The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 44



Aerin was sitting in her room. She was feeling tired nowadays also her third month is getting over in few days. She started getting tired easily and her morning sickness is making her completely drowned even at the start of the day.

Yumi: Aerin ah, I did your gown you have to wear tonight for the party. See, if it's fine or do you need some changes?

Yumi said entering the room gaining Aerin's attention from her thoughts. She looked up at her finding it strange to see Aerin sitting on her bed's edge looking completely drained.

Yumi: Aerin ah, Are you fine?

AR: I'm fine Unnie, I was just a little tired nothing else.

Aerin told her warmly with a light beam on her face decreasing Yumi's tension.

Yumi: It's okay, Just take some rest you will feel better. You should take care of yourself cause this is your third month and last days. Be careful with it.

Yumi told her patting Aerin's cheek and Aerin nodded.

AR: Yeah. I guess.

She said making Yumi chuckle.

Yumi: Well, I came here to tell you that your dress is here. Try it and make sure to tell me if you need any other changes.

AR: Okay...

Yumi nodded and placed the box on the edge of the bed patting Aerin's cheek.

Yumi: take care. Tell me if you need anything. I'm downstairs.

She patted Aerin's back and left the room leaving her alone. Aerin was feeling kinda week and exhausted. Feeling drained, she laid down to take a rest for some time.

After a full hour of resting, she felt light-headed. So she decided to try her dress. She got up heading to the bathroom and washed her face before trying her dress. She felt it loose from some sides and it was uncomfortable for her that it was falling off of her shoulder.

Sighing in frustration, she took it off and wore her previous clothes. She took her gown in her hands and headed downstairs to give it to Yumi.

AR: Unnie, it's loose around shoulders and continuously falling off.

Aerin pouted.

Yumi: It's okay give it to me. I will tell the designer to correct the flaw. Go and rest.

She said and Aerin did a weak nod. Yumi left for her room leaving Aerin alone. Due to the too much temperature of the noon, Aerin was feeling thirsty. Her throat started sweating and she made her way to the kitchen to drink water. Looking around, Aerin poured herself a glass of water and drank it in one go heaving a long breath.

JS: Girlfriend, where were you? I was looking for in the whole house.

Aerin turned around when a childish tone reached her ears. She had no doubt, that it was none other than Jungsan, her brother-in-law, but her friend too.

AR: Oh Jungsan ah, do you need something?

She asked politely and Jungsan nodded like a kid.

JS: Look, everyone is getting ready. Jungkook told me that he organized a party. But, I'm confused. What should I wear?

Jungsan pouted huffing and looked down as if he was done. Aerin chuckled at him.

AR: oh is that so?

She asked.

JS: Yes, will you help me pleaseee?

He asked with puppy eyes hoping that she will say. Aerin hesitated a little since JK can be here at any minute and he didn't like it at all when she was with Jungsan. So, it was definitely a difficult task for her.

JS: Please girlfriend, please.

Aerin's ear again filled with his hopeful pleading tone and no doubt, it was the biggest innocent thing in the world for her. It's her weakness always. She can't see anyone in the problem. She has a heart of gold and she can do anything for anyone.

AR: Okay.

She smiled and nodded making Jungsan jump in excitement. He quickly grabbed Aerin's wrist and went to his room with her.


JS: Look, it is not looking good on me.

He pouted showing himself after changing on to the 6th shirt. Aerin sighed and pick up another piece for him from the closet. It was a brown shirt complimenting the black jeans.

AR: Try this...

She handed him the shirt and told him to change. Doubting upon himself, Jungsan headed inside the bathroom and Aerin waited outside. Feeling a little drained, she sat on the edge of Jungsan's bed waiting for him to come out and praying that he will not be sad this time because of his shirt.

JS: Girlfriend, it's stuck and these buttons aren't tucking... Aish!

He came out crying like a little boy with his shirt half-opened gaining Aerin's attention. Her eyes become wide but he was not in a good state at all. His hair became messy too because of the frustration he's having because of these clothes.

AR: What happened?

JS: These buttons and the shirt is stuck behind.

Jungsan pouted. Aerin went back facing Jungsan's back and her lips curved into a smile. She started laughing at the sight, how he wore the shirt. It was the opposite and the reason for the tightness was that he was wearing it wrongly.

AR: Omg!! Haha...

JS: Why are you laughing?

Jungsan asked pouting feeling as if she was making fun of him. Aerin realized it quickly and shut her mouth.

AR: Sorry, Actually it was wrong... Your left hand should be on this sleeve. How many times I told you.

Aerin huffed.

JS: Sorry, I forgot again.

AR: Anyways...

She started helping him with his shirt. Jungsan again pulled out his left hand back leaving the sleeves. It was tho, unnoticeable, but they were way too close compare to normal friends. Also, when Jungsan was almost half-naked.

Their closeness was pricking to someone's eyes and no doubt, he was fuming in anger while watching his wife to getting so close with his brother. Like if it was unbearable for him. JK barged inside slamming his fist on the door gaining both Aerin and Jungsan's attention.

Aerin flinched with the sound he made and her face left the clour when he saw him there also he was not looking less than any rage-filled bull. Jungkook went inside towering over both of them. His senses were calm but his eyes were enough to express everything he was feeling at the moment seeing Aerin and Jungsan too much close to each other.

Aerin quickly stood away feeling as if the land will be started slipping at any moment. Her heart started bombarding because of the fright JK's eyes were giving her whereas, Jungsan was the same as before as if was a normal thing.

JK: What's happening here?

He gritted viciously through hatred and furiousness visible in his eyes.

JS: Kook ah, This shirt is stuck. My girlfriend was helping me. See.

Jungsan said normally while fidgetting with the sleeves of his shirt whereas Aerin just forgot about the whole alphabet to say a single word from her mouth. She pulled her steps back maintaining a decent distance with both of the brothers.

Jungkook pulled his attention back from Aerin turning to Jungsan's side and looked how pissed he was looking while playing with his sleeves.

JK: Oh? Is that so? I saw how your girlfriend was helping. Anyway, let me help you Hyung. And tell your girlfriend to leave.

He said in a warning tone making Jungsan pout but he can't deny his brother's words so he turned around towards Aerin.

JS: Girlfriend, you can go. Kook will help me.

Jungsan told her softly. And even this was pricking as a thorn in JK's ears. He just can't bear her presence with Jungsan anymore. Otherwise, he gonna end up doing something he may regret later.

AR: O..Oh..okay.

She said as her throat went dried. Her words have been stuck in her mouth for so long. She just wants to go and throw the stones away because she knew, that the scene in the room will leave a negative impact on JK's mind hers.

It may look like something else, but it was something else which if she even tried to explain, he will never listen neither believe.

Without making further eye contact, she left the room to get ready for the evening. She can still feel his sharp glares at herself even tho, her back was facing him. Shaking her head, she went away leaving the room and the brothers behind.

I hope, he won't get mad.

She thought.



Everyone was present at the party Jungkook throw for the baby coming. He has two reasons for celebration. First, his baby is coming and second, his projects will collab with one of the biggest mafia empires in the US.

And, tonight, he will gonna announce his baby coming to the world with a lot of joy and happiness. Even tho, the room incident made his mind mess in the noon but just because of the function, he controlled himself.

He will deal with her later.

Right now, he only wants to enjoy, to celebrate. His success and his achievements.

All were enjoying except two persons. No doubt, they were V and Ahyeon.

Whenever he comes in face to face with Ahyeon, he started feeling as if he will gonna flow the rivers of blood. He felt like complete mayhem. Unchangeable mayhem.

Eunho, the little baby was running with a balloon in his tiny hands when he bumped into the same figure as him. He turned around to see and saw the girl was fuming in anger. Eunho's balloon burst.

Eunho looked at the girl in anger and so does the girl.

YM: Can't you see?

EH: I'm supposed to ask this. I think you're blind.

Eunho talked back making the level of furiousness increase in Yoonmi. The little girl felt like pulling the boy's hair.

YM: You came in my way.

She talked.

EH: You came in my way...

He talked back...

YM: I think you don't have any shame. You're talking back when you're at the fault.

Yoonmi yelled.

EH: You're the one who is not accepting her fault. See because of you, my balloon busted, you pig.

Eunho yelled making Yoonmi's eyes wide in shock when she heard him saying pig. She is literally the princess of the mansion and the boy was calling her pig. It hurt her attitude and she felt like kicking the boy out.

YM: How dare you calling me a pig, you ugly punk--

"Hey wait a minute, wait a minute, What's happening here?"

Both kids apprehend a manly deep voice which both of them recognize very well. Their humorous fight was divulged when the man inscribed among them.

YM: V uncle, this punk called me a pig.

Yoonmi pouted throwing hate glares at Eunho which he returned back gladly. V chuckled at their cute fights and kneeled down to their level facing both of them.

V: Oh, Is that so? But, the princess will be the princess always.

V said.

YM: Exactly, tell this punk that I'm a princess.

Yoonmi rolled her eyes at Eunho and V turned towards his side.

V: Eunhoyah, Yoonmi ah, why you both fought?

V asked.

YM: He came and bumped onto me.

EH: No, because of her, my balloon burst.

Eunho pouted making V chuckled even more.

V: Oh my god! Your balloon burst, that's a big loss. Now what we should do? umm... should we get a new one?

He gasped fakely gaining their attention. The kids nodded making him chuckle.

V: Okay, but first, do a handshake. You both are of the same age, you both should be friends. C'mon, do a handshake. C'mon.

V said taking their hands and did a handshake between the two cuties. The kids were still pouting like before even tho they did a handshake because of V but they were still shooting glares at each other as if they were the biggest enemies.

V: That's good, Now, c'mon we should get a new balloon.


Finally, after hours of attending and talks with the guests and friends, Jungkook finally went on the stage with a mic. The guests started clapping except Jaechan who rolled his eyes at him. Eventho, Jaechan didn't want to come or even to be a part of JK's celebration. But he came just because of the big reputation and maintenance of their relations in the world's eyes.

Eventho unwantedly, but he clapped his hands while JK shoots a big smirk of pride on his lips. He can how envious Jaechan was looking. It gave JK specialdiversion. He likes to see the faces of all men who are envious of his success. Some of them are even present there.

Like Jaechan.

About Minho, he didn't invite him at all. He hates him to the core. After what happened because of him, JK never felt peace seeing Minho's face. Neither he wanted Minho and Aerin to interact by any kind.

He himself didn't know, but he felt like ripping the earth whenever he saw Aerin close with other men except him. Either he was Minho or his own brother... Jungsan.

But he knew that he can't blame Jungsan for this. Jungsan is brainly uncertain and he only thinks of Aerin as a friend. But always, uncontrollable jealousy engraves his soul whenever he saw Aerin being too close with Jungsan.

JK: Dear fellows, Ladies and gentlemen, I think you all know the reason to hold such an event and I really appreciate that y'all became a part of this happiness, but still I again want to defy it.

Jungkook said with a big smile plastered on his face, others clapped while Jaechan faked a smile.

JK: So, I'm so glad to announce Jeon's new beginning with Smith's. It will literally be history in mob's association. It will be a great achievement. Setting up new connections with cross countries will be proven as a new light of friendship with Smith's.

He said gladly and both JK and Mr. Smith did a great handshake together. The guests clapped cheering for their relations. They cheered and signed the contract papers becoming legally involved with each other for their betterment.

JK: Another reason for organizing this event is that I'm literally so happy and I want to announce here that.......

He turned his gaze towards Aerin who was standing between the crowd of the guests in a corner place but no doubt, wherever she is, his eyes are fast enough to catch her.

He chuckled and climbed down the stage going towards her while everyone was cheering them. He chuckled standing in front of Aerin. He took Aerin's hand in his and put his arm on her waist.

JK: that we are expecting our first child soon. The heir/heiress for Jeon. So, it's time for celebration.

He announced and the crowd started cheering him. He turned his head towards Aerin again. She knew that the smile on his face was only because of the baby not because of her. But she is fine with it.

JK: let's cut the cake, sweetheart.

He whispered romantically sending chills on her body. She knew that he is angry with her. And she knew that he won't gonna spare her at all.

They cut the cake together and fed each other while others were cheering them. Out of blue, Jimin spoke.

JM: It's a celebration. Your wife is giving you a so precious thing. Won't you kiss her?

Jimin chuckled gaining everyone's attention. Aerin looked at Jimin completely flabbergasted and so does JK. Jimin looked at them with a smug smile on his face.

DH: Honey, what are you saying?

Daihee hit his shoulder lightly. She was trying hard to control seeing Aerin's nervous self and so does Yumi.

JM: Why? Did I said something wrong? I'm mean c'mon, they are husband and wife and now they even are going to be parents. It's normal honey. C'mon dear couple, kiss.

Jimin said making JK shoot glares at him. But Jimin just played smug smirk on his face making JK roll his eyes. He knew how much fucker of a Jimin is.

YG: He is right, A kiss is normal. Jimin is not even wrong tho.

Yoongi gave his opinion out of nowhere.

JM: C'mon, don't tell me, you can't do this. She is your wife Mr. Jeon.

Jimin smirked making JK glare at him. JK can do anything but can't bear it when someone challenges him like that. It builds a fire inside him to complete the provocations. No matter whatever it is.

Without thinking further, he pulled Aerin by her nape and placed his lips on hers softly. The cheer of the audience was hearable to both of them while their eyes were closed. Jimin cheered them while hooting and so does others while they were kissing each other. He can feel the softness of her luscious, plump lips. They are like a drug to him.

And no doubt, he will have them again in their bedroom, very gladly.

They pulled back from each other after some seconds. Aerin's eyes were wide and cheeks were red. She was flustered. On the other hand, he doesn't seem to bother by any side.

JK: Enjoy the party guys.



After changing into some comfortable clothes, Aerin was feeling relaxed. The long heavy gown was making her frustrating. She only wore a loose shirt with a short PJ and washed her face. After relaxing her mind she headed back to the room but it was looking as if time is not in her support.

JK was already sitting there on the couch with his legs crossed. His coat was thrown on the floor and he was leaning back on the couch. Few upper buttons of his shirt were open showing his perfectly toned abs.

Without making any eye contact or anything with him, she found it better to mind her own business. She went towards the closet and put her dress back on the shelf. She was about to leave when he slammed his hand on the closet caging her between them again.

Aerin bound her eyes lamenting.

Another argument.

She thought with her dizzy mind.

JK: I think I already cleared some things with you and you gave me your words too.

He whispered over her left ear.

AR: What?

She asked he let out a sarcastic low chuckle which was so devilish just like him.

JK: What you were doing today, little bird? Hmm?

He asked turning her around. His eyes were holding a kind of intimacy. She was feeling weaker. His voice was deeper than the ocean and his lips were curved into a big devilishly pleasurable smirk.

AR: I was helping him out. That's all.

She said and JK's lips curved into a pout as if he was thinking deeply about her words.

JK: Won't work.

He said as if it didn't affect him. The words seem just like a dry leave that falls off of the tress with a strong wind.

JK: I know you always forgot your lessons. Should I remind them to you again?

He whispered coming closer. His voice was heavier and huskier than before and the smell of alcohol oh his lips. It made her feel disgusted and she placed her palms on his chest preventing him to come more closer to herself.

AR: You said once, that I never explained anything.

JK: You still didn't.

AR: Then you're supposed to listen to me now.
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