The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 59

JK sat up on the bed while leaning back resting his head on the headboard. His head was feeling like exploding that he held it tightly groaning because of the headache. He saw himself shirtless that made him shiver because of the cold wind that was coming from the outside of the window hitting his bare chest and arms.

Remembering about last night that how he held a shot round with Jimin, he cursed under his breath angrily.

'It all happened because of those damn fuckers. V and Jimin, '

Exhaling his breath, he groaned feeling heavy by his head. He closed his eyes rubbing his face with his palms vanishing the sleep off of his eyes before stretching his arms. To his surprise, the place beside him was already empty indicating Aerin has woken up already.

Shrugging, he got up ready to leave for the bathroom to take the shower. Completing his morning routine, he entered back into the bedroom. Placing the towel on the side, he made his way towards the closet to take out his clothes as he was only in his sweatpants.

Turning around, he saw Aerin entering their bedroom with a tray in her hands. He frowned looking away and continued to mind his own business not paying any attention to her. Aerin put the tray on the table with a slight grimace on her face before turning back to him.

"Lemon tea," She said gaining his attention from his files. He cocked his eyebrows starring at her. He could notice the chortle her lips just left.

"Drink it. With this hangover soup," She said pointing at the bowl that has been placing at the side of the cup.

"Hangover soup?" He asked, cocking his eyebrow, he turned his head to face her.

"What made you think I need a hangover soup, wifey?" He asked cocking his eyebrow taking a step further in her direction.

"I have a good tolerance power for alcohol. I don't require this damn useless soup of yours," He said placing one hand beside her head on the wall caging her between himself and the wall. His eyes screaming the pride and his lips were curved into a slight smirk showing how good he is with his crapulence.

"Umm... I don't think you are," Jk raised his eyebrow in perplexity after receiving such a statement from her. He chuckled shoving his index finger on her chin raising her head to make her look into his eyes.

He leaned in only to gaze into her deep brown eyes. Her heartbeat increased with his proximity. His face was dangerously above hers. The man has the powers to made her feel tractable. Her docile nature is what he liked the most whenever she is near him.

"And what made you think like that," He asked.

"You passed out last night," She chuckled making the expressions on his face change. She chortled under her breath controlling not to burst out into laughter cause the man is an aggressive wolf.

"Maybe I did. But that doesn't signify that I need this," He said back as she controlled her laugh no to let him see it.

"I'm not saying that your tolerance level is down. I just want to say that you should drink this so that it will help with headaches. Anyone could get a headache," She said humbly preventing him to speak out a single word for some minutes. He kept staring at her without saying anything. His eyes, digging deep holes in her soul.

"My headache can be covered with one thing. Will you do it?" He asked, She nodded waiting for him to ask so that she could help him. A wide smirk played on his lips before he leaned back on side of her face.

"Kiss me," He whispered. Aerin's eyes widen instantly hearing his words whether his voice was raspy yet deep. She looked at him only to find him smirking in pride. She cleared her throat before ready to speak.

"I think Lemon-tea is enough for this," She murmured looking away making him chuckle at herself. She was ready to take the steps when he pulled her back by her wrist slamming her on the nearby wall. Her breath hitched when the droplets from his wet hair fell on her shoulder.

"Little bird, Moving away from me isn't an option," He whispered in a raspy voice before placing his warm lips on the side of her neck, sucking it slightly, he gave it a fresh mark very precisely. He smirked at his art on her neck which looks perfect on her as if it was made just for her.

Only her.

"Kiss me," He asked again looking deep into her brown eyes without even breaking eye contact. His deep brown orbs were possessing her mind taking control over it completely. Sliding her fingers in his dark brown thick hair, she placed her trembling lips on his one. She gave a slight bite to his lower lip making him grunt in the kiss as he closed every distance between them that even a single molecule of air can't pass by it.

He opened her mouth letting her tongue inside him as he did the same with hers while shoving his one inside her mouth. She gave a hard such on his tongue making him moan through the kiss. He loved the feeling of getting stimulated by his wife. She holds such dynamism to make him feel weak which no one could ever have.

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her dangerously close to himself deepening the kiss. The amount of stimulation he was getting from this was overwhelming for him. It was so incisive and submerging for him that he just wanted to drown himself completely at the moment.

"Fuck! I wanna ruin you so badly right now," He murmured over her lips. Their hot breath mingling with each other as they were completely out of oxygen. Sucking large gulps of breath, Aerin's chest was heaving up and down rapidly that her face was red due to the lack of oxygen.

Their forehead resting upon each other as he pecked her nose and cheeks then her lips before staying in the same position.

"No matter how much we've argued but at last, you're always my destination,"

He whispered bringing redness to her cheek where he placed a butterfly kiss.

"I think you should drink that tea. It's cooling," She said with a slight tint on her cheeks. He chuckled before leaning back on her.

"Let it be, I have a much hotter thing than that tea," He said chuckling. Her eyes widen at his comment which he can't help but smirk. He put his index finger back on her chin raising her head up to look into her beautiful features.

"I would like to drink you instead, little bird," He chuckled seeing her flushed face bringing his lips closer to hers, he once again, started kissing her passionately. A slow yet sensual one. The touch of her which he was longing for. All he had to do was to submit himself in this hour.

He wanted the best for them.

His heart started mending for once again.

He was happy.

He was satisfied.

But he wasn't aware of if this happiness would last longer or the upcoming hurricane would ruin every blossoming flower of their life.


"Jaechan-ah, I...It was just the man was a..asking for a..address," Ahyeon cried out in pain when he felt his grip became tighter on her hair. The silver tears were flowing continuously from her eyes.

"Even when I told you not to talk with any other men. You still disobeyed me," Jaechan seethed in anger. His eyes were red due to the amount of rage he has. Ahyeon's lips were shivering and her figure was trembling underneath him.

"Ahh... Please, It...It's hurting," She cried out feeling numbness on her lower portion but the man wasn't showing any mercy to her. His eyes were only having one emotion.... hate.

Hate to see his wife talking to someone else.

Hate to see her smiling.

Hate to see her interacting with other men.

"You deserve to get hurt, You slut," He seethed, his tone was venomous and filled with despise. She cried out once again when the man hit her g-spot brutally with his length. Her core was throbbing and burning with pain but does he care. No.

She was just a mere source of him to seek pleasure and take out frustration.

Nothing else.

"You were smiling and talking with that man. Did you forgot what I've told you," He snarled angrily going deeper inside her as she cried out in pain.

"Set this in your mind if I see you like this ever again, your punishment will be worst,"


Ahyeon screamed waking up from her sleep breathing heavily. Her chest was heaving up and down rapidly the fear was written all over her face. Her forehead had a big amount of sweat droplets. She was almost burning. Tears were filled in her eyes.

She looked at the surrounding of herself. Finding herself in her bedroom, she sighed facepalming. She was in her room sleeping peacefully.

And she had another nightmare.

'It was just a nightmare, Relax Ahyeon-ah'

Calming herself she got up from the bed when her eyes fallen on Jaechan's photo frame that hanging on the sidewall. Tears filled in her eyes as she continued to stare at the frame without any emotion.

"Eventho, I forgave you. but, your dreams still haunt me,"

Turning around, she looked at the clock checking the time, she gasped looking at the time.

"Oh! It's already 4:15! Eunho must be waiting for me in the school," She murmured to herself. Rushing towards the closet, she took out her purse and picking up her phone and car's keys from the table, she left the room.

She told the maid that she was going to take Eunho from school and asked the maid to prepare something good for him when he comes back. Nodding, she went outside. Starting her car's engine, she drove off for Eunho's school as she was already running out of time.

Upon reaching the school, she found the whole school empty that made her a little worried. She went towards the direction where the watchman was sitting.

"Umm, Ahjussi, My son Ahn Eunho. Please call for his name,"

"What? But Ms. Ahn Eunho already left for his home,"

Ahyeon's world almost drenched hearing the watchman. With whom Eunho went out of the school. The tension started rising in her mind as she started worrying.

"Eunho waited for too long and after some time, his uncle came to take him," The watchman explained making Ahyeon perplexed.



'Which Uncle?' Ahyeon thought in her mind. Her heart was drowning deep thinking about Eunho. Without wasting any time, she ran out of school. Sitting inside her car, she quickly drove off. Looking for Eunho in every way, she was feeling weaker because there was no sign of him still.

The tears almost filled in her eyes when she didn't found him. She started crying facepalming herself when her phone rang up. wiping her tears, she picked up the call without checking anything. "Hello,"

"Hello?" She heard a deep male voice indicating to herself that it was none other than V's voice. She felt Changement in her heart the moment when she heard him.

"Ahyeon-ah?" He asked making her come out of her thoughts.


"I'm Taehyung. I called you to tell you that Eunho is with me. I'm the one who picked him from the school," V said bringing her breaths back to her she sighed in relief closing her eyes.

"I actually wondered you may worrying about him so I asked him for your number to inform you. He is with me in XXX cafe. Will you come to pick him or should I drop him?" He asked.

"Uh! No-No, I'm coming," Said Ahyeon, quickly.

"Oh, okay," Hanging, Ahyeon quickly start her car back going at the respective address V told him.

Within 15 minutes, she was there. She went inside seeing V and Eunho sitting together on a corner table. They were playing and giggling. Ahyeon sighed in relief seeing her child safe.

"Oh, mamma?" Eunho screamed waving her hand indicating Ahyeon to come over there. V's eyes changed the color while seeing her as he looked away for a millisecond to hide his emotions.

"Eunho-yah, You don't know baby how much Mamma was worried for you," She sighed looking at her little son in disbelief who pouted hearing her.

"Sorry, But I waited for you. It became late but you didn't come. V uncle was going from there when he found me and took me with himself," the Little boy explained with a sad expression. Ahyeon's eyes warmed hearing her son as she pecked his forehead.

"I'm so sorry, Eunho-yah. It all was mama's mistake that she didn't come to pick you up on the time," Said Ahyeon, with guilt in her tone whether V just kept looking at both of them.

"I'm so sorry for your inconvenience, baby," she said pouting as Eunho shook his head.

"No, It's okay mamma. I know you were working too. I know how much work you've to go through nowadays. It wasn't even your fault," said the little boy making her smile warmly as V chuckled hearing him.

"Hey champ, let's finish our donut first then talk," V asked pointing at the donuts placed on the table gaining his attention.

"Yes, V uncle," he said joining V back which made V chuckle. Ahyeon kept sitting there looking down. As they had some interactions which felt awkward to both of them.

"Thank you for picking him, I was really worried," Said Ahyeon with a humble tone.

"It's okay, I know you're going through a lot. And, I won't mind taking Eunho from school only if you found it trustworthy. I won't force you but yeah, just ask me whenever you need any help," V said making her look at himself.

"Umm.. No, It's fine. I can do it. So don't worry and Thank you once again for picking him. I really owe you," She said getting up bowing at V whether V kept looking at her. Eunho finished his food. Taking his backpack, he held his mamma's hands waving at V as V waved back with a cute smile.

"Bye, V uncle. hope we will see each other soon,"

"Sure champ,"

Said V after that, Eunho left with Ahyeon while V kept staring at their disappearing figures.

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