The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 49


Aerin came downstairs after getting ready in a beautiful blue gown reaching below her knees. She was looking alluring as a goddess. She went out of the mansion after informing Tumi and no doubt, Yumi teased her a lot that the poor girl can't help but to blush continuously. She bowed at the old driver who is Jk's most trusted driver is. She bowed back at Aerin respectively and she sat down inside the car. The driver started the engine leading his car where Master Jungkook told him to come.

Aerin was feeling lightheaded. The drive was calm and the stars were on the full display in the sky with the moon on the centre. A bright smile appeared on her lips seeing the calming scenario from her eyes.

Her thoughts interrupted when she found driver uncle took a turn. As per as her memory, the route was the same where JK brought her last time when he gets to know about her pregnancy and they end up having another coition.

AR: Uncle, shere are we going?

She asked the old driver gaining his attention from the drive.

Driver: Master Jeon told me to brought you here. Mrs. Jeon.

He told her nicely and she nodded.

Finally after some time, the car stopped in front of a mansion. She was right. Jungkook told driver ahjussi to brought her to his other mansion. Which is his personal piace and he always came here whenever he felt stressed or lonely.

Aerin felt the chills in her body remembering the incidents happened in front of this mansion last time. How much she was scared that Jk might gonna kill the baby and her. But she was wrong. Be did nothing except some deep conversations. But still that day was horrible for her. That dat she felt as if she will gonna loss her baby.

Driver uncle gave her a warm smile and she smiled back. He gestured her to go out and she took a deep breath before taking her first step out of the car. She saw something different this time. The mansion was decorated so beautifully and the lights were blinking continuously.

She bid a thankful good bye to the driver and went inside eyeing everything. The blue water in the swimming pool has red and white candles flowing beautifully on it. The trees were decorated with the lights and stars. The path was beautifully having roses over it. And the whole mansion was showering in the lights. A slight smile appeared on her face but didn't lasts for too long when she found everything except him. He was nowhere to be seen.

Where is he?

She thought muddling her eyes on the decorated table that has been placed nearby the swimming pool. The moon light was illuminating the water as well as her face when she saw someone was standing on the side. His face was not so visible but his manly built figure was enough for Aerin to tell that it was him. Aerin's heart skipped a bit when her eyes fallen on the cake that he has on his hands.
With a devilish smirk his face illuminated under the moonlight and he was looking like a demigod.

Did he remember?

She thought nibbling her lower lip between her teeth until he was standing in front of her making her heart go beat Wildly. He looked eye to eye at her when he smiled leaning in and whispered.

Jk: Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jeon Aerin.

Aerin's heart started beating faster and she was beyond bewildered.

He actually remembered that today was her Birthday.

It was true that JK had celebrated her birthdays before too and he always like to give her surprises in the past when they were together. But after how they are now and the things between them that was going on, Aerin never expected that JK would do the same ever again. He still planned everything for her and wished her. He actually remembered that today she has turned 23 and even gave her another surprise.

From the morning JK was keeping an eye on Aerin through any medium he could. And he was also noticing that she was sad from the morning. He knew the reason too.

Because no one has any idea that today was her birthday and she has turned 23 today.

About the members in the mansion she could understand because no one knew when she was born or what was her birthday. But what hurt her most that her own brother. Her blood related sibling didn't even called her today. The wishing was a thing of so far. She knew very well that he is angry with her but she didn't knew that her only support, her life. Her brother would didn't wish her on her birthday. She could expect it tho she knew that she actually destroyed Jaechan's every hope of winning against Jk. And on top of that his sister was going to have a family with him.

So she actually loss her hope that even anyone gonna remember that today was her birthday and will wish the birthday girl.

She was sad from the last midnight but now, she was feeling a slight better that her birthday won't gonna be a useless thing for steady one person.

Jk: Happy birthday.

Jk's deep voice again brought her back to the earth and she nodded murmuring.

Ar: Thanks


Ahyeon's hands were shivering to take the phone. From the morning Jaechan was keeping eyes on her. He was well aware that his wife won't gonna follow his orders and will definitely gonna wish her friend happy birthday. Jaechan is well aware of their friendship bond. They both gonna stand in opposite of the world but won't against each other. Not at all.

Jaechan even snatched her phone since the morning so that she could not get any chance to speak to Aerin. Ahyeon was dying to talk to her friend. She could sense very well that Aerin was so hurt deep down but won't show it to her or anyone else.

Ahyeon was continuously trying to get a chance a from the morning so that she could atleast wish her friend happy birthday. But unluckily, she didn't.

Her shivering hands finally got her phone when she saw Jaechan was out to talk with someone on his phone. She was waiting for this moment from the morning. She tried to dial Aerin's number when she felt a jerk on her hand.

A rage filled Jaechan was standing in front of her and her breath hitched looking into his fearful orbs. He caught her by her elbows slamming her onto the wall and she helped in pain.

JC: Didn't I fucking told you to not to disobey me?

He sneered angrily making the girl's heart beats increase. She was standing there while breathing heavily. She winced when she felt that his grip was getting tighter on her skin as if it will just kill her on the spot. She can feel the pain rising on her moistured skin which will surely get the marks.


He shouted making her flinch. The tears started flowing from her hazels she was dying of the ache.

AY: I..I.. was just..

JC: You were calling Aerin, right?

He spat viciously making her breaths stop. Her blood circulation stopped she was feeling the fear was rising up inside her.

What if he punished me?

No doubt, Jaechan's punishments are so worst. That Ahyeon was always end wrecking and this time, she again have him a chance to punish her.

AY: I..I'm so..sorry?

She murmured looking down and a mischievous smirk appeared on Jaechan's lips. He leaned closer to her face letting go her wrist and elbow which developed bruises for sure.

JC: do you think sorry is an option for you with me, woman? Hmm?

He whispered wrapping a strand of her hair on his index finger and pulled her face dangerously close to his. Ahyeon can tell very well how much mad he was. Offcourse, her acts always made him mad but she for sure, never did any inappropriate thing without his will.

JC: In the room. Now.

He commanded making the warm tears build up in her eyes and she pleaded him with her eyes but his stone cold heart never melts in front of her angelic voice and face.

AY: Jaechan please.

She was about bloat up to cry but does he care? Not at all. Instead, her actions make him more furious.


He yelled slamming his fist into the wall behind her and she closed her eyes at his loud voice. She was doubting of his loud voice woke their son up. She just came after putting him to sleep.

She was shivering. Her figure was trembling because of the fear. On the end of the limits of his patience, Jaechan grabbed her by her wrist pulling her towards himself that she collided with his chest. He pick her up in the bridal style marching towards their room's direction and only his footsteps were heatable in the empty mansion. And, soon her most feared thing started to come true when he whipped her ass again and again. She whimpered trying to move when she earned a painful spank from him.

After minutes of punishments he finally finished with it. She was breathing heavily. She sat up on the bed and hissed when her burning sensation rise up on her butts.

JC: Strip.


Jk: Cut the cake.

His voice brought her back to earth and she looked at him. He was smiling while leaning on to the Piller waiting for her to come and start.

He handed her a beautiful knife and she took it nodding. He walked pass by her and his manly fregrance filled her nostrils.

She cut the take cake picking a slice doubtfully. She is not sure of Jk gonna eat the slice from her hand or not. He always did in the past. But now, she is not sure if this will be fine with him or not. She nibbled her lower lip doubtfully and forward the piece of slice against his lips.

Resting his hand on her waist he actually took the slice in his mouth and give it a bite.

He was eating from her hand?
It was seeming like a dream to her.

He took the slice in his hand and she too ate the cake from his hands. No doubt, that was the best feeling they ever had.

They were feeling like old days again.

She was happy. Really happy. And her happiness didn't go unnoticed by her husband. Seeing her happy, he was happy too. Because if she will be happy then their will be. And, he doesn't want to take a single chance with his child.

The baby is his life.

AR: It was delicious. Umm.. thanks.

She said as her only focus was on the cake. It was her favourite flavour. Strawberry. He has the information of her every likes and dislikes. After all, he had spent a great time of more than one year. Indeed the relationship was fake for her but that was a life for him.

Jk: Come.

He said as he took her hands on his and went to the other side.

AR: Where?

Jk: You will see.

He said and she frowned and pouted. Her tactics made him chuckle and he brought her close to himself that her chest collided with his.

He wanted to dance with her.

He took her left hand placing it on his shoulder and placed his right hand on her waist pulling her closer to himself. No doubt, tonight she was looking ravishingly hot to him that he wanted to devour the goddess so badly right now. On top of that, her slightly inciting baby bump was making her look even cuter and beautiful. She was really looking like a beautiful bird tonight. All this time he was controlling so hard himself to not to do anything perverting. Because he want make her happy tonight.

He want to collect some moments for her. So that she will feel better than before. He is well aware of her every tension and stress. He is aware of her every sadness and the reasons.

And that's why he want to do something that will make her feel delighted and happy. He is willing to do anything for her.

Anything that will make her delighted.
Anything that will and their baby happy.
Anything which is suitable for her.
Anything which can brought her happiness back.

And he is willing to again make their relationship work.
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