. You should sleep now. Have you taken your medicines?

JS: Yeah, my girlfriend gave me medicine after we ate together.

Jungsan said smiling looking at AeRin while holding her hand. Uncontrollable jealousy entered jk's mind but he closed his eyes to calm his nerves.

JK: oh! Then you should sleep now. It's late. Come on.

He said forwarding his hand and Jungsan pouted looking at Aerin. He wanted to play with her more. She is the first person who became that close to him in so little time. And, Jungsan is now so glad to have her as his girl-friend.

Aerin smiled and nodded gesturing him to go with jk to his room so that jk could put him to his sleep. As It's jk's work to tuck Jungsan in his sleep every night.

Jungsan pouted but then nodded.

JS: Okay, good night, girlfriend.

He gave a kiss to AeRin on her cheek and her eyes became wide because her husband was standing there. She can see his expression was changing into a dark one. It already made her blood turning cold. But She smiled nervously at Jungsan and wished him.

AR: good night to you too.

She wished and him and he smiled holding jk's hand. He waved at AeRin and AeRin waved at him too before going to her room.

He went away from there while holding jk's hand and jk made Jungsan sleep after giving the last medicine of the night.

After putting Jungsan into his sleep jk covered him with the duvet and went out of the room slowly closing the door and went in the direction of his room.


AeRin finished changing into her nightgown when she felt two hands wrapped around her waist. Her body stiffened as she already knows who is standing behind her.

He snuggled his face in her neck and she shivered when his face was buried deep in her skin.

JK: so, this time you made my brother your other prey. Hmm?

He asked licking her neck. He inhaled her vanilla scent which he is addicted to.

AR: I... I just....... What are you talking about?

Jk: I never knew that you also did black magic? Hmm?

He whispered over her ear licking it sensually and AeRin closed her eyes.

AR: what black magic?

She mumbled looking down and he smirked. He pulled her back towards himself and slammed her on the wall closing their distance. He again wrapped one hand around her waist and the other to caught the nape of her neck. He nuzzled his nose on her neck and gave a lick slightly over her collar bone and which she hissed and holding his shoulder for support.

She closed her eyes feeling affected by his touches. It was only him who made her feel different. She never hit affected by any man in the whole world like she got by him.

JK: black magic... like, how you took control over my brother's mind. Like how he can't even stay without you. What did you do to him? Hmm?

He asked licking and sucking her whitish milk skin and she holds her breath feeling anticipated by the question he put up.

AR: I..I..

She stuttered not knowing what to say at the moment. Her mind was stopped at the moment. Her brain cells got frozen not giving her any clue to respond to his questions.

AR: I was just trying to comfort him. He needs love and support to get heal, Jungkook.

AeRin mumbled looking down. She knew very well what made jk put these questions on. He was definitely not liking the way his wife and brother spend their whole day together while he can't even get to see her for days.

Jk: are you the only one in this house? Hmm?

He asked engaging her in his arms and her chest collided with his one. He dug his index finger in her chin making her head rise up to look at him. His eyes fell on her luscious lips.

AR: No... No, I just......

Before she can say something else, he captured her lips with his one. He started kissing her slowly the way which surely leaves effects on her.

His one hand reached for her head and he tucked a long thick strand behind her ear to make her face more visible. His fingers started playing with her hair and he wrapped them in his thick brown hair deepening the kiss. She muffled under him probably trying to suck a breath but he wasn't letting her breathe. He was drowned, deep drowned in his lust to devour her mouth.

He pulled back after minutes as both of them were completely out of their breath. AeRin was sucking deep breaths while he was calming his breathing.

JK: fuck!

He murmured when his eyes landed on the fresh marks on AeRin's neck and chest which he painted just a while ago. He pulled her to himself again and picked her up in a bridal style forwarding his steps towards their bed. He lied her down on the soft mattress slowly and hovered over her. She closed her eyes at the close proximity of his. Her heart beats started going wild.

He placed kisses on her both cheeks and then her nose-tip before capturing her mouth with his once again. He holds her with her nape again pulling her closure and tilted his head to get a better angle for their kiss.

He slid his tongue inside her mouth hungrily and started to devour her like a piece. His tongue was feeling every inch of her mouth and it increases his desires for her a hundred folds.

AR: Mmmp...

She let out a muffled noise again to tell him that she was again going out of her breaths. He let go of her mouth trailing down his kisses from her neck to her chest. His hands went playing with the robes of her gown and he pulled it in less than a second making her gown opened sliding down from her chest.

He started licking and sucking on her cleavage and she closed her eyes sucking the big breaths. Her heart was going wild and crazy. Her sensitive skin was responding to his touches. An unknown pleasure engraved her mind and her hands went on his hair she slid her fingers in his dark thick hair.

JK discarded his leather jacket throwing it to the side and leaned back again to capture her lips. Their kiss lasts so long while his hands slid inside her baby-pink color loose nighty she was wearing.

He cupped her left bosom making her gasp. He started giving it slight squeezes making her heart dancing in her ribcage. An unwanted moan escaped from her mouth. Her eyes become wide at what she just did.

Jungkook smirked bringing his face closure to hers. He gave butterfly kisses all over her face and kissed her again.

JK: You are enjoying it. Right?

AR: N..No, I..I'm Umm... Let me go.

She tucked her lower lip between her teeth struggling to find the words. JK hovered her again and placed kisses on her face and neck again before looking at her again.

JK: Next time, I'm gonna kill you if you did too much skinship with Hyung. I gave you permission for his care not for fucking being close to him. Got that.

He gritted his teeth angrily giving her soul-piercing glares and she gulped nodding.

AR: I'm sorry. I will keep it.

JK: Good for you.

He said before getting up. He bends down to pick his jacket from the floor and left with the door slamming making her flinch. When she was sure he is gone. She exhaled her breathes wiping her sweat from her forehead.



Aerin went downstairs after finishing the work. She was already feeling tired but she can't sit like this. Today is Jimin and Daihee's wedding ceremony. Half of the family members already left for the venue while half will go by the evening.

Aerin was feeling thirsty so she took out a cold water bottle and made lemon water for herself. She gulped it down in one go. She exhaled her breathes and calmed herself for some minutes while standing there. It was happening with her for the past somedays. She was easily getting fatigued and nothing just wanted to sleep.

Yumi: Aerin ah, what you thinking?

She comes out of her thoughts when she heard Yumi's voice. She quickly forced a smile and shook her head.

AR: Nothing unnie, I just...

Yumi: Okay-okay, now come on, we are getting late. Daihee is waiting for us in the saloon. We should leave now.

She said in hurry and Aerin nodded.

AR: Give me five minutes, I'm going to change.

Yumi: Okay...

She said and Aerin left for the bedroom to change.



All were present there as the ring ceremony is about to start. Aerin and Yumi took Daihee downstairs where Jimin was waiting while holding Jisang. Jisang clapped gasping when his mamma entered the venue. Both father and son looked at her with a big smile plastered on her face.

Jimin gave Jisang to Yoongi where V and JK were also standing and then went walking on the carpet. He forwarded his hand and Daihee smile looking at him. She forwarded her hand and both of them walked while holding hand while others were cheering them happily. Yumi and Aerin smiled looking at them and then went to the side.

Yumi stood beside Yoongi and Aerin went towards JK standing a little behind him. Soon the ceremony started and they exchanged the rings. All clapped and cheered them even JK. Aerin was seeing a smile on his face after so much time. A smile flashed on her face too while seeing JK smiling.

Soon the groom kissed the bride and all started hooting and cheering them. Jimin was beyond happy to now finally have Daihee in his life with their precious jewel. Now, finally, his family is completed.

V: Omg! He is being shy.

V said and chuckling and Yoongi nodded in agreement.

YG: Finally this brat got some responsibilities now.

Yoongi mocked and JK and V laughed. Everyone started enjoying the function while Jimin and Daihee did dance. Other couples did dance to except JK and Aerin.

All the time, Aerin was struggling hard to keep herself conscious but her body gave up. The black dots started appearing in her vision. She can see how everything was becoming heavier and her head started throbbing. And she falls to the ground closing her eyes when the unconsciousness hugged her.

Everyone gasped seeing her and Yumi quickly ran towards her.

Yumi: Oh my god! Aerin ah.

She patted her cheeks but Aerin already went unconscious. Jimin and Daihee also come out of the dance floor seeing her like this.

JM: Doll?

Jk quickly come from somewhere when he got the news that his wife got unconscious. He kneeled down placing her head on his lap and patted her cheek.

JK: Jeon Aerin... yah! wake up.

He tried to wake her up but his efforts went in vain and nothing happened. His limits gave up and he quickly yelled.


Dr. Kim Seokjin, who was also present there quickly come out of the crowd. JK picked her up in bridal style and went upstairs to a room. he kicked the door opening it wide and marched towards the bed lied Aerin down on the bed. Seokjin too went there.

SJ: Jungkook ah, leave for some time I have to check on her.

Seokjin said but Jungkook glared at him.

JK: I'm her fucking husband. I won't go anywhere.

He barked in anger and Seokjin sighed. Not wasting too much time on JK, he started examining Aerin's condition while JK was kept standing there. After giving Aerin an injection, there was nothing left to do except waiting.


And, finally, after some time she opened her eyes. She found everyone was present there with a worried look on their face except jk who still has his cold look plastered on his face. Like if he won't get affected by it.

Aerin felt sad that she made everyone worried for her but she also felt hurt that JK doesn't have any effect on him. Yumi helped her sitting on the bed.

JM: Doll are you fine?

DH: Are you feeling fine?

Both Jimin and Daihee asked who were also present there.

SJ: How are you feeling, Aerin ah?

AR: I'm fine and sorry the function got ruined because of me.

Aerin looked down feeling guilty.

Yumi: No, There is nothing like this.

DH: exactly.

Daihee agreed to Yumi. Seokjin nodded and again examined her pulse rate and eyes. JK on the other hand was standing far from the bed. He can see how weak she was looking and how skinny she become since their wedding. That's why she has probably fallen unconscious.

SJ: Don't worry you're fine. Just take proper rest and a good diet. You seem really weak.

he said and Aerin nodded.

AR: Thank you, doctor.

JM: Okay, so now everything is fine. I think we should leave for home now. It's already late and all of us are tired.

He said gaining everyone's attention and everyone nodded in agreement. It was true that all were so tired because of the wedding.

Everyone left and Aerin too got up. JK who was standing far comes towards her and holds her slightly to make her stand properly. She was looking too weak. They all left the venue as it was already midnight. JK helped her sitting inside the car while others were in their cars.

And, after tucking the seatbelt around her safely, he started driving to the mansion.

Aerin can see that he was less effective by what happened. But she controlled her heart thinking that she might have deserved this from him. That's why he is not caring much.

But, little did she know, that his whole world collapsed the moment he saw her lying on the floor helplessly.

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