The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 4

"Whenever I look in your deep oceanic hazels, I can see my whole world in them"



AR: Tell me... From where you learn that much good shooting.

She asked again and he just smiled.

Jk: is there anything that your bf doesn't know to do.

He said while winking and she smiled and followed him out of the room. They went to the balcony.

She was walking there till then he approached her with the cups of coffee in both hands.
He gave the one cup to her and she smiled and thanked him.

He went to sit on the swing while drinking his coffee and she was just freely starring out from the balcony admiring the beauty but he was busy admiring her Beauty. Till then her eyes noticed it and she turned around to face him who was sitting peacefully on the swing while drinking his coffee.

AR: What are you starring at.

She asked with a raised eyebrows and went near him. He pulled her by her waist slightly and she sits on his thigh.

Jk: I was starring at my Beautiful, cute baby.

AR: oh...

She said teasingly and started playing with the collar of his shirt. He noticed her doings and smirk. His free hand reached her waist and slightly squeezed her waist in a dirty manner. She gasped when she felt his hand under her top. She tried to get up but his hold was too strong.

Jk: god damn... You are changing into hot and sexy day by Day.

He said with his pretty little dirty smirk on his face and she again gasped. She hit his chest and he started laughing. He never acted in a sexy way to her. They only live like a sweet lovely couple. And when he does things with her she became too embarrassed.

AR: I..I wanted your permission for something.

Jk: hmm...

He said while drinking his coffee as she was still sitting over his thigh but not in an uncomfortable manner.

AR: can we go to the Orphanage today.

She asked hesitantly a little and he looked at her with an expressionless face. Well since they both come in a relationship together, he told her not to talk or relate with anyone also her orphanage. And she also agreed at his words. But still, sometimes she misses her orphanage and she really wanted to go there to meet the children and teachers there.

He sighed upon hearing her and opened his mouth to say something but she cut him.

AR: please please... Please. For one time. Pleaseee...

She asked with puppy eyes and he sighed but later smiled at her pleadings.

Jk: okay... We will.

He said while caressing her hair. And she became happy after hearing him.

AR: really?? Thank you so much... I love you.

She said and placed her head over his chest while hugging him tightly and he smiled and hugged her back.


After sometime...

They finally got ready for the Orphanage. Gosh, she is going to see the children after a very long time as she doesn't go anywhere when jk is not here. She likes to be in the apartment only with his memories which they spend together.

After half hour of the car ride, he finally reached the orphanage with her. She wakes up from her sleep when she felt a hand on her cheek.

Jk: babe... Open your eyes. We are here.

She opened her eyes slowly while rubbing them with her fingers. And then peeked out of the car through the car's window. A big smile crept on her lips when she saw the orphanage.

They came out of the car and went inside. They saw the children were playing there. A big smile comes to her face when she saw children which are didn't go unnoticed by jk and he also smiled.

Soon the kids started running towards them and hugged Aerin. And she hugged them back. She just locked all the kids in her Arms.

AR: aww my babies...

SooAh: Unnie... We missed you so much.

Jihan: Nae.

Both girls said while pouting and jk and AeRin looked at them in aww.

SooAh: hello.. kookie uncle.

Jihan: hello uncle.

Jk: hi babies.

He said while kneeled down there and the babies hugged him. But Aerin's eyes were searching for someone.

AR: babies... Where are other children and Jaemin?

She asked while eyeing the whole garden as her favorite child Jaemin was not present there.

Jihan: oh Unni... Jaemin is inside and other children were also inside doing their homework.

AR: oh...

SooAh: Come Unnie...uncle. we should go inside.

Jk: okay baby.

He said as he picked both lil cute girls in his broad arms and then made his inside the orphanage with AeRin.

When AeRin gets inside she Found her Ahjumma.. the caretaker of the orphanage was working there.

AR: ahjumma...

She called her name excitedly and the old lady's eyes went there. A smile came on her face when she saw both of them with the girls.

Lady: AeRin.. Jungkook..

She said as she went there to see them.

Jk: Hello .. ahjumma.

He greeted the old lady while bowing and the girls went to call the other children.

AR: ahjumma.. how are you. I missed you so much.

She said as she hugged her very tightly like her life is dependent on her.
She hugged Aerin back cause she is like another to her. After the death of AeRin's mother she completely got dependent on her care and support. She is the one who raised her like her own daughter that's why their bond is really strong.

Lady: aigoo.. I missed you too.

Till then children came there and started jumping in joy when they saw their favorite Unnie and uncle.

Lady: common kids.. let unnie and uncle sit peacefully.

She said and guided them inside they went inside the hall and sits on the couch with kids also there.

AeRin's eyes were still searching for Jaemin while jk was busy playing with other kids.

AR: where is Jaemin.

Lady: he is angry with you.. that's why he didn't come outside.

AR: what.. but why.

Lady: cause you took too much time to come here this time. He thinks that you have forgotten the kids.

She said and AeRin sighed.

AR: how can he said that.

She said while getting up from the couch and made her way inside the boy's room where Jaemin is. Ahjumma also went to bring some snacks and coffee for them.

Lady: let me bring coffee for both of you.

She said and jk smiled with that she left while he was busy playing with the kids.

AeRin went inside the room which completely empty. No one is inside the room.

Then her eyes fell on a small boyish figure who was sitting at a corner while pouting and looking down. A smile comes on her face when she saw him. She went there with slow steps and sits beside him. But he still didn't look at her.

AR: are you still angry with me.

She asked but the boy didn't reply and still was just sitting there silently. She sighed.

AR: okay.. Jaemin ah!!! Noona is Sorry.

Jaemin: no... Jaemin will not talk to noona. Noona forgot Jaemin.

He said while pouting and AeRin chuckled at his cuteness.

AR: pleaseee... Forgive noona.. Please.

She said with puppy eyes but still, Jaemin didn't. She signed.

AR: are you not gonna forgive me.

She asked and Jaemin shooked his head in "no". She sighed and then get an Idea.

AR: okay.. then I will give Jaemin's special chocolates to someone else. Cause Jaemin is angry with no one.

She said while getting up and Jaemin's eyes went wide while hearing the name of chocolate. He quickly grabbed Aerin's wrist.

Jaemin: No... Jaemin is not angry with noona anymore.

He said innocently and AeRin laughed and hugged him tightly and made him sit on her lap as a mother did to her child.

AR: really???

Jaemin: yes... Jaemin is not Angry with noona.

They were hugging each other. Seriously sometimes these kids become her priority. She is really lucky to have them.
They were talking there till then jk also approach her with other kids and sits beside AeRin.

Jk: so Jaemin only loves noona...

He said with a fake pout gaining Jaemin's attention and his eyes went wide again. When he saw his favorite Kookie uncle there. He quickly hugged him while sitting in AeRin lap but then jk made him sit on his lap.

Jk: see... What uncle bought for Jaemin.

He said showing him the big chocolate and Jaemin smiled while clapping. He takes the chocolate and then starts unwrapping it.

Jaemin: thank you, uncle.

Jk: it's my pleasure baby.

SooAh: only for Jaemin.. not for us.

She said while pouting and both AeRin and jk looked at each other. And then smiled. He then took the big packet of the chocolate and showed it to all the kids.

Jk: then what is this... Hmm.

He said and all jumped when clapping in joy. AeRin helped him and gave the chocolates to everyone.

AR: kids.. but not too much.. or else your all's teeth goona broke.

She said and the children gave her a Thumbsup in response"yes".


??: What the hell???? How the fuck this plan also got drowned.

The man said while fisting his hands and clenching his jaw.

Man: sir.. we tried to do it without his knowledge... But.. still, we failed.


Man: s..sir.


he threatened the man and the man gulped in fear. He nodded and left.

??: That bloody... Jeon Jungkook. I will gonna kill him.

He said while clenching his fists in anger till then another guy appeared in his cabin with a smirk on his face and a cup of coffee in his right hand.

Guy: Chill dude... Why are you getting angry so much?

??: that Bastard snatching everything from me and you are saying me to chill. Huh.

He shouted at her as his anger was still on the 9th cloud. But the guy didn't scare a bit cause he used to see his anger always. Or we can say that he is the reason behind his that much angry nature.

Guy: Relax.. why are you shouting that much. Your Vocals will get affected.

He said with a smirk and the man just exhaled his breath and loosened his tie and sits back on his master chair.

He is the biggest competitor and also the biggest enemy of the Mafia of South Korea. He is himself a Don. And he just wanted to snatch a single thing from jk and wanted to just kill him because of some of his personal reasons.

Guy: relax dude... Don't you know that that King has a beautiful bird? And his life is stuck in that bird.

??: Yeah a beautiful bird...

Guy: only 20 or 21 years old.

??: Damn this guy... He always got and new things.

He said and the guy smirked there. They just get all the information about jk. And also this one.
After thinking for some time. An evil plan came inside his mind while the guy was busy sipping his coffee.

??: Why shouldn't we use that bird. After all his life is stuck inside his bird. And he will do anything for his most precious bird.

He said with a smirk and the guy looked at him with a shocking expression.

Guy: JaeChan ah... Are you really serious?

He asked and he just smirks.

Jaechan: Yeah... My dearest Friend... I'm serious.

Guy: Jaechan... But... How will we gonna do this?

Jaechan: I will use that bird of his to take out his breaths.

Guy: Jaechan ah...

Jaechan: don't worry MinHoyahh. I know what I have to do.

He said and the guy sighed.

Minho: whatever.... This guy is completely crazy.

He said and left the cabin and went out while murmuring something.

Jaechan: Jeon Jungkook... Just wait for me to meet you.
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