The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 56




"What? Are you a fool? I'm not taking you anywhere. You won't come with me," JK finished putting on his bulletproof shield before wearing the shirt again.

"Jungkook ah, Please try to understand," Aerin insisted before she could say further he stopped her.

"I can't take the risk with your life, So just stay here and take a rest. I have other plans," JK said emotionlessly wearing his boots and putting his knife under his shoes.

Even tho, he agreed to Minho's deal of taking Aerin to him because he didn't have much time to think at that moment, but he isn't a fool to take his wife to that satan's territory. With the baby, he also can't take risks with Aerin's life. He isn't absurd to obey Minho in his every demand no matter if it makes sense or doesn't. He has planned something else.

He will take one of his female guards after changing her to Aerin's looks completely. But he won't take Aerin. His heart was not giving him the permission to do so.

After Jungkook came back to the mansion to take the papers and other things, he told Aerin everything leaving her in hysteria. That how Jaechan and Minho kidnapped Aejung. and, Minho asked for Aerin in exchange for Aejung.

"Jungkook please, try to understand---"

"No means no, I won't take you with me and that's my final decision," JK announced to her leaving her in dismay.

"If you're not taking risks with my life then you're taking a risk with Aejung's life," spoke Aerin, leaving JK blank for a moment. He didn't know what to say or tell her now but for certain, He was now, completely speechless cause, Aerin's words do have a point.


"I don't want you to take risks with anything. Minho is dangerous and psycho and if he found out that you tried to play a trick on him, he could harm our daughter without even thinking twice. Rage is the only emotion which he has. So, think wisely and take me with you instead of taking someone else like me. With this at least, we could save Aejung without any obstruction and I know, you will save me,"

Aerin explained finally knocking on JK's brain. she trusts him that he will save her and no doubt, he will. But still, he didn't want to take any chance with her life. She wasn't even recovered properly yet.

"Aerin is right, Kook. Take her with us,"

Yoongi out of nowhere spoke gaining the couple's attention.

"But Hyung---"

"take her with us. because Minho is really dangerous and if by any chance, he found out that we were playing a trick on him regarding Aerin, he will definitely harm Aejung,"

"We will save Aerin for sure too. But we also have to secure Aejung without any obstacle,"

Yoongi said as JK groaned in frustration.

"Okay fine. come with us,"


"Mr. Jeon, I think after her brother's death, she's been going through some anxiety and stress," the doctor explained whether JK and other family members were present in his bedroom.

After Jaechan's funeral, Aerin was left alone completely. She as feeling like her every loved one left her alone in this venomous world. She was feeling so alone and restless that she has fallen sick.

For the past few days, Aerin was going through a high fever and her condition was pitiful.

"I've done some changes in her medicines, let's see if this time it will leave any improvement,"

"Okay, Thank You, doctor," Jungkook thanked the doctor getting up from the edge of the bed and left with the doctor while Yumi stayed with Aerin, who was unconscious because of her condition, and Mrs. Min was taking care of the little one.


JK's sleep broke in the middle of the night hearing splitting sounds of the window. The wind was blowing with strength. The curtains were blowing wildly as the moonlight was the only light that was filled in their room.

It was looking as if the rain is about to come.

The bolts of lightning were scattering outside of their room. The sound was noticeable.

He found Aerin still sleeping peacefully beside him hugging the blanket tightly on her chest. He slid out his arms from her waist getting up from the bed to go and close the windows so that Aerin's sleep won't snap.

Closing the windows, he came to the side of the bed. Sitting beside her, he brought his hand to her forehead placing her palm on her soft, pale skin checking her temperature.

Her fever has gone

He sighed in relief, covering her till her shoulders with the warm quilt, he got up as about to get to sleep when the soft cries filled his ears. He knew that Aejung has woken up because of thunderstorms. he went to pick her up from the crib while patting her.

"Aww baby, You woke up again?" He chuckled looking at whether she was looking at him with her cute Bambi eyes. JK smiled looking at her as she was continuously throwing her hands in the air probably wanting to touch JK's face which didn't go unnoticed by him, for sure.

He smiled bringing his face closer to hers as she placed her tiny fingers on her nose-tip. She giggled throwing her hands again which mistakenly hit on his nose as he let out a slight scowl.

"Aooww! You're a bad baby. You hit Appa," He pouted cutely making the little infant giggle throwing her hands again making him smile. Holding her close to his chest, JK went downstairs.

The whole mansion was empty as the hall was surrounded by dim lights. Everyone was sleeping when the father and daughter were giggling and playing. JK kept talking to her in a soft-candy tone making her giggle and happy.

He went to the kitchen while holding her and talking to her whether she replied to him with her giggles and laughs.

"My baby must be hungry, right?" He asked as she giggled making him laugh.

"that's why you woke up," he asked as she giggled again playing in his arms.

"It's okay, Let Daddy prepare your food, My little euphoria"

He made cute and weird faces bringing laughter to Aejung's face that made him smile too. He took out some ingredients started preparing for Aejung's formula with his right hand and with the left hand, he was holding the little baby, securely.

After finishing preparing her formula, he waited for some minutes to let it cool down while spending time playing with his little cute bun-bun. After feeding her, he brought her back to their bedroom placing her on the crib while she was still nowhere in her eyes. She was still tittering and giggling.

He giggled too while playing with her. It was after a long time, he was giggling and laughing like this. All thanks to his little puffy ball.

He was feeling like living again, playing again, enjoying again.

He chuckled at her cute, adorable tactics, covering her head and ears with the pink knitted hat making her look even more adorable.

"Now we played enough, My bun-bun. You need to sleep now," he whispered pecking her cute chubby cheeks making her squeal cutely.

"Good night, baby. Now close your eyes," He said patting her tummy till she fell asleep. He smiled seeing her innocent features.

She may have inherited the structures from her dad but her features are exactly the same as her mother.

Soft and innocent


After a long tragic time, JK has achieved his happiness, his smile once again only thanks to his little child. He has become fond of her love. After Aerin, Aejung is the second person who brought happiness to his life. Aerin's betrayal broke him down completely, for sure. But his child again brought joy and happiness with her.

She has become the cause of his euphoria.

he pecked her both cheeks and forehead before covering ith her little baby blanket to keep her warm as the weather is shivering cold.

He was about to go back to sleep as it was almost 3:AM of the night when another lightning crackled with a thunderstorm making Aerin gasp as she screamed covering her ears and face. JK quickly marched towards her side.

"Aerin ah?"

He sat down beside her seeing her shivering because of fear.

"Ju-ungko-ok ah---"

"Hey shush! Shush! I'm here," He calmed her down. Wrapping her arms around his torso, She clung to him like a small scared koala burying her face in his chest. Her petite form didn't go unnoticed by JK. He brought his hands to her hair slightly caressing them.

"Don't worry, I'm here," He murmured in a soothing voice witnessing how damn petrified she was. He could clearly understand and he is willing to help her in improvement from her brother's tragedy.



"I-I'm s-scared,"

"It's okay, I'm here,"

"P-please, d-don't l-leave me,"

"I won't. Don't worry,"

He whispered back, his voice was calming and soft that helped her to relax back. He continued to caress her hair while she stayed under his powerful arms. She felt secure.

"You need to take a rest. Now sleep, my little bird,"

He calmed her down. Minutes of staying in the same position while hugging her, JK finally noticed that she fell asleep again. her pale face illuminating under the moonlight inciting her flawless features.

He slowly laid her down back on the soft mattress covering her with the warm quilt.

"sleep tight, My little bird,"


Aerin's eyes opened feeling the warmness of the sunlight that was blessing her forehead. She groaned sitting up on the bed while leaning back. She was feeling better and energetic than before.

All thanks to the family members and him.

They all took good care of her health when she was deeply petrified and afraid. Her troublesome state made members so worried for her. She heard her baby's giggles who was lying beside her while giggling.

Aerin could tell that the baby can also feel what was happening near her. She may not speak currently but she understands the surrounding for sure. On the day after Jaechan's funeral, Aerin fell sick.

Every family member was so worried about her health. Even, Jungkook could see that Aejung was so sad and cried the whole day. She even refused to take her milk and remain empty stomach all day while crying. after a lot of trouble, JK successfully fed her so that she too won't fall sick like her mother.

A smile comes upon Aerin's face seeing her little daughter giggling beside her while looking at her mother with her big adorable Bambi eyes. She took little Aejung in her arms to feed her. She was so sorry to her little daughter that she wasn't able to feed her daughter her milk because of her high fever.

"Mama is so sorry to you baby. She wasn't with you when you needed her the most," Aerin spoke, guilt was plopping from her face. The sadness covered her face. But didn't lasts for too long cause, little Aejung finally started sucking her breastmilk.

She smiled at Aejung's adorable features. Kissing her soft, chubby cheeks, Aerin fed her till she fell asleep in her mother's embrace.

"Oh honey, you finally woke up," Mrs. Min exclaimed entering their room. A bright smile appeared on her face seeing Aerin. She went their placing her palms on Aerin's forehead.

"Thank god, Your temperature is normal now," Mrs. Min smiled, smiling back, Aerin placed Aejung back on the bed putting soft pillows beside her.

"umm... Aunt, what is the date today?"

"24 Sep. Why sweetie?"

"Uh! Nothing. I just asked." She said as Mrs. Min nodded.

"Probably counting the days, Huh? So let me tell you, you were sick for the past 2 weeks," She informed Aerin making Aerin gasped in surprise.

"2 weeks?" She asked as Mrs. Min nodded.

"Anyway, I'm so happy you're fine now. Here, I got you warm milk. Come on, drink it." She ordered as Aerin made a weird face shaking her head making Mrs. Min glared at her.

"Don't make that face. Drink it," She commanded making her pout as she finally took the glass gulping it down in one go. Mrs. Min chuckled looking at her.

"Now rest well," She patted her head before exiting the room to do her work.


"Can I ask you for something?"

Aerin asked JK, who was wrapped badly in his work.


"Can I visit Ahyeon? It's been pretty long since, I met her," she asked gaining his attention from the computer screen to upon herself. He remains silent for a moment before speaking back.

"You can go. And, you don't have to ask for my permission for visiting her," He spoke making her surprised at his statement.

'Is he being understanding?'

"But, Do not take Aejung with you. She might get annoyed there," He suggested at which she nodded.


"Hmm," He nodded before enveloping himself back in his work as she left his library.


"How are you feeling?"

Ahyeon asked with a small smile plastered on his face. Aerin could she was sad but not to make conversation awkward with her friend. She was hiding her sadness under her smile.

"I'm better than before," Aerin responded.

"I know, I talked to aunt today (Mrs. Min)," Spoke Ahyeon.

"Hmm, Anways, How are you and how's Eunho?" Aerin asked.

"Umm... We are doing pretty good and Eunho is on a school trip. I thought it would be better if I send him away from home for some days. The atmosphere here is pretty thick" She said, A little sadness wrapped in her eyes that they became glossy.

Aerin placed her hand on hers understanding her friend's situation very well. She could understand how she was feeling. If God had snatched Aerin's brother then he snatched Ahyeon's husband too.

"You did right," Aerin said making her nod.

"Ahyeon ah, I..I..." She hesitated a bit in completing her sentence which didn't go unnoticed by Ahyeon.

"What happened?"

"Umm... C..can I..I ask something?"


" you have a past with V... I'm mean T..Taehyung?"
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