The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 52


"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME" Minho yelled throwing the papers across the room as Jaechan sighed closing his eyes. He knew how angry Minho was. And, he can't also blame his friend for his anger when he knew that someone else was at the fault.

"How could that motherfucker do this?" Minho's eyes darkened as he hissed in anger.

"HOW?" He growled slamming his fists onto the table making Jungsan sigh who has been sitting on the couch for the past half hour.

"Calm down,"

"CALM DOWN? YOU'RE TELLING ME TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN AFTER WHAT THAT MF HAS DONE?" Minho growled in disbelief as Jaechan can't help but close his eyes at the loud voice of Minho.

"Then go and scream in the whole South Korea," Jaechan hissed glaring at Minho as Minho glared back. "You know, you're overreacting, duh," He said.

"I? Overreacting? It's your fucking so-called brother-in-law who canceled the shipment without even any reason even when he knows very well how much money I spent on this," Minho as disappointment and anger were clearly visible on his face.

"First of all, stop calling him my brother-in-law if you don't want me to leave this place, and secondly, calm down man, the shipment wasn't even that big," Jaechan said sipping his coffee unbothered by his glares.

"May not be for you. But I fucking invested my money to buy those weapons," He said angrily as Jaechan rolled his eyes.

"On top of that, that bastard? I hate him more than I hate fucking a whore twice. I swear he gonna be killed by my hands someday," Minho's nostrils flattered in anger as he clenched his jaw tightly. Jaechan laughed sarcastically at him making him even angrier.

"Oh I can see," He scoffed

"Don't piss me," Minho warned making Jaechan scoff as he continued to sip his coffee.

"I'm here trying my shit out to make the things go on and you? Just keep drinking this fucking coffee," He snarled as Jaechan sighed before slamming the cup, he got up looking at him with a disbelief yet pissed expression showing much mad he was.

"Then what? Do you want me to go and fight with him? Then that fucking bastard will again start torturing my sister," He yelled back making Minho close his eyes before opening them back as he groaned out of frustration.

"We definitely had to do something. Moreover, I also can't let that Island slip from my hands which he has," Minho's facial features darkened as he clenched his jaw thinking about Jungkook. Jaechan scoffed seeing Minho behaving like a mad wolf who has been running to kill his enemy.

"Do you think it easy like squeezing a lemon into a glass, Huh? He is fucking Mob Boss, Do you think you can trap him? Don't forget he doesn't have any reason to do so," Jaechan said as Minho clenched his fists before glaring at him.

"Are you on my side or his, Huh?" He asked venomously making Jaechan chuckle.

"Of course, I'm by your side. I'm just stating the facts, My friend." Jaechan stated confidently making Minho roll his eyes at him.

"Jeon Jungkook doesn't have any reason to get used by you, You think so, right?" Jaechan scoffed. Slamming the wall by the side on him, Minho felt that the level of anger has risen up inside him again. He was feeling like going and shooting his all bullets on Jungkook's skull. But he knew he can't do so. He has other plans.

A smirk comes upon his lips making Jaechan confuse even more.

"He has,"


"He has a weakness, I can use it so well that he will gonna get on his knees, begging us for mercy," Minho smirked before pulling his chair back. Leaning on the chair he put his legs on the table crossing them.

"Are you serious? Did you have hit your mind somewhere?"

"Oh shut up! And listen... It's Aerin's last month, right?" He asked

"So what?" He could see the anger in Jaechan's voice furthermore, he hates it when Minho brought Jaechan's sister between them. He had already committed a sin by pushing his sister in his vicious revenge on Jungkook for which, she is paying till now. But now, Jaechan doesn't want to create a single obstacle for her. He doesn't want to repeat his transgression once again.

A smirk comes upon Minho's lips thinking about what he has to do. He flattered his gazes towards Jaechan who was standing there.


He started explaining everything whether Jaechan's eyes were wide in bewilderment listening to his friend's vicious idea to manipulate the situation to make things work for them. Jaechan's eyes were dipped in astonishment but his face was showing contempt and anger for sure.

"Are you crazy? We won't gonna do that," He declared making Minho roll his eyes.

"Why? Why can't we? Don't tell me you're going to accept all of this bullshit," He jeered.

"No. But I can't do this, Kyun Minho," He declared.

"Listen, If you want our claim on Island to be successful, we had to do this. That's the only way we will be able to bring that motherfucker JK on his knees. And why are you so tensed? It's not like it will gonna harm your sister, She is safe and out of this. Then why?"

"But, she is..."

"Jaechan ah, use your brain a little. Only Aerin matters to you, right? Then she is safe. You know what? I think You should keep your foot out of this, I don't you're able to claim this" Minho mocked triggering Jaechan's insides as he glared at him.

"Okay fine," Jaechan said as Minho chuckle. He knew very well how to trigger Jaechan so that he could make a move.


"What the hell is this?" Jungkook roared slamming the files on the disk.

"I'm sorry, JK," V said with his head hung low.

"Your sorry ain't gonna make it right," He ridiculed as V looked at him.

"We are still working on it, JK. It will definitely require more time. So relax. Also, the papers were just a demo. Why are you so angry?" Jimin explained as he sighs rubbing his temple. Nowadays, his mind has been all messed up because of their issues with the neighboring country's mafias.

Jk tried to make them understand without any violence but they weren't ready to listen to the Mob territory which was making him angrier. He sat down on his chair rubbing his temple didn't want to shout or yell at them.

"Are you fine?" Yoongi asked as he sighed closing his eyes to control his anger.

"No..No, I'm not. I should get going. My head is aching," He said getting up from the chair and left the cabin after putting his coat on leaving the other three men in bewilderment.

Jungkook drove off to the mansion feeling a little bit of headache but took a deep breath before focusing back on the road.

He came back after some half-hour but to his astonishment, all the family members were gathered. He let out a small frown before entering the hall where he saw someone unexpected.

"Hoseok Hyung"

Hoseok turned his head only to find JK as he bright smile appeared upon the sunshine's face.

"Woah, Sunshine in my house, to make it brighter, Hun?" JK chuckled as both of them shared a great brotherly hug showing endearment.

"It's been long, Kook," He said as they both sat in the respected place while other members were looking happily at them.

Hoseok was Yoongi's friend and JK's great support system during their college days. He has done a lot for them and also supported JK in his every decision. He was one of the main roles of JK's life that motivated him, supported him, and also protected him.

Making JK come out of his nightmares and to stood for growing his business, Hoseok played a really great role. And JK has always owed his Hyungs for supporting him and protecting him when he was just so naive to understand the world.

"So what's the reason for your arrival?" JK said taking a seat next to the couch where Aerin was sitting with Yumi as Mrs. Min was on the other couch.

"Ah well, I came here to invite all of you, to my wedding," Hoseok said with a bright smile making JK bewildered.

"You're marrying? wow congrats, Hyung,"

"Thank You, and that's why you all have to come to Paris, I had already told aunt and Yoongi called me today,"

"Yeah well, Hyung is pretty busy with the work that's why he wasn't here,"

"I know and I understand," Hoseok said.

"Well Hyung, I don't think it will be possible for me to attend your wedding since Aerin is in her last trimester. But don't worry, Hyung, Noona and aunt will definitely come," He said as Hoseok nodded.

"I can understand. Kook. And yeah, Congrats on that," He said chuckling looking at Aerin who smiled nervously. "Thanks," Jk muttered a 'thanks to him.

"Okay then, I must get going now," Hoseok said getting up from the couch.

"You can stay here tonight, Hoseok ah," Mrs. Min insisted as Hoseok warmly smiled.

"No aunt, Actually I also have to go finish some business and I have a flight in the early morning for Paris. I have to take Amy for shopping. So, I must take my leave now," he said as everyone nodded understandingly.

"Okay Kook, take care of her Hun," He said making JK nod in response.

After his leave, everyone had dinner together as Yoongi finally arrived. They planned for Hoseok's wedding. Except for JK and Aerin, everyone decided to attend the function since Hoseok is so close to them. JK knew he can't let Aerin travel in this condition and also can't leave her.

So, they finally decided that the Min family will go to Paris to attend the wedding while they will stay here.


Aerin was in the garden shaping the bushes with the scissors as the dry lips were growing and making it look odd. So today, she decided to take care of the garden. The members have been left for Paris yesterday night and the mansion was completely empty.



Someone screamed from behind making Aerin scream as she held her ears getting scarred but then opened her eyes finding someone laughing. She made a face glaring at him.

"Seriously, Jimin," She said glaring as Jimin was still laughing his lungs out with the little prank he did with Aerin.

"I'm sorry, Doll. But you're reaction is just... Hahaha," He laughed out laugh making Aerin frowned.

"Okay-okay, sorry doll," He said gripping his ears making her chuckle. "It's okay," She said making him sigh in relief. "Now tell me, why you're here?"

Aerin asked getting back to cutting the dry leaves and spraying the medicine on the flowers. When Jimin laughed nervously before coming towards her.

"Actually, I need your help, doll," Jimin said with puppy eyes making Aerin bewildered she looked at him cocking her eyebrow. "What help?" She asked making Jimin hff looking down.

"Actually, Daihee is angry with me, So I thought of taking her and Jisang on a dinner tonight. I selected some dresses for her but please, help me choosing one as you are more into lady fashion," Jimin said laughing nervously making Aerin chuckle before she nodded.

"Really? Here... See them," Jimin said as he started showing the pics of some dresses as Aerin went through it. She finished seeing all dresses. "This... This one. She will like it," Aerin selected a pic pointing as Jimin really find her choice better than his.

"Oh really? Okay then, I will gift her this dress. Thank you so much, Doll," Jimin squealed like a baby and made Aerin giggle. As both of them shared some great talks as besties do. Not aware, someone was glaring at them, they continued giggling together.

"Is it over or not?" Jimin and Aerin's gazes turned only to see Jungkook standing on the gate with a pissed expression. "Oh Jungkook ah, Yeah. We are finished. She helped me a lot," Jimin said.

"Then should we go? Cause we are fucking out of time," JK Said making Jimin roll his eyes playfully before he bid goodbye to Aerin. Aerin chuckled seeing JK's expression. She can see the jealousy clearly on his face that made her giggle. They left as it took almost an hour for Aerin to complete the work. And then she went inside.

'Thank god that servants aren't here. Otherwise, they gonna me big ass lecture to take rest'

Aerin huffed going inside. She prepared a juice for herself drinking it and then read some magazines to pass her time. The maid served her lunch in the drawing hall as she decided to watch TV for some time.

"Ahh-" She winced suddenly when she felt a weird feeling in her stomach. She sighed and concentrated on the TV again. After watching her favorite TV show, Aerin thought of taking a rest as she was feeling tired. Aerin got up climbing the stairs slowly yet carefully because of her big baby bump.

She went inside her bedroom closing the door behind herself before going to the bathroom. She saw her reflection in the mirror.

'Why I'm sweating so much?'

She thought seeing her reflection in the mirror. She closed her eyes splashing the water on her face. She exhaled her breath feeling lightheaded and wiped her face before going back to the room.

She went to the room with a little difficulty. Her teeth automatically gripped her lower lip as she was feeling an intense pain was rising up inside her bump. She held it securely before walking further when she felt another contraction making her cried out in pain.


She kneeled down holding her bump as it hit another time increasing the strain. She felt her body was sweating up again because of the pain. She felt some liquid dripping down as she knew the time has come.

Her water broke down leaving her in pain and bewilderment at the same time. She knew she had to think with a calm mind. She pushed her hand to reach her phone placed on the nightstand but it wasn't enough she knew that she had to slide a little in order to get her phone.

Finally, with some difficulty, she got her cell and without wasting any other minute, She directly called him to let him know that the time has arrived.

"Pick up, damn it," She murmured under her breath breathing heavily as she could feel the level of pain has been increasing. She was getting contractions after every ten minutes.

"Pick up,"

"Pick up-- Ahh,"

She muttered as the tears rolled down on her cheek feel another painful contraction hit her hard. She holds the edge of the bed for support clutching the bedsheet tightly enduring the pain.

"What?" Finally, after minutes of ringing, he answered his mind alerted when he heard her breathing heavily.


"Aerin ah, are you fine?" He asked worriedly.

"I-it's hurting so b-badly, Please come home," She muttered holding her breath.

"AHh," She screamed again holding the bedsheet when he eventually left his chair running out of his cabin in hurry.

"Aerin ah listen, Just be okay, Be strong, Call the maid. I'm on my way," He said as she responded before he hung up going where Jimin caught her. "Hey dude, Calm. Why are you in rush?" Jimin asked.

"Aerin is having labor pain. I need to leave,"

"What--" Before Jimin could say any other thing, JK ran out not giving much importance to his question as she was the only one who matters to him this time.

Aerin yelled the maid's name painfully as the maid ran inside their room gasping when she witnessed Aerin's nearby bed on the floor crying holding her tummy. She ran there kneeling down before her.

"Ma'am, Are you fine?" She asked.

"Do I look like?" She groaned holding her bump tightly as the maid gulped. "Ahh--- Oh god!" She groaned again as the maid helped to take Aerin downstairs since JK was on his way. The maid brought all the important things related to her delivery which included a bag that Mrs. Min prepared for the delivery time and some important reports.

Finally, after some time, Her eyes witnessed Jk came inside while running out of his breaths as he crouched down to her level. "Aerin ah," He mumbled witnessing her state. "I-it's hurting," "what should I do now?" Jk mumbled becoming nervous.

"Take me to the hospital, You idiot," Aerin yelled out of frustration as JK gulped before nodding quickly picking her up in the bridal style. She rolled her eyes back because of the pain. "Bring her bag," JK Said as the maid nodded and handed him the bag and papers.

He went out of the mansion. "Don't worry, Everything gonna be fine. Be strong, okay," His words were motivating and soothing as try to focus on what he said trying to not give attention to her pain. She settled her down inside the car before going to his side and sat inside.

He started the engine in one go and drove off to the hospital. "Ahhh-" She again cried out in pain because of another contraction. JK gulped witnessing how much pain she was going through. It's wasn't he was panicking or something, he was just nervous because now, it's the arrival of their baby. He knew he needs to think calmy and that's what he was focusing upon.

"Don't focus on it, Just breath deeply. Breath," he said she did what he said. He placed his left hand above hers motivating her while with his right hand, he was driving.

'It's Aerin's labor pain, I need to call Yujin to inform this'

JK thought before picking his phone. He dialed Yujin's number as she is the one who is handling Aerin's case. After some rings, she finally answered.

"yes, Jungkook?"

"Yujin ah, Aerin is having labor pain. I'm bringing her to the hospital," JK said while his one eye was focusing on his wife and another one on the road. He knew he had to deal carefully with the situation.

"But Kook, I'm not in Seoul right now. I'm out of the country,"

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