The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 46


JK gets ready first in the morning. Today is an important day and he has to do everything carefully. Today is the date for Aerin's first sonography. And no doubt, he is taking her to the hospital as Yujin told him.

Of course, it's his first child and his super-duper desperate to do everything for him/her. His child. The heir/heiress for Jeons. He is desperately waiting for the baby. He finished wearing his wristwatch when his phone rang.

He took out only to see that Jimin was calling him. He sighed and answered but he is sure that Jimin will give him some fucking disturbing news.

JK: Yes...

JM: Wanna tell you that Mr. Kang has called for you. He wants to have some important discussions with you.

He said making JK closed his eyes. He was trying hard not to yell or to be frustrated.

JK: Tell him, I'm not able to meet him today.

JM: How I'm supposed to... I--

JK: Do whatever. Just convince him that I can't come that's all.

JM: hey but I---

Before he could speak further, JK cut the call shoving his cellphone back in his pants pocket.

JK: I'm sure this old man has lost thinking abilities. His mind is decaying.

Jk scoffed and went downstairs since Aerin was taking a shower.


JK parked the car in front of the big building of the hospital and headed outside. He went to the next side and opened the car's door where Aerin was sleeping. His eyes fell on her small baby bump which was visible through her loose dress.

He can't deny she was looking so breathtakingly alluring with his glimpses inside her tummy. Her hands were over her belly securely. She looking cute. It made him chuckle. But he quickly suppressed his smile and shook her making her come out of her dreamland.

JK: We are here...

He Informed her and she nodded. Her cheeks converted into dimples and she pressed her lips tightly together. The little holes ignited on her cheeks making her looked cuter. Her lips were pressed tightly against each other as she was trying hard not to yawn in front of him.

That was actually cute.

JK: Come, let's go.

He said and she nodded. She comes outside of the car as they both went inside. They went inside. JK went towards the reception as Aerin saw him asking something from the receptionist. After few talks, he nodded and comes back towards where she was sitting.

JK: It will take 10 minutes...

He informed her and she nodded. It was somehow irritating JK that how she was just nodding at everything JK has been explaining or telling her. As if he someone ordinary for her.

??: Oh my! Jungkook and Aerin!!

Both heard a male voice exclaiming their names. They looked up only to saw Jin with a great smile on his face. He comes forwards and did a handshake with JK.

Jin: Hello, Aerin.

AR: Hello, Jin Oppa.

Jin: You both? Aha! Probably her sonography?

Jin guessed and JK nodded.

JK: Yes.

Jin: Well if I'm right, It's your first sonography right Aerin?

He guessed again looking towards Aerin. Aerin nodded

Jin: Aha! Best of luck then.

AR: Thank you, Jin Oppa.

Jin: See you then. I'm kinda busy. I have to see other patients too.

JK: Okay.

He again did a handshake with JK and patted Aerin's head and left with the nurse while discussing the patients.

Receptionist: Mr. And Mrs. Jeon, You both can go inside now.

They heard the receptionist calling their names. Jk nodded and took Aerin's hand in his ones. Aerin's eyes went wide with the slightest intimidating skinship they just had.

Yujin: Hmm... So, are you guys ready to see your baby for the first time?

She asked chuckling. A wide grin appeared on Aerin's face and she quickly nodded. Her hands automatically reached on her belly and she rubs it slightly. There was no station of her happiness today. Finally, she was going to see her baby. She is so desperate to see how is baby doing inside her.

Yujin turned towards JK who has his poker face on as always but deep inside he was too, the way really desperate to see how his baby doing inside Aerin's womb.

JK: Come on, just do it.

He huffed making Yujin chuckle.

Yujin: Okay, let's prepare for Sonography. Aerin, come dear.

She addressed her to the other room for changing before sonography. Aerin followed her leaving JK alone but all the time, his eyes were on her.


Yujin laid Aerin down on the hospital bed giving her an assuring smile. JK was having his eyes on her standing beside her. He could tell only by looking at her sparkling eyes how much excited she was to see her baby.

Is it melting my heart?


He looked away as if he doesn't care. But his heart was just not ready to accept the answer his brain gave.

Yujin pours the jelly-like material. A great excitement sparkled in her eyes as she saw the monitor with an open mouth. JK too diverted his gazes towards the monitor and his eyes twisted in surprise looking at the monitor.

Yujin: Did you see it?

AR: Where?

Yujin: here, at this point.

AR: Umm...

Yujin sighed looking at her. She picks up the laser light and pointed at the screen.

Yujin: This dot...

She said and Aerin looked shook.

AR: This?

Yujin: Yes dear.

AR: But, there is nothing.

Aerin seems to be displeased by the result that she pouted. JK, who had his eyes set on the monitor. Aerin's pout face gained his attention.

"I thought it would be colorful and a real baby will be inside. But, it's only a dot"

She murmured under her breath but enough for JK's ears. He unconditionally started to suppress his laugh but Aerin's expectations were kinda funny. He looked away hiding his laugh.

He wasn't expecting her to say something like this. It was seeming as if she wasn't aware of what kind of results does sonography gave. Yujin on the other hand too laughed at Aerin's question and her words.

It was kinda adorable how she expected to see an actual baby, not a fetus.

Yujin: Dear, Sonography mostly are black and white. And, here you can see your baby is still growing inside. He/She still didn't develop his/her hands/feet yet.

AR: Ohhh!Is that so? Then, It's okay.

She said and Yujin nodded. They continue afterward and Yujin taught them everything regarding her and the baby's health.


They were on their way back to the mansion. JK still can't forget what happened in the hospital. Every time, he thinks about that, a slight chuckle appears on his lips.

Aerin was sitting next to him silent. She was looking outside all the time. She didn't want to have any other argument after how did they end up last time.

JK still was thinking about the things that Yujin told him to follow. He knew that his role is too important in this period and if now things started turning down, it will be his fault too. He had to take good care of her and most importantly making sure, she is not stressed or something.

And, he knew after how last time they end up having an argument. It was probably not right.

JK: I finalized a property for the babys' upcoming. Do you wanna take a look before I actually buy it?

The silence got broken when he finally said something gaining her attention. She turned her head towards his direction as his eyes were focused on the road.

she nodded.

AR: As you wish.

She told him. He nodded taking a turn to the other road and sped up the car. He drops a message to someone before driving back.

Fifteen minutes after the driving, he stopped in front of a building. The only thing was the land that Aerin's eyes could see how much far her eyesight was going. JK climbed down going in her direction and opened the door for her.

Aerin comes out looking at the building surrounding the empty land and the property was seeming kinda big. Soon a girl approached them with a wide smile on her face gaining their attention.

Girl: Hi Jungkook.

She exclaimed happily hugging him but to Aerin's shock, he hugged her back. She gave a kiss on his cheek. They were so comfortable together as if they know each other very well.

Girl: It's so nice to see you after so long.

JK: Hmm, same.

The girl diverted her gazes towards Aerin who was watching them with a pissed face as if she didn't like the skinship of the girl with JK at all.

Girl: And she? Aerin right?

She asked Jungkook with a confused look and he nodded.

JK: Aerin ah, she is Reum, She is my friend and she is taking care of the property in my absence. And, She is Jeon Aerin, my wife.

He introduced the girls and Aerin nodded with a dry face. The girl smiled showing her teeth.

Reum: It's so nice to see you. Well, I'm kinda jealous of you. You got the fine man I dreamed of.

Reum said making both JK and Aerin's eyes wide.

Reum: Hahaha... Relax dear, it was a joke.

She said making JK sigh in disbelief. Aerin forced a smile at the girl's comment but definitely from inside, she was feeling like killing the girl the way she is wearing such a slutty dress and starring at JK while licking her lip.

JK: Well, should we see the building from inside? Let's go.

Jk got to the main point without delaying any other minute.

Reum: Yeah why not. Come, let's go inside.

Jk started walking inside the building and finding the first chance, Reum started walking with him trying to be close to him leaving Aerin alone. She frowned at the girl's behavior before entering the building too behind them.

They all have a look at every place of the building while all the time JK and Reum were busy discussing about the papers and agreements and Aerin was behind them. Every time, she saw Reum touching JK's biceps or shoulders while he was minding only on his discussion, Aerin just felt like hitting the girl with a vase.

JK: Did you got that...... Reum?... Reum?

he shakes her coming back to the earth and she looked at him with confused eyes.

JK: Did you got what I said?

Reum: Yeah, definitely. Don't worry I will get the papers ready as soon as possible.

JK: Hmm.

AR: I think you need to splash some water on your face to come out of your illusions. Reum ssi.

Aerin taunted feeling a fire that built inside her by seeing the girl clinging onto her husband. JK looked at her bewildered about what she said and so does Reum.

AR: I mean, wash your face so you will fresh. I know works are kinda stressful sometimes, that it becomes hard to pay attention.

She said making Reum laugh awkwardly in return.

Reum: aha yeah! I guess.

She murmured to herself while Aerin rolled her eyes internally. Her eyes again become wide when Reum stood up too close to Jungkook. Her way of flirting and touching him every time she got a chance didn't go unnoticed by Aerin. Aerin can tell the girl definitely has something in her mind and her dirty gazes at JK are enough proof for it.

She quickly reaches there stepping between them making them confused.

JK: What's wrong?

AR: I'm feeling tired. Should we leave now?

She said regaining his attention. He thinks for a while before nodding.

JK: Yeah actually, Reum take look at the rest of the work by yourself. We must leave now. It's already late too.

Reum: That soon? It will be good if you stay for some more time.

Reum said with a pout. Aerin felt like slapping and punching that pout of her. She literally felt cringed at the girl's doings.

AR: Jungkook, I'm hungry too. I can't stay hungry for too long nowadays. You know this.

She said glaring as a reminder warning for JK and he nodded.

JK: Actually Reum, Aerin is pregnant. So we have to go now. I will see you on the meeting day.

He said and Reum huffed. She seems to be pissed and displeased by Aerin's presence but faked a smile. Aerin rolled her eyes looking away completely feeling angry by Reum's behavior.

Reum: Okay, see you soon. Take care of yourself, please.

She said hugging him and gave a kiss on his cheek again. This time, even JK was confounded at her behavior. It was fine when they were in high school and college because they were literally good friends but now, everyone's life has changed especially jk's. So he definitely didn't find it appropriate to did too much kinship with any of the girls even Reum.

But he didn't say anything because of the friendship. He thought that maybe it was normal for her and nodded petting her back.

JK: You too take care.

He said leaving and signaled Aerin to leave too. She signified following him but turned towards Reum making her confused.

Reum: Aerin, Um.. do you need something?

AR: No I have to say something.

Reum: What?

AR: Reum ssi, you should respect other's outlooks too. Umm... Doing too much skinship with a married man is not something suitable you know? It's fine he was your friend before but now, he is someone's husband. So, you should try to respect the distance now. I hope you get my words.

Aerin said politely making Reum arch her eyebrow. She faked a smile nodding which Aerin doesn't care at all. She just said what she felt was right and left following JK to the car.
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