The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 60

V stopped his car in front of the apartment which doesn't belong to someone else, Ahyeon. He turned his face only to see Eunho peeking out. His doe-like eyes widened spark fully making V chuckle as he waved his hand to Ahyeon who was standing out of the main gate waiting for her son.

Ahyeon smiled back waving her hand back as V took off his and Eunho's seatbelt. The little boy jumped down of the car running to his mother and hugged her tightly as Ahyeon did the same with Eunho. V handed Eunho's school bag and water bottle to Ahyeon.

"Did my boy enjoyed, today?" asked Ahyeon as Eunho nodded.

"Yup, Mamma. You know V uncle took me to lotte world Park. we enjoyed so much today," Said Eunho energetically clapping as V smiled looking at the tactics of the little boy.

"V uncle, we will go there again and pleaseeeee, we will take mamma with us this time," Said Eunho with puppy eyes as Ahyeeon's face dropped emotion. They changed an awkward interaction before V nodded ruffling Eunho's puffy hair.

"Sure cham. We will," said V before looking back at Ahyeon who had nothing upon her face except blankness.

"Thank you," Said Ahyeon as V hummed in response.

"Okay, bye cham," V waved as Eunho waved back. "bye V uncle, we will see each other tomorrow,"

Nodding, he turned and put his black goggles on walking towards his car whereas, Ahyeon and Eunho left for the apartment. Getting inside the car, V let out a breath before turning his engine ON and left from there.



"I want to say that I have to go to the mall for some shopping for Jimin and Daihee's anniversary," Said Aerin straightforward to Jk ho has his eyes jammed on the data files.

"Then why are you asking me? Go wherever you want to go," JK said tiredly without looking at her.

"I'm asking for money," said Aerin with a frown as she finally gained his attention completely.

JK stopped doing his work before looking at Aerin for a second. His face was blank whereas Aerin let out another frown in confusion waiting for his answers and action as she was already running out of time.

"Hmm," Nodding, JK got up leaving his chair. He pulled a drawer before taking out an envelope from inside. He marched towards Aerin's spot. Standing in front of her, he handed the white envelope In her hands.

"Here's your new card. I forgot to give you this before because of some issues," He explained as Aerin took out some papers and a cash card from inside the envelope which has 'Jeon Aerin' written over it.

"Thanks," she said ready to leave when JK stopped her.



"Are you going alone?" He asked.

"Yes actually, Yumi unnie is out and Daihee is with Jimin so I have to go by myself," She explained shrugging fiddling with her fingers. After a moment of studying something in his mind, JK said.

"Ok wait, I will come with you," Said JK leaving Aerin bewildered. He went t took his car's key telling Aerin to wait outside. Aerin bid a sweet goodbye to her little daughter who was sleeping peacefully as Mrs. Min was with her. Afterward, they left together.

Within half an hour, they were in front of the showroom where Aerin asked him to be.

"Shall we pick something for Aejung first?" suggested Aerin to JK who was busy messaging someone on his phone. JK looked up nodding with an interest "Hmm,". Nodding Aerin entered inside the kid's sections. Wandering around the big showroom, she was looking for something cute yet elegant for her little daughter.

She wandered inside the sections for some minutes when finally her eyes caught a beautiful baby dress. The material was pretty comfortable and the dress was beautiful.

She picks out the dress showing it to JK. JK gave her an eye nod indicating that he also liked her choice. Aerin giggled looking at the dress imagining her little daughter in the dress. JK scratched his forehead a little with his index finger before answering V's call.


"I just called you to tell you that the papers are really important. We have to assign the truck out by the night heck it needed your signature so that I could process the left work," V said in a frustrating tone. JK shrugged.

"I'm out right now, with Aerin,"

"Oh! I see that's why you're delaying my messages, hun?" V cocked his eyebrow playfully as JK rolled his eyes at his remark.

"I'm at a showroom so shut the fuck up," JK snarled making V pout.

"Okay-Okay, tell me which showroom? I'm coming to take your sign on the file," said V making JK nod.

"Okay, at XXX,"

"Done, I will be there in 10 minutes, bro," said V energetically as JK rolled his eyes playfully.

"Hmm," said JK hanging up and turned around only to find that Aerin was already out of the section.

Aerin was busy checking for dresses in the other section when she bumped into someone. Gasping she turned around only to find someone she didn't anticipate to be here.

"Ahyeon-ah?" Aerin asked sounding astounded by seeing Ahyeon hen Ahyeon gave her the same look.

"Oh, Aerin-nie, You? Here?"

"Yes, actually I come to do some shopping for an upcoming event. But you?"

"same, actually there is a function in Eunho's school and he participated, So he asked me to buy his outfits for the event," Told Ahyeon making Aerin nod.

"Should we select clothes together?" Aerin suggested giggling as Ahyeon found it a better idea.

"Yup, why not?"

Nodding, Ahyeon joined Aerin as both girls did shopping together while giggling and talking. Whereas, JK was outside waiting for V to come over with the papers so he could sign them.

Finally, after some time, V was there with the desired papers, he huffed as he comes back after running a marathon. He stood in front of JK.

"You said you will be here in 10 minutes then what took you so long," mocked JK, chuckling as V shot a glare at him.

"Duh, The traffic outside is of next level that almost a decade will be taken to cross it," retorted V, rolling his eyes playfully. JK shook his head and forwarded his hands for the papers.

"Whatever... The papers,"

"here," V gave him the papers. Taking out the pen, JK signed them quickly handling them back to V and gesturing him to leave when V gave him a "bitch" look.

"Duh, I came here after crossing so many obstacles in this damn boiling temperature, can't you favor me a chilled drink, Huh? Mt throat is burning," V gave him a dramatic look making JK roll his eyes and grimaced at his playfulness.

"Okay-okay, come. Let's have a drink first and then take your respective leave. Such a drama queen," Jk muttered the last sentence receiving a glare from V which he returned with the same spirit.

On the other hand, Aerin and Ahyeon were inside the showroom looking for the clothes when a beautiful dress caught Aerin's eyes. She almost gasped admiring the beautiful work on the dress. She shook Ahyeon's arm gaining her attention from the other side.

"ahyeon-ah, look at that dress. Isn't it beautiful," asked Aerin as Ahyeon looked in the direction where Aerin was looking at? Ahyeon almost gasped looking and smiled at Aerin.

"Yup, It's so beautiful," said Ahyeon making Aerin giggle. Aerin called the lady-keeper asking her about the dress. The lady gave her all the information related to the fabrics and embroideries. Nodding, Aerin looked at Ahyeon.

"Go try it," said Aerin happily making Ahyeon astounded for a minute.

"Huh? me? No-No, I don't need to buy any dress," said Ahyeon refuging as Aerin pouted.

"Pleaseeee, Ahyeon-nie. for me, please," Aerin gave her puppy eyes as Ahyeon huffed looking at her. "Don't you love me?" asked Aerin with puppy eyes as Ahyeon finally gave up on her dramatic tactics.

"Don't be a drama queen. I'm going," said Ahyeon making Aerin playfully as she giggles. Throwing the dress onto her, Aerin pushed her inside the changing room waiting for her to come over.

While waiting, she heard some screams and cried. Aerin's heart alerted hearing the noises when she went outside to check what was happening, she felt a hard punch on her head. Felling on the floor, Aerin groaned holding her head. She looked up only to find some men dressed in all-black, their faces were covered with black masks, and were had guns in their hands.

The crowd was collected onto a corner as they all have fear in their eyes and were petrified to their deaths. They were sobbing and crying and some were begging the men to let them go but the men were holding them in their places while pointing guns at them.

"What the hell is this? who the hell are you?" asked Aerin in a high-pitched tone gaining a man's attention. The man gave her a cocky look.

"Listen, woman, Let us do our work or you will be gonna shot on your pretty face," The man snarled holding Aerin by her place and slammed her on the nearby wall where others were. Aerin groaned painfully holding her arm and glared at the men when she found them collecting the expensive things and money from the counters. The whole staff of the showroom was badly petrified as no-one has the dare to say a single word because no one wants to lose their lives for sure.

A man between the crowd tried to take out his phone carefully but within a blink of an eye, he was shot on his chest. Everyone gasped as the man's body landed on the floor with a loud thud. Aerin's eyes filled with tears seeing those robbers taking innocent one's lives just for their purpose. On top of that, her heart was continuously alerting and beating fast. She was praying for her friend who was inside the changing room unaware of whatever was happening outside.

She was praying for JK to come over and save all of them. She was badly petrified and was continuously finding a way to save all of them especially when she can't take risks with Ahyeon's life. She tried to reach the door but in the midway, the man caught her and slapped her across her face that she landed on the floor holding her cheek. Her eyes became watery and she hissed in pain.

"YOU DARE TO MOVE AGAIN AND I WILL SHOOT YOU AT VERY MOMENT!" Warned the man in a high-pitched tone.

On the other hand, JK and V come inside the showroom after having a drink. They found it weird that the whole floor was empty and no one was there. JK searched for Aerin but no even Aerin was anywhere to be seen. He started worrying cause the building was giving him a kinda creepy vibe that was hard to understand.

"Bro, This ain't seem------ OH SHIT!"

V freaked out hearing a loud gunshot as JK's eyes widen in shock. He gulped hardly. Not having any idea from where the sound came, he was wandering his eyes in every direction.

"what the fuck was that---"

"Shhhh!" JK indicated V to remain silent as they were on their way upstairs. They could see the whole showroom was empty which was indigestible for both of them. They entered inside a room where the whole crowd of the showroom was. Some men wearing pure black were aiming the guns at them and others were busy collecting the money. JK's eyes wandered to find Aerin between the crowd which he finally did. He saw her leaning on a side corner with her hands upwards same as others. Her head was hung low. V's eyes widen seeing the whole drama inside when finally a man caught them peeking inside and aimed the gun at them.

"HEY! HANDS UP!" The man said making JK and V quickly do as he says. They did what the man commanded as V gulped looking at the hulks who were busy collecting the amounts and others who were holding the gun on the people who were sobbing there.

"STAND THERE!" The man commanded as V and JK made their steps towards the crowd, getting mixed in them. V and JK stood in a corner and JK next to Aerin. Aerin heaved a sigh of relief finding them there.

"What mess is happening there?" whispered V gaining Aerin's attention.

"Can't you see. They are robbers and they are robbing," whispered back Aerin in an irritated tone making V gulp in fear.

"I don't want to die. I'm not even married," said V making JK chuckle as Aerin rolled her eyes.

"For god's sake, you work with mafias," whispered back Aerin again in an irritating tone completely pissed by his stupid question.

"Oh yeah! I do. I just forgot in this damn petrifying situation. Thank you for telling me, sweetheart" said V as Aerin gave him a weird look. JK rolled his eyes hearing their stupid talks and scratched his forehead with his index finger when a man caught him.

"HEY, YOU! HANDS UP!" The man screeched at JK as he quickly nodded raising his hands upwards. JK looked in V's direction and cocked his eyebrow. V nodded as JK gave him an eye-nod.

"Now, whatever you guys have. Money, jewelry, phone, or whatever. Drop it in this bag," A man commanded as others started taking out their things.

"I too have some cash and phone," said V gaining the man's attention as the man looked at him with a cocky expression. He comes towards him and standing in front of him, he indicated V to drop his belongings. Nodding, V slid his hands in his pocket, and with a blink of an eye, he took out the gun shooting the man right on his forehead. The people there, started screaming and running out of the room as the second man tried to shoot at V but JK was fast enough to shoot him on his arm. The man groaned and fell down on the ground.

Before the third man could shoot V, Jk also shot him right across his face that the blood oozed out from his side. A man successfully shot V on his arm as V hissed painfully holding his arm. Aerin and JK's eyes widen looking at him.


"Don't worry, I'm okay. We need to leave. The situation is getting out of control. we don't even have many bullets to fight them," V whispered groaning painfully holding his bleeding arm where the bullet has pierced him. Nodding, Jk quickly caught Aerin's wrist as they all started running out leaving the men there. When Aerin stopped them.


"What!" Jk seethed in anger because they weren't in the situation of waiting.

"Ahyeon-ah... Ahyeon is also here. She is still inside." Told Aerin making V and JK astounded by her statement. V gulped cause few men were still alive and were running behind them and if they found out Ahyeon, they will gonna harm her for sure.
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