The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 65


Finishing her morning routine, Aerin took a quick warm shower before entering the bedroom. Entering inside, she was welcomed by a sleeping JK. His hair was spread all over his forehead covering his eyes as his mouth was opened sucking the breaths. The light snores were coming out as he was sleeping peacefully. Aerin smiled slightly looking at his sleeping form. She was glad that he was sleeping without any worries.

He barely sleeps carefree nowadays.

Making her way towards the closet, she took out her clothes. Sliding her robe down from her bare body, she changes into her clothes for the day. She wore a comfortable dress reaching till her mid thighs. After wearing her clothes, she turned around only to see JK was still sleeping carefree as same as before. She smiled. Reaching upon the edge of the bed, she placed her palm on his forehead checking his temperature.

She sighed as there was no need to worry about him. He was having high fever from past few days. Till the day, he came back injured from his mission, he didn’t went out but next day, when Seokjin came to check upon him, he told him to take the rest while staying in mansion.

After some days, his wounds started getting healed but unfortunately he fell sick because of the boredom. He would get to play with his daughter but that too, not for the whole day. The only time he wouldn’t feel bore was when his little daughter would be with him.

Aerin sighed in relief after checking his temperature before she made her way downstairs. Reaching the kitchen, she made JK, an herbal tea that doctor Seokjin has recommended. It was the time of the early morning so mostly everyone was sleeping and no-one was present except the servants.

Going back to the room, she was again welcomed by JK. But this time, he was awake. Little Aejung was also awake as both father and daughter were playing. Aerin cleared her throat to gain his attention as he looked up only to see her.

“Good morning,” She wished as he nodded.

“Morning,” He mumbled before looking at Aejung back who was playing in her lap. Aejung giggled clapping when she saw her mom as Aerin smiled before reaching upon the bed. She placed his herbal tea on the side table and opened the drawer to take out his medicines.

“Here,” She handed him the medicines and a glass of water. Nodding, he took the medicines. Gulping them down in one go with the water, he made a weird face making Aerin chuckle.

“Did V called?” He asked.

“Yes, he did yesterday,” Aerin replied while doing her work.

“What did he say?” JK asked taking a sip of his herbal tea.

“He has sent some CDs and files by Jimin yesterday. You were sleeping so I didn’t disturb you,” Aerin mumbled the last sentence.

“Where are those CDs and files?”

“In the closet,”

“Bring them here,” He said leaving her astounded.

“Jungkook, but you—“

“Aerin, I’m fine. So, Bring. The. Material. Here.” He emphasized every word sternly. Nodding, Aerin went towards the closet. Bringing his things, she gave them to him.

“Pass me my laptop,” He said curtly. Nodding, she gave him his laptop and kept watching him while doing his work. Aerin’s smile faded seeing JK engulfed in his works.

I guess he didn’t paid attention to my words.

Whom are you trying to advice, Aerin-ah?

He will never listen to you.

Smiling bitterly, she left the room with little Aejung as JK checked the files and CDs that V has sent him. There was the information about each and every person who is involved with the drifters and has hand to hand together with them. It could be dangerous for Mobs. The drifter could make any unpredictable move to bring the mobs down.

Hence, every man in mobs territory mixing their night and days just to be prepare and be able to keep their eyes on drifter’s moves.


“What happened, Aerin-ah?” asked Yumi as she notice Aerin’s facial expression.

“Huh? Uh! Nothing, Unnie,” She smiled as Yumi nodded.

“Aerin-nie, what is the day today?”

“Huh? Umm… I think its Friday,” Aerin guessed before looking in her phone’s screen to confirm.

“Yeah, it’s Friday. But why did you asked, Unnie?”

“Uh nothing actually, Dad has fallen sick so I’m thinking if I should go to meet him,”

“Of course, you should. What made you think you shouldn’t?” Aerin asked as Yumi shrugged.

“No actually, the environment of the mansion is pretty thick from sometime. That why,”

“Unnie please. You should visit your dad. He must need you by his side. Please, don’t worry about here,” Aerin said genuinely bringing a smile on Yumi’s lips.

“Okay then, I will leave by the midday,” She said as Aerin nodded.

After she was done feeding little Aejung, Aejung fell asleep again. Putting Aejung back in her room, Aerin made something nice for Jungsan to eat as he would remain in his room all day and would come out barely. Aerin would always give him attention and spent time with him, take care of him that slowly, Jungsan started affecting by her. He unconditionally started getting closer and closer to her.

Aerin is happy because now, Jungsan is recovering at a faster rate. He actually started talking wisely with everyone and would also acknowledge the things immediately. Sometimes, he would even teach little Aejung to speak the words such as Uncle. But all that would come out from her mouth were her beautiful giggles.

Jungsan even made a bet with JK saying that the first word Aejung would say will uncle not papa, Because, she loves Jungsan more than her own father. Indeed, she. But she loves everyone equally. Her papa and her all uncles matters to her and she would play with everyone. About what she would speak first, the answer is hidden in the future.

“Good morning, Jungsan,” She wished him the good morning. Jungsan who was standing near the window looking out, smiled turning around. The curtains were closed and only a little amount of the sunlight was entering his room hence the room looking gloomy.

“Good morning, Aerin,” He mumbled.

Placing his breakfast on the bed, she went towards the window. She slid the curtains to the side letting the sunlight enter inside the room and vanish the gloominess.

“Why do you keep those curtains close? Let the sunlight fill your room. It’s healthy for you,” Aerin muttered sighing as Jungsan kept listening to her while looking at her. Smiling he sat down on his bed as Aerin too, sat in front of him.

“I don’t like it. That’s why,” Jungsan said as he have a spoonful of the fried rice and drink his juice. He closed his eyes as soon as he shoved the fried rice in his mouth and moaned in delight making Aerin chuckle.

“I must say, you’re the best cook ever,” Jungsan moaned in delight as Aerin looked down smiling.

“I must say, you’re perfect Aerin. Just perfect,” He said as his voice was deeper and straight then before. Aerin looked up only to find him looking at her. He quickly looked away smiling nervously as Aerin gave him his medicines.

“Chipmunk is really lucky to have you. I’m envious of him,” He muttered with a sight scowl noticeable on his face as Aerin laughed as his comment before giving him the glass of water.

“Nice joke. Here you go.”

“I’m not joking Aerin. I’m serious,” He said as his voice seems to be huskier that made Aerin uncomfortable. Looking away, she cleared her throat as Jungsan gulped the tablets with the water.

“Anyway, your doctor called me. We have to leave by 4PM for your therapy,” She informed Jungsan leaving him astounded as his mouth hung low making her chuckle.

“Again?” He asked as mouth hung low causing Aerin to giggle before she nodded.


“Aerin, I hate those therapy lessons,” He pouted as Aerin giggled before patting his back. Gaining his attention, indeed he liked the slight touch of hers that made him smile as he felt butterflies in his stomach.

“But they are necessary for your health,” She said but he shook his head.

“They are so boring. Last time, you sent Yoongi Hyung with me and I died in boredom,” He made a weird face causing Aerin to laugh.

“It’s okay, Jungsan. I will come with you this time. Last time, I had to take Aejung to the hospital that’s why I asked Yoongi Oppa,” she said as Jungsan nodded.

“I understand, Aejung’s injections are important too. Anyway, I’m happy that you’re coming this time. As long as you’re with me, I’m happy,” He said leaving Aerin confused with his last words but she nodded.

The day went on smoothly as Aerin finished her left works before getting ready for the therapy center. Today, JK too, went out of the mansion after a long period as he has the important official works to look upon which were pending because of his absence in the office.

Aerin left Aejung at Ahyeon’s place as V and Ahyeon were there to take care of her and Eunho was also present there, he would play with his little sister. As there was no-one in the mansion to look upon little Aejung and Aerin can’t take her to the hospital otherwise, she would cry there because of the boredom, she found it better to leave her at Ahyeon and V’s place.

Yes, Ahyeon and V started living together. There is still some time left in their wedding but V has requested Ahyeon to move at his place with Eunho because he doesn’t want to take any chance with ‘his’ family.

“Mr. Jeon, here are some speech affirmations you have to practice. They will help you with building your confidence,” The doctor said smiling as Jungsan nodded taking the paper from her. Aerin was sitting next to him as he followed every word of the doctor.

“Good, now we will practice some communication exercises. This will help you building your communication skills,” She said as Jungsan nodded.

Aerin smiled seeing how well he was communicating and understanding whatever the doctor was asking him to do. He has developed his brain back again and Aerin was so happy for him.

Finally the whole family’s prays were paying off

“Good, we will also practice some physiotherapies that will be good for your body,” The doctor said as Jungsan nodded. Taking his every lesson carefully, he followed the doctor’s words.

“Mrs. Jeon, can you please help me with this,” The doctor asked as Aerin nodded getting up from her seat, she approached them and helped Jungsan with the exercises he was performing.

“Mrs. Jeon, please continue with his exercises. Let me grab his reports,” The doctor as Aerin nodded. The doctor left after wise, as Aerin continued to help him out.

“Is it feeling better?” asked Aerin.

“No actually, I have ache in my neck,” He mumbled stretching his neck and groaned.

“Wait let me help you,” She said as she continued to help him stretching his shoulders and neck muscles. After few minutes, he exhaled closing his eyes as Aerin smiled at his little success he achieved in performing his exercises.

“You did well,” She complimented him as he nodded smiling.

“Thanks to you,” He said making her laugh.

“No really, you’re such an angel, Aerin,” He said.

“I’m not angel, I’m just a human,” She said back but Jungsan shook his head.

“No, but for me, you’re really an angel,” He said as she giggled.

Jungsan took a deep breath before getting up from the bed, he sat down facing her. He looked at Aerin nervously as if he has to say something to her. Aerin could see the tension in his eyes as she could read his body language without any obstacle.

“Aerin-ah, mind if I say something to you? I have it in my heart for so long,” He asked making Aerin narrow her eyebrows in confusion.

“Yeah sure.” She said nodding making Jungsan nibble his lower lip nervously. Aerin frowned in confusion before patting his shoulder.

“What do you’ve to say? You can speak to me without any hesitation,” She said with a warm smile comforting Jungsan as he shrugged. He knew the thing he would say to Aerin could trigger her or hurt her. But still, burying it in his porcelain heart was getting hard for him too.

“Aerin-ah, I…I want t…to say that, I… I really… I like you, Aerin-ah,” He said innocently leaving Aerin speechless with a big shock written all over her pale face.

“J…Jungsan, I…I… How could y…you---“

“I know right? My confession has left you in obstacles. But still, keeping it inside was getting venomous for me. Aerin-ah, still, I would say if you give us a chance… You know, we can work it out, Aerin-ah. I really do like you.”

He speaks out leaving Aerin bewildered as her tongue got stuck in her mouth. She wasn’t able to find out which words she should use for Jungsan to bring him out from his infatuation.

“You know, since the day mom and dad left me and Jungkook, I started slipping into the darkness where I even left the hope of living. I became a body without any life inside it. I lost myself and my abilities. I became a dead human. I became helpless by mind. But since the day you entered my life, I started seeing a hope to live again, enjoy again. Your actions had left a great impact on me. It’s obvious for me to fell for you,”

He said leaving Aerin flabbergasted as the tears made their ways in both of them eyes. Aerin felt her throat went dried as she sighed before looking at Jungsan who was looking at her with curiosity.

“Jungsan, I… what made you think like that? I…I would never do this. I…I’m marr---“

“I know you’re married. I know that the person is none other than my own younger brother. My feelings may seem to be wrong but they aren’t for me. Just give us a chance… I know even your relationship isn’t working out well with Jungkook. I know he doesn’t love you neither he cares for you. Then why are you stuck with him? Lifting an unwanted relationship won’t work out. Move on, Aerin-ah, maybe, we could---“

Before Jungsan could complete, Aerin pulled her hands back from his ones and ran out of the room crying hard.

“Aerin, please listen to me,”


He shouted her names multiple times but she didn’t stop. She needed space, she needed air to breathe, and she wants to be alone. Sitting on a bench, she cried harder and harder. The thing that Jungsan said about her and Jungkook’s relationship made her heart ache so painfully that she wasn’t able to control her tears. She was overwhelmed by her sadness and she need to take it out.

She can’t let it buried deep inside her heart for so long.

It was eating her like a termite.

It was harming her like venom.

She was so overwhelmed by her emotions that she cried out loud burying her face in her palms. The crowd came and went away seeing her and some were pitying her. Not caring about anything, she just cried out.

It’s okay to cry sometimes.
It doesn’t make you weak.
It just deducts your emotional burden.

An hour something passed as she kept sitting there while crying. Finally after feeling lit, she stood up wiping her tears. She made her way towards the washroom. Splashing some water on her face, she felt relieved and unburdened.

Making her way out of the washroom, she took her cellphone out only to see 6:00 PM. She gasped as her eyes widen looking out. The sun almost hides and the darkness started surrounding.

It’s so late, I also have to take Jungsan back.

She thought taking rapid steps to the doctor’s cabin. Knocking, she went inside only to find the doctor doing her work.

“Oh! Mrs. Jeon? What happened?” The doctor asked making Aerin force a smile.

“Actually, I came here to take my brother-in-law back,” She said making the doctor furrow her eyes in confusion as dismay was written all over her face.

“Mrs. Jeon, I think there is some confusion. Mr. Jeon Jungsan isn’t here,” She said making Aerin confused.

“No actually, I was outside because of some work and he was here for his physiotherapies. He must be here,” Aerin said but the doctor shook her head.

“No, Mrs. Jeon, I didn’t see him since you left. I thought that you two left together,” She said.

“What? No. I was outside,”

“Relax, Mrs. Jeon. Call and ask in your home maybe, he went there by his own,”

Jungsan wasn’t someone who was capable of going back by his own yet Aerin contacted Yumi to ask if Jungsan was back or not. For her shock, he wasn’t arrived back yet as Yumi asked what happened. Aerin told her everything leaving her in dismay. Yumi suggested her to inform JK about Jungsan’s missing as soon as possible because; it could turn up into something harmful for Jungsan.

With shivering hands and dried throat, she finally made her mind to call JK. She dialed his number as he picked up in two rings.

“Speak,” His deep voice even threatened Aerin more to speak up.

“I have to tell you something,” Aerin said forcing her tone to be stable as much as it could as JK furrowed his eyes.


“Jungsan is nowhere to be found,” She said sobbing leaving JK in utter shock as his eyes widens. He didn’t believed what he heard.

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