The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 50


The refreshing morning sunlight tip-toed inside the room intersecting the white beautiful curtains and making them shimmer brightly. The beautiful light kissed Aerin's sparkling forehead bringing her out of her dreamland.

She let out a slight scowl rolling onto the next side of the bed with her hands sprawled wide as if she caught a big fish in her hands. Her rhythmic breaths knocked and slowly opening her eyes she met with one of the biggest realities.

He was sleeping peacefully without any care visible on his face. His hair was spread all over his forehead giving him a look of demigod. A calm king. She could tell how fine he is just only by looking at his luminous face.

Aerin tried to pull her arms back off of his torso that has been stuck since last night but he was just carefreely jammed to his spot with her. His feet were mingled with hers and his chest was tightly pressed against her shoulder. His big arms were entangled around her waist and his palm on top of her belly.

She could feel the warmness of his naked chest against her body which kinda played a role to give her a lighthearted nap after a hot make-out with him. Due to an increase in the size of her belly because of her pregnancy, he tried different positions with her last night. And no doubt, it rented an amazing experience for him as well as her.

He was looking calm, carefree, tension-free, stressless, and happy. There were slight curves around his lips inciting that how fine he slept after spending another wonderful, passionate night with her.

She was gazing out from the big window of the room when her breaths knocked inside her lungs and she felt her stomach was grumbling weirdly. She felt the taste of her mouth has been changing and the tastebuds were getting watery when she felt like throwing up.

Pulling her hands out of nowhere in hurry from his torso, she got up quickly to leave the bed while her sudden action made JK come out of his dreamland and his sleep broke. He tried to open his eyes to analyze the situation but before his consciousness could answer, she was already inside the bathroom which he could hear very well.

His senses knocked and he quickly climbed down from the bed marching towards the bathroom door when his ears reached her weird sounds. He knocked several times on the door to ask if she was fine or not but not no answer came except vomit dins.

JK: Aerin ah?

He banged on the door feeling the tension rising to know whether she was fine or not but she wasn't even giving him a single hint which made him worried for her.

JK: Aerin ah?

he banged again to know whether she was fine or not but nothing happened. JK ran his fingers through his dark brown messy hair licking his dried lip trying to find a way so that he could help her when she was dealing with the morning sickness.

JK: At least open the door, damn it!

He hissed banging again with the glimpses of worry in his deep tone when she finally came out with a pale and dried face. His breaths came back once he gets to see her that she was fine but she was looking completely pale which made him worried at the same time too.

She was feeling because of the throwing ups when she holds on to the door but he was the wat fast enough to hold her in his arms. He helped her walking towards the bed and she laid down grabbing her stomach when he took a seat beside her.

Her legs were shivering and her face was pale. JK pulled the quilt over her body to cover her shivering feet that have been exposed because of her only wearing his loose shirt which was already ended on her thighs.

JK: Are you fine?

He asked. The concern was visible in his tone that he was impatiently demanding the answer from her. She opened her eyes to look at his face that has been only single emotion of stress. She exhaled a deep breath before nodding dizzily at his question and he felt a little bit of relief in his heart.

JK: Did you took the medicines last night?

He asked making her eyes wide in astonishment because she actually forgets to do so. After dinner, they eventually end up inside the room in a daze and she didn't take her medicines last night. JK is well aware that that sickness only attacks her when she didn't take her prescription and that's what made him interrogate her suddenly.

AR: No.

She let out a slight murmured fearing that he might react or get angry but instead, he closed his eyes in disbelief making her bewildered. He knew that he can't blame her for not taking the medicine when he was the one who was super aroused last night that he actually didn't give a single moment to free her after dinner So that she could eat her tablets.

AR: Sorry.

She murmured slowly fidgeting with her fingers when he shrugged.

JK: It's okay. It was actually my mistake. I should be sorry.

He said shrugging. Running his fingers back in his dark messy hair he got up from the edge marching towards the closet leaving her doubtful. He took out a shirt for himself to wear as he was only in his sweatpants and marched out of the room leaving her perplexed.

Wondering where he went, she leaned back on the bed looking out from the window when after some time, he came back with refreshing lemonade and some snacks for her. Her eyes narrowed in bewilderment when he took a seat beside her and placed the tray in front of her.

Taking out the medicines from the nearby drawer, he filled the glass with warm water and gestured her to drink some lemonade first so that she would feel a little better. His research on dealing with pregnant women actually was helping him now and he was relieved that he was able to at least handle some of her problems.

JK: Drink this. It will make you feel better. And take medicines afterward.


JK closed the closet after finishing wearing a pair of his loose shirt and sweatpants. The time was of the night and he came back after taking a warm shower. He already finished making the dinner as there was nothing else to do in the house because it was just two of them in his penthouse.

He thought of bringing Aerin back to the mansion in the morning but didn't end up with yes because he wanted her to stay out from tensions for now. It can definitely leave the effects on the baby and that's why he decided to stay in his penthouse for some more days with her leaving all the works on Jimin and Yoongi.

He already told Yoongi about staying at his penthouse with Aerin and the members find it better for them so that the couple could make some time for themselves. And, in the morning he told Aerin that they are staying in his penthouse for some more days till she will feel completely fine.

Finishing buttoning up his shirt and roaming his eyes out from the room's windows, he was guessing where Aerin was because he didn't get to check up on her since he came back after making the dinner for them.

Throwing the towel onto the couch, he peeked outside of the balcony to get a slight glance of hers but she was nowhere to be seen which made him kinda worried for her. Shrugging off, he went to the balcony of their room to see if she was there or not because she wasn't outside.

He opened the door stepping outside while his eyes were wandering every place out of the room. There was a calm peace outside because of the nighttime. Also, the blue water outside of their room was shining inciting the beauty of the place.

The reflection of the moon which was clearly visible on the water was making it look even more ridiculously attractive and pleasant. Wandering his eyes everywhere on the place, he saw her sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs dipped in the crystalline water till her knees.

A sigh of relief left her throat deeply when he found her fine. He eventually started feeling worried about her nowadays and that's why he can't take any risk currently. He was seeming like to develop some potential for their relationship. So that the baby will have a good future.

He found it adorable she was trying to splash the water with her legs while talking while rubbing her belly. She always has been into saying everything to someone that has her heart engraved. And currently, the baby is being her listener.

A slow chuckle left his lips and he took his steps towards where she has been sitting all this time while talking to the baby. She seems to be invigorated, lightheaded. And he was relieved to see her working on with doctor's advice.

JK: You should get inside. It's late now.

His voice brought her back to the world she was escaped from all this time. She turned her head only to find him approaching her with thud steps. A slight glimpse of stiffness was visible with her body language when she sat straight stopping her movements.

JK: Come on, it's late.

He said trying to gain the attention she's been giving to the water all this time. It feels kinda awkward to both of them how after coming so far with this relationship now they are trying to get along with the things cooperating for their baby.

Not only he, but She was also trying to make everything at least some level for being normal but sometimes, the things seem to be on another level. Like they were seeming now. She didn't know how to keep work on without the awkwardness.

AR: I was feeling a little bit bore.

She vocalized taking her feet out from the water and turned to the side. JK sighed at her stubborn behavior. Nowadays, she didn't or less listens to him and the thing always made him frustrated. But the thing is that he also can't help but maturely handle her because that's what he is supposed to do and that's what Yujin told him to do.

He is well aware of Aerin's mental and emotional up and downs since he is back after her first sonography. And that's why he can not make it more difficult for her. He knew that he needs to be changed to change their drifts and to change their instants.

JK: It's dinner time.

He said trying to regain her attention but she seems to be unlistening to him and enjoying the cool breezes. She frowned when he again called her name. She made a face and frowned looking away.

Sometimes, he becomes so annoying.

She thought in her mind. It's true that sometimes, JK's parenting behavior and his comments on her doing anything make her feel frustrated. Maybe because of her pregnancy too but that's what the truth was.

And currently, his presence was irritating her.

JK: Jeon Aerin.

He again vocalizes her name with his voice vibrating and bringing her back to earth and she frowned.

AR: Can I spend some more time here? I'm feeling refreshing here.

JK: You're supposed to eat and sleep by now. Now come on, get up.

He said but for his bewilderment, she shook her head in a big fat 'No' completely disobeying him which made him astonished.

Just because I'm not saying anything to her nowadays doesn't mean she will again act like a disobedient brat.

Her rebellious acts make him annoyed always which was happening to him at the current moment.

JK: If you didn't get up in 10 seconds, I assert you won't like my next step.

He said as a warning and she looked at him with a cocky eyebrow. His challenging tone was something that brought desperation to her. She wanted to see how much she can pull him off so she stayed on her spot.

Taking it as an unbothered act of hers, JK didn't find any other option but to march there and pick her up in the bridal style leaving her completely perplexed with his acts that she gasped. She thought that he would scold her or something. She was left baffled.

When he tightened his grips around her body pulling her close to his chest and carried her inside leaving her in perplexion.

His famous smug smile was now plastered on his lips seeing how she reacted with his act of picking her. He can see the adorable vexation on her face that her lips converted into a slight pout and she closed her eyes. And the next moment, she knew that she has been placed onto some surface and he stood between her legs.

She opened her eyes only to found herself sitting on the dining table with him in a really awkward position.

AR: You scared m.... mmph--

She knew the next moment, her lips were sealed with his ones and he pulled her into a not so sinless kiss. His hands captured her by her waist pulling her closer to his chest and angled his head in a better way to get nice access to her pouty lips which he gets so aroused the moment he got her in his arms.

He palmed her plump cheeks capturing her lips as if there was no tomorrow for them leaving her completely baffled with his domineering exploits.

Why he got so aroused suddenly?

His autocratic deeds were kinda hot she knew that deep down, that's what she wanted and that's what she was getting. His wild aggressive actions always left her perplexed as well as excited.

He was kissing her aggressively, domineeringly, and densely that what makes their kiss turned into a heated one. He was kissing her the way as if he was pissed with her childish tactics and stubbornness she shows him whenever he expects her to obey him.

His wet hair and the sweaty body were already a mess by that time and he knew that he can't bring himself to stimulate her again when he already have done this last night. So it was better for him to pull off and he did.

He rested his forehead onto hers while his big bangs were covering his almost half face leaving her with devilish wolf inspections by that time. His hot breaths were brushing her red, swollen lips and fanning her moist tinted cheeks.

They both were baffled, they can't help but think continuously about the little oral makeout they just had with each other. He was endorsed and so was she. She could feel the heat was slowly glowing upon her cheeks leaving her in another embarrassing place that she let her eyes closed and nibbled her lower lip with her teeth trying not to look up at him.

A slightish smirk was visible on his face by the time his eyes recognized the pinkish tints on her heated cheeks and he knew that he did a great job. Praising himself for his recent job, he brought up his hand to her cheek touching it slightly feeling how actually hot they were because of her being embarrassed.

He wrapped a loose strand of her hair skimming it behind her ear and gave a caress to her swollen lower lip with his thumb feeling the heats even on her lips. He finds it adorable the way she startles with his not so sinless deeds.

JK: Lead yourself to this chair now otherwise, get ready to receive another wonderful punishment, wifey.

He said in his authoritative tone caressing the arm of the chair that has been placed there. She knew she can't help but follow him if she doesn't want herself to get into another pleasant trouble.

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