The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 47


"I'm not possessive, It's just my insecure eyes can't bear when someone destroys you with their nasty gazes, "


Aerin throws her coat on the couch and leaned back on the headboard closing her eyes. she was feeling light-headed now because she had her dinner already.

Today, He took her to a restaurant for the dinner.

She was flabbergasted when he told her this but she agreed since she was hungry too. Maybe, he did so because today he saw the baby for the first time. Aerin could tell very easily that there was distinct happiness on his face today.

Aerin smiled leaning back and rubs her tummy softly. She can't forget that today when she checked herself in the mirror, she saw the difference in her belly. It has grown bigger than before. She can feel that she started gaining weight too.

She was so happy and desperate to welcome the jewel of her life. But, her whole mood was ruined because of that Reum. She herself didn't know why, but she developed some uncertainties because of the girl. The way she touched and flirted with JK was the most making him angry.

Aerin is not the type of girl who doesn't like her husband talking with other girls but she doesn't like when something shitty happens like today.

That's all.

So she taught the girl a lesson.

Aerin huffed and got up. She went to the closet to pick something comfortable for herself and went inside the bathroom to change for sleeping. Wear a loose nighty with the robe on, she comes outside. She didn't put on her inner wears at night because it makes her feel suffocated these days. Especially her chest that which sometimes became hard to breathe normally without any suffocation.

Aerin was not feeling sleepy so she went outside on the balcony to get some fresh air as it will be beneficial for both her and the infant. She took a deep breath closing her eyes feeling the fresh wind touching her forehead and cheeks.

She gasped suddenly when she felt someone's presence behind but controlled her breath when she felt it was 'him'. He entangled his arms around her waist and placed his palm on her belly.

JK: Did baby missed me?

He chuckled whispering. His hands slightly started moving up and down in a smooth motion as he was caressing her tiny baby bump.

JK: So now you're satisfied when I'm here. hmm?

He whispered huskily sending chills to her spine. He tucked her hair to the side of her right shoulder and placed a sensual kiss on her neck. She received a different feeling when he gave her the peck. It was making her sensitive and shivering.

AR: What do you mean?

She asked making him chuckle. He trailed his lips down from her neck to her shoulder receiving winces from her. She squeezed her eyes and her palms and her eyes closed feeling the sudden electricity and impact his touch left. She knew the reason too.

Damn fucking gestation hormones.

She scolded herself internally. His hands brought just above her belly and he pulled her closer that her back collided with his chest.

JK: I knew you were jealous today, my little bird. My eyes and your expressions were clear evidence to me.

He whispered kissing her earlobe.

AR: I...I was not jealous.

She tried to sound normal but her voice was filled with uncertainties that made him chuckle. It always leaves an impression on him that how she always tries to justify and not admit the things she does.

JK: Oh that means my eyes were betraying me when I saw you giving a wide ass lecture to her... Something like a girl should respect the distance and everyone has their outlooks. Something like this? Hmm?

He chuckled and Aerin's eyes were wide by that time. Her tongue got stuck. She didn't know how to justify the things to him when she even herself doesn't know why she was so displeased with Reum's cringe clinging with him.

She just didn't like it that's all.

But she was jealous, She would never admit that.

She only can tell one thing for sure is that Reum's way of gazing at JK and touching him, again and again, was pricking to her eyes. And no doubt, it was so disrespectful too.

AR: I...I was... just...

JK: Yeah-yeah, find a great false justification first, then explain to me.

He chuckled and she grimaced. She can hear him laughing behind. He dug his face deep in her neck inhaling her intoxicating scent which calms him always.

JK: I never knew, I am so high-rated for my little bird. Hmm?

He chuckled and she scoffed, She turned around with a clear look on her face. She placed her palms on his chest to maintain the distance and looked at him eye-to-eye. Her adamant look was twinkling on her face.

She was looking tough as fuck.

AR: I wasn't jealous neither you are high-rated. I just taught her what was right. After all, no woman should cling or be extremely touchy to a man who is already married. It just throws bad remarks.

She said with a stern look on her face making JK arch her eyebrow in confound. He has kinda perplexed the way she justifies herself with a bossy attitude.

But no doubt, he liked that.

AR: It's late, I'm going to sleep.

She acquitted herself leaving him alone on the terrace and he chuckled.

JK: Dominating huh, But won't admit it. I liked it.


Aerin finished giving Jungsan his noon meal and he ate in front of her. They both talked about random things and laughed together. Aerin can see the Changement Jungsan now. He is way more active and understandable compared to before.

He is regaining his cognizance and understandings again and it's a big achievement for everyone. Especially JK. He first didn't believe in Yoongi's claims that his elder brother is actually recapturing his surroundings but when he observed this with his own eyes for some days, he got to accept everything.

JS: I finished my meal, Aerin ah. Will you give me ice cream now?

Jungsan asked with glistening eyes making Aerin chuckle. She nodded placing her plate on the side and went downstairs to get the bowl filled with ice cream. No doubt, she too was craving for ice-creams so she thought of making it last night.

She prepared sap ice cream with cherries for herself as well as Jungsan.

She went back to his room but stopped in midway. She was baffled when she saw 'him' there. He was sitting on the chair beside the bed as both brothers were having their disputes. His eyes shifted to the door where he saw Aerin standing.

JK: Where were you? And what were you doing?

He inquired but she was just baffled to speak up anything. She knows how he hates it when she doesn't serve him. And currently, he wants her to rest.

Ar: I went to grab some ice cream.

She said making him sigh in disbelief. The discomfort was visible on his face.

JK: I told you numerous times not to wander randomly here and there. I guess.

Fuck, I'm dead.

Aerin internally cussed closing her eyes.

JS: Actually Kook, I called her and she was accompanying me. I was feeling bored. Then we decided to have ice cream. So she went to grab some.

Jungsan tried to give him a justification to gain his attention. JK closed his eyes breathing. He jacketing up his explosions and furiousness because he knew neither he could scold Jungsan nor Aerin. They both are sensitive nowadays.

JK: Seriously Hyung, You had a fever just two days ago and you're demanding ice cream? And you, You had a cold last night. Am I right? eat that damn ice cream but I can't guarantee for consequences later.

He first lectures Jungsan and then Aerin making them look down. Aerin frowned. Aerin looked away. Her eyes were showing complete displeasures by his grandpa-like behavior.

JK: Where are you ogling at?

He jeered making Aerin snape out of her thoughts.

AR: Nothing.

He was about to give another lesson when his phone ranged gaining his attention and he took it out seeing that it was V. "I'm coming," Jk said hanging his call with V and looked at both of them once again who were looking like scared pigeons.

JK: You both... I will deal with you both later.

He said as a warning making them gulp down their saliva and left the room shooting glares at Aerin.


That was the time of the dinner and all were collected in the dining hall. It was already 10:00 pm and everyone was having dinner peacefully.

YG: I got a call from Mr. Kim today. He is coming back by the next week after finishing his overseas trip. And, he said that he is pleased after receiving the consignments.

Yoongi informed making JK nod in return. The others were having their dinner too as Yumi and Aerin were silently eating their meals.

JK: I called Jimin Hyung too, He is ready to see Mr. Kim by next week. He will handle meetings for the upcoming week.

YG: Hmm... It's a relief. I need a break too. BTW, What happened with your property you're planning to buy? Have you decided on something yet or not?

JK: I did actually. I talked with V at noon, He and Reum are working on papers and said that landlord seems to be troubleless. So it is going well.

YG: It sounds good.

Aerin's chest tightened and her hand clasped the spoon tightly at the mention of Reum which didn't go unnoticed by JK as well. His eyes were gawking at her. he can see the uncertainties on her face.

She pouted and placed her spoon on the plate gaining Yumi's attention. Yoongi too looked at her with an obscure look.

Yumi: What's wrong? Why did you stop?

Yumi asked astonished by Aerin. Aerin looked up at her nibbling her lip. She just slammed the spoon and made a face but she doesn't know what justification to give Yoongi and Yumi.

AR: I..I Uh, I lost my appetite.

She said pouting as if she wasn't interested in eating. Yumi sighed placing her spoon on the plate before giving her complete attention to Aerin.

Yumi: Yah! If you didn't just finish your meal, I swear Aerin, I'm not gonna give you any craving food or anything else later. So you better finish your meal first.

Yumi said as a warning making Aerin pout. She again picks her spoon and starts eating like an obedient child. Yoongi chuckled in pride the way his wife handled the younger same as he used to do when she was pregnant.

Aerin brought herself back to eat the meal even tho, she wasn't liking it and also after hearing Reum's name, her mood went completely off but she still ate forcefully because she Yumi is so strict and she definitely not gonna give her chocolates and other things she will plead to her if she didn't complete her meal or skipped it.

She was eating silent when she gasped feeling something upon herself. On her thigh. She peeked down only to see that it was JK's hand that has been grasping her thigh.

She looked at him astonished and but he was just eating his meal without any emotion.

How could he act so calm when he actually knows what he is doing?

She thought. Chills started running down in her body when she felt his hand was moving up and down in a rhythmic way. His cold fingers were caressing her soft smooth skin under the table.

Aerin's throat started drying and her heartbeats were becoming irregular. She looked at Yoongi and Yumi who were having their dinner while discussing something unaware of what was actually going on there.

She shoots a glare at him which he returned with a smug smile. He grabbed his spoon having another delighted bite of his food.

Hiding from the elders, Aerin brought down her hand under trying hard to push his hand but it felt like if his grip was ironic and she was nothing against it. She tried to push his hand but he instantly groped her thigh even tighter than before.

She closed her eyes in disbelief and closed her thighs tightly. She saw his jaw was clenching and he pulled her thigh again spreading them and his fingers started drawing circles on her inner thigh causing her to whimper that she gained Yumi and Yoongi's attention.

YG: Aerin ah, what's wrong? are you fine?

AR: Yeah, it's just I bite my cheek while chewing. That's all.

JK: You should eat carefully.

Jk said gaining her attention and she arched her eyebrow at him. Like really, how could he? She thought and scoffed.

AR: I... just....

She said calming her breaths. Yumi sighed at her childishness.

Yumi: Eat carefully.

She said and Aerin nodded. They get themselves back to their discussions and Aerin sighed. She felt his hand was slowly sliding back which made her sigh in relief. She was so astonished at his way of maintaining his sentiments and expressions.

No one could ever tell looking at his calm face that what is actually going on inside his brain.
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