The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 63


Aerin rolled on the bed feeling the sun rays on her face which tiptoed inside through the curtains blessing her day. She let out a slight groan opening her eyes. Rubbing them she yawned. Feeling a weight around her waist, she looked down as it was indeed belonged to her husband who was sleeping beside her while putting half of his weight on her.

She slightly pushed his hand back. Sliding out of the quilt, she wore her sleepers going towards the closet when she was blessed seeing her daughter’s angelic face. She was sleeping peacefully in her crib as Aerin smiled. Her cute light snores leaving her mouth making her look even cuter as Aerin giggled.

“Good morning, baby,” she wished her pecking her forehead as little Aejung stirred in her sleep same as her father does when Aerin used to tease him and annoy him before. The smile changed with the sadness on her eyes as she remembered about those moments.

Indeed they were beautiful yet they hurt her and so as him.

Maybe because they were just a part of a vigorous game that has snatched their happiness.

Aerin frowned hugging her clothes, she walked inside the bathroom to take the shower and get ready for the day. She was back in the bedroom when she was welcomed an already awakened JK who was sitting shirtless on the bed as little Aejung was playing in his lap. Her little chubby fingers continuously playing with his nose and cheeks and he was giggling while tickling her in her tummy.

She entered inside clearing her throat to gain the attention when JK looked up. His facial expressions changed to a serious one after interacting with her as he again focused on his little baby who was hugging his arms.

“Good morning,” Aerin said smiling as he nodded in returned humming.

“Give her to me so that I can feed her before going downstairs,” Aerin said as JK nodded placing Aejung in Aerin’s arms. He smiled squeezing her chubby cheeks and kissed before getting up to leave for the shower.

After a while when she was done filling her little daughter’s tummy, Aejung slept back again as Aerin sighed chuckling.

‘Now she won’t be up before 12’

Aerin thought chuckling. She placed little Aejung on her crib covering her with her baby pink quilt and kissed her cheek before leaving the room to go downstairs.

She went downstairs straight made her way towards the kitchen when she found out Yumi in big dilemma inside. Aerin frowned in confusion before entering inside and shook Yumi making her come out of her thoughts.

“Unnie, what were you thinking?” she asked in confusion as Yumi shrugged.

“Aerin-ah, I’m a bit confused,” Yumi frowned.


“You know, today Jimin, Daihee, V and Ahyeon are coming,” she said as Aerin nodded agreeing.

“But I don’t know what to prepare for the food,” Yumi pouted as Aerin giggled making her scowl.

“Only this?” she asked as Yumi nodded biting her lower lip in confusion.

“What should we prepare for the evening?” Whined Yumi as Aerin giggled before patting her shoulder.

“Umm… Let’s prepare everyone’s favorite. And something light yet delicious. What say?” Aerin suggested as Yumi gave her a thumbs up agreeing.

“Okay so let’s prepare the menu first. We will start preparation from the evening,” Aerin said. Nodding, Yumi bring a note pad and a pen. Both sat down discussing the ingredients for the menu as the time passed.

Today, everyone made a plan for a get together since, it’s been long they all shared some moments and did a get together. So, V found today for the best day. After that, they also will leave for their upcoming mission which at least will take two or three weeks for them to complete.

Day passed as JK too came back after completing his work by the time. First, he didn’t agree to do a get-together with them but later, because of Jimin’s tactics and a lot of requests, he finally agreed to join them.

The view was pretty as the moonlight was spread all around mixing with the lights of the pillars. All of them arrived by the time as they were sitting giggling and laughing while having their great time in conversation on the side of the swimming pool.

“So, what date did you guys decided to marry?” asked Yumi as Ahyeon smiled as well as V laughed scratching the back of his neck. Jimin giggled teasing him as all were really happy for V and Ahyeon.

“Umm… We decided the second week of the next month,” Informed V as Ahyeon nodded in return.

“Cause, after two days, we have to leave for our upcoming deal and it will take almost one month to be done. That’s why,” V informed as Daihee and Yumi listened to him nodding.


“Yes, we all discuss about or mission as it’s important hence, he delayed the marriage a little,” Informed Jimin. Yoongi nodded agreeing with Jimin’s words.

“Anyway, the night is getting a little boring. Let’s play a game, guys,” Daihee suggested as Jimin too, agreed with her.

“What game?” asked Ahyeon till then Aerin arrived with some snacks and cokes. She interacted with JK for a millisecond before placing the things down as Ahyeon helped her and she took the place next to Daihee as JK was sitting on the other side.

“Truth and dare?” Jimin suggested.

“Not bad,” Yoongi said as he too, joined Yumi back after attending an important phone call. V picked up a coke bottle splitting the cap, he the whole drink to quench his thirst.

“Okay so let’s start,” V said, placing the empty bottle in the middle of the table, he rolled it around. They waited with curious eyes for the bottle to stop as the bottle slowly stopped pointing at Jimin. Jimin sighed as all laughed clapping.

“Jimin-ssi, truth or dare,” V asked cocking his eyebrow as Jimin frowned.

“You always give me weird and tough dares. So, truth this time,” said Jimin in proud as V’s smirk grew even wider.

“Okay so. Tell us how many girls do you have affair with before Daihee comes in your life?” Yoongi snorted controlling his laugh as he already knew by this time, Jimin was dead. V really played a mind game with him.

“Umm… Not so many but a few,” Jimin replied making V frown.

“How many. Tell us the number, man!” V gave him a smug smile as Jimin glared at him.

“I have 12 girlfriends in elementary school, 10 in middle school, 22 in high school, and 15 in college. After that, I just had two more affairs that are all. So in conclusion I have 61 before Daihee entered my life,” By the time he ends, he already knew Daihee was glaring at him as if she would just chop him down like a carrot. Jimin gulped showing her, his puppy eyes as she was ready to kill him.

“But they came and gone. But I’m really fond of Daihee that she’s still with me and I’m glad she is my last, till eternity. After all, that’s what matters, darling” said Jimin giving her a sweet smile as Daihee can’t help but shrug. Aerin gave her an eye nod which she took well and remain silent before whispering something in Jimin’s ear.

“Let us reach home. I have prepared a surprise for you,” She whispered glaring as Jimin can’t help but to gulp in nervousness.

“Woah! You were a born man whore,” V jeered.

“yah! You dare, I will kill you. Continue the game don’t do bullshit here, such a home wrecker,” Jimin mumbled the last sentence as V frowned spinning the bottle again. All waited for it to be stop and the next time, it ended pointing on V himself. V sighed.

“Okay, I will choose dare. I fucking don’t wanna spill my tea,” V said pouting as Jimin smirked.

“Does your famous mimicker dance, then,” Jimin smirked, making V chock on his drink as he starred at Jimin with wide eyes. The mimicker dance he used to do since his childhood. It would consist of the acting of different animals and was a funny masterpiece of him of which only his close ones are aware.

“okay fine,” V got up acting all weird and cute making the girls laugh out loud because they never saw him like that before, Both Yoongi and Jungkook were disgusted but interested in his dance watching it with mixed expressions. Yoongi face palmed getting embarrassed by V’s dance. The girls laugh out loudly again. Especially, Ahyeon. After a long time, she laugh her heart out that V was glad of. No matter whatever he has to do to bring just a smile upon her face.

They spin the bottle again as this time, the bottle stops pointing at Yumi. Yumi sighed as Jimin asked her to choose one between truth and dare.

“Umm… truth,” said Yumi.

“Hey, I will ask. I will, please,” Daihee quickly jumped as Jimin placed his hand on his chest scared by her.

“Aish! You scared me. Okay go on,” he said as Daihee giggled before turning to face Yumi.

“Unnie, Please tell us yours and Yoongi Oppa’s love story. We wanna know, please,” said Daihee as Yumi looked at Yoongi who gestured her to go on without showing much expression.

“Yes, unnie. We wanna hear this from you. Please tell us,” agreed Aerin and Ahyeon with Daihee’s question as the girls kept looking at her curious eyes. Yumi sighed before looking back at them.

“Actually…. Yoongi kidnapped me,” she said as the girls gasped.

“What? Really?”

“Yes, we used to study in the same college. He was my classmate. I was close friend of Hoseok and Hoseok’s girlfriend, Jia. And Yoongi was friend with them. So I got introduced to him through them. But, I never really opened up much in front of him and would talk barely cause, I was always nervous of his bad boy nature and he was also a bully. One day, he proposed me and not knowing what to do, I ran away from the university. Next day, he came to my father with marriage proposal for me but my dad rejected it cause, he was well aware of Yoongi and his gang that was getting famous in the town that time. And next time, I woke up, I was with him in his apartment. Hoseok, Jia and the boys helped him so much in kidnapping me,”

She explained the last sentence glaring at Jimin, V and JK who were sitting there like innocent puppies. Daihee’s mouth was literally wide opened upon hearing Yumi as Jimin shook her to bring her back to the earth.


“But how did you get to love him, then?” asked Ahyeon as Yumi smiled before looking at Yoongi. He gave her a sweet smile before she continued.

“Time taught me… it taught me to love him and understand him. I was newly introduced to mother-in-law by that time. She too, supported me but Yoongi never let me go. He would respect me, give me space and time but didn’t let me go. By the time, I slowly started to know him at a deeper level that I started understanding him. He wasn’t as much emotionless as he looks, he just learned to hide them. By the end, we both fall in love with each other and it took us almost one year to do so. And then, we married. Dad too, later accepted our marriage without arguing”

Yoongi’s eyes were sparkling with pride by the end. Yumi smiled looking at him as he smiled back.

“Woah! It was such a filmy-story,” Ahyeon said being bewildered.

“It is. it’s really thrilling,” Daihee said as Aerin agreed.

“I never knew that Oppa actually kidnapped you,” Aerin commented still being astounded by their love story.

“Yup, I also never knew that my husband would kidnap me,” Yumi said giggling as the girls laughed. V said spinning the bottle as this time, it landed on Aerin. Jimin cheered as Aerin smiled nervously.

‘I hate this game’ He mentally said.

“Truth or dare?” V asked.

‘She is intelligent, she will choose truth’ thought JK sitting behind her on the other couch but his eyes fixed upon her for the whole time.

“Dare,” said Aerin.

‘She is stupid and she proved it’ JK snorted and closed his eyes waiting for V to start.

V’s lips changed into a smug smile indicating something dangerous has been going on his mind. Since Jk was well aware of them, he knew that V would definitely ask for something hard.

“Kiss your dear husband and say I love you to him,” V dared Aerin as JK looked at him with calm face yet with dismaying eyes and Aerin’s eyes widen in astonishment. But V, being a smarty passed a smug smile to him indicating he isn’t scared of the big bad Alpha.

“The rule is to give only one dare. They are two,” JK informed.

“Okay so, kiss him then,” He said with a cocky smile as all cheered clapping desperately waiting for Aerin to do her dare. Aerin smiled nervously before turning around to face JK. Indeed it was not the first time, they will kiss. But every time they do, it’s new to them.

Palming his face in her hands, she brought it closer to hers and placed a soft peck on his lips leaving him in dismay. The sweet sensation was still alive on his lips even she left them. Indeed he liked it and he wanted more of it.


After the great delightful dinner, everyone left as Yumi was tired so she left early to sleep. Aerin finished doing the left work in the kitchen before going back to their room as it was reading 11:30 of night. JK was in his library as he has to do an important conference call with some of his dealers for the lending of the weapons they’ve asked for.

Aerin groaned stretching her neck upwards and sighed because the amount of tiredness she has consumed inside herself. Entering the room, she took out a comfortable silky nighty to wear and headed inside the bathroom to take a sleep. Taking her clothes off, she entered the shower.

The warm water fell on her bare body relaxing her sore and tired muscles as she exhaled deeply. Feeling light, she grabs the body wash from the side and squeezed some to her palm rubbing it all over her back and front. The foam fell on the floor making it slippery. Her feet slid a bit making her gasp but for her surprise, she landed on a hard-rock like structure as she already knew what it was.

JK grabbed her by her waist prohibiting her fell further as she gasped looking upside turning around her face. His bare chest that has been pressed tightly against Aerin’s back sending tingling sensations to her. She gulped feeling his erection poking her butt cheek as she guessed the idea for his coming.


He has only his pants on his body with his belt was undone too, his upper body was naked. She tried to come out of his grip when he jerked her back again that she landed on his chest for the second time gasping. His big bulky hands started roaming all around her stomach and chest stopping on her breast, he gave each of them tight squeezes making her let out shaky breaths.

He nuzzled his nose tip on her neck inhaling her fresh and sweet fragrance calming himself and his mind. He pressed his lips on her milky bite skin nibbling and biting it slightly that made her moan.

“I guess you didn’t complete your dare honestly,” he murmured over skin biting and nibbling it slightly that successfully was able to send the electricity in her body. She frowned not getting what he wanted to say. Chuckling, he turned her around to face her.

He raised her chin up making her look at himself. Her rosy pink lips that had few drops of water over them, it made him thirsty.

“It was a kiss not a peck,” he said, leaning in. Her latched his hungry lips on hers sucking the life out of them. Encircling his arms around her waist, he pulled her closer making her collide with his bare front. She placed her palms on his front maintaining a bit of distance otherwise, he wasn’t even letting her breath.

Opening her mouth with his tongue, he explored every inch of it feeling himself in ecstasy. The euphoric vibes running through his veins, he desired to do even more than this. His large palm groped her butt cheek giving it a tight squeeze before landing a hard spank there. She gasped muffling at the burning sensation of her butt closing her eyes tightly whether she knew next, his hand’s been going to make its way on her core.

“You’re already wet here, huh?” He hissed on her lips, pushing his fingers further inside her. She groaned rolling her eyes back when he did a great job stimulating her sensitive buds.

“Uhh!” She muffled as her breath pacified when he pushed his other finger further deep inside her. She gripped the back of his shoulders tightly feeling her legs would give up any time soon. He smirked seeing how his fingers were stimulating her buds and affecting her mind. She groaned lightly, leaning on the wall and closed her eyes. Feeling the white liquid been dripping down her thighs as she came all over his hand.

“I wanna fuck you so badly tonight,” He mumbled nibbling his teeth over her earlobe. Kissing her passionately, he took off his pants quickly feeling urgency to be inside her as if he would die without her.

“Climb,” he said as she did what he said. Jumping, she encircled her arms around his neck to not to fell down and wrapped her legs around her torso. Attached to him like a koala as he tightened his holds around her waist before entering inside her. She screamed out loudly when she felt her walls have been ripping by his massive length as he groaned in ecstasy.

“Ahh fvck,” He breathed out staying in a while before pulling himself back only to thrust with a deeper and faster move making her cry out loudly. He again pulled himself out completely only to thrust faster and deeper than before stimulating her to her high.

“Fvck, you’re still tight for my d*ck,” he gritted his teeth pacing himself thrusting faster as Aerin gripped his shoulders tightly for support digging her nails in his flesh.

“Ah. Ah!” She moaned out feeling him coming back and forth faster as he successfully found her g-spot to hit it again and again. His large arms spread all around her body pulling her closer. They leaned on the nearby wall while he continued to do his business with her. He was in ecstasy having her after so long. Her body is like a drug to him that he can’t live without.

Latching his lips onto her left breast, he sucked her nipple hardly as she moaned rolling her eyes back. He gave the equal treatment to the other one too before painting her with kisses all over her upper body leaving his red and purple marks.

Fastening his pace, he banged her inhumanely leaving her and himself in ecstasy as she cried out feeling the stimulation on her sensitive skin. Feeling her legs will give up any time, she tightened her holds on his muscular arms.

Feeling himself loading, he groaned as she too came all over his moving length. He grunted heavily before pulling out and coming on her buds. They breathed out calming themselves after leaning on the nearby wall after having an ecstatic time together.
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