The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 3


She said in a loud tone and jk did as she said but then soon a smile come on his face. He just got scared for a moment like if he loses her.
He chuckled at her tone but quickly hide it and turned around with his hands raised up.

Jk: Oops...

The girl who none other than AeRin was looking at him with a cute angry expression.

JK: can I get to know what is my fault Boss.

AR: You are late.

She said while coming towards him but still the gun in his hands which jk and she bought two months ago for playing Balloon aiming.

JK: Late?? But I said that I will be here by 8 and I am here now.

He said in a confused manner. But she sighed.

AR: you are full 28 seconds late.

She said and jk's eyes became wide in shock. God this girl is really punctual in time's matter. He chuckled but then again quickly hide that and start his fake expression.

JK: Oh god!! I became 28 seconds late. Omo! Now, what punishment my Goddess will give me.

He said with fake concern and AeRin smile proudly at the word "My Goddess".

AR: And your punishment is... BAMM.

She fakely shoots on his chest and he lay down on the couch pretending like he is dead now. She reached him and starts laughing loudly and then he opened his eyes and sit back straight.

AR: it's okay... But next time be on time.

She said and place the gun there and sits with him on the couch and they both hugged each other.

AR: you know how much I missed you this time.

JK: yeah me too...

AR: liar.

JK: no babe I'm not... But what can I also do in this cause work is also important.

AR: you!! And your work.. seriously one day I'm gonna beat your boss. How much work he gave you. You know last time you left in the middle night. Whose boss does that with his employees?

She said while getting up and he chuckled at her words. She made her way to the kitchen and then he went to their shared bedroom to change.
Well yeah, they share a bedroom and a single bed also but they still didn't do a couple of things. But lives like a cute couple.


He came out and went to the kitchen where she was preparing the dinner for both of them. He started helping her as he always does.

AR: tell me one thing... For how many days this time you come here.

Jk: 15

He said while mixing something and she again got angry.


JK: so what baby.

AR: you really don't have time for your girlfriend. Last time you came here two months ago and left just after one week.

JK: babe.. work is also Important. And my boss trusts me more than other's so he gives me more responsibilities. That's why.

AR: yeah yeah.. you and your work. Go and marry that work of yours. I will not GONNA marry you.

She said and started doing her work and he again sighed. Sometimes she acts way too childish. He went to her and stands behind her while locking her waist in his arms and resting his chin on her shoulder.

JK: just some more days... I promise that after that we will live together for always.

He said in a sweet voice making her anger vanish. Till then her eyes fell on the grocery bags which he bought.

AR: that much groceries.??

Jk: yeah now you will cook delicious food and I will eat.

He said and again her anger increases.

AR: You came here only to eat food but not to live with me right. Will you just marry me for eating food from my hands. Huh

She said annoyingly yet cutely and he nodded.

Jk: yes...


JK: I'm mean.. no. I love you.. that's why I will marry you. Not for that food. It's okay now I will help you with cooking. Okay. Then we will spend our whole night together. And tomorrow we will play our favorite game.

He said and her anger vanishes again.

AR: Okay.

She said and they both started cooking together.

Really he is the most dangerous man. How can he stay normal in front of her? Well, love can make you do the things which never imagined or wanted to do.

They cook food together and then ate together like a lovely romantic couple and then he even helped her washing the dishes and after that, they went to their room.


She was laying there while her head over his chest and hugging him tightly while he was caressing her soft silky smooth hair.

AR: can't you just stay for more than 15 days.

She said and he hugged her while rubbing her back. She always complained​ about his leaves as he didn't spend so many days here. But it's also not his fault as he is the King who has to look after his whole Kingdom.

Jk: Next time... Promise. Why are you sad now. I am here for 15 days till then enjoy this. Not to be sad okay.

He said and she nodded after some more talks he closed the lights and they both slept in each other's arms.


Next day...

He woke when the sun rays fall on his face. He tries to move but didn't like it if someone is also above him. He looked down and found his cute girlfriend sleeping on his chest peacefully while hugging him tightly as if she didn't gonna let him go.

He just doesn't want to ruin the moment so he just stays there and keeps starring at her. She looks so pretty even when sleeping. His hands started caressing her soft cheeks and hairs.

Because of the sound of the birds she also slowly opened her eyes and found jk staring at herself. She was still hugging him so tightly.

JK: good morning...

AR: good morning...

She said and hovered over him completely while hugging and placing her head on his chest.
He also hugged him and started rubbing her back.

Jk: babe wakes up its morning now...

He said but he can feel that she shooked her head in response" no".
He smiled at her childishness.

Jk: babe wake we are getting late.

AR: no. I wanted to stay like that. I am feeling so sleepy.

Jk: aigoo!! My Jagiya is feeling so sleepy. What should I do to wake her up?

He said while pretending like if he was thinking. He then suddenly made her lay down underneath himself. And started kissing her neck and cheeks and nose.

Jk: now open your eyes... Open.. open.. open.

He said while kissing her up to down and she gets annoyed and opened her eyes while pouting.

Jk: hmm.. that's like my good girl.

He said kissing the tip of her nose and caressing her hair.

AR: I hate you.

Jk: but I love you.

He said and she looked away in shyness. God, he always makes her red like a tomato. He examined her face while she was trying to hide it finally she end up facepalming and he smiled.

He grabbed her wrist and remove them from her face she was red as a tomato. He smiled but keep starring at her. Soon he made his way towards her soft, plump lips to kiss them.
But before he can meet his lips with hers, she placed her palm over her mouth preventing him to kiss. He looked at her in a confusion.

AR: we didn't brush our teeth.

She said cutely and he chuckled. God this girl is really. But then he tried to tease her. So he removed her palm from his mouth.

JK: I don't mind.

He said and again started kissing her but she pushed him in embarrassment and he laid down on the other side while laughing. She quickly gets up from the bed and made her way towards their closet.

She picked her clothes and get inside the bathroom. She poked her tongue before closing the door and he again just smiled at her. Seriously this girl always makes him go crazy for herself.


AeRin was cooking the breakfast for her and jk while he was taking a fresh morning shower.
After some time she finally finished making the breakfast and he also came out after the shower. He was wearing a loose black t-shirt and a sweat.
Well, she can't take her eyes off of him and he chuckled when he noticed.

Jk: babe.. Omlet is burning.

He said making her come out of her Dreamland and she looked at the pan. It was really burning.

AR: oh God!!

She said while turning off the gas and he was trying hard to control himself from laugh. She pouted while looking at the burned Omlet and he also gets inside the kitchen.

He made her look at himself while caressing her hair.

JK: it's okay baby... Let's make it again.

He said and she nodded. He smiled while caressing her cheek and then he helped her in cooking the Inlet again.

They both cook together and then so ate together like a lovely couple. After that, they have to enjoy their whole day.


They both were planting small plants in their garden as she loves to do this so much.
She also looks after the whole garden and she just made the garden like real heaven. They both cut the extra, dry leaves and branches of the plants together.

Well it's real that his world is dark. But since the day she entered his life, his life also started sparkling.

AR: Beautiful..

Jk: not more than you.

He said and she sighed. These types of complement are not new from his mouth.


They both were playing Balloon shooting. Jk's shot was perfect but she was failing every one shot.
She again tries to shoot at the balloon but this time also not while his shoot was perfect even this time also.

He again shoots at the balloon and this time also it aimed at the selected balloon. She got so amazed while seeing it. His every shot is perfect while she was imperfect.

She again tried to aim at the balloon and then shoot but this time also she missed it. She sighed and placed the gun there with an annoyed face.

AR: arghhhh!!!

She shouted and he looked at her with a confused expression.
He chuckled while looking at her pouting face.

AR: my shots were always missed. Arghhhh!!!

She again said with a annoyed face and he chuckled as she didn't know how to aim the gun at the target.

Jk: it's okay.. I will teach you.

He said while picking up his gun and then made his way towards her. He stands just behind her and gestured for her to handle the gun. She held it and he placed his hands over hers in a guided manner.

He placed his chin on her shoulder to look clearly at the target and closed his one eye and also told her to do the same. They both were so damn dangerous close.

Her breath hitched when she felt his hot breath over her shoulder. But tried to act calm. He wrapped his fingers over hers and then placed his Index finger over her which was on the trigger of the gun.

Jk: ready???

He asked making her come out of her thoughts and she nodded her head slightly.

AR: y-yes...

" Why I am stuttering bitch"

Jk: okay then... Hanna.. dul... Seth.

He said and press the trigger and she flinched when she felt his hard rock chest on her back completely but his full concentration was on the target.

He made her shoot the balloon and this time the shot was so damn... Perfect.

He made her shoot the balloon. Wow. And she also did it. When she saw it she started jumping in happiness.

AR: yeah.. I did it... I did it. Thank you.

She said while hugging him and he hugged her back.

Jk: most welcome... Sweetheart.

He said and they both left the game room after that.

AR: BTW... You are really good at shooting.

She exclaimed but his feet automatically stopped.

AR: How did you know shooting with that much sharpness. I mean. You didn't miss a single target.

She said and he here didn't know what to say. His shooting is perfect because he is mafia. He even can shoot with his left hand and that is also perfect.

But here, at this moment he didn't know what to say.

AR: tell me... From where did you learn shooting.?

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