The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 43


JK: Answers... Jeon Aerin,

he asked in a clear tone expecting her to say any word.

AR: I thought about messaging you but I forgot.

Aerin told him.

JK: As I told you, your answers must be accurate. But seems like you ain't even guilty after what you did.

Jungkook sighed in disbelief expression.

AR: I'm sorry. My phone was dead.

She said and went inside not wanting to argue further. Aerin's simple 'sorry' didn't get into his mind and he found her being disturbed. He found it strange.

For him, Aerin is not the type of girl who will easily say sorry even when she knows that she is right at the moment and JK is being overreactive yet she didn't said anything or talked back to him and simply left him leaving him in confusion.

She went upstairs to their shared bedroom but the tension and confusion were still filled inside JK's mind and he was finding it really different. It's true that pregnancy makes a girl moody but Aerin was looking completely different.

She wasn't having any pregnancy effects but she was sad and disturned and he won't get calm till he doesn't get to know what was actually bothering Aerin.

Not because he cares for her.

But because he doesn't want his child to gain any effects because of her mother's condition.

He can't take any risk with his baby because of Aerin's carelessness.


Aerin washed her face with the water and wiped it with the towel feeling a little bit of freshness in her mind. All those thoughts kept distracting her because of which even her head started aching.

AR: Oppa, I know you are angry with me. And, I know you don't even like me standing in front of you. But please, It hurts me when you don't talk to me. I just......


Both Aerin and Ahyeon flinched at Jaechan's furious tone. He marched towards Aerin holding her arms and made her look at himself.

JC: Why you did this Aerin ah? You know that how hard I was trying to get you out of that motherfucker's prison. And what you did? you bonded yourself with him because of this damn child.

Jaechan said bringing tears into Aerin's eyes.

AR: Oppa, what's this baby's mistake between all of this? Why you are cursing my child so much? he/she didn't do anything to deserve such cruel words of yours. Please.

Aerin said with a pained expression clearing how hurt she was when Jaechan was rebuking her baby who didn't even come into this world.

JC: Because it is that bastard's child. Why can't you understand that this child will gonna ruin your life. This child will tie you with that motherfucker for always. You need to get out of this fade Aerin. You have to be strong and leave it.

AR: I can't.... I can't...


Aerin cried out holding her head which was throbbing in pain. She was breathing heavily because of the throbbing head. Again taking a handful amount of water, she splashes it on her face to let go of those hurtful statements of her brother.

She never imagined that one day, her brother will be standing opposite of her.

When she needed his support the most, he is telling her to abort the child which she can't at any cost. She is not that cruel that she will take an innocent's life because of her abnormal life with JK.

Even if their relationship won't ever become stable ever again, still she can't think to take this child's life. The child has now become her everything. She can fight with anyone for her baby.

She knows that she is strong.

Aerin wiped her face with the towel again and went out of the bathroom feeling light-headed. She was feeling drained all day long and today, she didn't even take her medicines. She can't even tell this to JK because she knew that it won't help but he will definitely scold her for being so careless.

She went to her drawer taking out her medicines and took them with water but at the same time, her breath hitched when she heard the door opening sound. She felt Jk's presence behind herself and it was definitely not helpful at all for her.

She quickly pushed the tablets back on the drawer and stood still acting normal but deep down, her heart was bombing. She felt his arms are slowly intertwining with her waist caging her and his face digging deep in her neck.

He inhaled her intoxicated vanilla scent feeling every bit of her as if his life lasts long for her.

JK: I missed that sexy body all day.

He whispered seductively licking her earlobe sending weird chills down to her body. She was feeling as if every inch of her body was straightening by his touches. His dominant hands pulled her closure to his chest and he gave a slight bite to her neck making her moan unexpectedly.

Her eyes widen in the bewildered nation and he smirked sexily giving her another sweet bite of dominance making her quiver under his holds.

JK: Do you think I'm a fool, sweetheart?

He asked in his husky voice making confusion rise up inside her.

AR: What?

JK: Oh dear, I run the whole empire and you're trying to fool me. I already saw your cell phone that has been placing on the table for so long. And you guess what? It's 75%.

He whispered biting her soft milky white skin again. Her eyes twitched and her body quivered.

JK: You said it was dead? Or if I hear you wrong?

He mocked making her breath stuck. She didn't want to tell him at all whatever happened at Jaechan's place. She is already scared and tired of all of this.

AR: Sorry, I forgot to tell you.

She murmured with the guilt completely visible in her tone.

JK: You should be sorry. But one more thing, From now on, you won't go anywhere till I'm back. I swear if anything happened with my child, I'm gonna bury you alive in the earth.

he whispered hoarsely making her breath abnormal. Her forehead started sweating but she managed to stand.

JK: As it is inside your womb, stop being fucking careless.

He said in a warning tone, not having any strength to argue, she just nodded respecting his words, and tried to free herself. But, instead, he pulled her turning her around.

She tucked her lower lip between her teeth controlling to not to broke down in front of him nor to show him any emotion.

That how broken she was feeling.

How much she was hurt.

How much she was tired.

He raised her face up meeting his eyes with hers. It was feeling as if he could read her eyes which seems like an open book. Which were tonnes of emotions and even truth too.

These beautiful oceanic hazels of hers used to be his dreamlands before.

Not now.

Now, he can only see the darkness in them.

Unchangeable darkness.

That could change someone's entire existence or itself a person.

His eyes traveled down further gazing at her every allure that she has. But they stopped at a sudden spot where his eyes saw something strange and unbelievable. His eyes twisted not believing for the first time that what it could be.

When he actually got that it was a slap mark.

A slap mark on her cheek.

Means, someone slapped her.

Also, when she was pregnant.

Even JK stopped hurting her in any manner but she got a freaking slap mark on her cheek which wasn't given by him.

And, that thing made his blood boiled.

He already knew who it could be.

Ahn Jaechan, you damn fucking retard.

His jaw clenched and his eyes darkened observing her reddish cheek. His breaths become heavier because of the amount of furiousness engraved in his soul thinking about Jaechan. But he controlled his emotions not showing them to her and pulled his hand back giving her space.

JK: Come downstairs, it's dinner time.

He said coldly leaving the room and making her look dumbfounded. She shrugged looking down and then went downstairs for the dinner.



Jaechan leaned back on his chair closing his eyes. His mind was still hurting with all of the incidents that were going on with past some time. No doubt, he was completely disturbed.

And, angry as well.

And wouldn't he be?

After all, his sister does something so foolish that he never expected. He was literally feeling disgusting with even the thought that she is carrying the man's child he hated the most and will never kneel in front of him.

No matter what,

But he would never give up and surrender to JK.

He is his biggest and worst enemy who is making his brain hurt 24/7

And no doubt, he won't give up or be calm till he will not kill JK with his own bare hands. Jeon Jungkook, the culprit of his father.

Man: Sir, Mr. Jeon is here. He wants to meet you personally.

His man informed and Jaechan groaned in frustration and anger. The person he hated the most now came to visit him. And no doubt, Jaechan is 100% sure that Jungkook only came here to pour more salt on his unhealed wounds.

JC: Oh! Please let him come.

He said with a fake expression plastered on his face.

Man: Okay sir,

The guard bowed and left. Jaechan rolled his eyes back in frustration and wore his coat making himself looking professional in front of him.

JK: Long time, Mr. Ahn.

Jungkook smirked taking a seat on the couch in front of Jaechan but Jaechan was looking pissed with Jk's presence. And the peace of pissing Jaechan was clearly visible on JK's face.

JC: Why did you come here?

Jaechan asked coldly getting to the straight point because no one was there so there was no need to show off anything or fake friendship to anyone.

JK: Ohho! rude much. Won't you ask for tea or coffee?

JK mocked with a smug smile on his face making Jaechan even more pissed. Nowadays Jaechan's level of tolerance is giving up.

JC: Listen you, get to the main point. I freaking don't have a whole day for this bullshit.

Jaechan said. Jungkook snorted crossing his legs leaning back on the couch.

JK: Well, I knew you will never gonna give me any respect even tho, I'm your brother-in-law. Anyway, here are the papers and the DVDs for Itaewon clubs.

He spoke sliding the things on the table towards Jaechan's direction.

JC: Well, you could also send it by someone else. Why you?

Jaechan cocked his eyebrows being questionable at him. JK let out a laugh.

JK: I don't take chances with my important works and deals.

He simply said with pride and a smug face. Jaechan didn't mind much and took the papers and DVDs.

JC: You can leave.

He said showing no advantage in talking with him nor he wanted to.

JK: Aha? Shall I? Okay then?

Jungkook got up adjusting his coat again and forwarded his steps towards the door of the cabin and Jaechan got to his work but got confused when he found JK stopped in midway.

JC: Did you forgot something?

He asked making a big smirk plastered on his face. By this time, JK was serious and he came back standing in front of him.

JK: yeah, I did.

He said with a sedate tone.

JC: what is it?


Without wasting any other second, Jungkook gave a hard punch on Jaechan's face as a gift at which he stumbled backward holding the chair and groaned in pain. The blood oozed out from his face just by the impact of JK's punch and he groaned wiping it off.

Jaechan scowled at him but he seems to care less about it. There was a smirk of pleasure on JK's face which was making Jaechan even more infuriated. The outrage filled inside him.


JK: I forgot this. It was compensation for you.

He said with a sneer and left the cabin adjusting his coat again. Jaechan banged his fists on the table because of the rage.

JC: This motherfucker.

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