The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 48


It was the time of late night. Everyone in the mansion was in deep slumber even the guards. The clock was reading past 2:am and there was deep calmness was spread all around the mansion.

She tip-toed out of her room barefoot and closed the room behind herself making sure not to create any noise. She went downstairs with slow steps so that no one could wake or be disturbed. All the maids and servants were also in their cotters and bodyguards were outside. The whole mansion was piercing silent.

A small giggle left her mouth she again thought of the delicious ice cream. She went downstairs taking her steps towards the kitchen's direction. The lights were off and the kitchen was dived in the darkness. She went inside and some delighted smell filled her nostrils. She inhaled and her mouth watered because of the hunger. But right now, her only desire was the ice cream. She tiptoed towards the kitchen's fridge like a thieve and opened the fridge's door.

Her eyes became wide in Surprise seeing so much ice cream in front of her and she clapped her hands happily. She took a bowl and a spoon from the counter and took some of the ice creams in the bowl. Closing the fridge after wise, she went towards the counter placing her bowl there, and took some spoonful ice cream in her mouth. Her teeth vibrated because of the amount of cold ice cream she took in her mouth. But she didn't minded and took another spoonful of the ice cream moaning in delight.

She leaned on the counter exhaling her breaths as if she got the most desired thing of her life. Her tummy was full but her heart still didn't so she took another spoonful ice cream in her mouth was about to gulp it, when the lights opened leaving her bewildered.

Her mouth hung opened she just didn't get to know what happened. Her mouth was wide opened and she was jammed to her spot as if a thief got caught while stealing something. She turned around with an open mouth only to find him standing leaning on the kitchen wall. His predatorous eyes were piercing deep holes in her soul sending shivers to her body. She gulped seeing him.

What is he doing here?
How did he get to know?

What if he scolds me again?
Oh no!

Jk: What are you doing here?

His deep voice vibrated filling in the kitchen making her gulp. She was now scared to her core. Only she knew very well, how much he hated it when she didn't follow his orders.

And he has strictly prohibited the ice cream for her because of her cold.

Every time she ate ice cream, she ends up having a damn cold and that's why he strictly said a big fat 'No' for her to eat ice creams.

Jk: I asked something?

His deep voice again filled in the kitchen making her come out of her deep ocean of thoughts.

AR: I... Actually... Came to drink water.

She said hiding the bowl behind her back. He cocked his eyebrow wondering how much naive she is.

Jk: Oh?

He scoffed taking steps inside the kitchen. He had hidden a hideous chuckle on his face which she was unaware of. She didn't get what was it but his sudden coming definitely gonna explode her lie.

The bowl was still behind her.

He chuckled at her lies. The tactics she did to lie were the same as a 5-year-old kid who always lies but gets caught. She nibbled her lower lip praying internally not to get caught. He took slow steps towards her which made her back off and but the counter behind her prohibited her to move further backward.

Jk: you came here to drink water? Hmm?

He asked in his deep and husky voice which was enough for her to chilling till her internal organs. She gave a slight nod even tho, she knew very well that she was lying. He chuckled grabbing her by her waist and with a slight jerk, he made her sit on the counter. She gasped at his action and tightly hold her tiny belly. His eyes went downward on her hands which were tightly covering her belly. His action probably scared her that it might get an effect on the baby.

She cares for their baby so much.

Standing between her legs, He brought down his right hands placing it above her. He gave a caress to her belly with his palm and no doubt, his actions were soothing. But what he did just some seconds ago was a little rough.

Jk: My little bird caught in a lie.

He chuckled and her eyes became wide again. She knew that she was dead at the moment.

How did he get to know?

She thought but her thoughts interrupted when he caresses her lower lip with his rough thumb pad. The ice cream that was sprawled on her lower lip comes upon his thumb and he licked it seductively while gazing at her intensely.

Oh, God! How could you be so stupid? Aerin ah?

She scolded herself at her stupid tactics that were the reason she got caught in her little lie. She frowned looking away and Jk chuckled at how she was still a baby in telling lies.

Jk: Uh! There is more.

He whispered huskily leaning closer to her face and latched his lips onto her lower lip making her bewildering. He rolled his tongue on her lower lip in order to clean the remained ice cream off of her skin. He gave a slight bite to her lower lip and she Whimpered opening her mouth which he took a great opportunity to enter and devour her. He pulled her closer placing his hand on her nape and tilted his head to get a better angle for their kiss. She gasped once his tongue mingled with her ones no doubt, he was sucking the breath out of her.

She tapped on his shoulder indicating him to leave as she was already out of her breath. He let go of her mouth after a hot mingled kiss. Both of them were completely out of their breaths. He rests his forehead onto her. Both of them were breathing heavily.

Jk: Are you hungry?

He asked making her nod sheepishly. She was looking down because of the embarrassment of getting caught lying.

Jk: Then why are you eating ice cream. You couldn't find anything else?

He asked in displeasure because of her tactics.

AR: there was nothing else except ice cream.

She murmured fidgeting with her fingers and he sighed. He let go of her making sure she was sitting comfortably on the counter and went to the other cupboards. He took some packets of noodles unwrapping them with the other hand, he placed a utensil filled with water on the stove.
She looked at him surprised when he was busy cooking noodles. A smile crept on her lips but she managed to hide it before he could look at her. It was feeling like an illusion to her.

He was cooking for her at midnight.

Within some minutes he finished cooking and placed the noodles safely on a bowl. He took a fork from the counter and went where she has been sitting all this time. He placed the bowl in front of her and gesture her to start. Without any other delay, she started eating while he was standing leaning on the counter. She took a big amount of noodles wrapping around the fork and slurped them exhaling her breath in delight.

He chuckled looking at her way of eating the noodles as if she was hungry for decades. He saw how her face was illuminated under the moonlight. Her glows were inciting.
That was the glow of pregnancy on her face. She was looking even more beautiful. The prettiest girl he ever met.

She finished her noodles in minutes rubbing her belly in delight. A satisfied smile was displayed on her lips. He himself didn't know but it made him smile too. He was feeling the same way he used to feel before. A could again felt the attraction building with her. It wasn't the sexual tension. But it was something really passionate. But, he himself is unaware of this. And most importantly, why suddenly his Despise started changing into something caring and passionate.

Maybe because she was having his blood. His child.

Or maybe, he was feeling the old bonds once again with her.

She climbed down the counter with his help and drank some water to quench her thirst. Now she was feeling delighted and happy. No, she can sleep peacefully. But she was feeling pity how because of her, His sleep got ruined. She was kinda sorry for his loss of sleep.

Jk: Finished?

His voice again brought her out of the oceanic thoughts and she looked at him who was looking curious and pissed at the same time.

AR: Uh.. yes.

Jk: So can we go to sleep now?

He asked. only Aerin could tell how pissed he was looking at the moment. She felt bad that his sleep disturbed. So she nodded.

He rolled his eyes as the sleep again started filling in his eyes and he went out of the kitchen. Aerin turned off the lights following him. One thing she was happy about that she had something tasty and now, she could sleep well. But on the other hand, she was well knowns that how her pregnancy cravings were affecting him too.


Aerin finished taking a warm shower and went inside the bedroom again. It was the time of evening and she was feeling a little bit of uneasiness so she thought of taking a warm shower which relaxes her well. She went there applying some moisturizer on her skin when her phone started ringing. She frowned guessing who would be to call her this time but went to check. She went to the table where her phone was and took it reading the ID.


She frowned thinking why he is calling her now. But received not wasting her and his further time.

AR: Yes?

Jk: I guess my little bird thinks too much before answering my calls. Hmm?

She can hear him chuckling from the other side. She made a frown face not understanding what he just said.

AR: I was... Actually--

Jk: Eating ice cream again?

Oh, God!

She passed a nasty face rolling eyes but took a calm breath to answer him.

Jk: Don't roll these beautiful eyes. Birds don't look nice in this.

He said making her bewildering.

How did he?
Is he watching?

She looked here and there but found him nowhere. She scratched her head being a little dumb but let go of the thought and answered him.

AR: I was not... I was in the shower.

She said making him chuckle which she could hear very well.

Jk: There is something for you in the closet. Open it.

He commanded making her confuse but she did as he said feeling the curiosity rising up inside her. She went towards the closet and opened finding a box wrapped in a blue shining paper. She took the box confusingly and looked examining this.

Jk: found it?

His deep voice brings her back down to the earth and she hummed.

AR: Uh Yes. What's this?

Jk: wear this and come downstairs. Driver Ahjussi will guide you.

AR: Huh? But where. What's wrong? I..--

Jk: Just do as I say.

He commanded making himself clear and she hummed in response. He hanged the call and chuckled looking at the CCTV monitor which was showing his room where Aerin was standing. She pouted thinking about the dress and opened the box. To her shock, there was a very beautiful dress inside the box. She gasped looking at the dress.

It made him chuckle. His eyes were set onto the monitor screen examining his wife's every movement. She took the dress and went inside the bathroom to change.

Jk exit the side where the monitor was and went to his cabin dialing someone's number. After some rings the man picked.

V: yes?

Jk: is everything done?

V: Oh dude, I told you multiple times. Everything is ready from the morning. It's you who is late.

Jk: yeah yeah, whatever. Make sure to check for the last time before leaving.

V: I did. And now, I'm fucking tired and I'm going to my house. You will like the arrangements. It is my guarantee.

Jk: hmm.

V: btw, enjoy your night.

Cocky fucker!

V teased and Jk rolls his eyes cursing. Only if he had not given the work of decoration to V, he wouldn't be receiving that much teasings from him. He knew very well how much V likes to tease him.

Jk: whatever... I'm hanging.

He said dismissing the call. He can hear V was laughing from the next line. He frowned and went outside exiting his cabin to go to the place where he arranged something for his wife. V knew it because he was the one who leads all the arrangements and that's why he was teasing jk.

He started the engine of his car driving off to his destination where he has arranged something for her.


He didn't know.

But, He did this to make her happy.
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