The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 41



He pulled me out of the mansion with himself. His grip was so harsh on my wrist that tears brimmed in my eyes unknowingly.

I still didn't have a single idea where he is taking me.

Will, he gonna kill me and my child?

The fear of losing my baby took place inside me. Anticipation was the only word that has printed on my brain at the moment.

What I'm supposed to do?



She screamed because of the fright but he just glared at her in response. He pulled her out of the mansion. The guards can see how angry the boss was looking and he is being furious with his wife but none of them has the audacity or strength to ask JK anything.

They didn't even have any right to ask him about his matters with his wife. All of them can do is just feeling bad for Aerin.

JK throws her inside the car and makes sure to tie the seatbelt around her. Her breath hitched the moment his face came so close to hers. His hot breaths were fanning her forehead which had perspiration all over because of the fear.

AR: Let me goooo...

JK: Shush!!

She pleaded but he placed his index finger on her lips. His deep husky whispering voice was enough to send the shivers inside her. She was trembling at his perilous proximity.

JK: No more words...

He said in his deep voice making her knees tremble in fear. They wanted to give up so badly but Aerin holds them tightly calming her heartbeat rates which are almost blasting because of his vicinity.

He went towards his seat sitting inside he turned the engine on and rolled the steering completely taking the car in the opposite direction. Aerin's heart bombarded at the sudden speed and she held her chest calming her heartbeats. Her breaths knocked the fear and she started sweating.

But most importantly, why she is letting this happen?

She should stop him.

That's what she supposed to do.

And she did.

AR: Jungkook, We can solve this. Please give me a chance to explain.....

JK: what will explain? Have you ever explained anything to me? That's the problem between us, Jeon Aerin. You never tried to explain anything. Explaining is so much far, you didn't even try to tell me.

Jk said as calm a tone as he can. He didn't want to scare her much. She was already being a scared doll and he didn't want to pour fuel anymore on the already placed fire in their hearts.

He just simply wants to do some allegiances.

Aerin's mouth and throat went dried hearing his words. She felt as if the tongue got stiched with something that she was unable to utter a single word from her mouth.

JK kept on driving not wasting his further time with the arguments over the clueless and senseless things with her. He wants to do some decisions for himself and for her too. So that they won't face problems to adjust to later. He didn't want his child to be a part of this. That's all.

But what allegiances he wanted?

AR: Stop the car. I won't go anywhere with you.

Aerin's voice roamed again and he closed his eyes preventing himself to explode on her. Otherwise, she will definitely be more scared. He didn't have anything related to it. But he doesn't want his child to be in all these shits between them. He wants him/her to be carefree and healthy.

AR: Stop the car.... I said.

Aerin argued again and this time, JK clenched his jaw glaring at her making her stopping to respire.

JK: If you said any other word. I'm gonna throw you from this highway.

Jk said in an ominous voice when she saw out of the window that they were actually driving over a highway bridge. The city seems so below from it. Like a big garden of the different color of grasses.

Aerin's mouth went dried again. She gulped her saliva thickly looking in her lap. Tears were continuously flowing off of her eyes. She doesn't have any idea where he is taking her. But, unwanted thoughts were still dancing in her brain.

what does he want now?
WIll he really gonna kill me?
Will he do this?
Where is he taking me?

Why he is doing all of this?
Is it because I didn't tell him anything about my pregnancy before. Or any other reason.

Oh god! Please protect my baby and me.

She closed her eyes. her breath hitched when she felt a jerk in her body. He stopped the car in front of a very big land which seems as if no one is there.

Aerin's heart discarded deep down seeing that they were all alone here. The trees were on all the sides. No one was there. The place seems so clean and calm but her heart wasn't in the state to enjoy the ecstatics.

JK opened the door of his side moving out and went to her side to take her out but she was scared like a little doll not wanting to move an inch.

JK: Come out...

AR: I..I w..won't.

She cracked shivering in fear. JK got so pissed by her behavior that he held her arm and pulled her out harshly making her yelp in pain. She jolted and yelped in pain making JK taken back on his actions. He loosened his grip on her elbow but didn't let her go.

he pulled her out of the car making her stand on her feet and started to walk. She tried every way to let go of him. He was taking her somewhere.

where was he taking her in this lonely and creepy place.

To kill her?

AR: Let me go....

JK: SHut up!!!

He yelled making her scared even more. She didn't want to take any chances with it. It's also for the baby. How can she let him do this with her child?

She won't let him harm her baby.

She quickly bites on JK's shoulder making him groan and he let go of her hold groaning. Aerin ran back to the car like a puppy and quickly shoved herself inside on the driver's seat. She quickly started searching for the keys but her anticipation grew more when he didn't find them.

JK stood straight towards the big front glass while rolling the key on his index finger. Aerin's mouth hung low seeing the keys.

She forgot to snatch them.

How could you be so stupid, Aerin ah?

She scolded herself wanted to hit it on the steering. JK shoved the keys back in his pocket and marched towards the door. He opened the door and pulled her out forcefully.

JK: Fucking trying to use your dumb little brain. Huh?

He mocked holding her hand and pulled her with himself. The anticipation again roamed in her mind and she continuously tried every way to let him leave herself. These nuisances of hers, making him more and more furious.

JK: I swear if you didn't stop your nuisance, then Jeon Aerin, I have my own ways too.

he warned making her body stiffened on her spot. She felt violated and helpless. Not any other option was left except to follow him. He pulled her with himself walking on the path where Aerin's eyes caught a big house like an apartment.

JK entered the apartment with her and closed the main door behind him. He let go of her wrist once he satisfied that there is no way for her to ran or escape. Aerin hissed rubbing her wrist which got the purplish marks because of his ironic grips.

AR: where are we? Why did you bring me here? I want to go back to the mansion. I don't want to stay with you. You're a monster.

She sobbed and started coughing violently choking on her tears. She sat back on the couch placed there. JK's mind alerted to seeing her and he quickly brought her a glass of water from the kitchen.

he made her drink the water to calm her down as she was continuously crying. She gulped the water in one go and her throat felt satisfied. Her heartbeats normalized and she took a deep breath but again her eyes become wide glossy seeing JK standing in front of her.

AR: Why did you bring me here?

She mumbled.

JK: I knew from the start that you're a fucking dumbass but now, you've proved it so I have to do a discussion with you.

he said in a mocking tone and she felt hurt and his comments. The tears brimmed again but she controlled not wanting to broke in front of him.

JK: Why did not you tell me that you're expecting a baby?

His voice seemed deeper and serious. Not just mocking in any way.

AR: I..I.. wanted to tell you..... But... You didn't give me any chance.

She mumbled nibbling her lips. JK let out a sarcastic laugh disbelieving her.

AR: Please don't harm this child. Please, don't do anything with my baby. I know you don't want this. But, please, don't let the baby come between all of this. I want to g..give birth to this child. Please don't harm.......

JK: Shhhhh!

He whispered placing his finger on her lips. Her heart again started bombing inside her ribcage at his dangerous proximity. He was looking at her intensely. She felt him being so close to her which made her stiff in her place.

JK: You're so stupid.

He whispered eyeing her intensely. Her face was all stained with tears. Her rose was red and her cheeks were stained and dried. She was looking like a broken doll.

JK: I know this is not where we supposed to go... But, I don't want you to utter any other single bullshit from these pretty lips of yours. You've said enough. Now, listen to me...

He said making her gulp her saliva thickly.

JK: Maybe this so-called relationship will never be a definition of perfection or love but that doesn't something I want to take over in my child's life.

He said seeing the glimpses of surprise on Aerin's face. She didn't expect him to say something like this. It was looking as if he did want to give themselves a chance.

For the sake of the baby.

But most importantly, why he is doing this?

Why he agreed without anything?

Maybe, he has unconditional despise for Aerin. But he loves his child unconditionally.

His own blood.

His glimpse.

JK: I don't want our baby to suffer because of us. And I won't even let. But, I'm here just to clarify some things that no matter what is going on between us, I want ourselves to represent as an ideal parent in front of my baby's eyes. He/she won't ever let to know what is happening between their parents. I don't want a single glimpse of our past in baby's future. I'm sure you're getting the ideas. Right?

He tried to confirm but bewildered when he saw her crying. She was crying. Why? because maybe he hurts her feelings. Or maybe something else. He sighed shaking his head and went near her.

JK: Now why are you crying? Stop it.

he said in his calm, unaffected tone but only got sobs in return. He went towards her making her look into his eyes. Her eyes were tiredly red, Her face was stained, Her lips were swollen because of continuous nibblings.

AR: I..I thought, will k..kill me.

She sobbed making JK laugh at her statement. She was looking kinda cute. Innocent as a doll, and also hot at the same time.

JK: off course you will think this, I have no doubt. Because you are stupid.

He snickered making her doe-like eyes wide open in surprise. He is mocking her. She frowned looking away. JK found it so attractive that he was unable to go away from her. Her level of charms has been increased for some days, maybe because of her gestation. But he can't deny she is looking breathtaking alluring.

And no doubt, he wanted to ravish the goddess of allures sitting in front of his eyes.


His eyes fell on her soft, plump juicy lips and he again felt an urge to kiss. He did. He leaned in towards her making her bewildered and placed his dried lips on her soft ones. Aerin was flabbergasted with him but her hands were not in favor of her and she felt as if it was unable to stop him.

She felt the warmness of his lips which was soothing yet wanting and she closed her eyes. JK took it as a 'yes' and started rubbing his tongue on her lips indicating her to open them so that he could enter inside. She found herself becoming possessed under his touches and opened her lips letting him enter inside giving a chance to ravish her more.

JK shoved his tongue in her mouth kissing her hungrily yet soothingly that she found it so overwhelming of fulfillment. He leaned completely hovering over her on the couch and their sweet kiss converted into a hot one. His hands started surrounding her body with his bulky hands while shoving his tongue deep inside her mouth.

He felt his desire of intimating was building up so badly inside him that it is unable to stop him now.

His hands reached for the hook of her dress and he opened it making it fall off of her shoulders and her cleavage comes on full display. He traveled his lips down from her cheekbones to collarbones planting open mouth kisses all over her milky white skin. She felt a pleasurable sentiment was waxing up inside her that she was unable to prevent him and a moan escaped her mouth.

JK: fuck!

JK curses under his breath feeling the passionate desire increasing ten folds inside him. He took off her loose dress throwing it on the table and caught her by her right leg wrapping it around his waist so he could get better access. She felt her breaths were becoming heavier when she felt his tongue was traveling over her skin. He rolled on the couch making her lay down completely and took off his shirt throwing it where her dress was.

His hands started roaming freely feeling her soft and smooth skin which was building a fire inside him. He pulled her bra off of her chest tossing it somewhere on the floor and her chest heaved feeling his hot breath over her buds. He started drawing circles on her sensitive bud and another moan escaped from her mouth. His hands caught her by her waist and he gave a slight squeeze to her making her whimper.

He caught her by her legs again wrapping them around his torso again and got up from the couch. Aerin wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulder fearing that she might fall but his holds were already ironic tight to not to let anything happen with her. He marched towards another direction of the hall where a room was. He kicked the door with his leg making it open and entered the room while never leaving her lips. There was no need to close the door or something since there was no one in 'his' penthouse. They entered a not-so-dark or shiny room. It was just perfect according to JK's choice and likes.

He gently laid her down on the soft whitish mattress while giving her open-mouthed kisses all over her body. His right started playing with the waistband of her underwear and he pulled it down in one go tossing it across the rooms. Aerin gasped closing her legs tightly because of the cold air but his hands opened them again while rubbing her on her sensitive part.

Another moan escaped her mouth when he was drawing circles on her clitoris and he gave a slight pull to make her wet and feel pleasure. She whined arching her back. JK sat up placing his knees between her legs after stimulating her for some more minutes and unbuckled his pants taking them off of himself. He aligned himself once he was done with his remained clothes and holds Aerin's leg in his hand wrapping it around his torso, he positioned himself back over her so that she couldn't get hurt by any chance.

JK: You don't have any idea how long I waited for this since, our first time.

He whispered on her ear licking and biting it slowly sending chills to Aerin's body. Aligning himself comfortably, he latched his mouth back on her left breast licking and sucking on it. Aerin moaned rolling her eyes feeling the warm sensation building up inside her. She wrapped her legs around JK's waist to support her weak state as she was feeling dizzy. JK started rubbing his length on her already wet folds making her shivered.

Aerin nibbled her lower lip not sure upon herself which didn't go unnoticed by JK.

JK: Relax, No need to bug. Intercourses won't affects the fetus.

He said rubbing himself upon her wet folds. Aerin felt relaxed and satisfied with his statement.

JK: Tell me, do you want me inside you? Huh? Tell me.

He asked whispering over here and she tightened her grips on his shoulder nodding weakly. He smirked bringing his hand over her stomach drawing circles on her belly.

JK: Tell me how much worse you want me inside of you. How.....

AR: Please do it.

Aerin groaned feeling frustrated because of her early days and JK smirked. He positioned himself comfortably and entered in her walls earning a loud groan from her. JK grunted holding his breath feeling Aerin's tight walls around himself. He can't deny that he always wanted her so badly. So severely.

JK: fvck Oh gosh!

JK groaned and started giving her slow and deep thrust earning an uncontrollable moan from her. Aerin doesn't know what she was doing. She just wanted him at the moment so badly. She wanted to let go of her frustrations, her impediments.

Once he felt she has been adjusted, he started thrusting faster and deeper holding her belly making sure not to overload himself on her uterus. He groaned in pleasure throwing his head back. He latched back on her face and started kissing her hungrily. His hands reached to her breasts and he started rubbing them roughly giving tight squeezes to each one of them.

AR: ahhm!

Aerin's toes curled up tightly getting the aroused feeling of him. No doubt she didn't it to discontinue. He grunted over her ear fastening his pace.

JK: shit! I wanted this so badly.

He groaned thrusting deeper yet slower for some time not causing her to feel uncomfortable from any side and continued.

JK: Fvck! Why are you so tight? I guess you've become tighter than before.

He cusses muttering and continued to thrust deeper and faster again feeling her tight wet walls clenching around his throbbing length. Aerin exhaled deeply rolling her eyes back because of the way his length was stimulating her core. She felt a heavy load on the base of her stomach and unable to control she started releasing herself while his length was still moving in and out continuously.

JK: Shit! You're warm.

He grunted feeling himself getting filled too and groaned. He pulled out and the cum started dribbling from his length down on her folds. She quivered to feel his warm liquid spilling on her core. Jk rolled to the side pacifying his breath after a great makeout with her.

he closed his eyes calming his breath and opened them back after a sort of minutes only to meet with her already sleeping form. He got up from the bed wearing his pants back and marched towards the closet to take out a towel and duvet. He cleaned her with a towel and made her wore his long oversized shirt before climbing back to the bed adjusting himself next to her covering themselves with the duvet.

I guess I should now start learning the lessons from Yoongi Hyung.

He shook his head closing his eyes heading to his slumber.

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