The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 40


Aerin was sitting on the edge of the bed still thinking about how harshly he behaves with her. Then what he will gonna do with the baby. What if he actually didn't accept the baby. Then what will she do?

Her thoughts got interrupted when her phone started buzzing. She flinched but then sighed seeing that it was Yoongi. Without thinking further she picked up.

AR: Yes Oppa?

YG: Aerin ah, where are you?

Yoongi asked making the girl confused at the question he put up with her.

AR: I'm at home.

YG: Umm... Have you talked to Jaechan or Jungkook? Does something happen?

Yoongi inquired making the level of confusion construct up more in her mind.

AR: No Oppa, but what happened? Please, tell me clearly? Why are asking these questions to me?

She asked going bothered about what happened.

YG: actually, I can see Jaechan and Jungkook were fighting like a cat & dog in front of my eyes.

He told Aerin leaving her shocked.

AR: What? What happened between them?

She almost yelled because of her blood pressure which was continuously going high. She knew how dangerous it could be Jaechan is getting involved with Jungkook again and again.

YG: I don't know why? I think Aerin ah, Only you could help me with this. Can you? I know Jaechan will listen to you.

Yoongi asked her with hope for her 'yes'

AR: I will Oppa, but where are you?

YG: Just come to our office's parking lawn. They both are here and poor Jimin is trying to stop them but these two brats have lost their senses.

He explained and Aerin groaned in frustration. Those two's fights always get on her nerves. No matters how hard she was trying to keep up with the surroundings but those two can't and won't.

AR: Okay, I'm on my way.

She hanged up the call and got Jk's other car's keys from the drawer and went downstairs. She didn't even get time to inform anyone as she just ran out of the mansion.


Jaechan was really about to pull the trigger when Jimin snatched the gun from his hand throwing it aside and landed a hard punch on Jaechan's face.

JM: You've fucking lost your senses.

Jimin yelled at Jaechan grabbing his collar.

JM: You're about to shoot your own sister's husband.

He screamed again. Jk who was looking at all of this with rageful eyes but did nothing. He knew sometimes, Jimin is enough.

Jimin pulled him making him stand properly and again gave a hard punch on Jaechan's face that the blood oozed out from his lip's corner.

JC: I freaking don't care if he is Aerin's husband. And that's also for name only. You don't have to tell me about it, Shorty.

Jaechan growled in anger and Jimin clenched his jaw in anger and gave a hard kick to Jaechan on his abdomen that he stumbled backward groaning in the pain. Before Jimin could beat him more Yoongi already went there and stopped Jimin to take the matter further otherwise it will be hard to handle.

YG: Jimin, calm the fuck down.

JM: Fucking leave me Hyung. I'm gonna end this motherfucker today.

He growled in anger like a wolf out of control and Yoongi groaned in frustration.

YG: Leave him Jimin. You won't get anything after beating him. Aerin is coming she will talk to him.

Yoongi tried to convince Jimin and he got astonished.

JM: Why did you call doll, Hyung. She is already had suffered a lot because of that motherfucker.

Jimin said in disbelief but Yoongi shrugged off his shoulder. As they didn't leave any other way for Yoongi except calling Aerin.

V also came on the car parking lawn where they all were present. He saw Jaechan was on the floor coughing, Yoongi and Jimin were having issues and JK was standing there with an emotionless face. His face was stained with blood and the blood was oozing out from his forehead.

V: Yah! Jungkook ah, are you fine. You're bleeding too much.

V exclaimed.

JK: I'm fine... Go and Solve Yoongi Hyung and Jimin's debate.

Jk said and V went towards Jimin and Yoongi and detaches them.

V: Why the hell you both were fighting?

V asked Yoongi and He rolled his eyes.

YG: It's not me and Him But Jaechan and him.

he taunted.

V: What? Jimin, you hit Jaechan?

JM: Yeah! so what? he is a fucking motherfucker. He doesn't even care for Aerin's feelings. He is less affected by everything around him. Fucking greedy man he is.

Jimin taunted and V closed his eyes in disbelief. Jaechan eyes went on JK who was standing at a far place while leaning on the car's door as if he was slowly losing his consciousness. Jaechan clenched his fists in rage.

Every time his eyes caught JK's sight, his rage increases ten folds for him. He just wanted to kill him at all cost. For him, the reason for the very problem is one and only Jungkook.

He took no time marching towards Jungkook and again landed a punch on his face at which he falls to the ground. He was kinda feeling weak maybe because of the bleeding. His vision was becoming a blur as if he wants to sleep. Jaechan picks up the un from the floor and pointed at JK.


He yelled at JK gaining everyone's attention. Aerin who come inside the lawn running gasped seeing the sight in front of her eyes. Jungkook's whole face and clothes too were stained with the fresh red liquid. Jaechan had a gun in his hands.

AR: Oppa, what are you doing please leave him.

She tried to detach Jaechan from JK but he was not looking in the mood of leaving JK. Instead, he was looking like if he will gonna kill him the first moment he will get.

JM: Fucking Leave him, Ahn Jaechan.

AR: Oppa, please leave him.

Jimin, V, and Yoongi were too trying hard to take the gun from his hand. But Jaechan was looking as if some kind of satan has possessed him and he will kill JK at any cost.

V: Give me the gun.....


YG: Jaechan, leave it. What the fuck you're doing.

Yoongi growled but the matter was already out of their hands. Jaechan was not listening to anyone. Jaechan growled ready to shoot but all of them were trying hard to snatch the gun but his grips were way too much tight on the gun. JK was having enough of Jaechan's infraction, Gave a hard kick to him on his abdomen.


A loud gunshot echoed in the lawn gaining everyone's attention. All of them stayed still in their place when their eyes become wide in shock to find who got hit with the bullet.

Jaechan's whole face paled and his whole alcohol left his mind which he consumed before coming here. And the next second their eyes fall on Aerin whose arm was bleeding.

She got shot in her arm.


Jimin quickly marched towards her holding her. Jaechan's face paled seeing that he shot his own sister because of his fucking anger.


V growled at Jaechan. Yoongi and V quickly went there to check up on her. Aerin screamed when the pain hit her hard. Jungkook's all unconsciousness fade away when he saw Aerin got shot on her arm. He quickly marched towards her kneeling to her level.

JK: Yah! Jeon Aerin... Don't you dare to close your eyes.

AR: baby...


Jungkook re-read the word in his mind. Confused at what Aerin just whispered.

AR: My. Child. P..please save my child. O..our child.

She whispered looking into eye to eye with Jungkook's orbs. His eyes widen at what she just said.

Our child?

AR: save him.

She whispered weakly holding her tummy indicating Jungkook to look there. His eyes vision become blur because of tears the moment he saw she was holding her belly tightly and securely. She was pleading with him to save their baby.

She is pregnant.

His inner consciences said. He didn't waste his further time thinking anything else and pick her up in bridal style. His body gained the whole energy back the moment he saw she was screaming in pain.

JK: Don't Blackout. We are on our way.

He told her marching towards his car and Yoongi opened the door. Jimin shifted inside and Jungkook made her sit next to Jimin so that he could hold her. He quickly went towards the driver's seat and sat inside turning the engine on and drove off with a speed of light.

Yoongi and V drive their car behind JK's one leaving Jaechan there as there was no clarification to fight with Jaechan more. Jaechan previously has done so many things with her. He fucking used his own sister to get revenge on Jungkook. He told her to play with JK's feelings and even after this, he told her to marry Minho once their revenge was finished successfully.

The guilt devoured his brain and the tears brimming in his eyes. He took no time standing up and proceeded towards his car. He too started driving his car behind the other car's



JK was still sitting out of the emergency ward of the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out so that he could get to know about her' and also...... the baby.

His child.

His own blood.

V marched towards him while Yoongi went to call Yumi and Jimin was completing the paperwork. V sat down beside JK on the bench. He can see the pain in his eyes, he can see the concern in his eyes. He also noticed the same emotions in his eyes when Aerin was pleading with him to save her baby.

He knew very well that JK still didn't throw Aerin out of his heart completely. Maybe, she still has any places in his heart. Or maybe, those all emotions were only for his baby.

V: Go and take a prescription. You're injured too.

V tried to convince JK but he wasn't in the state to listen to anyone. Only Aerin's words were roaming in his head.

JK: I'm fine. I don't need anything.

Jk simply said trying to dismiss. Yumi also comes to the hospital after Yoongi told her that she got shot on her arm. She went towards V and asked him.

YM: Omo! Jungkook ah, you're injured, and Aerin? How's she?

V: The doctor is still checking her condition. They didn't tell anything yet.

They were busy discussing what had happened when Jaechan also comes inside running. His face's color was dropped. Forehead sweaty and the state was messy. The rage again filled in JK's mind seeing Jaechan here in the hospital. Jaechan comes towards V who had already looked down in disbelief.

JC: I...I want to see my sister.'s she? What.. did the doctor say?

He asked stuttering like if his tongue was not in the partiality of him. He was totally devasted after what he had done and just because of him, his sister was paying.

V: What do you want now?


Jaechan growled on V and JK's patience broken when Jaechan crossed his limits. He still got the guts to ask about Aerin after what he had done with him. Not only she but the baby too. The thought made JK's blood boiled and he grabbed Jaechan by his collar.

JK: It's not fucking to relate with you Ahn Jaechan. She is my wife and I am enough here. I swear If anything happened with my child, I'm gonna bury you alive in the earth. V, take him out.

V nodded whereas Jaechan was completely astounded at mentioning of 'child' He was concocting the things when V dragged him outside of the hall with himself.

Yujin comes outside of the room as she also was a surgeon in the respected hospital, JK didn't find any other option but to bring Aerin here. Yumi quickly marched towards Yujin inquiring about Aerin's condition but JK can how big of disbelieving was plastered on Yujin's face. It lowkey was scarring him and he went towards her.

JK: What happened?

YJ: Don't worry the wound isn't too much deep. The bullet just touched her arms nothing else. But she lost an amount of blood which we will consider to be big because she is almost 11 weeks pregnant. Didn't you guys have any idea.

Yumi gasped and JK shook his head in 'no' Yujin sighed in displeasure.

YJ: It can also leave effects on the baby? How could you both? Aish!

JK: Yujin ah, Is baby fine?

Jk murmured and Yujin took a deep breath. She nodded giving JK his breaths back. He sighed in relief.

YM: We didn't have any idea about that...

YJ: In most cases, we actually didn't get to know. Anyways, she will gain her consciousness in few hours don't worry. We are shifting her to a normal ward.

She said leaving them and they waited for Aerin to get wake up. Yumi too convinced JK to get the treatment of his wounds and they went towards the next room.




And, questions

Was the only thing which JK's mind was developing. He went inside the room where she was lying unconscious. Not knowing what to do, and how to react, he was just kept glancing at her with his emotionless eyes which had millions of questions yet he never felt any urge to know the answers.

He can't deny that how paled she was looking because of the stress she has been going through. He actually gets the idea why did she call him in the morning but he cut it without even listening to her.

Jk himself didn't know when his hands reached to held Aerin's cold hands. He himself didn't know but he again felt an urge to protect her.

To secure her

and to hold her.

to care for her.

He captured her little fingers in his big palms which he always likes to do when they were in a relationship which was.... fake.

Just a lie.

Just an illusion of him.

Yet he wanted to give the warmness to those cold little hands of hers. His long slim fingers intertwines perfectly with his slightly bigger ones. He holds her hand once again.

He can feel how cold her hands were. He was feeling an urge to secure her the way he used to do before. But all those hurtful, painful memories flashed in his mind again making the amount of warm water brim in his eyes.

Why did you do this to me?



Yumi: You have to eat these medicines too Aerin ah, Doctor said they are important for you and baby.

Yumi said to Aerin who seems to drown deep in her oceanic thoughts. They took Aerin back a few hours ago when Aerin gained her consciousness. And Fortunately, Doctor agreed to discharge her.

Yumi: Aerin ah, are you listen to me? Aerin?

She shook Aerin by her shoulder making the girl come out of her ocean. She nodded tiredly as they were sitting on the couch.

AR: Unni ah, I'm feeling fatigued. I want to sleep now. Please... No more medicines. Pleaseee. Otherwise, I will retch.

Aerin said with puppy eyes and Yumi can't help but chuckle. She is the same as a younger sister to her. Her innocent ecstatics were enough to make Yumi do anything for her.

Yumi: okay, sleep peacefully... Goodnight.

She patted her head and Aerin nodded wishing her too. Yumi helped to go upstairs and wished her good night for the last time before heading to her room. As it was almost midnight.


Aerin entered her room only to find the room empty. Her eyes strayed everywhere when she found the door of their balcony was opened as the moonlight was filling their faint-lighted room.

She knew he is definitely devasted after what has happened. She needs to talk with him. To tell him that she wanted to keep the child. She still didn't even know what is going inside his mind. But she wanted to talk to him. There is no way, things will sort out without their communications.

She went towards the balcony where she got welcomes by his presence. His broad back was facing her. Maybe, he was really frustrated and exhausted after what had happened.

AR: Jungkook, I need to talk to you.

She tried to sound high and determined but it comes out only as a faint voice due to her exhausting level. She was way too much weak to even manage to stand on her spot.

JK: Go on.

His voice roamed mixing with the cold breezes blowing on the sideways.

AR: Listen, I don't know what you're thinking but without our communication, the matter won't gonna be sorted out. I know it all was unplanned but... but, I don't want to lose what I got now. I don't know you want this or not but please if you're thinking to snatch my baby from me, then you're wrong. I... I wanted to give birth to this child even if you agree or not. I won't do anything which will harm my baby. I know you don't want to but..........


Her blabberings stopped when JK's slammed his fists on the wall nearby her. She flinched by his sudden outburst. Her knees started shivering due to his proximity. She was lowkey trembling but didn't want him to notice it. She didn't have any strength to fight with the monster in front of her but just to convince him through her communications.

AR: Why are you behaving like this...


He yelled grabbing her wrist and pulled her out of the balcony inside their room. She left flabbergasted when he opened the room's door and went out while pulling her with himself.

Where he was taking her?

AR: Jungkook, stop it, I won't go anywhere with you.

She said in a determined voice but her body was way too much weak compared to his and his pulls were forcible.





All the emotions took place inside her she was fearing where he was taking her. To kill her? To hurt her? Her heart descended deep downcast thinking about it.

Will, he gonna kill me and my child?

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