The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 39


Aerin closed the bathroom door and slid down leaning on the wall. The tears were continuously falling off her eyes. She hugged her knees and started crying.

She didn't even know she should be happy or sad?

She was on the verge of happiness when she actually thinks about it with a clear mind. It was getting harder for her to accept that she is carrying a little life inside her.

She doesn't what to do with it?

should be happy because she is going to be a mother.

Or to be sad that maybe JK won't agree with this.

From last week when she fainted on Jimin's wedding day at the venue, She was having a doubt that it could be her pregnancy. She assumed it even from the starter in the first place. That the deed they did will lead them to a new path.

Where she doesn't have left a way to turn back.

Today, after collecting her strength she decided to do a pregnancy test. And luckily or maybe unluckily, it was positive.

She was completely speechless the moment she saw the reading. There was no any way that JK will give her permission to keep the child. He will definitely gonna tell her to do abort the baby. The thought made her cry more. She was completely standing between a path to a deep ocean that will drown her and a path to the pond of fire that will burn her.

What should I do now?

she thought tucking her lower lip between her teeth. Her whole face was varnished with the tear.

How I am reckoned to tell him?

what will he do with me then?

Will he agree?

What i..if he killed me and my baby?

Her lungs stopped respiring the moment she thought about his reaction. She can't take risks with her baby's life.

Tho he/she was not a result of love but a flower that bloomed in storms. But, it doesn't mean that her baby doesn't value to her. Maybe, her baby will be the key to delight in her life. Maybe, her days again will become like before when she will welcome her child. Maybe she will get someone who will love her unconditionally and whom she will love unconditionally.

How should I tell him?

But I need to tell him?

It can't be hidden.

He... He will definitely concede it.

She wiped her tears and got up from the floor slowly walking towards the bed's edge and sat down glancing at her phone. She tucked her lower lip and quickly pick up the cell dialing his number without thinking further otherwise, she will again lose her hope.

The rings went but he didn't pick her. It made her heart squeeze in more pain. She again dialed his number but he didn't pick up this time either. She frowned.

For the last time, she thought to dial his number again as her fervor was slowly leaving her body. After some rings, the call got picked.

JK: What the hell do you want?

He barked.

Her mouth sealed by hearing his angry voice. how she is supposed to tell him when he was in that much bad mood.

AR: Jungkook, I need to talk.....

JK: Do you freaking have any idea that what I am dealing with? Huh? Or do you want me to get involved with your bullshits too? The hell is wrong with you Jeon Aerin?

He barked again. Aerin was not nervous about the way he was talking because she already had enough of it. But she was definitely nervous to tell him about herself.

AR: Jungkook listen to me. It's not the time for your fight.

She said back with the same level as him which make him more furious. And, without thinking further he hanged the call.

AR: I want to tell you that I......

She was speaking when she heard no reply. She looked at the screen to see that he already hanged up. She groaned fisting her hair and sat on the edge.


JK throws the cellphone to the side rubbing his head because of frustration. His mind was already in mess and Aerin was making him way more furious.

She was getting on his nerves.

Jimin entered his cabin placing the file in front of JK's eyes gaining his attention. He knitted his eyebrows because Jimin's facial expressions were enough to tell him that something was definitely wrong. Without thinking further, he quickly picks up the papers examining them with his hawk-like eyes.

He clenched his jaw fisting his hand because of the anger.


JM: They didn't sign them.

Jimin said frowning.


He yelled again. Nowadays, their whole surroundings were getting on his nerves. Making him a complete mess.

JM: They want you to join the shipment.

Jimin said and JK groaned. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath and looked back at Jimin.

JK: Tell them, It's not fucking my work to visit on the shipment.

He said looking like if he was trying hard to prevent himself from exploding in anger and his mind was completely a burning hole. And, the shipment issue was pouring fuel on it.

JM: I tried to deal with it... But they were fucking not ready.

Jimin hissed in anger with the new problems their mob empire was facing.

JK: What did they want for fuck's sake.

JM: I talked to Nicholas, He said that they agree to the shipment but you have to be present there. They said that fucking don't trust Mobs.

Jimin said in incredulity and JK hissed in anger.

JK: That motherfucker is fucking calling his death. He has fucking dare to say this to Mobs.

Jk gritted his teeth and slammed his fists on the table.

JM: what do you want me to tell them.

Jimin asked shrugging his shoulders.

JK: tell them, I will be there. When is the date for the consignment delivery?

Jk asked.

JM: After three days...

JK: Okay...

JM: I think we should now leave for the meeting. Mr Kang is also on the way with his son. We will get late.

Jimin said and JK nodded. He picked up his phone and jacket leaving with Jimin. As V and Yoongi were enough to handle the work here and they have to go to the meeting with Mr Kang.


They come downstairs on the floor where all cars have parked including theirs too. He was about to open the door when he felt a punch on his jaw which make him almost imbalanced.

JM: What The-

JK: Who the hell is......

Jk groaned when his eyes caught a rage-fuming Jae-chan. JK groaned caressing his lower lip with his thumb which started bleeding. He can see the anger in Jaechan's eyes and he also the reason for it. Jk smirked standing straight again can't find anything else but to laugh at Jaechan's state.


He growled holding JK by his collar. JK was acting all chill while Jimin got astonished with what Jaechan did and doing with JK.

JK: Oh god! Easy brother-in-law.

JC: I'm freaking not in the mood for your bullshits Jeon Jungkook. I'm here to get the answers to my questions.

JK: Oh! What had I done?

JK acted all innocent and unaware and chuckled. It made Jaechan blood boiled, even more, when JK plays his all-time famous smirk on his lips which kinda holds pride in itself. This is why it made Jaechan feel the defeat that he dislikes the most.

JC: As if you don't know...

Jaechan hissed glaring at him.


Jaechan growled in anger. JK can't help but chuckle at Jaechan's furious state while Jimin rubbed his face in disbelief. Jimin had already predicted that it will gonna happen and he even tried to warn JK about it.

But, JK not caring about anything else, was loving to see the furious face of his brother-in-law. The defeated look on Jaechan's fae gave JK inner peace.

JK: You got to know so soon. Well bro, It's called something like, umm..... Yeah! 'Tit-for-tat'.

Jk said smirking and Jaechan tightened his grip on JK's collar.

JM: Yah! Ahn Jaechan, leave him. We can sort it out.

Jimin tried to convince Jaechan but he wasn't looking in the mood. JK was unaffected by all of Jaechan's behavior. The only thing he has for him is 'Rage'

JC: Fucking leave me!

Jaechan snatched his hands back from Jimin's grip and glared at JK.

JC: You fucking think it's cool? Huh? Do you have any idea how much loss I faced with all the drugs which burned just because of you?

Jaechan growled.

JK: Then, the Same goes for me too. When you fucking told ministers about my warehouses and they fucking conducted a raid. I thought it was Nicholas, But my bad when I already have a snake in my sleeve.

JK retorted making Jaechan go speechless for a moment. But he didn't care much.

JK: How low will you go, Ahn Jaechan. Huh? Geez, You fucking had the guts to stand in front of the mob's boss after what you've done.

Jk taunted making Jaechan's anger raise up and without thinking further he throws another punch on JK's face that his head got hit with the car resulting in the bleed from his forehead.

JM: Oh my god! Jungkook, you're bleeding.

Jimin said being shocked by the amount of blood was coming out from his wound. He put a finger on his forehead before looking at it. He glared at Jaechan who seems to care much less.

JK: I won't hit you for what you've done. But, let me tell you. Don't make me show your real face to your sister and your family too. And yeah! I have some of your CDs too. When you were enjoying your late nights with other girls. I can give your achievements to Ahyeon. Should I?

JK hissed and Jaechan smirked. Jimin was completely pissed with the behavior of those twos.

JC: Do I look like I care? And what If I sleep with other women too? Is this your fucking business? All mafia men sleep with thousands of women.

Jaechan scoffed.

JM: Excuse me, sorry but you're wrong Jaechan. Not all mafia men sleep with different women. There are some who remain loyal to their one and only woman.

Jimin tried to correct Jaechan but Jaechan groaned in frustration.

JC: Don't you dare to put your leg between my fucking bussiness, Shorty.

Jaechan spat and Jimin frowned.

JM: It was just a fact, I was telling.

Jimin murmured pouting.

JC: And you, I'm fucking not gonna spare you at all. Jeon Jungkook.

Jaechan hissed in anger taking his gun out and pointed it at Jungkook. JK seemed to care less about it. The only thing matters for him is revenge. Which he got from Jaechan too.

It was not just a matter of his warehouses that got raided because of Jaechan but also his reputation. It's his rule not to let spare his sinners at all. No matter whoever he/she is.

He did the same with Aerin and now he did the same with Jaechan.

And also, he did the same with their father.

In conclusion, Jungkook, the boss of the mobs, never spares his felons ...

JK: Do you think, It scares me. Let's test your guts... C'mon, shoot me.

he said and Jimin looked at him flabbergasted.


Jimin yelled but JK seemed not to care about his words. The only thing that can be seen in his eyes was hate... despise. He can't let his enemies got proven right so easily.

Jaechan tightened his grip on the trigger ready to pull it.

JM: You both have fucking lost your senses.

Jimin yelled again tried to convince them. But none of them were in the mood.

JC: Get ready to die.....
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