The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 64


Climbing down the window, JK entered inside the big store house. Tightening his grip on his gun as his eagle-eyes were on set on the alert mode, he heard a noise from side. Before a single movement could happen, he was fast enough to shoot his next target on right across his forehead.

The man groaned painfully before landing on the ground with a loud thud as JK out a smirk of satisfaction after shooting for the umpteenth time. Like they planned, now they are on their mission and it was the 14th day of their mission.

The fresh sweat dripped from the side of his forehead as his eagle-eyes were continuously focusing on the next target. As per as the information, finally the drifters were here today and JK and his gang can’t let them enter their territory. He knew how dangerous and heartless of a man Nicholas is. He has done innumerable deeds with Mob’s territory.

His eyes alerted as he turned away only to find another man has been setting a target upon him. Before the man could pull the trigger, JK was again, fast enough to show him his place. The silencer on the gun made it easy for JK and others to kill the chaps while being safe.

A moment of silence filled in the godown as there were no men to be seen as far as he could look. JK sighed, sitting behind a big collection of old oil containers, he loaded his gun again with the bullets before resting for a bit. He hissed grunting as his wound on his arm, contracted again, painfully.

There was a bullet stuck inside his left arm that he got shot with so long but a while before. Thankfully, the wound wasn’t too deep and he is able to tolerate the amount of pain. He sighed leaning back on the container closing his eyes for a bit when his eyes his phone snapped him back to reality.

It was on silence, but the vibration made it noticeable for him. His talky destroyed in the last blast since then, he has been using his phone back. Otherwise, keeping cells during mission can be harmful for them.

JK took out the phone from his jeans’ pocket. Seeing the caller ID of Jimin, he slid his finger on the green touch receiving his call.


“Where are you?” asked Jimin, his voice was filled with concern for JK. JK hissed feeling his muscles contracting again painfully before answering Jimin.

“I’m in the side godown on the entry point 2. What’s happening there?” asked Jk, as his breaths pacified a little.

“Everything has turned silent here. I think we’ve successfully killed all the men,” Jimin replied making JK sigh deeply closing his eyes.


“Should I send some of our men there?” asked Jimin.

“No need. I’m fine and I will manage. Everything is turning normal here too. I don’t we have much chaps left to fight with,” JK said gritting his teeth as his arm was bleeding.

“You sure? I don’t think you’re fine. You’re breaths didn’t seems to be normal. I’m sending Yoongi Hyung,” Jimin said.

“No need. Just keep him there in case something happens,” JK hissed but Jimin refused.

“Don’t worry, I had V with myself and we also have men spread across the region. So don’t worry, I’m sending Yoongi Hyung,” Jimin said as JK hissed gritting his teeth before declining the call. Putting phone back in his pocket, he leaned back closing his eyes as few drops fell down from his forehead. Indeed, He was badly injured it’s just he has a great level of tolerance so he was showing himself fine.

There was a silence inside the building before JK heard some steps coming close to him. His ears and mind alerted and he controlled the grip on the trigger of his gun ready to shoot. The man was about to shoot JK coming forward, but before JK can raise his injured arm up, Yoongi was fast enough to shoot the man who was coming towards JK.

The man’s body landed on the ground with a loud thud as the blood oozed out from the man’s back. JK sighed looking at Yoongi who was coming forward in JK’s way.

“You are injured so badly, Kook,” said Yoongi in utter dismay while looking at JK’s state.

“What’s going on there?” asked JK, coming to the main point not giving a single concern about his own state.

“Everything is going on smoothly. We’ve killed almost all of the chaps we got informed about. I don’t think anyone is left,” said Yoongi as Jungkook nodded.

“Hmm, But we still had to be careful. Drifter can again make unpredictable moves,” Jk said.

“What are the situations of the Second entry point?”

“Don’t worry, V and Jimin are handling everything wisely. And, we’ve successfully spreader our men across the whole area. If any strange movement comes out, we will be contacted immediately,”

“hmm. Its relief,” murmured JK closing his eyes leaning back.

“So, Nicholas didn’t come this time too,” Jk smirked murmuring as Yoongi nodded.

“Bloody mother fucker. He thinks himself as a clever fox but ain’t even comparable with a mouse,” JK hissed as the rage filled in his dark brown orbs.

“Today is our 14th day on this mission. I don’t think he will make the next move so soon. He will definitely be trying to find out another way,” Yoongi said as JK nodded agreeing with him.

“Let him be. That fucker won’t gonna be spared by me. I swear to give him the death in the worst possible ways,” JK hissed gritting his teeth as the wrath was cloudlessly noticeable in his orbs.


Aerin’s eyes opened feeling the wind blowing strength fully. Her sleep vanished seeing the white curtains were blowing it force as she got up rubbing her eyes. The moonlight was fading away as the clouds made their ways spreading in the clear sky making it gloomy.

Aerin got up leaving the bed, wearing her slippers, she made her way towards the big glass window that was opened. She closed the window before tugging the curtains as the sound of the wind changed with the deep silence in the room.

Aerin sighed looking at the wall clock which was reading 2:15 AM of night. She sighed shaking her head, she made her way to the next room which was attached to their one. Opening the door, her eyes were blessed by seeing her little angel has been sleeping peacefully without any worries and tension.

Aerin smiled closing the door back and entered her room. Sighing, she sat on the edge of the bed rubbing her forehead. Her eyes fell on the calendar as she frowned. Today is 21 December.

It’s been fifteen days since JK and other males left for their work. The last time she had talked with him was a week before when he called them to know about little Aejung.

Aerin sighed fiddling with her fingers. The sleep was nowhere to be seen in her eyes. She was worried if he was fine or not. They didn’t even talk for a week which made her think if he is fine or not. She didn’t have single information about him.

Feeling the dryness around her throat as it felt parched, she got leaving the bedroom to go downstairs. Reaching the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of water drinking in one go.

Reaching upon the living room, she heard some grunting and hissing noises. Her eyes furrowed in confusion as she went there to check. Reaching there, a gasp left her mouth as the grunts didn’t belonged to someone else but to JK who was badly injured and limping while coming inside.

Yoongi was helping him to walk as he wasn’t even able to walk properly. Aerin’s eyes widen in utter dismay as she quickly marched in their direction.

“Oppa, what happened with him? Is he fine?” Aerin asked looking at JK who has few injuries on his body as the thick dry blood was on his clothes.

“God! He is so badly injured,”

“Don’t worry. He’s strong enough to tolerate this,” Said Yoongi as Aerin’s eyes were still with dismay and worries for him. She helped Yoongi by putting JK’s other arm on her shoulder as they helped JK to climb the stairs to reach their bedroom.

Yoongi laid him down on the bed with Aerin’s help as Aerin was still focusing on what happened to him.

“He got several injuries while fighting. And, we can’t even call Seokjin and other doctors cause the whole damn city has curfew on,” hissed Yoongi helplessly starring at the younger’s bad state. JK breaths deeply leaning back on the headboard as his lips left another wince.

“Then what will we do? Oppa? We can’t even leave it like this,” Aerin asked as the tears brimmed in her eyes. Sighing, Yoongi rubbed his temple with his wrist thinking about something before finally turning to face Aerin.

“I know right? We need to do his treatment,” Said Yoongi sighing, as he took a seat beside JK on the edge of the bed.

“W..we?” Aerin asked in utter dismay not sure upon what Yoongi was thinking.

“Aerin-ah, we don’t have any other option left. We are bonded. Call Yumi and tell her to come here. She will help us with this, C’mon quick!” Said Yoongi in quick command tone as Aerin nodded before leaving the room. She went downstairs to Yoongi and Yumi’s shared bedroom. Knocking on the door, she called her name multiple times as Yumi finally came out opening the door rubbing her eyes.

“What happened?” Asked Yumi yawning that didn’t lasts long for much time after seeing Aerin’s eyes filled with tears.

“What happened?” asked Yumi looking at her teary eyes.

“Yoongi Oppa and Jungkook are here. Jungkook is badly injured. Oppa is calling you,”

“What?” Yumi asked in dismay as Aerin nodded. Wearing her cardigan, Yumi came out and left with Aerin to upstairs.

“What had happened to him?” inquired Yumi from Yoongi as Yoongi sighed looking down before he explained everything to Yumi and Aerin. Looking at JK’s painful state, Yoongi can’t help but do the treatment by his own with the girl’s help as V and Jimin were dealing with the chaps they caught off running. Yoongi asked Aerin to warm some water as Yumi arranged the things to treat the injuries.

Yoongi carefully took out the stuck bullet from his arm with the help of the burning knife as he groaned painfully jerking his body. His screams made Yumi and Aerin flinch. They cleaned all of his wounds with the warm wet towel before applying the medicines to them and bandaging them properly. They finished bandaging him before looking at the time as it was already reading 4:00 AM morning.

“Take care of him till then. We will come to see him in the morning,” Yoongi said as Aerin nodded. They left before looking at JK who was leaning back closing his eyes as his breaths controlled after the treatments of his wounds. Aerin looked at him from up to down witnessing how badly his body was injured. She sighed heavily before taking the place beside him.

She could see he was still breathing at a fast rate. Why wouldn’t he be? His wounds which were still fresh were giving him the pain in most possible ways still, he was trying to tolerate all of this. Aerin slowly touched his bandaged arm at which he hissed painfully jerking his arm making her flinch in dismay.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to hurt you,” She said quickly shaking her head as he took few deep breaths while leaning on the headboard. The sleep was nowhere in his eyes as if he was thinking deeply about something.

He gulped feeling thirsty as he stretched his right arm to grab the water bottle but it was the way too far for him to reach. Aerin grabbed the water bottle for him giving it to him after pouring the water in a glass. JK nodded thanking her before he finally quenched his thirst.

“Why don’t you leave all of this?” asked Aerin gaining his attention as he sat straight facing her with furrowed eyes.

“What do you mean?” he asked as his deep voice vibrated through his throat.

“How long you will gonna get involved in all this risky business. How long you’ll gonna come home with these creepy, painful wound of yours? What will you answer Aejung when tomorrow she’ll ask you about your these wounds? Will you gonna tell her that you kill thousands of people in a day? For god’s sake, Jungkook, you have a daughter to look after, a family to look after. Doing these risky businesses won’t help at all. It will be great option if you will quit all of this,” Said Aerin before JK looked at her with furrowed eyes. His eyes darkened as he glared at her.

“You think I can quit? You think I can end all of this? I may have a family but I also have responsibilities for my territory too. Am I supposed to back off when all those persons are willing to give their life? Do you think I’m that weak? Huh?”

“There is a difference between quitting and Backing off, Jeon Jungkook,” Aerin said but JK was fast enough to shut her back with his words.

“But for me, Quitting is no less than backing off. I’m the Boss and if I backed away, what will I teach my territory. I have their responsibilities of those people too and I can’t leave all of this. You think quitting is easy for me?” JK gritted angrily as Aerin looked down when the few drop of tears escaped her eyes.
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