The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 61


V's eyes widen in trouble as his state was beyond perception. He felt as if his whole world was about to collapse.

Just when he was about to go back, a man finally comes outside holding Ahyeon under his tight grips. He has his knife placed on Ahyeon's neck. Everyone's eyes widen seeing the man with her. Ahyeon was badly petrified with the knife on her neck.

"WHAT THE HELL!! LEAVE HER!!" Shouted V, in wrath as his hands were itching to kill the man but he doesn't want to take any chance with Ahyeon for sure who was under his grip.

Ahyeon tucked her lower lip between her teeth, suppressing her cries but she was scared to move. She didn't want the knife to be slipped against her throat for sure.

"LEAVE HER. WHAT SHE HAS DONE?" Shouted Jk, wrath filled in his dark orbs. Aerin's eyes watered seeing her friend struggling under the tight grips of the monster who was ready to skid the knife down her throat.

"One more step, and I will cut that woman down right now," The man warned as V's grips tightened and he felt killing that man in the very moment but he knew he can't because Ahyeon was under his wrathful holds.

"Listen, she has done nothing to you then why aren't you leaving her? Let her go," V said, trying to control his anger cause his one wrong step could lead Ahyeon to pay with her life.

"Ahhhh!!!" Screamed Ahyeon in fear feeling rhe cold metal has been slowly digging in her flesh. Other's eyes widen seeing the man was about to take his actions on aheyon. Aerin's breath stuck in her lungs as she was practical begging the man to let her friend go.

"Hey, NO! Don't ya dare," said V, taking a step forward but the man was fast enough to notice it and took a step backward with Ahyeon.

"Please let me go!" Begged Ahyeon crying.

"Shut up!" The man snarled on her face that she flinched on his tone. V could see the fear in Ahyeon's eyes and his only priority now was to save the love of his life.

Yes, he still loved her.

He still does.

No matter how much he has tried to forgot about to her but he can't. His life has been stuck without her and he couldn't move on without her by his side. She is his first priority. Yesterday, Today and tomorrow, she will always his priority and his life. He lives her more than his life. And he can't tolerate a single scratch on her body. He will burn them whoever tried to harm his love.

"Listen, you know you won't get anything in harming her. Them let her go," said V, remaining as calm as he could. Tears were continuously flowing off of Ahyeon's eyes. She was petrified. Badly petrified. She didn't wanted to die for sure. Because after her, there was no one to take care of her one and only jewel. Her son.

Her only motive was to keep her son happy and make him the happiest boy of the world. For which she can't let anything bad happen. She has to safe.

She was practically begging V to save her which didn't go unnoticed by V. Indeed he will save her. Cause she is the reason he learned to love. She is the reason he changed. She is the reason that from he changed from school's bad boy to a good and authentic person.

V's eyes fell on the floor where. An idea popped up in his mind. He looked up only to interact with Ahyeon. He gestured Ahyeon to do something that she was unable to understand in the start. But as his interactions got cleared, she understood what he was asking her to do.

With a swift motion, Ahyeon kicked the man where the sun doesn't shine. As the man fell on the floor groaning in pain. V quickly pick up the gun from the floor ready to shoot the man but another man came up and shot V on bis abdomen.

"V!!!" Ahyeon almost screamed on top of her lungs gaining others attention.

Aerin gasped seeing as before the man could shoot for one more time, Jk was fast enough to kill both of the men on their spot within a blink of an eye.

"Bastards!" He snarled in wrath till then V's painful groans filled the corridor gaining his attention. He ran towards V's direction who was laying on the floor hissing as the blood was oozing out from his arm and abdomen.

"Are you fine?" asked Jk as V glared at him.

" Do I look like?" Hissed V in a pissed tone as Jk nodded. Pulling him on helping him to stand up, Jk put V's one arm on his shoulder as the girls helped him to walk out of the corridor.


Everyone’s breaths were stuck in their throat since they come to the hospital. JK called Jimin and Jimin in no time was in the hospital to look after their dear friend. Ahyeon and Aerin were sick worried about V as the doctor still didn’t informed them anything regarding V’s condition. They can’t do anything except to wait which was their only hope.

“Don’t worry, He will be fine. Our dude is strong,” said Jimin, with a warm smile as JK nodded agreeing.

“I know,” JK mumbled.

Till then, the doctor comes out of the OT gaining everyone’s attention. Jimin and JK quickly stood up marching towards the doctor. With a beam of hope in their eyes, they asked the doctor regarding V’s condition.

“Doctor, How’s he?” asked Jimin as Ahyeon and Aerin too were standing at a finite distance on the other side as they all were just waiting for the doctor to give them a positive statement.

“Don’t worry, the operation went successfully,” said the doctor. Everyone’s breaths relaxed after hearing up the doctor.

“We took out the both bullets successfully as the wound wasn’t that deep, he is fine. We are shifting him to normal ward. He will gain his consciousness in some hours as he still needs to heal. After some time, you can see him,” said the doctor. Nodding, JK thanked him as the doctor nodded and left.

They relaxed a bit after the doctor left.

“Let me tell this news to Yoongi Hyung,” said Jimin as Jungkook nodded. After Jimin left, JK too, left to complete remain formalities leaving the girls were there.

“Don’t worry, he is fine now,” said Aerin giving a smile to Ahyeon as Ahyeon nodded back. But still she wasn’t able to forgive herself and deep down her conscious mind was tearing her down.

She was blaming herself for all of this. She was blaming herself for V’s condition. If she wouldn’t become that man’s prey, he wouldn’t have hurt V.

Finally after some time, V gained his consciousness. It was first difficult for him to move and talk much but with the help of nurse and doctors, he was able to gain some strength.

“Dude, you just scared us to our lives,” said Jimin, as V shrugged looking down.

“Are you feeling drained?” asked Ahyeon, concern as dripping from her tone. V looked up at her only to keep starring at her without blinking. Finally for what he has gone through all of this, was safe. Jimin cocked his eyebrow analyzing V’s facial expressions which were indeed blank yet they were telling so much.

“Umm… Yeah, I’m” said V, her dry lips curved into a slight smile.

“Ahyeon-ssi, will you pass me that glass of juice, please?” Jimin asked gaining Ahyeon’s attention.

“Sure, Jimin- Ssi,” Ahyeon got up. Taking two steps forward, she pour the fresh juice on the glass giving it to Jimin.

“Here you go. You’re so lucky that I’m taking care of you. You should owe me,” said Jimin in a mockery tone as V laughed. Shaking his head, he took the glass from Jimin’s hand and drank the juice which successfully, boosts his energy level.

“Okay then, you should take rest. I will come to check upon you after sometime” said JK.

“No need, Go home and take rest. I’m fine,” said V, placing the glass on the table.

“Yes, you guys should go home. I’m here for V if he will need anything,” said Jimin to others.

“You too. Mr. Park. I can handle myself by my own,” said V in a determining tone.

“You punk, I’m staying with you,” said Jimin refusing to leave.

“I said no need. Also, our mission is on the way yet we have to do so many preparations. So better go. I’m fine,” hissed V, his face was serious.

“He’s right, Hyung. And also, we don’t have to waste much time on this dude. He is old enough to handle himself,” said JK, his face holding a pissed expression as V smirked.

“See, learn something from this person. He didn’t even ask me once how I’m,” V taunted making JK roll his eyes playfully as Jimin and Aerin laughed. JK was fast enough to shoot a glare at Aerin at which, she quickly shut herself down.

“At night, Yoongi Hyung will come to visit you,” Jk informed. Nodding, V looked at Jimin.

“Make sure to tell him to bring my bag. I will work from here as long as will stay here,” said V to Jimin at which he disagreed shaking his head in No.

“No need, I will tell Jake to complete the rest of the work, Just rest here,” said JK, bringing both Jimin and V’s attention on himself. Jimin nodded agreeing before looking at V.

“JK is right, Taehyung-ah. You should give priorities to your health first,” Jimin suggested as V shrugged off looking down.

“Okay fine,”

“Okay then, take care,” said JK, as all of them bid him a good bye.

After, everyone left, V took rest for some hours but still his mind was restless.




Two days passed in blue as V was still in the hospital. He was getting discharged by tomorrow as Jimin and Daihee’s wedding anniversary was coming up. Everyone comes to visit him every day as last night JK and V did an important discussion regarding their upcoming mission to fight against the drifters. Soon after Jimin and Daihee’s anniversary, they will leave for their mission. It was the very important yet dangerous and they all need to put a single step forward with so much carefulness.

Today, Ahyeon came to visit V as she thought of asking about his health. Deep down in her heart, she was restless and worried for him. Whatever had happened to V, she was blaming herself for this. Which V could see clearly in her eyes.

“Do you need something?” asked Ahyeon, pulling out V from his deep thoughts as he looked up at her.

“Huh? Yes can you pass me the water bottle?” asked V, nodding, Ahyeon took the water bottle. Grabbing V’s medicines, she sat on the stool that was placed beside the bed.

Ahyeon gave him the medicines. V gulped down the bitter tablets around his throat as he let out a slow curse feeling the bitterness wrapping around his taste buds.

“Thanks,” he said as Ahyeon nodded.

“Thank you,” said Ahyeon as he frown in confusion. Ahyeon was fiddling with her fingers.

“For what?”

“For helping me in these hard times. I really owe you,” said Ahyeon as V frowned again looking away.

“But now, I think you should focus on yourself too, V. You’ve done a lot to me and I’m really thankful for that but keep remaining with the past, won’t help you in any way,” By the end of the last sentence, V was left astounded that what made Ahyeon sudden say these type of things.

“I decided to leave Seoul and going to some other country with Eunho,” said Ahyeon leaving V completely bewildered with her statement. V was astounded not knowing what to say.

“I came to visit you today so that I could thank you for the favors you’ve done to me. Literally, I really owe you and you’re a nice person who deserves someone so good. Sticking with the past won’t help but you should move on. So I--------“

“Are you done? So would you listen to me?” said V, his tone was dead serious that Ahyeon can’t help but to gulp.

“I was silent all this time because I knew you need some time. But now, I can’t keep my words in my heart anymore. I need you to listen to them,”

“I can’t see my future with anyone else except you. I need you to listen to my heart. I want you in my life with myself staying by my side whenever I want you. I want you to give yourself and give us a chance. I can clearly see my future with and that’s also a bright shining future. You’re just ruining our lives by running away. Don’t do this. The truth is that…. I can’t move one. I can’t. It’s impossible for me to move on forgetting you. I can’t. I need you in my life…… Cause I still love you. And I want you,”

Ahyeon was beyond bewildered unable to speak a single word after V’s confession. She wasn’t getting any idea of whatever was happening.

“I want to marry you Ahn Ahyeon,”

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