The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 53


"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, KIM YUJIN?" Jungkook screamed on top of his lungs making Yujin roll her eyes as his loud tone whether as Aerin's ears went on bliss all thanks to him.

"Calm down Kook. I really didn't have any idea that she will start having contractions so soon. Her due date was after 10 days," She tried to explain but not helping him at all. It was only pissing him.

"But What I'm supposed to do at the last moment? She is crying in pain," JK again yelled.

"Relax Kook, Go to the hospital I'm calling Jin. He and my colleague will be taking Aerin's case," Yujin said calmly. "Whatever," He muttered and hanged up taking a deep breath. He didn't want himself to get any anger issues that could make things worse.

His mind was on verge of collapsing when suddenly, Aerin's screech caught his attention. "Aerin ah, Don't worry, I'm with you. You have to be strong," He almost doubled his car's speed hearing her.

Within some minutes, they were in front of the hospital's building. JK climbed down his car and went to her side. Her condition was not seeming favorable which was making him weak from inside but he can't let show her his weaker state. Cause he knows at the moment, he was the only one here to motivate her and to take care of her.

He picks her up in the bridal style marching inside the big building hoping that Yujin already had called Jin and everything is well prepared. He doesn't want her to go into a single problem because of the variances at the last moment.

"Kook ah, Relax. Everything is ready. Yujin called me. Don't worry. Okay," Jin who came after finishing the previous case when Yujin called him and one of their colleagues, Jia.

"Ms. Jia, Please take good care of her,"

"Sure. Mr. Kim. don't worry,"

They proceeded to take Aerin inside the labor room whereas Jin calmed JK down for the last time before going inside. "JK, Be strong and don't worry about her," Jin said with a reassuring smile while patting his shoulder.

"Please, Take care of her," JK requested making Jin chuckle. For the first time, Jin was able to see the waves of emotions in JK's eyes. He could see the tension and nervousness on his face. "don't worry," Jin said before getting inside the room giving JK his space.

JK sat down on the nearby bench facepalming. He was feeling a deeper feeling that something is about to happen that will change his life. Maybe, it was just only a baby coming or maybe something else.

But his consciousness was giving him strong feelings. He was feeling a pool of emotions has been rising inside him. He was trying hard to control his mind telling him to keep calm but somehow, his heart was beating fast.

Stay calm

She will be fine

He said to himself closing his eyes when his breath hitched hearing ear-piercing from inside the room. He could tell that the doctors had started their actions and now, it's the time for her. But his heartbeats couldn't help.

He immediately stood marching towards the door banging on it "JIN HYUNG, IS SHE FINE?" He screamed banging on the door tightly. His heart wasn't able to afford to hear her painful screams. He needs to make sure if she is fine.

"HYUNG, SAY SOMETHING!!" He banged on to the door screaming again. he banged on the door again but got nothing in response. Only her screams were hearable. "DOCTOR!!" He screamed again till then a nurse opened the door with a pissed look on her face.

"Nurse, How's she?" He asked in a heavy voice but it almost comes out as a whisper from his mouth. His breaths were unstable as well. "Mr. Jeon, Please control yourself. We are working," She said.

"But how's she? I can hear it she is in so much pain," He asked again. "She is doing good. She is following our guides," She informed giving him his breaths back. He sighed heavily looking down and nodded. "Okay, But please, Keep informing me about her condition from time to time," He requested humbly as he nodded.

After bringing some surgical instruments, she came back going inside the labor room as JK can't help but keep his eyes on the door. He kept sitting on the bench palming his face when he heard some footsteps. He looked up only to find Jimin and V running towards him.

"How's she?" Jimin asked.

"I have no idea," He answered humbly looking down feeling exhausted. V sighed placing his hand on his shoulder and patted him. "Don't worry, She will be gonna fine," V said and Jimin agreed quickly.

"Yeah, Both baby and she will gonna be fine. Don't worry," Jimin assured him as he nodded but the worries and desperation were clearly visible on his face.



It's been almost night but there was no process. Few hours have been passed and still, all they can hear are screams and cries.

"Yoongi Hyung called me. They will be here by the morning," V informed coming back from the first floor as Jimin and JK were present there. "Kook ah, Go and fresh up. You've been sitting here for hours," Jimin tried to convince him but he shook his head. "No, I don't want to," He simply said.

They saw Jin coming out of the room with big disbelief plastered on his face as JK quickly got up marching towards him. "Jin Hyung, How's she?" He asked. Jin sighed looking away. By looking at Jin's face, all three of them can see how much displeasure he was.

"Hyung, What happened?"

"We are kept telling her to be strong. But all this time she tries at some level but then ends up exhausting. She keeps murmuring that isn't able to do this," He said in disappointment.

"Then please, do anything. motivate her or anything but please keep on work," JK Requested as Jin looked at him with worries and seriousness at the same time. Jin gave him a nod and went back to work while he stayed outside.

s much he heard about, A normal delivery never took this much time then why was Aerin's. the thoughts were messing with his mind completely.

Some more time passed but still, the condition was the same as before and the level of his patience was giving up. He may not show it outside to anyone else, but he was internally dying to see how's his wife's condition. He wants to hold her, baby her, soothe her.

Without the delay of any other minute, he got up barging the door and storming inside leaving V and Jimin bewildered behind himself.

"Is this even allowed?" Jimin asked.

"I don't know. Maybe," V responded.

Jungkook barged inside ready to enter the room when a nurse stopped him as he clenched his fists trying to control his anger. "Sir, You can't enter," She said but the next sentence of his, made her gulp down.

"The fuck! I'm her fucking husband," He growled making the girl back off as she gave him space to go and see Aerin. He went inside and his eyes can witness how much pain she was in and how Dr. Jia and Jin kept trying to calm and motivate her.

But it was looking as if all things were going in vain. Aerin's whole figure was trembling in pain. There were stains of blood all around the bed but still, there was no sign of the baby yet. Aerin's eyes caught JK's sight while he was witnessing her painful state.

Aerin's emotion overwhelmed her that finally, someone close to her was beside her. There was no one beside her when she needed someone the most. Even if JK was not so close to her by emotions or their hearts, but as a husband, he could definitely help her out.

"Kook ah, It-it h-hurts so badly," the words came out of her mouth as an exhausted whisper as he could definitely see her pain. He came by her side holding her hand and caressing her hair. He doesn't what he was doing but whatever he was doing, is to motivate her, to prompt her.

"Aerin ah, relax. You know, you can do this. You are strong,"

"I-I can't. I-It's h-hurting," She whispered.

"Relax wifey, Just close your eyes and try to remember what you used to feel when you put your hands on your bump. When you were desperately waiting for this time. You felt happy. You smiled and talked to baby,"

He whispered soothingly to her as she closed her eyes trying to focus on what he has said to her.

"Take deep breaths, Aerin ah," He said again.

She focused on what he said. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and regain some energy to push again.

"Aerin ah, It's time for another action. Please try to push again," Dr. Jia said before.

"Aerin ah, Be strong and focus," He again whispered giving some energetic messages to her.

"Push," Jin again said.

tightly gripping onto JK's hand, she pushed with her all strength for the last time and after some more hard work, she finally fell down completely exhausted. JK almost froze in his place when he saw Jia pulling the baby out carefully as Jin was dealing with the instruments and the nurse were helping him.

They finally cut the cord detaching the baby from the mother and the moment, the soft cries filled the room blessing everyone's ears.

"Congrats! It's a girl," Jia exclaimed.

"Oh My God! GIRL!!" Jin exclaimed in joy.

JK was almost shaking with the exclamation. "G-girl?"

My baby girl

My child

My blood

A slight smile appeared on his lips as the emotions were overwhelming for him. His eyes went watery with the tears as he blinks them quickly to wipe off the tears.

"Congratulations Kook. Congratulations Aerin ah," Jin congratulated both of them as Jia went to clean the baby.

"Thanks!" He muttered feeling himself on cloud9 when Jia came back with the baby. Her tiny, naive figure wrapped in a pink towel and head covered with something. Jia handed the baby to him as he smiled widely seeing. He placed a soft peck on her forehead as the baby squealed while closing her eyes making him giggle.

"Welcome to this world, My little angel,"

"Appa loves you so much,"

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