The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 58

Parking the car on a sideway, Aerin comes out closing the door behind herself. Taking a deep breath before stepping inside. She was welcomed by loneliness. Pressing the ring bell, she looked here and there analyzing how calm the surroundings were.

After some time, Ahyeon finally opened the door. She was surprised to see Aerin there. Smiling, Aerin shared a warm hug with her friend as she let Aerin inside.

"How are you?" asked Aerin, taking a seat on the couch next to Ahyeon's.

"Fine. And you and how's little Aejung?"

"We are also doing good," She said, bringing a smile to Ahyeon's face. Ahyeon felt happy whenever Aerin visits her. Aerin could clearly see how vacuous her friend was. She was incomplete, unhappy, and demotivated about moving on.

"Omo! AUNT?" Little Eunho came out from his room gasping seeing his best friend, his aunt sitting there. A dazzling smile appeared on both girl's faces seeing the boy. Running, Eunho came towards Aerin's direction hugging her tightly.

"Aww, my baby," Ahyeon chuckled seeing both of them like this.

"I missed you a lot, Aunt," He pouted.

"Aww, baby, Aunt missed you too. Look what I've bought for you," She gasped fakely taking the new toys from the bag. Eunho's eyes widen in surprise making her chuckle.


"Yup, baby,"

"Thank you!" He said hugging her at which she smiled hugging the little boy back. Ahyeon smiled seeing them.

"Now go, test it and tell me if it's working fine or not," Aerin said, little Eunho nodded running to his room.

"So, how are you and Jungkook doing?" Asked AhYeon, gaining Aerin's attention. She looked at her with a sigh.

"Better than before," she replied, making AhYeon smile. AhYeon gave her slight node of 'everything will be alright

"I'm happy for you. You deserve happiness," said Ahyeon making her smile sadly. She could witness the pain in her friend's eyes. Even if Ahyeon was smiling, Aerin knows how sad she was. How alone she was.

There was no one beside her. Who could hold her, soothe her, give her love and care.

She was left all alone with her child.

"You also deserve the happiness, Ahyeon-ah," Aerin said making her mix a little bit.

"Hmm?" asked Ahyeon.

"Ahyeon-ah, I know it may sound meaningless to you. But I think it's the best thing for you," spoke Aerin.

"What?" Aerin placed her hand above hers giving her a soothing smile.

"You should give yourself a.... second chance," She said making the color disappear from Ahyeon's face.

"But, I don't think I need to. I'm enough and I'm doing well," replied Ahyeon, with conviction in her voice.

Her life has been still stuck in her past. As if the reasons for her delight are all died with Jaechan. Indeed, it was true that Ahyeon and Jaechan never had any affectionate bonding. But still, Ahyeon tried hard to make the relationship work for their child's sake.

But now, everything seemed to be meaningless to her.

Aerin sighed, she knows so well that making her agree isn't something in her hands. It's her life and her choice. What Aerin could be just to support in whatever Ahyeon is comfortable with.

That's what she was deemed to do.

Aerin smiled assuring her, she placed her hand on hers giving her a warm smile.

"Whatever you choose, I'm with you always. But still, give a thought to what I've said because someone is still waiting for you," Ahyeon's eyes showed a bit of perplexity with what Aerin just said but she quickly hide it, nodding.


"Damn it," Placing the glass on the table, Jimin leaned back on the couch breathing heavily after taking another shot of his vodka.

"Already done?" V asked cocking his eyebrows making Jimin glare at himself.

"Who said?" Jimin said.

"I thought," V replied, taking another sip of his drink whether as JK and Yoongi were having their own. Tonight, they all thought of having some drinks together after a long time. The music of the club was low and even sensual.

It was not like they all come together, they all had their separate plans to go to the bar at night but they all ended up in the same club. When Jimin arrived at the club, he already found V was having shots at a corner stool on the bar. Yoongi was the third one to come and at last, Jk too after finishing his work thought of going to the club but found them already in the club.

"You've such a low tolerance," V retorted making Yoongi and JK chuckle too.

"yah! Don't ya dare to question my tolerance," Jimin spat making V chortle under his breath.

"Oh! Then let's have one more shot," V challenged making Jimin cock his eyebrow.

"Excuse mE!" Jimin called the servant in the VIP vault they were sitting.

"Yes, Mr. Park?"

"Bring some more Ice cubes, Please," Jimin said as the man left after nodding. After some minutes, he was back with ice-cube trays. Placing it on the table, he left after bowing.

Having another neat shot, they both exhaled deeply as Yoongi made a weird face watching them whereas, JK was dived in his own world drinking his scotch silently.

"Btw, you were working on the Itaewon land project. What happened to it? Didn't it completed?" asked Yoongi to Jimin, making Jimin close his eyes annoyingly. It was the most hateable project JK had ever given him. The clients were all cringing like getting too close to Jimin which he, of course, doesn't like a bit. Seeing their faces, made Jimin puke.

"Seriously, They so cringe," Jimin made a weird face making V and Yoongi laugh.

"So when you gonna complete it?" asked JK, turning his face towards them. A wicked answer played inside Jimin's mind to get rid of this as of course, he didn't like that for sure. He is a damn married man.

"I will complete the work the day V will marry," said making another laugh under their breath whereas, V glared at Jimin.

"Why the heck do you have to bring this damn topic!?" asked V, anger started creeping into his eyes.

"Oh come one, dude. Everyone here is now a damn fucking married man and having responsibilities except you. I'm getting so envious of you seeing you enjoying without any fucking headache. that's why I wanna you to get married now. You're fucking aging," said Jimin, with sarcasm was visible in his voice and face that made other laughs.

V glared at Jimin turning his head towards him.

"The fuck you mean by aging? I'm only 28,"

"Then why are you not marrying?"

"I don't fucking want to. I'm not interested," said V with energy making Jimin roll his eyes. Glaring Jimin, he gets back to drink another shot. Jimin smiled sadly looking at his best friend V. Placing his hand on V's shoulder, he gave him a reassuring smile.

"Listen, friend, I can understand, we all can. tell me, if you're into guys or something like that. we promise we will still support you----"

Before Jimin could complete, Taehyung choked on his own drink spitting it on the nearby dustbin before glaring at Jimin.


"But you're the one who's not showing any interest in marriage, that's why," Jimin said bringing a most innocent look that V can't help but had to calm himself preventing from kicking Jimin. Jk and Yoongi shared a complete pissed expression hearing the two brats.

"Don't predict things about me, Park Jimin. Don't assume whom I'm interested into or whom I'm not," V said, making Jimin frown before he took another sip of his fresh vodka.

"Okay guys enough, let's change the topic please?" Said Yoongi, showing them how pissed he was with all that. V and Jimin shared another look before nodding at Yoongi. They discussed some important points about the mission which they had to keep in mind.

All had their drinks peacefully when another drama happened as Jimin and V had a bet of who will drink more glasses. Jimin lost the bet and unfortunately, V dared him to go for another round with JK which made both JK and Jimin massively overflowed with the amount of alcohol. At last, V had to carry Jimin and Yoongi had to carry JK way back to homes as it was already midnight.


It was almost 1 am of night and JK was still nowhere to be seen. The thing that made Aerin worried for him as he was also not picking his calls up. His phone was saying to be switched off. After putting little Aejung to sleep, Aerin kept and kept waiting for him.

Hours passed but he wasn't home yet. Hence, it made her stay awake till he comes back. Looking at the clock, she again frowned while walking in the living room when she finally heard the footsteps coming inside.

"Aish! My head hurts!" She heard JK's voice.

She quickly marched towards the point where she found Yoongi had been carrying JK on his shoulder. She gasped seeing him like that when Yoongi entered inside, JK finally throws himself in the arms of Aerin making her gasp.

"Oh god! you're heavy," Said Yoongi, tiredly rubbing his shoulder when Aerin gave him a confused look.

"Oppa? What happened?" She asked making Yoongi heave a sigh.

"Actually, he just had a little too much of drinks," Yoongi told her.


"Please take care of her Aerin-ah, He needs rest," Said Yoongi looking at JK who was hugging his wife like a koala.

"Yes, I will,"

"Have a nice night," said Yoongi "you too," Yoongi give her a sympathetic smile before stepping to his room. Aerin sighed looking at JK who was still leaned on above her. She glared at him at which he showed her his big Bambi eyes making her sigh.

"Let's take you to room," murmured Aerin as she turned around with his weight over hers. He put one arm on her shoulders and the other around her waist leaning over her as she continued to walk upstairs.

throwing him on the bed, she took off his shoes and socks before ready to go but he pulled her by her wrist within a swift motion, making her underneath himself. His eyes filled with something filthy as he smirked before leaning in.

"J-Jungkook-ah, Y-your drunk. What are you doing?" She said placing her palms on his chest making him go blank for a moment as he looked at her with his Bambi eyes once again.

"Why did you drink that much," she asked in disbelief making him smile sadly.

"Yup wifey, Cause, Alcohol helps to lose the emotional pain inside you,?" he asked making her frown.

"And now, I'm feeling so much light," He whispered leaning in back again making her gulp down her own saliva. His face was dangerously close to hers as he played a sensual wet kiss on her jawline. Putting his almost half weight onto hers, he trailed down his wet kisses from her jawline to her chest leaving her between fire and ice.

"Why are you so different from other girls, huh? I fucking loved it," whispering above her ear, he placed a butterfly kiss on her earlobe making her gasp. She tried to push him but he holds her hands firmly.

"Don't. Don't try to stop me,"

"Jungkook, You need to sleep," said Aerin, with a little bit of tension in her voice which almost came out as a whisper because of his weight on hers.

"No, I don't wanna sleep. I wanna play with you," He whispered, his tone was heavy and deep. The alcoholic breaths were fanning her face. He nuzzled his face on her neck inhaling her intoxicating scent.

"I will just take a 10 minutes rest, then we will play baby-making. Don't ya dare to sleep," He said, putting his head on her chest closing his eyes. He encircled his arms around her waist. She sighed resting on her spot with him above herself.

She waited for him to open his eyes but he didn't. half an hour passed, but he was still sleeping. Aerin sighed, unlocking his arms around her waist, she made him lie down comfortably on the bed and got up from the bed.

Looking at her dress, she sighed. She still didn't change her clothes. walking towards the closet. Picking out her nighty, she walked inside the bathroom to change. taking her dress off, she changed into the nighty. She was about to put on the robe when she felt something warm on her shoulder.

"I said I will take a 10 minutes rest then we will play,"

Jk placed a wet kiss on her shoulder encircling his arms around. He took off the robe making it fall on the ground nearby her feet. He turned her around kissing her on her lips which she gave in closing her eyes.

He pulled her closer to his chest. Picking her in bridal style, he stepped out of their bathroom. Lying her down on the bed, he hovered over her again. Kissing her from her chest to her belly, he sat between her legs spreading them wide. He took off his shirt letting it fall somewhere on the floor.

He hiked her nighty up till her waist revealing her bare thighs and her innerwear. He trailed down his fingers on her thighs making her feel a pleasurable sensation that she can't help but moan.

"I haven't fucked you for almost a year," he licked his lower hip gazing at her milky thighs. He leaned in placing the wet kissed all over her tummy till her chest. He nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck making her shiver when his fingers were doing their work down on her.

His muscular arms caging her between himself as she was looking like a small kitten trapped under a giant wolf. He kissed her passionately which she returned not knowing what to do.

"Now, I'm gonna play with you," He whispered above her ear nuzzling his face. He leaned in completely putting his weight on hers. She stayed still for some time when she finally realized he fell asleep for real this time.

She chuckled looking at his face which a cute pout. His eyes were closed as he was snoring lightly this time. Indicating he actually fell asleep.

"Someone said he will play. But fell down like a tiny boba,"

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