The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 54


Her eyes opened blinking few times to adjust the light of the white room. She kept looking at the white ceiling whether her mind slowly started to coming back to consciousness. She turned her head only to find a nurse working beside her.


She whispered slowly to gain the nurse's attention. The lady gasped seeing Aerin and marched towards her. "Oh my god, You woke up?" The nurse exclaimed while checking Aerin's condition.

"You're normal, Mrs. Jeon," She informed her with a warm smile. "Sister, where's my baby?" The first question she asked came out as a whisper because of the weakness. "Ma'am, your baby is fine," She informed relieving Aerin.

"Can I see her, Please,"

She asked as the nurse nodded. She went out to the next room where the baby has been placed inside a beautiful crib. Aerin could see that through the big glass which was attached from her room to the baby's room.

Tears of happiness, delight ness fell down her eyes which she wiped quickly impatiently waiting for her baby girl to come over to her lone embrace now.

"Here's your baby, Ma'am," She handed her the little princess who was closing her eyes sleeping peacefully. Aerin's face filled with different and different emotions seeing her baby for the first time. Her baby. Her daughter.

"She is sleeping so peacefully," The nurse said at which Aerin nodded whether her eyes were set onto her little girl. A wave of emotions ran through her. Every single moment crossed her mind.

Finally, her baby was now there with her.

"After your delivery, you went unconscious. In meantime, your husband took care of you and the baby so well," The nurse told her making her eyes slightly wide in surprise. "He?" She asked at which the nurse nodded.

"Yes, He would sit all night long starring at you and when the baby wakes up, he would bring her here to you, feed her, and take care of her," She explained making her astonish but deep down, she felt an amount of happiness and butterflies in her stomach listening to her.

"I must say, you're so lucky," She said making Aerin astonish but smile unwantedly. "For how long I was unconscious?" Aerin asked.

"For five days," The nurse informed making Aerin almost gasp in surprise. "Five days?" She repeated. "Yes, due to huge blood loss, you went unconscious, But don't worry, you're fine now. Let me call doctor to check upon you're reports" she informed at which Aerin nodded.

"Can I breastfeed my daughter?" She asked hesitantly. The nurse nodded smiling. "Sure, ma'am,"

"Thank you,"

"You're welcome, ma'am"

The nurse nodded leaving Aerin with her little daughter. Aerin's eyes falls on her daughter's beautify, naive features, her small milky hands, her tiny milky red feets, her tiny button nose, her chubby cheeks and innocent eyes. All made her smile warmly that tears rolled down her cheeks.

Finally, someone has come who will become her strength.

Someone has come whom she can share her goods and bad with.

Someone has come who will understand her.

Someone has come who will love her.


Silver tears rolled down of her cheeks feeling herself on the cloud9. She was so happy, so delightful, so enlightened.

"Welcome baby, Welcome to mama. Mama loves you so much. You're her life. Thank you for sparkling your mama's life,"

Aerin thanked the little diamond kissing her face at which she squealed. Her little snores made Aerin laugh.

She also snores same like Jungkook.


"Woah!! She is so tiny," Taehyung squealed in joy touching the baby's little hands whether Aerin chuckled.

"Wait Patiently, she will gonna be a same like me oneday," Jungkook said at which V rolled his eyes.

"Nah! Girls look pretty like this. Don't ya dare to convert her to a hulk like you," V glared at him making him roll his eyes. Daihee and Jimin laughed with V's sentence along with Yumi and Yoongi.

"Btw, did you thought of getting her name? Which name you both decided to give her?" Yumi asked Aerin at which Jimin, Daihee and Yoongi nodded in agreement.

"Yes-yes, have you thought about something?" Daihee asked in excitement.

"I never thought about it," Jungkook said with a little confusion yet sad tone.

"What about BokJoo?" Jimin asked making Daihee roll her eyes.

"Yah shut up! DON'T YA DARE. She ain't gonna be a weightlifter," Daihee said hitting Jimin's shoulder playfully.

"But, Bokjoo is my favourite character. I want the baby to be like her," Jimin pouted making Daihee and other laugh.

"Yah Jimin hyung, stop using your brain. You ain't gonna get jams," V jeered making other laugh out loud which made Jimin furious.

"Yah shut up, you punk! You don't know anything," Jimin scolded him making him poke his tongue at him.

AeRin giggled in joy unaware of Jk's intense gazed upon her. His lips curved into a slight smile seeing her smiling, laughing, enjoying with other family members.

"But, we should choose a cute name for the baby," Yumi said gaining Jimin and Daihee's attention. "Do you have some name?" V asked which made her nod.


"Speak please," Jimin asked.

"Umm... How about.... Aejung?"

Everyone eyes showed astonishment with Yumi's choice. AeRin smiled and so was jk as if they both kinda liked the name.

"Woah! It's nice. How did you get the idea?" Jimin asked. "Well, I saw this trend on social media," Yumi informed in pride.


Jungkook smiled murmuring the name under his breath. Not to forget, he was happy with the name.

"Aejung.... Aejung... Aejung...... Aye wait! Isn't it.... Aerin + Jungkook?" V asked gaining everyone's attention towards him. "That's why I said it's a trend. You stupid! Like mine daughter's name also comes with mine and Yoongi's name," Yumi said with the sarcasm visible on her voice which made everyone chuckle.

"I know, Noona. I was just confirming, I know you're genius" V murmured pouting.

"Yeah-yeah, after all, she is my wife. I'm so proud of you wifey," Yoongi said making Yumi blush.

"Genius Min's Genius wifey," Jimin teases making Yoongi glare at him.

"Nah! She got swag too," Daihee said chuckling making everyone laugh.

Aerin looked at Yumi with warm smile and thanked her at which she nodded reassuring her.


"Unnie, if I had a girl. Then what would be her name?" Aerin asked Yumi while rubbing her big bump smiling in delight.

"Umm... Do you have anything in your mind?" Yumi asked her back while finishing the kitchen's left work whether Aerin was having her ice-cream delightfully which she got from Yumi after a lot of prayers.

"What about... Aejung?" She asked.

"Aejung? It's nice," Yumi complimented making her smile. "Thanks, I did a lot of hard work creating a good name," she said.

"It's really nice,"

~Flashback Ends~


The time was of the late night. Also, everyone went back to the mansion whether Daihee and Jimin also left for their home cause Jisang was waiting for them with her nanny.

Aerin was still in the hospital as the doctor has to run some more tests on both the mother and the baby before discharging them.

After, putting the little one to her precious sleep, Aerin went to freshen up.

After wiping her face with the soft towel she looked herself in the mirror deeply analyzing her features. Her face was pale and her body was a little... Filler than before. Her eyes widens looking as she checked down herself.

Do I became.... Fat?

Her mouth formed an 'O' in astonishment. She pouted looking down.

Am I not beautiful anymore?

Her face saddened as she looked away. Giving a last look to herself, she went back to ward where she bumped onto a wall like structure.

Before she could loose her balance, he was fast enough to grip her waist pulling her towards himself that she collided with his hard chest. Her breaths pacified, heart started bombarding. It was after a long time he was so close to her.

His intimidating eyes were making her blood rush through her viens. Her heart started drinking wildly in her ears.

His intimidating proximity has always been something that made her feel weaker.

Her legs were feeling like jelly making her hard for her to even stand properly which didn't go unnoticed by him. He encircled his arms around her waist pulling her closer to himself as if he has something wild going in his mind.

"I missed you so much," He murmured nuzzling his face on the crook of her neck inhaling her mesmerized scent. Her scent which always he has been addicted to. The scent which calms him down.

"You don't know how long I've waited for a moment with you," he whispered on her ear placing a kiss on her earlobe at which gasped. Before her legs could give up, he was the way fast enough again to wrap them around his waist and started moving towards somewhere making her frown in astonishment.

Where he is taking me?
What does he wanted to do?

Her mind was questioning and on top of that, his intimidating actions were making her heart thump wildly against the chest which she could feel as well as he.

He moved towards the bed placing her softly before pulling. Her mind relaxed only to find that it was end but soon she was proven wrong when he attaché his warm lips with her leaving her in bewilderment.

His one hand moved to her waist and other to her cheek cupping her to deepen the kiss leaving her in astonishment. She could feel a type of desperation in his kiss. That ain't something normal. She could feel the wild heartbeats of his which were same as him.

He left her mouth only to go down unbuttoning few upper buttons of her hospital gown. Revealing her milky white skin. His lips started doing their art on her neck and shoulder leaving her in bewilderment yet it was something so sweet, so gentle for her that a slight moan escaped her lips.

"K-kook ah----"

"Shhh!!! No more words. Just drown yourself in this moment," His voice was deep and raspy which made her gulp. Eventho, she was having some confidence issues some minutes before because of her body but his actions were making her feel delighted and special again. They were making her feel same as before.

Beautiful and confident.

A moan escaped her lips, when he sucked harshly on the perfect spot as she felt like the electricity was running through her body.

He turned back hovering over her as their faces were just an inch apart. She could tell that he was looking deep in her eyes making his way to her soul. His lips again captured hers one again leaving her flabbergasted.

They were feeling a new feeling. A different passion and a different way of love for each other at the same time. As if the child has brought prosperity and love to their lives.

Which, she really.

"Thank you for giving me this happiness. I really appreciate your hard work,"

He said as she captured a look of him starring at his little baby who was sleeping soundly in the crib. He chuckled looking at her. His words were honest, filled with honour for her.

He kissed her again at which she wasn't able to stop and returned to kiss him back and The little moment they shared that was filled with passion and appreciation.


"Its time to give our words, action"

The man smirked picking his phone dialling someone's number.




Jungkook walked through the Aisle while talking to someone on the phone. He recently finished his work, going back to the hospital as Aerin and baby were still there.

"I will look on those consignment files tomorrow. Make sure to check the truck before deal," he spoke as V nodded from other side.

"Yes Jeon, As per as your order, we are ready to take the other route," V informed him.

"Yes, and no matter what, do not try to open your phones before the consignment is delivered safely,"

"Copy that, " V ordered the men and others.

"And make sure to tell me about every move,"

"Don't worry, Jeon"


Jk hanged entering the elevator switching for the 3rd floor where AeRin's and baby's room was. The baby has been still under the observation because of health checkups like of any other baby.

"Nurse, can I see my baby ?" Jk asked the same nurse who was taking care of AeRin and little one. The girl nodded permitting him.

A smile appeared on his lips feeling excited to see his baby again whether as, AeRin was resting in her room.

He entered the baby's room but for his surprise the baby was not in the crib. He sighed going out again where the nurse was doing her work.

"Ms, I think her injection sessions are over. Could you please bring her back back to me?" He asked making the girl confuse.

"What are you talking about, Mr. Jeon?" She asked making Jk confuse.

"She is not in the room. So I come here to ask if her injection and test sessions are over or not? So that I could see her," he said making the nurse bewildered.

"What? But, I didn't brought the baby for sessions today. She didn't had any session today," the nurse informed him making his eyes wide. His fists tightened.

"Then where is she?"

Where is my child?

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