The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 62


Long chapter
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It's been two days since Ahyeon came back from the hospital after hearing V's confession. Completely bewildered of V's sudden change in behavior, Ahyeon just left the hospital without saying anything to him. He knew she must be shocked but also, that's where he was supposed to come. After keeping the feelings for so long in his heart, he definitely wanted them to let out and that's what he did.

She didn't know what to say or do. V got discharged last night from the hospital and after coming back, he tried to call Ahyeon multiple times but she didn't answered. She was scared.

Scared of herself.

Scared of her past.

Scared of the stains of her past.

'I'm sorry, Taehyung-ah. But I don't deserve you. You aren't someone who will be happy with me.'

She knows that she didn't deserve V. She is not for someone like V. He deserves better and a fresh start with a nice girl. Not with her.

"What are you thinking?" Ahyeon comes out of her thoughts when she heard Aerin's voice. Wiping her tears, she turned to smile and shook her head.

"Umm... Nothing, you say?" Said Ahyeon, packing the remaining stuff in the boxes. Yes, she is leaving tomorrow's night. Living here is now getting more and more difficult for her.

"Nothing, I just come to see you if you're fine or not," said Aerin, taking a seat on the couch where Ahyeon was.

"What's wrong with me? I'm fine completely," Ahyeon laughed a little at the last sentence as Aerin nodded.

"Think again?" Aerin murmured, starting helping her with the packing but deep down, she didn't want Ahyeon to leave for even once. She wants her to stay here in Seoul and give herself a second chance for herself and for someone who is waiting for her.

But it was looking as if Ahyeon has closed all the doors of her heart preventing everyone of enter inside.

"Think what?" asked Ahyeon.

"About leaving. Ahyeon-ah, I know you need time but still, don't take any decision in hurry,"

"Aerin-ah, there is nothing left here. And if I didn't moved on, everyone would be stuck just because of me. So it's better if I leave this place," said Ahyeon in a pleading tone as Aerin sighed heavily.

"Whatever decision you will take, I will support you no matter what. I come here to invite you for Jimin and Daihee's wedding anniversary tomorrow. I will be so happy if you and Eunho will join the function too,"

"Aerin-ah, but----"

"Please, don't say no. Please," Aerin cut Ahyeon's word already knowing what she would say. Sighing, Ahyeon nodded with a warm smile as Aerin nodded back hugging her.

"Everything will be fine, Ahyeon-nie," she murmured, consoling her friend whose tears just gave up and fell down leaving her eyes as she hugged Aerin even more tighter.

After spending a great time at Ahyeon's place, Aerin was back to mansion. She was tired when she was welcomed by her little daughter who was staring at her while clapping. Her big Bambi eyes that she inherited from her father were sparkling. Aerin's fatigueness step off when she saw her little daughter.

She was playing with her grandmother happily. Aerin smiled approaching them as she cooed her little daughter who clapped in return making Aerin giggle at her cuteness. Aerin squeezed her chubby cheeks and showered the kisses on her whole face.

"Awww my baby," She giggled when her little daughter literally jumps in her to go to her mama's arms. Mrs. Min smiled giving Aejung to Aerin and kissed her cheeks.

"My little bun-bun be a good girl at home and didn't annoy anyone, right?" Aerin asked cooing and Mrs. Min smiled seeing the little one's tactics.

"Yup, she is," said Mrs. Min.

"Thank you, Aunt. For taking her care," Aerin thanked Mrs. Min humbly as Mrs. Min shook her head.

"its okay, Aerin-ah. Anyway, how's Ahyeon? What did she say?" asked Mrs. Min as Aerin shrugged looking down.

"I tried to convince her to not to leave. But, she has already made her mind. She and Eunho are leaving by tomorrow's flight at night," Aerin told her shrugging while looking as Mrs. Min nodded.

"And, did Taehyung know about this?" she asked as Aerin nodded. Her expression saddened as she looked down.


"Oh!" Mrs. Min let out a shaky breath.

"It's okay, dear. All we could do is to support her. If she's fine with leaving the city then let her be," said Mrs. Min consoling Aerin as she nodded.



Aerin finished trying up their little daughter's clothes in her tiny closet as she was sleeping peacefully in her crib which was placed next to their bed. Little AeJung stirred in her sleep when the bright and warm sun rays fell on her face disturbing her precious sleep. Aerin chuckled looking at her little daughter. She went to the side and closed the curtains preventing the rays to fall on Aejung's face disturbing her sleep.

As she would remain up whole the night sometimes crying and sometimes giggling, she usually sleeps at day. Her tactics are weird but still cute. Aerin smiled kissing her tinny soft hands and cheeks as little one squealed rolling on the crib to side. Aerin chuckled covering her tiny naïve body with the blanket and went back to finished the remained work.

"Send the papers to Yoongi Hyung. He will look upon them and make sure to mail me the address. I will deal with those bastards tomorrow," said JK, hanging up, storming inside the room. His facial expressions were dark since he was out the whole night and just came back. He went out with Yoongi and Jimin to deal with some raiders. His face has some scratches and some stains of dry blood.

Aerin gulped looking at him. Indeed, he was looking as if he will just kill whoever will come in his way but his expressions soften when he saw his little angel sleeping. Her light snores gained his attention. He let out a soft smile looking at his little daughter sleeping. He chuckled looking at her as she is a heavy sleeper; there is no chance she will wake up so soon. His tired eyes sparkled as he forgets all of his tiredness.

Placing his cell phone on the side table, he took off his gloves and leather jacket. He took out his shirt and sweatpants from the closet and walked inside the bathroom to have a fresh shower as he was stinking. After taking a fresh shower, he was back in their bedroom. Having a warm tea with some snacks, he left for his library to finish his left work.

After working for few hours, he stretched his arms. Exhaling his breath, he leaned back on the leather chair closing his eyes. He was up for the whole night and he was feeling tired now. Yet they have to attend the Jimin and Daihee's anniversary tonight. He was closing his eyes when he heard a slight knock on the door.

"Come in," he said in a vibrating deep. He opened his eyes only to find Aerin there with a box in her hands. He kept starring at her blankly for few seconds as his facial expression lit up a bit.

"I come to bandage your wounds as they are open they could get infected. They need to be treated," Aerin said in a soft tone hoping a 'yes' from him. JK kept silent for a minute before nodding and got up from his chair marching towards the couch. He sat down as Aerin followed him. Sitting next to him, she turned his face towards herself to examine the scratches. They were deep and still there was some amount of blood stuck in them. There were high chances of infection. Aerin mentally hissed looking at his deep, painful wounds.

She took a wet cotton pad, rubbing it over his wounds to clean them before treating them. He did nothing except keep sitting there and starring at her face without any expression. He kept starring at her without even blinking reading her flawless features, her beautiful eyes which were holding a true emotion of concern.... concern for him.

"Don't wash your face unless it's important. Your wounds need to be healed. They are deep," Aerin said putting on the stitches on the side of his cheek and the second one below the side of his eyes. JK smiled nodding.

"Hmm, you're right. My wounds are really deep. They need to be healed," he murmured as Aerin's hands felt weak for a slight moment before she quickly finished.

Wrapping up everything back, she decided to leave when he pulled her back by her wrist. She gasped losing her balance. But he was fair enough to hold her on his lap tightly. She gulped when she felt his colds on the back of her neck. He encircled his other arm around her waist pulling her closer that their distances were nothing. Aerin felt the weird sensations tingling inside her as it was getting hard for her to stay calm. Her heart was almost bombarding inside her ribcage.

He brought his face close to hers as she quickly closed her eyes at his dangerous proximity. Thinking, he would do something but she was soon proven wrong. She opened her eyes only to find hugging her as if he was a lost baby. He placed his head on her chest closing her eyes as he felt the tension was slowly leaving his mind. She is the best place for him and his uneasy state.

"Stay here with me for some time, please. I want to sleep," he murmured deeply in a hoarse voice while yawning like a cat and closed his eyes. He exhaled deeply throwing out every bit of his insecurities and worries. He felt relaxed in her arms he felt the relaxation that helped him to fell into the sleep so quickly. Aerin was bewildered but still, it was something soothing, something comfortable. Unknowingly, her fingers went in his thick locks as she draws circled there.

Aerin didn't moved a bit thinking his comfort zone might get disturbed as she silently remained on her spot with him above herself and closed her eyes too. Jungkook smiled hearing her heartbeats and tightened his holds remaining on his spot.

And, leaving all of his tensions, he took a great nap in her arms.



The night arrived and everyone was present there. They didn't hold a big function yet it was a family and a close friends' one. Still, the hall was filled and was sparkling with the crowds.

Jimin finally came downstairs with Jisang in his arms and Daihee beside him. They did a beautiful entry as the crowd started cheering them with the clapping. Jimin smiled and holds Daihee's hands. Both Jimin and Daihee had a gracious smile on their faces as they completed one year of their marriage. Their togetherness was meant to be. They were meant to be with each other. They were happy and thankful to each other. They passed such a good amount of time together.

When Jimin met her for the first time, he never in his whole life thought that one day, she will become the reason for his happiness. That she will change him and love him unconditionally ignoring all of his flaws. Jimin placed a soft kiss on her cheek making her blush that she looked down.

"Happy anniversary, wifey" he said.

"You too, hubby," she said back smiling. Jimin grinned before coming downstairs with her and Jisang as all welcomed them while clapping.

"Happy wedding Anniversary to both you," Yoongi and Yumi wished them as soon, JK and Aerin too, joined them wishing a lot of happiness to them. Jimin thanked everyone very fondly as they continued with the night. They attend all of the important clients and some close relatives one by one.

"Mom, can I go and play with Jisang?" asked little Eunho as Ahyeon smiled.

"Sure, baby," Kissing her cheek she helped him climbing down the chair as he left to play with Jisang and the elders were busy in their conversation.

"So, are you done with packing?" asked Aerin once again as she joined her on the table since Ahyeon was sitting alone.


"Think again, Ahyeon-ah," Ahyeon shrugged looking down. Sighing, she looked at Aerin who brought a forced smile on her lips. This was the umpteenth time Aerin asked her and still, her answer was same.

"Okay so ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most beautiful night. I, Park Jimin, welcome you wholeheartedly to this celebration. Thank you so much for giving us your wishes and blessings. We are really fond of it....."

Jimin stopped for a moment as his eyes wandered from the one corner to other down the stage before he nodded again joining the mic.

"Okay so before we start the ceremony. I want you all to hear a very close friend of mine. Tonight, he wants to speak his heart out to someone special here. He wanted to confess something. He has all of this in his heart for so long and tonight, he wanted to let it all out. So dear ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcoming my friend, my brother, my soul mate. V aka Kim Taehyung,"

The lights turned off and only a single spotlight followed a manly figure which belonged to none other than V. Ahyeon was shocked to see as she already knew what he would say. She quickly got up holding Eunho's wrist.

"Baby, we need to leave," she said in hurry ready to leave but V's words stopped her.

"If you're thinking of leaving then don't. Don't leave please. I'm requesting you to stay here, please," said V, in a humble voice. Ahyeon's leg felt weak to take even a single step that she can't help but to sit on the nearby chair.

"I know we made a way so far now, we can't go back and change the things but still, we could start a fresh start. A new morning is waiting for us after the dark night of those past memories. I don't want to force you but still, I've said that before and I will say this once again that you're the only one who lives in my heart, who rules over me. Those memories which we had together are the most beautiful chapters of my life and I revise them every single day. There is no one else which could fulfill your place in my life and you're the only one. Please, give yourself a chance. Please, give us a chance. There is nothing which could separate me from you. And I still have the same respect for you in my eyes which I used to have years ago. You are same as before for me. Nothing is changed except the timing. And, believe me, we could make a love-history together,"

Everyone let out a slight laugh at the last sentence. By the time, Ahyeon was almost in tears. She clenched her fists tightly try not to burst out. She felt getting weaker that she hold on to Aerin for support.

"Please, Ahyeon-nie, give him a chance. He loves you limitless. Even far from the infinity. Please, don't break his heart. He is the only person who will keep you and Eunho happy," said Aerin, hoping that V's words would leave effect on her.

The spotlights get off as V made his way off the stage where Ahyeon was. Ahyeon nervousness rose up giving a clear witness of itself on her face as he walked passing by the crowd and stood in front of Ahyeon.

"I love you, Ahn Ahyeon. Please give me chance. I promise I will do anything and everything for you. I want to bring you and Eunho in my life. I won't force you but still, I will be highly obliged if you consider giving us a chance,"

"It's not as easy as you are thinking, Taehyung----"

"It isn't even as hard as you are thinking... I will love you and Eunho with my whole heart. Please, give us a chance," asked V as Ahyeon nibbled her lower lip.

"Oh come on, say yes and end this drama," Said Yoongi as JK nodded agreeing. the crowd cheered them. Ahyeon looked at Aerin who smiled at her giving her an eye nod.

"Will you marry me?" he asked again.

"Y..yes," There was no limit of V's happiness as he smiled brightly. The tears of happiness formed his eyes.

"Thank you... I promise, I will take care of you and Eunho. I will become the best father of the world. I will love and cherish you both," Said V when his eyes fell on little Eunho who was watching them with curiosity. V smiled crouching down to his level.

"Eunho, do you love V uncle?" Eunho nodded bringing a smile to his face.

"Do you want to stay with V uncle forever?" Eunho again nodded.

"Will you a..accept me your Will you let me stay with you? I love you and your mamma so much?" he asked nervously as Eunho giggle hugging Ahyeon.

"Wow, Mamma, V uncle also loves you like I do. Pleaseee, let him stay with us, Pleaseee," He said in a pleading tone as Ahyeon smiled.

"Aerin-nie aunt was right. She told me that I will get a new papa soon. God granted my wish. I'm so happy," said Eunho as Aerin gulped when she felt Ahyeon looking at her with cocky eyebrows.

"It's time for celebration. Come on guys," Said Aerin as all cheered.

"Hey why don't you guys get engaged here. One night, double celebration? And, after that, No option would be left for Ahyeon," Chuckled Jimin while teasing as Ahyeon smiled nervously.

"Yeah, but we need rings for the engagement?" Aerin asked as everyone agreed with the fact.

"It's okay, I've already bought the rings," said V, taking out two velvet boxes from his jacket's pocket leaving everyone bewildered.

"Wow dude. You're the way really fast, Hun?" teased Jimin as V glared him.

"Okay then, Lets exchange the rings please after that, Daihee and Jimin also have to cut the cake," Said Yumi as V nodded sliding the ring in Ahyeon's ring finger in a hurry leaving her bewildered. Everyone laughed as V was in urgency. He really was, his dream was about to come true after a long wait.

"Congratulations to the both couples,"

Following the night, Jimin and Daihee also cut the cake as the happiness got doubled because of the two celebrations at single night making the two couples fall in love with each other even more deeply.
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