The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 42


What is love?

Well, it's an easy thing to start, hard to finish, and impossible to forget even if it shatters you completely.





Aerin groaned rolling on the bed when she felt the sunlight is kissing her forehead. Her eyes opened and she sat up on the bed leaning back on the headboard. She was still feeling tired. As if her sleep didn't complete. She was feeling tiresome and wanted to sleep for some more hours. She saw JK entered the room ready in his last night's clothes.

He woke up earlier.

She thought. Expressing himself as if there is nothing happened last night, he continues with his business leaving her bewildered. She didn't mind it much. Her train of thoughts was continuously driving her crazy that she didn't get to know he was standing in front of her.

JK: Aerin ah?

The sound of her name vibrated from his throat and his deep voice roamed in the room gaining her attention. She looked at him, he was looking at a whole questionnaire.

AR: Um yes?

JK: Here are your medicines you have to take in the morning. Yujin said that they are for the morning sickness.

He handled her the tablets and a glass filled with water. Aerin's heart skipped at the new sight of him. But no doubt, deep inside she liked it. A beam of optimism bloomed inside her.

JK: Get ready, I'm waiting outside. We have to leave.

He stood up and left the room giving her the space she needed. No doubt, he can't resist his temptation. How hot she was looking in his big loose shirt even if she just woke up, she was looking like a goddess of devotion.

His tempted desires were building up again inside him and he didn't want to end up devouring her again like last night so he thought of leaving the room for their betterment.

Aerin took the medicine and got up leaving the bed. She found the bathroom door on the corner wall. Her dress was neatly placed on the couch. She took it and headed inside not wanting him to wait further. As they have to go back to the mansion. Everyone must be waiting for them.


After dropping Aerin on the mansion, JK directly headed to his office because of some matter as Jimin called him urgently. His mind became a mess with the news he gets to hear from Jimin.

JK: What's wrong?

He asked leaning back on the leather chair. V has nothing related to do with them and their issues. It was not the first time something has happened inside their horde. They have come in contact with similar types of issues always. After all, it was a mob horde, and everyone is a horny ass here.

JM: Actually, in our nightclub at South Jeolla, the bartender, and the bar dancer were in a relationship with each other.

JK: You called me to tell me this? This fucking nuisance.

JK asked completely pissed with the matter. Jimin quickly shook his head.

JM: No, listen to me first... The matter is that now the dancer is pregnant with his child and he ran away with the money they saved for their child's future. And no doubt, he also borrowed some money from our club's worker's fund for his false reasons. The girl is five months pregnant. Poor girl.

Jimin said in a sad tone.

V: See, that's what happens with foolish people.

V mocked letting out a laugh gaining both Jimin and JK's attention where he was sitting with legs crossed and eyes set on his phone's screen seeming unbothered with the recent matter.

JK: What?

Jk's deep tone vibrated from his throat and V looked at him with a cocky eyebrow.

V: Betrayal... Foolish people deserve to get betrayed... They are stupid to fall in this loveshit with someone and gave them, their everything. And, then the result is in front of their eyes afterward.

V mocked with a signature smirk on his. JK felt as if V was mocking him that his blood boiled. He fisted his hands and his jaw clenched but he controlled closing his eyes. He took a deep breath before reopening his eyes.

JM: I freaking don't understand, what's your problem with this dude? Just because you didn't believe in love means it's bullshit.

Jimin groaned.

V: It's freaking bullshit.

V growled back.

JM: Why you..........


JK yelled at both of them making them shut their mouth. V again collect himself leaning back paying his full attention to the phone and Jimin stood there.


JK groaned completely pissed.

V: He started...

V mumbled.

JM: Oh c'mon, what is your need to give your roguish comments.

Jimin argued back making JK groan.

JK: Jimin ssi, get that rascal at any cost. I will deal with him personally. Give that girl some money and tell her that there is no need for her to come to the club. Deal with the charges of her.

JM: Okay.

JK: and V, you will make sure if the girl is safe or she needs anything. It will be your responsibility till we don't get that fucking motherfucker.

V: Fine.

JK: Fine? get your ass up and go to work.

JK said receiving an annoying expression from V. He turned his phone off shoving it in his pocket and got up from the work leaving the cabin.

But as soon as he came out of JK's cabin, his face changed into a hurtful one. His heart was giving him unbearable pain. He was slowly seeing himself scattering. Love is definitely a shit for him. He himself is a fool for loving Ahyeon.

Those memories still hurt him. That Love still hurts him. And, he is not able to mend these broken pieces of his heart.

After V left, Jimin shrugged off looking down.

JM: Let me gather our men to find that bastard.

He said leaving the cabin. JK sat back leaning back on his chair and closed his eyes. His mind was still drowned in that mock of V. But deep down, his stone-cold heart felt a tight pang. An unbearable pain. Of course, it does hurt to love someone. And it hurts, even more, when that someone scatters you completely.

You will feel Shattered, betrayed, and Broken. That's what JK feels nowadays. It's getting hard for him to mend his shattered heart.

JK: Ughhh!

JK groaned in frustration pulling his hair and slams his hands on the table.

What bullshit this all is.


Felling completely bored while doing nothing, Aerin went downstairs feeling like eating something. She found the whole living room was empty as none of the workers or members were present there. She shrugged and went to the kitchen.

Turning on the gas induction and put the bowl on it. She took out a packet of noodles when a maid came inside snatching it from her hands and bowed at her.

Maid: ma'am what are you doing? Please there is no need for this.

AR: C'mon, It's just a simple packet of noodles. I'm feeling hungry.

Aerin asked completely bewildered but the maid bowed in return.

Maid: Sorry ma'am, we can't let you do anything. Sir strictly said not to let you do anything.

She said making Aerin's eyes twitch in surprise.

When did he say all of this?

Maid: Let me cook for you. But please, don't cook and also, sir said that from now on, we don't let you do any household chores.

The maid explained and Aerin's mouth formed an 'O' in surprise. That wasn't something that she wants.

I'm gonna faint of boresomeness then.

Maid: Please you can go and sit. Let me cook you noodles.

AR: okay...

she mumbled leaving the kitchen and went to the dining area. She sat down on the chair resting her chin on her palm waiting for the maid. She was feeling bored. Also, Yumi left early morning because of some reasons so there was no one in the mansion. It was quite boring.

Last night's incidents were still in her mind. But most importantly, that horrific incident when Jaechan was pointing a gun at JK. She herself didn't why? but that moment, she felt as if her whole world was about to collapse, the dread and anticipation entered her heart.

That moment, She thought as if she would lose him.

Her heartbeats became faster thinking about it. Why it was so scarious. She herself was unaware of all those things. She was completely blank.

She was blank as a paper sheet.

A paper sheet without any color.

Nothing was on it.

But on top of all of this, she still didn't talk to Jaechan. She knew that he must be angry with her. and also disappointed. After all, that has happened he definitely is disappointed in her. She was feeling as if her relations were scattering into pieces and she is not able to hold them, to collect them and mend them.

She is not able to mend the broken pieces of herself.

She wanted to talk with Jaechan. She also needs her brother's support when she was standing on the edge of a new turning. She needs everyone's help. She was like a soft leave that will fly away with just a blow of wind.

I should talk to Oppa.

She thought.

Yeah, that will be right.

She calmed herself.

Soon the maid bought her, her noodles and she thanked her. Aerin finished her noodles first because of her hunger and then told the maid to tell Yumi that she is going to visit her Oppa's house.

But about Jungkook?

She thought nibbling her lip.

I will message him later.

She thought and went inside her room to get ready.



Jaechan roared making Ahyeon flinch at his high tone. He was scaring her more with his satanic behaviors. Ahyeon didn't know what does took over him nowadays? He always remains frustrated and always shouts at her.

Indeed, he doesn't love her.

But his harsh behavior is hurting her. It always does.

What in the world she did to receive such a life. It hurts her. She was breaking. She too is not able to mend the broken pieces of herself and her heart. She was feeling lost.

Completely lost.

Ahyeon tucked her lower lip between her teeth suppressing her cries and stood there silently.

AY: I..I'm sor......

AR: Oppa?

Ahyeon's mouth shut when she heard Aerin's voice. She was standing there with a confused facial expression as if things didn't get into her mind. Ahyeon quickly wiped her tears before Aerin could notice and went there with a big smile plastered on her face.

AY: Oh! Aerin ah, you? It's been a long. I missed you so much.

Ahyeon said happily and both friends hugged each other. They felt like missing each other. No doubt, they were each other's great support systems in their sorrows.

AR: Me too.

Aerin said.

JC: Why did you come here?

Jaechan's voice caught their attention. He didn't seem to get affected by his sister's visit. He was standing there with his cold expression. Aerin knows that he is angry with her. This is not where both brother and sister decided to come through. But destiny has its own games.

AR: Oppa? I... I came to meet you. I wanted to talk to you.

Aerin said in her soft tone.

JC: Speak and leave. I don't have the whole day.

Jaechan's harsh words hurt her so badly. But she knew that she deserves this. After all, Jaechan didn't expect her sister to be so foolish that she is carrying his blood in her womb now. It has become a great point for JK to win against jaechan. And Jaechan can't let this happen.

Also, this child has abilities to bring the gloominess of love into his/her parent's faded life.

Jaechan is well aware of this. And no doubt, it will become a great loss for Jaechan that his own sister will be standing with his enemy.

AR: Oppa, I know you are angry with me. And, I know you don't even like me standing in front of you. But please, It hurts me when you don't talk to me. I just......


Both Aerin and Ahyeon flinched at Jaechan's furious tone. He marched towards Aerin holding her arms and made her look at himself.

JC: Why you did this Aerin ah? You know that how hard I was trying to get you out of that motherfucker's prison. And what you did? you bonded yourself with him because of this damn child.

Jaechan said bringing tears into Aerin's eyes.

AR: Oppa, what's this baby's mistake between all of this? Why you are cursing my child so much? he/she didn't do anything to deserve such cruel words of yours. Please.

Aerin said with a pained expression clearing how hurt she was when Jaechan was rebuking her baby who didn't even come into this world.

JC: Because it is that bastard's child. Why can't you understand that this child will gonna ruin your life. This child will tie you with that motherfucker for always. You need to get out of this fade Aerin. You have to be strong and leave it.

AR: I can't.... I can't...

Aerin broke down feeling as if was getting hard for her to understand properly facing Jaechan's cruel words.

JC: Why can't you? Tell me one thing..... Did you perhaps fall for him?

Aerin felt as if Jaechan asked the biggest heart-breaking question of her life. She was beyond the limit of the pain. It was getting harder for her. She was feeling as if everything is shattering.

AR: I don't know. But I want to rebuild what I've broke.

Jaechan felt as if Aerin broke every limit of his outbursts and he handed a tight slap on her face at which she has fallen on the couch holding her cheek feeling the tight pain there. Her wails increase and she holds her belly securely not to let anything did impact her child.

Ahyeon flinched and was completely shocked by Jaechan's animalistic behavior with her sister. How could he so harsh that he didn't even care that his sister is pregnant.


Ahyeon yelled holding Aerin securely patting her back to calm her wails. But her wails were only increasing with time. Aerin dug her face on Ahyeon's shoulder sobbing and crying badly.


Jaechan yelled making Ahyeon's eyes teary. Till now, only she was bearing his cruelty but today, he even showed his animalistic side to Aerin by slapping her for...... Loving someone.


Jaechan growled and Aerin wiped her tears pulling herself from Ahyeon's warm hug and got up with her help.

AR: It's okay Ahyeon ah, I'm fine... I'm now taking my leave.

AY: But at least.....

AR: I'm fine.

She assured her and Ahyeon sighed. She nodded and both of them hugged each other for the last time before Aerin left.


Her heart was bleeding in pain.

everything seems to be slipping out of her hands.

Her relations were scattering.

And, so was she...

How could be Jaechan be so harsh to her that he didn't even care for her health for once? She still didn't recover yet and Jaechan's anger was killing her more.

In this whole world, her brother was her only property. Now it was also slipping off of her hands. And can't do anything to stop all of this.

She was feeling broken.



and, drained.

Aerin collected her broken self and comes out of the car when she found herself in front of the mansion. She bowed at the old driver respectfully and went inside the mansion but for her amusement, Jungkook was already standing there.

And he was not looking normal at all.

When JK felt Aerin's presence in the living room he turned his gazes towards her and the moment he looked at her, she felt as her whole blood stopped pumping in her heart.

His dark, furious eyes were haunting her even more than her forehead started sweating and she herself wasn't aware of this.

JK marched towards Aerin towering over her. And looked at her with his soul-piercing gazes making her feel completely inadequate.

JK: Where were you?

He asked in his deep manly voice making her shivered.

AR: I... went to see Jaechan Oppa.

Aerin tried to sound normal but her tone comes out with its weakest point.

JK: You could've told me. Why didn't you?

He roared feeling completely pissed and angry at the same time.

AR: I messaged you........

Fuck! I forgot to message him because of the hurry.

Arghh! how could you be so stupid Aerin ah?

Aerin mentally slapped herself for her silliness again but now, the devil was standing in front of her completely vexed.

JK: Answers.... Jeon Aerin.

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