The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 5

"People said that Lies broke the relationship between partners. But if I told you truth I will ended up losing you.
Atleast this lie is keeping me and you together"



They all were sitting in the room together. Jk was playing his guitar while sitting on the stairs in the middle of the bed's and is singing the song for all of them as the children were listening to him with open mouth.

Between his lines, time to time his eyes went on a small girly figure who was sitting with the children there and can't Keep his eyes off from her. While she is smiling widely while listening to his sweet voice.

Some children were sitting on there bed looking downside where their Kookie uncle was sitting and singing song for them.

She was sitting there just smiling widely as Jaemin is sitting on her lap clapping his hands while enjoying the song which jk is singing for everyone there, specially for his heartbeat, his beautiful girl.

After singing the last lines of the songs he finishes the song very beautifully and everyone clapped for him. His eyes went on the middle of the children again where he saw AeRin is clapping her hands with really wide and Beautiful smile on her face. He smiled while seeing her and she gave him a Thumbs up in appreciation which he takes gladly.

Jaemin: woahh!! Uncle you sing really nice.

Jk: thanks cham.

He thanked him while pulling his pluffy cheek and he pouted annoyingly which make everyone laugh.

Ahjumma: come now it's time to eat something.

All: yeah...

After that they went to had their lunch and also spend more time with the children. As she likes to be with them so much.

When he was playing with the children in the garden his eyes roamed here and there for search of AeRin's as she was nowhere to be seen. He looked here and there but still didn't find her.

Jk: AeRin ah..

He called her name but she didn't respond still. He excused himself from the kids and went to search her.
His curiosity increase too much when he just didn't saw her. He roamed in the garden and saw a girl who was talking to someone on the phone. His breaths come back when he saw her. He just got worried. He went there while she was busy talking with someone.

AR: don't worry I will do my work carefully... You don't have to come here. And I will inform you when the work will be finished.

She said these words to other side person with the call. She turned back while talking and saw jk was there. Her breath just got stuck for a second as he was standing there.

AR: o-okay... I will call you later.

She said and cut the call and went there where jk was standing. She started smiling when she went near him.

AR: you? Here?... Why?... You should go and play with children.

She asked him while making the situation a little easier for herself.

Jk: with whom you was talking... And what work you have to do.?

He asked with a raised eyebrow and she laughs nervously at his question.

AR: You know... My friend Ah Yeon. She called me. As she gave me some assignments to complete. That's why she called to ask if I completed her work or not. Nothing else.

Jk: oh okay...

He said and she quickly grabs his arms and interlocked her fingers with his one whole looking at him with her cute expression.

AR: come... We should join the kids.

She said excitedly and jk nodded while smiling but still his mind didn't wanted to believe what AeRin told him, but he didn't minded it and soon join the kids back with AeRin.


In the night...

They both come back to the apartment after spending almost whole day with the children. She really enjoyed this and all thanks to because of jk.

They both came inside and jk locked the door behind him and took off his jacket and shoes while she went to kitchen.

AR: do you wanna eat something...

She asked breaking the silence between them as their whole ride was silent. He didn't say anything to her in the whole ride. He just drive her back to apartment silently.

He come out of his thoughts when her voice rushed in his ears. He looked in her direction.

Jk: Nope... I'm full. I'm going to bedroom.

AR: okay... I have e to finish some work in the kitchen and after that I will come in the room.

Jk: hmm..

He said and went inside the room while shutting the door. She was noticing his behavior till half day. After the call, she saw changement in jk's behaviour which somehow giving her uncomfortable vives.

She shrugged her shoulder and went inside the kitchen to finish the cleaning as they left the house early today. So some work still was left.


On the other hand, he came inside and sits on the bed silently while thinking about something. He shook his head and took off his sweater and shirt and wore a simple loose shirt and sweatpant.

He lay downs on the bed while rubbing his forehead as something hitting his mind very Badly which is none other than AeRin's words which he heared when she was talking. He again shook his head and lay down on his stomach while digging his face in the pillow.

"Stop thinking useless jk.. you are just thinking too much"

After sometime she finally joined him in the bed. She saw him laying there on his stomach. She went there and hugged him from behind while placing her head on his mascular, broad back.

AR: Jungkook..

Jk: yeah?

AR: is something disturbing you? Tell me...

Jk: nothing I was.. I'm mean my head is aching nothing else.

He said while she was Hugging him from behind. She raised her chin up to see.

AR: and you didn't tell me... Why.

Jk: it's okay.

AR: common.. let me give you a head massage.

Warning: A bit of Mature content

She said while turning him around making him face her. Their faces were just inches apart. She smiled at him and placed her tiny palms over his forehead and starts massaging his head. While he smiled and closed his eyes. When she saw him smiling she sighed internally in relief. Cause that indicated her that everything is going normal inside his mind.

AR: am I making you feel good?

She asked in her slow sweet voice as they were laying there in the dim lights of the room while she was massaging his head.

Jk: you wanna make me feel good?

He asked. Finally this man speak something Seriously. She thought.

AR: yeah...

She said while looking at him through her dark innocent hazels and he smirked. He pulled her by her waist and quickly rolled down and made her underneath himself. She gulped at his sudden change in his behavior. Their faces were dangerously close and she was in a very Uncomfortable position underneath him. But still managed to smile.

Jk: you wanna make me feel good mmm?

AR: yeah... How can i?

She said nervously cause this time his voice was sounding so dangerous yet so Husky which somehow made her shiver till her core. He smiled while caressing her hair. And she smiled back not wanting to make the moment awakward. He gazed her soft plump lips. They are like a iron and his one was like a magnet which can't separate from each other.
He slowly pressed the thin lines of his lips over her plump one starting sucking them.

She got nervous by his actions. She wanted to puch him a little back because of her uncomfortable position. But she knew that she can't. Her hands were just freely placing on the mattress and he noticed it.

He slightly grabbed her both hands and make them wrap around his neck while deepening the kiss. When she wrapped her palms around his neck then his hands started roaming freely on her whole upper body which make her shiver again. He cupped her left bosom and squeezed it making her gasp and he take that as an opportunity to ravish her mouth.

He quickly shoved his hungry tongue inside her mouth and started sucking her tongue giving her weird vives. He never kissed her that hungrily before. But what happened this time.
He opened the few upper buttons of her shirt making her eyes wide open in shock. As his hand now started roaming freely over her naked chest.

She grabbed his collar from behind to get a little distance but he quickly hovered over her completely. His movements were making her startle. She doesn't know how to stop it. But she has to. Cause she can't let that happen.

He slided down the strap of her bra making her mind almost freeze for some minutes. What is he doing and why now. He never did this before. But why now.
She started breathing heavily as he was torturing her mouth. But then let go of her mouth.

AR: J-jungkook m w.. what are you doing.

She asked with a feared expression he just caressed her cheeks with long cold fingers.

Jk: babe.. just lay down and let me do whatever I'm doing. Hm.

He said above her lips Peking them slightly. And then trolled down his kissed till her neck to her chest. He pulled down her bra's strap completely and started kissing and sucking her shoulder making her. Moan.

AR: umm.. ah.. Jungkook please.. n_no. Ah

She felt a sharp pain as he bit her necks's crook slightly. He pressed his clothed erection over her sensitive area making her gasp. And he groaned in pleasure.

Jk: ugh!! Oh god.

He hands started roaming over her completely freely and in a very erotic way. As the the hunger took over him completely. His eyes went to her lower area. And he cupped her sensitive part making her eyes wide open in shock.

Before he can do something more dirty than this she pushes him breathing heavily.

Jk: UGGHH!!!

Mature content Ends

He looked at her with an angry face but then soon control over it not wanted her to scare. She was still panting heavily. She quickly sit up on the bed and pulled her strap back over her shoulder and closed her shirts button.

Jk: what??? We are a couple.

He blurted out and she looked at him with a nervous expression as she realised that she pushed him from the bed.

AR: j.. Jungkook I'm sorry I didn't have any intention to push you but please understand me.

She said while warm tears rolled down her cheeks. She is not an ordinary girl. She is different from other girls. Which make him fall for her and now when she was his he was trying to force her to change into some other ordinary girl. NO. He didn't want this.

When he saw her tears as she was crying there. He felt a lump on his his throat as the guilt took over him that what he did some minutes ago. He quickly get up from the ground and sits beside her. And hugged her while caressing her back.

She also quickly hugged him tightly while dugging her face on his chest crying and sobbing hardly.

Jk: no babe.. please just don't cry.. please. It all is my mistake. I shouldn't have done this. I'm sorry.

AR: no... I should be sorry. I shouldn't have stopped you and push you. I'm sorry please forgive me. I know you have also needs and I am not fulfiing them. But believe me. I will but just give me some time. B-but if you want, y-you can h-have me.

She said while taking her shirt off again and he stopped her quickly before she can open her button. He was feeling shameless at moment. He made her cry. He made her think like this for himself. No he is not like this. He can't do this with his loved one. His baby. Her smile is his breaths, his heartbeat. And he made her cry.


He shouted at her making his movements stop and she looked at him innocently with her innocent, glossy eyes.

Jk: I didn't want this. I want you. Not your body. I'm really sorry for hurting you. I just lost my sense. Please forgive me. But your Jungkook is not like this. He is not.

He said while cupping her face making her look into his dark orbs. She closed her eyes tightly while letting her tear fall again. And then hugged him back.

Jk: I'm sorry babe. I'm sorry for hurting you.

He said while caressing her naive back and she just dig her face in his chest while sobbing and fall asleep on his holds.


Fifteen days later....

She was cooking something really delicious as the smell filled jk's nose when he come out of the room.
He saw her cooking in the kitchen and made his way towards her.

She was busy frying the rises when she felt someone hugged her from behind. He rest his chin above her shoulder and she gave him a peck on his cheek.

AR: Good morning...

Jk: good morning... Babe what are cooking. The smell is really really nice.

AR: bibimbap, japchae and tofu...

She said in her cute voice and he got amazed.

Jk: woah... Why didn't you become a chef. Yah listen. Should we open a restaurant, I will be manager there and you will be the chef. Isn't it a nice idea.

AR: hmm.. I will think about it.

She said smiling. And he hugged her even more tighter. They both were busy in their sweet talks till then his phone ringed. He took out and saw yoongi is calling him. He excused himself from her and went to attend the call. She also got confused with that as who called him now. He rarely gets call during his time with her.

She saw him talking with someone on the phone as he was looking so damn serious like something big has happened.

Jk: okay... Let me come there and I will handle everything by my own. I will be there by evening. Okay.

He said and hanged up and come back to her but this time, his face expression were completely changed. He was not looking a happy jk anymore which was just time ago. She got confused with that so she asked him.

AR: what happened..

Jk: AeRin ah.. I have to go back.

He said and her smile fade away from her face completely. The tears build up in her eyes and now she just have to let them fall.

AR: why.. Is something Wrong.

Jk: actually.. umm.. my Boss called me. He said that we have to go out of the city for a bussines purpose and my presence is must there. So he called me and told me to come back. Cause also my fifteen days leave is completed.

AR: so..

Jk: so.. I have to go back.

He said sadly and she just turned around not wanting him to Face. She hates when he leaves her alone on this house. She wanted to stay with him.

The tears rolled up down on her cheek and she quickly wiped them while sniffing. When he heared her sniffs. He quickly made her turn around to face e himself but she was looking down.

Jk: jagiya.. please don't be sad. Don't cry please. I will come back soon. Please understand me Work is also important. And I'm doing this all only for you. And if you will cry how can I concentrate there on my work. My mind will remain stuck with you.

AR: No.. I'm not crying.

She said again wiping her tears while sniffing and he sighed.

Jk: please my love. Don't cry. I will come back soon.

He said and hugged her while Patting her back and she also hugged him back. He patted her back to calm her down.

Jk: please... Please.. Don't cry. Please. I will feel Hurt. You know that it hurts me. And will be unable to concentrate there on my work. Hmm. Please.

AR: I'm not... You pabo. Just go and do your work. And make sure to come back soon.

Jk: I will...

He said while kissing her hair and Patting her back while she was Hugging him tightly. He felt hurt when he saw her crying. But work is also important, it's true. Also the truth which he didn't tell her still is making him more guilty.

"I'm sorry AeRin ah... But I can't tell you why I'm going back. Of I tell you the truth about me, I will lost you and I don't wanted to loss you."

"Atleast this lie is keeping me and you together"

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