The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 57

"Do You have a past with V... I'm Mean T..Taehyung?" She asked nervously. Her lip went dried asking her the question. She could sense that Ahyeon's muscles tensed up. She for sure was hurt with the question.

Guilt covered Aerin's mind as she realized what she just asked. She sighed looking away.

I shouldn't have asked her that'

She shrugged. Her question may hurt Ahyeon so much but her intentions weren't to hurt her best friend. She was just trying to help her out. She wanted the best for her.

She wanted happiness for her

She wanted her to settle down

Moreover, She wanted her friends to give her life a second chance.

Maybe the happiness is waiting for Ahyeon to open the door of her heart so that it could enter and fill her life with joy and delight. Moreover...Love.

"He was the guy who p..proposed during our high school days?" Ahyeon finally spoke making Aerin surprise with her claim.

"Means, he was the guy about whom, you told me?" She asked being flabbergasted as Ahyeon nod slightly leaving Aerin in hysteria.


"We contacted Mr. Yang, The consignment has been delivered safely," Jimin informed closing the network system before entering JK's cabin.

"he is really satisfied with the deal," Jimin informed as a content smirk comes upon JK's lips after hearing the good news.

"Good, Anything else?" Jk asked.

"Actually, Those Drifters still didn't back away," V informed.

"How? and Why?" cocking his eyebrows, JK asked.

"We tracked down some unknown activities from the port of Busan on last Tuesdays. We sent our men and they find some attackers entered our territory without any legal right, Our men caught them on spot and after keeping them in the cell for proper three days, they finally spoke out that they were working for those damn drifters,"

V explained every detail. Jk's eyes darkened hearing Drifter's names.

'The Drifters ', One of their biggest rivals of Mobs. The whole group was against JK from starting and trying their best to attack Mobs any chance they could get. Hence, they sent some more of their men to attack the Port so that they could enter the Mob Territory.

It was not like this from the very first start. The leader of the drifters, Nicholas, and the Boss of the Mob, JK, were in good terms of business. They even worked as each other's system for a pretty time. JK would help him in his all-black business. From the selling of drugs to weapons trading. All of it. he helped him in the business of almost all armaments.

But everything a rivalrous turn when JK found out that, With drug dealings and weapon trading, Nicholas is involved in Human trafficking and Prostitution of minor children against their will too. He would ask for JK's help again and again and all the things came into JK's eyes when Yoongi informed him about all of this.

Eventho, JK was also involved in prostitution clubs but he never forced anyone to do so. The persons who were working on that field with their own consent were the only. And Minors were far away from this. And, Human trafficking was never something he was satisfactory doing and was interested in.

All the information they were continuously getting about the kidnappings and abductions were got cleared that Nicholas and his team were behind this. Not only this but Nicholas was actually kidnapping people from JK's territory without even his knowledge.

When JK got to know about all of this, He immediately cut down Nicholas's connections with every route that comes under Mob territory and Blocked all of the consignments and trading. The thing made Nicholas so outrageous that Mob and Drifters ended up having a war almost.

From there, Nicholas divided all of his sections from Mobs'. He started everything on his own but the rage was still inside him because JK blocked his every way of Human trafficking. after the fire of the war was silent, everything was normal back then when JK again heard that Geniters were trying to attack and enter Mob territory.

Not only this, They even wanted as much as they could snatch from JK and his region. And every time, He would send his men any chance they could get.

"Kill them and send the last warning to those damn Drifters that if they didn't back off, get ready for the war, again," JK gritted clenching his teeth as the anger was clearly visible on both his tone and face.

"Got that," V nodded exchanging eye contact with Jimin and Jimin quickly nodded.

"It will be, don't worry," Jimin said. All of them were about to leave when JK stopped V.


"Yes?" V asked turning around. JK sighed before getting up moving towards the side of his table, whether as, V was standing there in dismay.

"It's been long. It's enough," JK said leaving V in more consternation.

"What is enough?" He asked making JK chortle.

"I could see clearly whatever you had wrapped under yourself. Whatever you have, Just... Just let it out. throw it out. A prosperous starting has been waiting for you. Clear the confusion. Whatever has happened, let it go. give yourself a chance. Think of getting the things back you lost years ago. Maybe, something fair is waiting for you,"

JK stated leaving V with a frown on his face. Looking away, V was unable to think of salutary words to state anything back to JK. He was swimming in the ocean of complexity where he was left completely disconcerted and restless.

"I hope you're getting my words, dude," He asked making V perplexed. Patting V's shoulder, JK left the cabin leaving V drowning deep in his thoughts.

'I got very well what you've told me, kook'

'But, neither it is easy nor it is in my hands'



"Here we go again," Jimin scoffed throwing the whole map on the glass table across the big conference room. JK cocked his eyebrows and V rolled his eyes whereas Yoongi kept sitting too lazy to express any expression.

"It's upside down, turn it again," V commanded rolling his eyes.

"Then how I will gonna explain," Jimin asked.

"As if our perception doesn't matter? Huh?" V jeered as both of them glared at each other.

"Guys, please stop this bullshit and fucking start the explanation," Yoongi finally spoke out lazily, making JK chuckle under his breath as Jimin nodded. Tucking the map on the headboard, Jimin turned on the projector explaining everything bit by bit.

"But, If the quarter has two sides. Haven't you planned for the second entering point?" V asked as Yoongi nodded in agreement.

"That's why I'm telling you to keep fucking shut yourself till I fucking complete my explanation, You little fucker!" Jimin shrieked sarcastically as V pouted looking down.

"Whatever," V murmured.

"Hmm, So... We had settled our men on both entering points but if they tried to enter by any other way, they had to face our extra force first. V and Yoongi will be on entering end 1 whether as I and Kook, will be on end 2. The CCTV cameras have been installed everywhere and our force will be keeping their eyes on 24/7, If any strange movement happens, the chaps of drifters will quickly be caught by our men,"

Jimin explained as all kept listening to him till he finishes. Finally, after fifteen minutes of hard explaining with innumerable cross-questions from his little punk, V, Jimin finally finished.

"Nicholas will try to send his chaps first and he can try to enter from any point. Hence, We had to stay on both ends. That's why I divided us into two. So we could be active at the same time in two different places,"

Jimin explained the last part of his statement breathing heavily. After finishing he quickly picks up the glass, drinking the water in one go. V laughed under his breath at Jimin while Jimin was almost exhausted with the amount of work he was getting nowadays.

"The plan is pretty good. Let's start our work by the next week," JK stated.

"Yeah, next week," V teased wiggling his eyebrows as Jimin glared at him making him chuckle.

"You could start earlier if you want, We'll be ready by any time," Jimin said.

"Yeah, why not? We will celebrate Jimin's wedding anniversary after the mission," Yoongi suggested JK. Jimin's eyes widen in astonishment at Yoongi's words.

"Hyung? seriously?" He asked in dismay making Yoongi chortle.

"Relax, We'll first celebrate the one year of your prison," Yoongi said making V laugh out loud that made Jimin red in anger.

"Can't you sit normally, you sucker?" Jimin yelled.

"Sucker?" V repeated.

"Sucker?" Jimin repeated again.

"That's what I asked?" V retorted.

"Sorry, My tongue slipped," Jimin murmured.

"Did you perhaps ate Soap in the breakfast?" V asked making Jimin red in anger.


"Okay guys enough, the plan is pretty well. We will work on it from next week after Jimin Hyung's anniversary," Jungkook said getting up from the chair leaving the room as Yoongi left after exchanging a look with V and Jimin.

"I'm gonna advise Daihee to take a really high expensive gift from you that your wallet and cards gonna be dry," V whispered winking as Jimin looked at him in dismay. Before he could catch V left smirking.


"Try me, btw, I also am a genius in gun's business," V retorted back leaving the conference room.


After finishing all of his work, JK was back to the mansion. There was dead silence spreading all around the region as it was so late. He was taking his steps forwarding upstairs but in middle, he stopped hearing some snoring sounds from the side of the hall.

His eyes furrowed in wonder, with a little frown, he made his way towards the side of the hall where was the kitchen. Reaching upon it, he saw something that made him chuckle in confusion.

There was Aerin sleeping peacefully on the chair while her head placed upon her arms on the table. He frowned sighing.

Was she waiting for me?

Marching with slow steps towards her sleeping figure, he studied her mesmerized characteristics. He thought of not breaking her pretty sleep, but the damn sound of utensil already woken her up.


he cursed under his breath.

"Oh you came back?" She asked, her voice was hoarse because of sleep.


"Wait," Getting up from the chair, she went inside the kitchen and after some time, came back with bowls in her hands. She finished putting the warm food on the plate before looking at him.

"Aunt prepared this for you tonight. But you didn't come earlier so she asked me to give it after you come back," She explained. Nodding, Jk sat down on the chair ready to eat the meal that was his favorite and cooked by Mrs. Min.

"did you ate?" He asked out in blue.

"Hmm, I had with members," She replied. Nodding, he gets himself back to have his dinner.

Aerin kept standing there fidgeting with her fingers thinking deeply about something. Her tension didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook. Placing the spoon on the table, he substituted his eyes towards her.

"Do you have something to say?" He asked.

"Huh? uh mm... yeah actually,"


"I want to talk about V..." She said, the hesitation was clearly visible in her tone when she knows she brought his friend's name.

"What?" He asked calmly, feeling relieved by his healthy tone, she made her mind to finally let her words out. after all, the thing was related to someone's life.

She knew Ahyeon won't gonna get ready for this. So she definitely has to share this with JK. Some actions really needed to take place.

"I want to say that V and Ahyeon should get married,"

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