The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 51


Looking out from the window, a lone tear escaped down on Aerin's cheek. They were living here for the past some days. Everything is going well even JK starts taking good care of her. Still, she didn't know why her heart was drowned in the ocean of agony.

She was just feeling like crying as if she was missing someone. She wants shoulders to rest her head upon it so that she could cry and let out her all sorrows. She herself didn't know what was making her feel like this.

But one thing for sure, she was dealing with a hard time. Both physically and mentally but she wants to stand strong. For her baby. To give herself another chance. To find peace and maybe, to find... Love.

She herself doesn't know why? but the emotions were taking control over her brain nowadays and she was feeling like crying. She was feeling as if something is missing by her side. Something really important.

She looked down starring at her baby bump. Bringing her palm over her belly she caresses her baby bump as she was still feeling the wave of emotions that were rising inside her.

Baby, Mamma doesn't know why? But she is feeling like crying.

Mamma needs you so much.

Come soon pls.

She thought as another drop of tear escaped from her eye and she sniffed wiping it off.

On the other hand, Jungkook, who just ended his call with Yoongi after getting the information about deals with the mafias overseas which will bring a great change to their territory. He went inside his penthouse, putting his cellphone on the table, he was about to leave when he heard some sniffing sounds.

He already knew who could it be but he still wants to see. He took his steps towards his room from where the noises were coming and to his astonishment, his eyes witnessed Aerin's tears which just fell down while she was starring outside from the big window.

He frowned wondering why she was crying before entering the room sighing. The moment Aerin felt his presence, she got alerted and quickly fanned her face with her hands not wanting to show her vulnerable state to anyone. Even him.

"Now why are you crying?" He asked frowning hearing her sniffing before she took a deep breath.

Her face was turned down as she didn't want him to see her red puffy eyes and stained face.

"No, I'm not," She said but, only she knew how hard it was to say everything without sobbing or stuttering. He let out a laugh showing sarcasm in it before marching towards her.

He held her wrists in his hands that made her abruptly look up at him with wide eyes which were red because of the salty water. He smirked knowing he was right. She did cry. Her eyes were telling everything.

"Now tell me if I'm wrong or I have dust in my eyes that I'm seeing a false thing, tears in your eyes?" He asked and his husky voice deeper than the ocean was enough to give her chills. She didn't want to show him how weak she was feeling but the fact that her damn face was answering everything.

"Tell me?" He asked again with his voice deeper than before and his face closer than before. She gulped shrugging off she looked down as if she was so tired. Tired of everything around herself. Tired of the compromises. Tired of accommodations just to live her life.

"I'm just missing mom," She sniffed as he closed his eyes in disbelief. He thought there was something else bothering her. And no doubt, he can't let this all happen when she has his child.

But the fact is that he could feel her agony. What it feels like to miss someone your life is dependent on. Someone who is closest to you. He can feel the pain of missing your mom when you are going through the hardest times of your life. Where your life just looks like a dry leaf that can fall off the tree at any moment cutting every bond from its life.

'I told you not to cry over your mom before also, Aerin ah'

He thought as sighed remembering something. But, he can't let sorrows affect her mind because he doesn't want to let their baby suffer for sure. He pulled her wrists marching towards the bed and made her sit down on the bed facing her while her head was hung low.

"Listen, You can't let anything overwhelm you because you don't want to see the baby in problems for sure, Right?"

"I don't know what got into you that you're feeling this way but you have to be prepared and strong. You can't be weak. You can't let emotions took control over you. You need to focus on the upcoming and forgetting the past, Aerin," He said as she let out a laugh before looking at his deep brown orbs.

They both were silent for a moment looking deep into each other eyes as if they were starring at each other's souls.

"Can you forget the past?" She interrogated out of the blue making him go speechless for a moment. The fact that her question was unanswerable to him but he can't forget that he has to guide through all this and for that, he needs to be stronger than her.

"Why?" He asked

"Can you forget our past then? Can you forget what happened between us? Can you forget about what I've done to you? Can you do this?"

The fact that her answers were holding a strong piercing-like power did affect him to his heart that he felt a sudden pain remembering all those hurtful memories witnessing how the love of his life has betrayed him.

He could feel the wave of emotions was hitting him hard completely drowning him to the bottom as his eyes turned watery. He was staring deep into her eyes without even blinking. His orbs were holding tonnes of emotions. Anger, frustration, pain, agony. He was digging holes in her soul while starring deep into her eyes when she was hoping for an answer from him.

He could feel his temper could rise up any moment and he for sure, not want to hurt his baby by doing something inappropriate so he just stood up breaking their deep eye contact.

"The answer didn't worth it. I just want to say that if you will keep yourself out of stress then the baby will be out of stress, So give it a think and try to stay calm. It will be good for you," With his last words, he left the room leaving her alone as the tears filled with pain left her eyes.

Not physical pain but an emotional one. And trust, It's the worst.

She wanted to cry her heart out loud but she can't. She needs to stay out of these confusing meshes of emotion for the sake of her child.

But the fact is, he is changed.

Completely changed.

His eyes may show affection, care but they didn't show love anymore. She knew she deserves it. But still, those moments were the best part of her life when just for revenge, but she was with him and he was with her. With his body, his heart, his soul. His everything.


Jungkook came inside their shared bedroom when his eyes witnessed something unexpected. He saw his girlfriend, the love of his life was crying while curling up like a ball. He quickly marched towards her and crouched down to her level caressing her hair that he gained her attention.

"Baby, why are you crying?"

He said as he took a seat beside him to the side of the bed where she was curling up hugging her knees. His eyes were holding concern, anticipation, and questions as he saw how she was sniffing.

"What happened to you, Aerin ah? Are you hurt somewhere?" He asked as she shook her head in 'no' like a kid.

"Then?" He asked as Aerin bit her lower lip try not to break down completely.

"I..I'm missing mom. I always do but I..I don't know why? I'm missing her b..badly, today," She said as sobbed hardly and he sighed. He could see how she was crying and no doubt, seeing her crying, hurts him the most.

He pulled her into a warm embrace as she circled her legs around his waist. He hugged while resting her head on his shoulder and she cried her heart out under his warm embrace. His one hand surrounding her head caressing her hair and the other on her back slightly rubbing up and down to calm her sobs as she was crying like a baby under him.

"Aerin ah, Baby it's fine. Shush, Now stop," He said soothingly rubbing her back to calm her sobs as he hugged him tightly crying.

"," She croaked sobbingly as it made Jk's heart clench in pain. Seeing her like this, no doubt, he felt the same pain but he can't just let his love be weak all the time.

"Shhhh baby. It's over now stop crying. God! You're such a crybaby," He said as he soothed her down like an angel guardian and embraced her even more tightly.

"Ju..Jungkook ah," She sobs and he shushes her down rubbing her back.

"Oh come one, now stop crying. You are being Nobita, You ain't him,"

He leaned on the headboard of the bed to give her more access and she was above him with her body-hugging him like a koala and his hands were still doing their best to calm her down. She was resting her head on his chest with her puffy eyes and after minutes of hardworking, he could finally feel her sobs fade away as he sighed in relief.

His hands were still rubbing her back as she was resting her head on his chest with arms around his waist hugging him tightly. Her eyes were red due to her being a crybaby.

"Are you feeling good now?" He asked in a sweet tone as he felt Aerin nodded her head. He chuckled while caressing her hair and peck her head.

"Baby, you should not cry like this. You know your mom will be so sad to watch her daughter crying like this after her. She will not be pleased. She will be hurt because she doesn't want her daughter to be like this. Now tell me, do you want to hurt your mom?" He asked as Aerin pulled her head back looking at him with wide eyes and an open mouth.

JK chuckled seeing the childish ecstatics of his girlfriend. You shook his head in 'no' after his question as he smiles. He cupped her cheek before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"So don't cry from now on like this after her. It will hurt her, my love," He said as she nodded like a lost but obedient kid making him as he pulled her closed and pecked her soft, rosy lips making her frown.

"Rise and shine, My Rapunzel," He said with pride in his as she hit his shoulder playfully making him chuckle.

"I'm not your daughter," Aerin scoffed and he smirked before pulling her closer by her waist making her gasp.

"You may not be my daughter. But, I'm your daddy," He whispered erotically biting her earlobe as gasped but slapped his arms playfully making him groan.



A lone tear escaped her eyes remembering that beautiful incident as she comes back to reality, her smile faded bringing her back to the present where this all was stored just like a beautiful dream.

She looked around coming back to this harsh reality where he is not him anymore. She felt hurt. Strange pain in her heart.

She wanted to escape reality now.

She laughed at her fate which brought her to this spot where she has so many people around her, to support her. But she was feeling all alone.

"I wish if he could change. I wish if this time could change,"




"Girlfriend, means there is a baby inside it?" Jungsan gasped asking pointing at her big belly as she looked at him smiling. She looked down her smile automatically grew thinking about the baby's coming. The time has about to come soon.

"Yes," Aerin said and Jungsan gasped.

"Wow, But how did you get a baby there?" He asked making her eyes wide as her mouth was hung low not knowing how to answer the question she smiled nervously.

"Actually, It----"

"She asked for it from her angel and the angel put it in her belly,"

Both Jungsan and Aerin looked around as her eyes grew wide only to find JK who was coming inside. Aerin looked away feeling embarrassed as hell. She could feel that her cheeks were actually now changing color as JK took a seat on the next couch. Exhaling his breath leaning back, he crossed his legs and closed his eyes for some seconds groaning because of the tiredness.

His eyes lingered on his little wife who was looking down caressing her big baby bump. She is becoming prettier than before, more beautiful and more mature. She gained a lot of weight because of pregnancy and no doubt, she looks so irresistible like this. Whenever his eyes catch her bump, he can't help but think how much it suited her. He would gladly impregnate her again and again. And again.

Pregnancy suits her so well.

His nasty, erotic thoughts interrupted when the maid arrived bringing a glass of juice for the master as JK took gulping it down in one go because of his thirsty throat with his eyes settled on his wife who was sitting on the next couch next to Jungsan with a respective distance between them.

"What?? Really?? Means, I can also if I ask from an angel?" Jungsan asked excitedly making JK close his eyes groaning internally. *Don't again, Hyung please,* JK scoffed placing the glass on the tray back as the maid bowed going back to the kitchen.

"No, Angel only gives babies to girls," They heard another voice as Yumi answered Jungsan's another question which can't be answered by both Aerin and JK. Yumi came sitting beside Aerin as Aerin smile.

"But why, Noona?" Jungsan pouted as Yumi and Aerin laughed while JK kept sitting there minding his business.

"Because, umm... angels only trust girls so they gave babies only to them, not boys, Jungsan ah, Now come on, It's damn late and you need to sleep," She said in a commanding tone and Jungsan pouted. Shrugging off, he got up leaving with JK as the girls laughed at Jungsan's silly questions.

"Seriously he is," Yumi said as Aerin laughed.

"Btw, how are you feeling?" She inquired picking the magazine from the table before leaning and opening the magazine. Aerin shrugged off, as no doubt, her days are getting harder nowadays. She sometimes feels sudden stings on her bump which made her restless.

"Actually Unnie, I'm really nervous," She said biting her lower lip in nervousness gaining Yumi's attention. She sighed patting younger's head.

"Don't worry Aerin ah, Everything will be fine. Don't stress too much. Why are you so tensed? Everything gonna be great for you and the baby," She said with a warm smile and Aerin shrugged.

"I hope so,"

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