The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 55


Warning: Loooooong Chapter

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Aerin came out of the bathroom after taking a warm shower, relaxing her muscles. She just entered the ward when JK marched towards her barging inside the room.

"Where is Aejung?" He asked making Aerin confuse. His voice was desperate and furious at the same time.

"Aejung? In the crib----"

She pointed but out a gasp when she found out the crib was empty. There was nothing there.

"Where? Where is she?" JK asked.

Aerin's words got stuck in her mouth. She was completely blank not having any single idea what was that.

"I asked something, Aerin. Where's she?" Jk almost yelled making her blench.

"I-I do-don't know, I-I left her in the crib and went to take a shower," she explained.

"THEN WHERE THE FUCK SHE IS?" He yelled making her flinch at his loud tone. Tears started forming in her eyes thinking about her daughter. She didn't have any idea about that.

"S-sir, Please, calm down," The nurse tried to calm him but it was looking as if he went out of the mind by seeing all of the mess. "YOU'RE FUCKING TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN MY DAUGHTER GOT LOST. I'M GONNA BURN THIS HOSPITAL WHERE THERE IS NO SECURITY," He yelled giving warning to the nurse, she quickly looked down gulping.

"TELL ME WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?" He again shouted at Aerin making her flinch as tears started dripping down from her eyes being not able to answer his question.

"I-I just left her in the crib," The words came out as a whisper from her mouth as she was herself not able to process a right statement.

"How could you? HOW COULD YOU BE SO CARELESS, JEON AERIN?" He yanked her towards himself by her elbows making her wince in fear.

Their eyes met for a millisecond. The pain and necessity were visible in both of them' eyes. The necessity to find their child.

"I know very well who's behind all of this. And I swear, If I saw only a single scratch on my child's body. I'm gonna burn you and your brother, Alive,"

His tone was vicious, venomous filled with despise that brought down tears to her eyes. His eyes were screaming the safety of his daughter whether her eyes were screaming guilt. He yanked her to the side not even caring if she got hit or something and storm out of the room while calling someone.

"Yoongi Hyung,"


"JK, Calm down. You think wisely this time," Jimin said trying to calm his anger down but it was not looking as if he will listen to anyone now.

"My child is in danger and you're telling me to calm the fuck down," He hissed glaring at Jimin making him sigh.

"Then what will you do? Huh? Go and burn down the whole city in rage. Can't you see that we still didn't have any proof if they are the ones who kidnapped the baby? Our men are searching in different places, continuously,"

Yoongi said making him groan in frustration. he punched his leather chair in anger which everyone could see. And they can feel how much children are worth to their parent. he could see how hurt and depressed he was because of this.

"I can't wait. I need to take action," JK said.

"Boss, someone wants to contact us," One of their men barged into the cabin with a laptop in his hands where all Jm, V, Yoongi, and JK were. JK quickly gestured to him to keep going. The men connected all networks with their system whether JK finished putting on the mic and headphones.

"It's been a while, Jeon,"

"KYUN MINHO!!" JK yelled feeling his rage burning inside him to just get him and kill him. All were focused on the call so that they could get a single piece of information about Minho's location. V on the other hand gestured JK to carry on diverting Minho with conversation so that he could get some information with the help of networks.

"Voice down, Jeon. I'm sure you don't want to see your little daughter suffering, do you?" Minho chuckled making JK's blood turn cold hearing his daughter.

"Where is she?"

"in my township,"

"You freaking motherfucker. You didn't even hesitate to bring little ones between this?" JK almost yelled feeling that his explode button was pressing on.

"Why do I? We should use anything which we could get help from?" He heard Minho smirking which made his blood boil because of wrath.


"Intelligent. Here we come to the main point. I want all those shares and areas of Diamond land. PS, I want you to let allow all of my consignments to go by the sea routes without any obstructions. I know very well how big of a motherfucker you are,"


"not yet, Jeon. I want something else too." JK fisted his hands trying not to get angry at the moment. Because he knew, it could impact his daughter.


"I want Aerin too,"

JK's jaw clenched and hand fisted. His face darkened hearing his wife's name from Minho's mouth. Jimin and other's eyes widen with Minho's other venture as Jimin felt like killing him.

"Okay done. She doesn't even matter to me,"

"Good decision, Jeon. I know from starting that you're intelligent,"

"Where I've to come?"

"You will get to know soon. And yes one more thing, Don't ya dare try to act smart. You know what I can do," Minho said, his voice holding tons of warning for JK.


As per Minho's orders, JK was taken to an area near the lighthouse where Minho did capture Aejung. Before he was sent inside, the guards did great security checking on him.

Within some time, he was brought down in front of Minho. JK's blood boiled seeing both Minho as well as Jaechan. He felt like killing them. Only if his child was not under their seizing, he would've just killed them at the moment on the spot.

"Welcome, Jeon,"

"Where is my child?"

Minho chuckled looking at his despairing eyes which were longing to get a view of his baby. Both friends were enjoying his helplessness for sure. It was giving them inner peace.

"Your princess is sleeping peacefully," Jaechan said making JK wander his spheres here and there in confusion to get a glimpse of his daughter but he didn't found her anywhere. He looked at Minho in confusion which made him chuckle.

"I just injected a little amount of drug inside her. That kid cries so annoyingly,"

"KYUN MINHO!!!!" Jungkook snarled feeling his heart was clenching when Minho informed him about Aejung. How could be he so cruel?

"calm down, Jungkook. You don't want to see her in trouble, do you?" Jaechan asked. His vicious smirk was on his face.

"BRING OUT MY CHILD AND END THIS SHIT!!" Jk growled, the anger was visible on his face and his desperate eyes were screaming for his little daughter.

"we will. We will, but before ending this, complete the dealings which I asked you about," Minho chuckled analyzing JK's unsafe state. He was enjoying seeing him in a defenseless state.

JK took out the papers and bag throwing them in front of Minho and Jaechan on the woody table. "Here, it is," Minho smirked taking the papers to examine them. JK can see very well how big of a smirk was. his mischievous smile was holding pride. A pride of winning.

"you signed them, Good," Minho said.

"Minho yah, let him see his child. The poor man is being so drastic to meet his child," Jaechan chuckled gaining Minho's attention. JK fisted his hands trying to hold his anger back not to ruin anything.

He has to go with the flow

"why so soon, Jaechan ah. The game has just begun," he smirked making Jaechan confused.

"The money and papers are here, I also allowed your vehicles from the main port. Now, bring my daughter," JK growled at the last sentence making Minho chuckle.

"I think you're forgetting something, jeon," Minho laughed.

"I didn't. I remember every single thing,"

He said looking turning around only to see whether two of the men brought down Aerin inside the area. Jaechan's expressions changed into confused and worried ones when he saw his sister there. he turned towards Minho, only to find him smirking while eyeing her from head to toe.

Jaechan could see the hunger in Minho's eyes. he could see that Minho's dirty gazes were definitely making her uncomfortable. And these things didn't go unnoticed by Jaechan.

"I brought her to you. Now, give me my daughter back," Jk broke the silence gaining Minho's gazes and Jaechan's heeds.

"Minho, what is this? Why Aerin is here?" Jaechan asked witnessing his sister's glossy eyes and weak state still she managed to come here. He wanted to know the reason for her arrival.

"Jungkook, why did you brought her here?" Jaechan asked making JK cock his eyebrow not understanding what he just asked.

"Oppa," A slight whisper comes out from her lips. Her eyes were teary as if she cried a lot.

"Finally, I got you, sweetheart. I've been waiting for you for a long time," Minho exclaimed smirking making Aerin disgust by himself.

"WHY THE HELL AERIN IS HERE?" Jaechan growled at Minho making him surprise for a millisecond before his lips again converted into a mischievous smirk.

"I asked for her in exchange for his daughter," Minho informed making Jaechan hard to believe upon his statement. "w-what?"

"yes, Aerin will be mine now. I'm so happy, Jaechan ah. Finally, Our friendship will convert into relations," Minho exclaimed, his voice holding sarcasm which made Jaechan's eyes widen in surprise as if the statement was hard for him to digest.

"But, We didn't discuss anything about that. I thought this was only a deal for islands and sea routes then what's this?" Jaechan asked. Minho laughed holding Jaechan by his shoulder. And shared a brotherly hug. JK rolled his eyes bring pissed with this whether Jaechan was still in a maze of uncertainty.

"So what? You got to know, now. So just accept it. Today, He will exchange Aerin with his daughter, " He explained making Jaechan go in uncertainty, he was completely flabbergasted with this.

"I'm so happy today," Minho exclaimed in joy whether as Jaechan was completely perplexed. His throat went dried witnessing Aerin's glossy eyes. He could see, she was hurt, she was sad, she was completely blank and longing for a glimpse of her child.

he could see her sister wasn't happy with this at all. Eventho, he always wanted Minho to take Aerin's hand freeing Jaechan from her responsibilities but he never wanted to do this against her will. He could see how helpless she was looking at the moment that she didn't have any other option left except surrendering herself to Minho.

She didn't want her daughter to suffer because of it, for sure.

"But why? Why? Our plan wasn't this? I don't want Aerin to get compromised once again in these ruthless, vulgar things," Jaechan endorsed her questioning On Minho's asking which made him angry.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Ahn Jaechan? You know this was the only chance we had from which I could get Aerin, still, you're not bracing with me. Instead, you're guarding that motherfucker, JK?" Minho asked, the disbelief was clearly visible on his face.

"No, I'm not supporting Jungkook. but I'm also not supporting you. Cause, I don't know if she's happy with this or not. I have done enough of damages in her life and I don't want to repeat the same thing again," Jk was completely flabbergasted with Jaechan's words whether The words brought down tears to Aerin's eyes.

Minho's face turned dark as the rage, filled him completely that he pushed Jaechan in his wrath.

"HOW COULD YOU SAY THIS?" Minho growled taking out his gun pointing at Jaechan making Aerin gasp.

"OPPA!!! NO!! MINHO, LEAVE HIM!!" Aerin screamed on top of her lungs while crying seeing how brutally, Minho punched Jaechan that even JK was shocked by that. Jaechan was completely astonished that his best friend whom he treated like a brother and trusted on him, hit him in his wrath.

He finally realized how wrong he was when he thought of engaging Aerin with Minho. How wrong was he when he pressurized Aerin to marry him. And how wrong was he to trust Minho that he will take care of her and love her, cherish her and care for her as he does.

But he was wrong. Minho has nothing in his heart for Aerin except lust.

"My sister won't come with you and you also have to leave Aejung now," Jaechan hissed in wrath. Minho scoffed before turning his dirty gazes towards Aerin's direction who was standing behind JK at a little far place with two of Minho's men holding her by her elbow.

"Too late, jaechan. I will make her mine at any cost," He hissed viciously storing towards her direction.

he marched towards her while holding her with her hair that she screamed in pain.

"KYUN MINHO!!!" JK Growled in rage but before he could go to them, Minho's men were fast enough to hold him stopping him on his spot. One man kicked behind his knees bending them that his knees collided with the floor and he groaned in pain.

"Kyun Minho, Leave her," Jaechan snarled trying to get up but Minho's men were fast enough to shoot him on his foot. Aerin screamed seeing how the blood oozed out from her brother's knee as he falls on the ground unconsciously.

"Fucking leave her, You Bastard!" JK grumbled in anger making Minho chuckle.

"is it hurting you when I'm touching her, Huh? But you said that she doesn't even matter to you. Then why?" Minho laughed, the sarcasm was visible on his face whereas, his words brought down tears to Aerin's eyes.

She knew that she doesn't matter to him.

"Finally this king's queen is under my paws. I swear dear after killing this damn motherfucker and his child, I'm gonna make you my top slut. You will be my slave forever," He hissed glaring at her. She winced in pain again when she felt his grip became tighter than before.

"AHH! Leave me, You motherfucker," She hissed back glaring at him. He smirked seeing her lioness ecstatic which he likes the most.

"You think so? I will never ever leave you now. You will be my slut," He whispered erotically but his face turned to the side when he felt a tight sting on her cheek.

The impact of Aerin's slap was that hard that Minho's cheek turned red. His eyes became even scarier than before which were thirsty for her. He felt his ego going hurt when she slapped him in front of hundreds of his men.


Within light speed, he slapped her back that she landed on the floor crying out.

"KYUN MINHO!!! YOU DARE TO THIS ONE AGAIN, YOU WILL BE DEAD," JK growled in anger feeling his heart has been ripping apart seeing Aerin like this when she wasn't even recovered from her delivery yet.

"Oh! Is the King angry? I like that. Now, look what I will do with her in front of your bare eyes and helpless states," Minho smirked moving his hands towards Aerin's face, and gripped her jaw tightly squeezing it that she winced closing her eyes.

JK clenched feeling anger has been building inside her when Minho brought his face closer to hers. The fear was written all over Aerin's face and her eyes were screaming help which JK could see very well.

Before Minho could kiss her, JK was fast enough to shoot right on his arm making him land back on the floor holding his arm while groaning in pain. Before the men could attack JK he again successfully shot some of them on their forehead running towards Aerin's direction.

V, JM, and Yoongi too entered the area with some of their men whether the other men were engaged in the fight out of the tower. The loud gunshots were hearable everywhere. The ear-piercing gunshots were making it hard for her to be stable. Slowly, the area started filling with dead bodies.

"omg! Aerin ah?" Jimin gasped seeing Aerin laying on the floor.

"Kook, first take her to a safe place. she is not safe here," Yoongi said making JK nod as he kneeled down to her level.

"Aerin ah, get up... get up," He tried to make her stand but she was way too weak. her legs felt like jelly and her head was in ache due to the impact of Minho's hard slap. Not finding any other option, JK picks her up in the bridal style moving towards a safe place, JK brought her to a safe corner placed her down on the floor as she leaned on the wall.

"Do not move or come out, Stay here," JK warned her making her nod in return. "Jungkook ah," Before he could go she stopped him making him confused. "Yes?"

"Please, save Aejung," She requested, her eyes holding pain and hope at the same time.

"I will,"

With that, he covered her with the cardboard and drums that were placed there before going back to the area where everyone was.

Aerin gasped again hearing a loud gunshot that echoed in the godown area. She started crying brutally covering her ears but her heart was longing for her daughter. She was praying for her safety.

Please be safe, baby.

Appa will save you.


After an hour, the gunshots were finally stopped. Everything was turned silent as they finished shooting all of the men.

"Jungkook, We still don't know yet where Aejung is. we need to find her," V spoke after coming back towards their direction.

"I know, We need to find her," JK Murmured as all of them get to search for Aejung. They searched for every possible and impossible place where they could search for her. But unfortunately, she was nowhere.

JK's heart started screaming in pain as he wasn't getting any single hope to find his daughter.

'Aejung ah, baby where are you?'

"Where is Minho?" Jimin asked.

"He is finished, I th----"


They all heard Minho's loud voice that echoed on the tower gaining their attention. He was standing at a far place with a gun in his right hand pointing somewhere.

"I'm sure, you don't want to see your daughter, dead. Do you?"

"MINHO!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" JK growled earning a peal of mischievous psychotic laughter from Minho. His body slowly was filling with rage. The limit of his patience was giving up and the only thing he wants to do is to get his child out safely from here.

"See," pointing at the top of the tower where little Aejung was placed on a basket hanging to with the rope on the top of the lighthouse.

"KYUN MINHO!!" All growled witnessing the tragic site from their eyes. JK's felt his heart has been discarding deep, tears formed in his bloody-red eyes seeing how much his child was crying whether Minho was thinking of it as a joke.

It was not Aejung who was hanged on the top but also JK's breaths. His child was lying under the mouth of death and he can't let anything happen to her. He can't let anything happen with his baby for sure.

"Minho, Free her," V growled when the loud cries of the baby echoed mixing with the wind blowing there. They could that she was damn scared too. She could feel that she was in danger and she was screaming for help with her wails.

"What if I say no. I hate this child. This child even played a more important role in separating Aerin from me. I will kill her for sure," spoke Minho with rage and hatred was clearly visible in his orbs for the baby.

"Kyun Minho, You can't do this. She is just a newborn," Yoongi hissed earning a roguish smirk from him.

"You think so? I can do anything," pointing his gun on the basket, warned them when JK's breath almost left his lungs.

"KYUN MINHO!!! DO THIS, AND YOU WILL BE DEAD," JK warned pointing his gun at Minho with wrath was clearly visible in his teary eyes for Minho.

"Don't challenge me, Jeon. I can kill that dirty blood of yours in just a millisecond," spoke Minho with hatred and despise clearly visible for the little girl who has been crying for so long.

"FREE HER!!" JK growled making Minho smirk again that JK's blood boil. He was feeling like killing himself. He was hating himself for not being able to just end the game in the second and save his daughter. He was hating himself for all of this.

But he knew that too, he can't do this. what if Minho actually shot Aejung. The little girl will directly fall into the big sea below the lighthouse tower. He needs to be careful with this.

One wrong step could take his child's life and he needs to be really careful

"I won't, Today is that brat's last day on earth and I will gonna kill her," he hissed in hatred pulling the trigger of his gun when JK's eyes were wide. "NO!"

Before Minho could shoot, a loud gunshot echoed in the area making everyone gasp. Minho turned around only to see Jaechan was standing there with a gun in his hand and he just shot Minho on his abdomen.

Resentment and despise were completely visible in Jaechan's eyes for Minho as he finally realized how wrong he was to supporting Minho in every bad deed. Everyone was shocked but JK finding a chance quickly ran away from there to reach the top of the tower to save Aejung. He can't let anything happen with her, for certain.

Jaechan's face was showing one emotion for Minho. An emotion of disgust. He was disgusted with those dirty words of Minho for his sister. He was not fully unconscious. he was listening to everything Minho said while torturing his sister. He never ever in his worst dreams thought, that Minho's intentions were that malicious for Aerin.

He wanted to provide Aerin in secured hands, not in hands of an unmerciful, disgusting satan who doesn't even care to shoot a little child who just entered some days before in this world.

"You're making me feel disgusted upon yourself, Kyun Minho. I never in my worst dreams, thought that you will turn out to be like this. Geez! I was so wrong that I thought my sister will be safe with you. But you know what, Thank You for proving me wrong. at least Jungkook is better than you,"

Minho's facial expression changed into an angry one with Jaechan's words that completely triggered his mind. And without thinking twice, he shot Jaechan back on his chest.

"If you hate me that much, then die," He hissed on Jaechan's face not showing a single emotion. V and Jimin were completely shocked how the two old friends shot each other. They could tell how selfish was Minho that when his friend tried to show him a mirror, he shot him.

With a loud thud, Jaechan's body landed on the floor closing his eyes as no one can tell if his breaths were going on or stopped.

"Kook ah, try to undo the rope. we don't have much time the basket is breaking," Yoongi said making JK nod quickly as he was finding something to reach the peek where Aejung was hanged in a basket that covered her completely also as about to broke.

And, If the basket broke, Aejung will directly fall into the deep sea. JK with the help of the inciting bricks, finally successfully climbs the top of the lighthouse where the basket was hanged. The cracking sound reached his ears alerting him that he should do the things fast otherwise, the basket could break anytime.

he hissed in frustration when he found out the lock on the basket. Yoongi was right that they don't have any other option left except cutting the rope cause the basket was locked and Minho has the key. He doesn't have time to go back and snatch the keys from Minho and come back to open the basket so he has to take the risk and cut the ropes.

He took out the knife from his shoe trying to reach more to the place and started working on cutting the ropes. He could hear his baby was crying inside the basket. Her state seems to be completely petrified.

"Aejung ah, Don't cry. dad is here, baby, Dad will save you," He soothed her praying that she might hear him while working on the rope. He started cutting down the rope while holding the base of the basket from his other hand so that basket won't slip from his hands.

His hands were working on the ropes continuously and within minutes, it was done. He safely pulled the basket towards himself hugging the basket as if his life was dependent upon it which really was. He climbed down the tower safely with the basket securely holding in his hands, he could hear his baby was sobbing and crying.

Placing the basket on a safe corner, he broke the lock with the help of his knife undoing it, and took Aejung out of it embracing her tightly.

"baby shush!! Dad saved you. You're out of danger now," He smiled kissing her cheeks while patting her to calm her cries.


when a loud gunshot echoed again shocking him.

Minho's body directly falls into the sea leaving JK bewildered only to find Yoongi shot him before he could aim at Aejung and Jungkook. Jungkook looked at Yoongi while he gave JK a reassuring nod that everything was undertaken by them now.


"Doctor, How's Oppa?" Aerin asked the doctor who just comes out of the OT room.

They all took Jaechan to the hospital when Jimin and V finally realize that he was still breathing. Aerin contacted Ahyeon as Ahyeon has the right to know about his husband's condition. Both Ahyeon and Eunho came to the hospital to see him.

All were present there waiting for a single hope.

"We took out the bullets but...."

"But what, Doctor?"

"He was badly injured for sure. The chances are 80-20. We can't tell if he will be..."

The doctor looked down in a sorry leaving Ahyeon and Aerin shocked. Ahyeon's eyes filled with after as she started bursting into cries and sobs which for certain, didn't go unnoticed by V. He could tell how much in grief she was. and he was feeling the pain. Her pain.


"Aerin ah?" Jaechan whispered weakly opening his eyes to find his sister sitting beside him on the bed.

"Oppa," She was trying hard not to cry in front of him. She needs to be strong for him. She can't let him see how weak she was feeling.

"Oppa, the doctor said, you will be fine very soon,"

Jaechan let out a laugh looking at his younger sister who got confused.

"You have maybe grown so much. But you're still my little baby butter. I could tell whenever you lie to me," He chuckled bringing the tears to Aerin's eyes.

"I know, my life doesn't have any guarantee now,"

"Why are you talking like this, Oppa? You will be fine," Aerin protested sighing making Jaechan chuckled.

"Aerin ah, listen to me..." He asked making her nod.

"I want to apologize for all of my deeds. I want to apologize for bringing you into this mess. I want to apologize for making you cry. I want to apologize for not supporting you when you needed your elder brother the most," He whispered weakly.

"Oppa, please, we could discuss this later,"

"No, I want to earn your forgiveness now. So that I could sleep peacefully," He said smiling making Aerin burst into cries. All of this was witnessing by JK who was standing out of the room watching them from the glass with an emotionless expression on his face.

"I forgave you, Oppa. I forgave you a long ago. Now, please, stop this and rest," Aerin requested but Jaechan shook his head in return making Aerin frown.

"No, I also have to apologize to someone else, too," He said and Aerin let out a scowl in confusion.

"Please, bring Ahyeon to me," He insisted making Aerin completely blank for a millisecond before she called for Ahyeon who was outside of the ward. Jungkook gestured Ahyeon to go inside which she did.

"Ahyeon ah, I may not deserve to earn your forgiveness but still I'm asking for it,"

"Please forgive me for every single thing I did to you. I was an idiot not to understand a Jewel, like you. I was stupid for torturing you. I was a fool for playing with you," He whispered weakly whereas Ahyeon was listening to him with a completely blank expression not knowing what to do or say.

"I'm really sorry for doing all those deeds with you. I'm really sorry for ruining your life. I know that you have a past with V and I also know that you're pure like a diamond. Still, I did those unmerciful deeds with you. I've always behaved like a jerk with you. please forgive me," He stated weakly bringing tears to her eyes.

"I've already named my everything on your, Eunho, and Aerin's name. You don't have to look for a living after me. Just live happily and make sure to give yourself a chance, you deserve someone better than me. V is a nice guy. Take good care of my son for me. It's my last wish,"

"and if it is possible for you, please forgive me,"

"I forgave you,"

She stated weakly trying not to break down when all those hurtful memories from the past filled her mind. Jaechan smiled for the last time before closing his eyes peacefully and she knew he is gone... For always.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Ahn. He is no more,"

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