The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 66


There was an awful silence spread all around the mansion. No one was in the fine state of mind. The grief, curiosity and tension were visible on the face of everybody. Jungsan was still nowhere to be found. There was not a single sign of him anywhere close to them. He was still missing.

It's nearly 1:00 AM of night but they didn't get single information regarding where will be Jungsan. Yumi and Mrs. Min were continuously consoling Aerin that it wasn't her mistake that Jungsan went missing but Aerin continuously hated herself for becoming so stupid.

Only of she hasn't run away leaving Jungsan alone, he wouldn't be missing now.

The males were continuously trying every single thing that could help them to find out anything regarding Jungsan but unfortunately, nothing gave result. JK was so furious. The anger he was dealing with could be enough to kill anyone. V and Jimin were working in the servers whereas Yoongi was with their men searching for Jungsan in every possible or impossible place.

But nothing was giving any positive result. Everything seems to be blocking them to reach Jungsan and moreover, they didn't even know where he was.

More than 8 hours passed but still they didn't get any information about Jungsan. Nothing was going right as all were continuously working upon the servers.

"We've searched in the malls, nearby showrooms and local markets but we didn't get any information regarding Jungsan," Yoongi informed exhaling.

"I also tried to ask from the neighbor servers. But nothing happened?" V said with disbelief visible on his face.

"We need to find Hyung. At any cost," JK sneered. The level of his patience was to the extent of the limit to get broken up. He was mentally dealing with so much right now and he knew that he can't tell anyone about this but to keep it buried deep inside his heart.

"Don't worry, Jungkook. We will find Jungsan out soon," Yoongi said consoling the younger who was currently suffering mentally. He didn't want to lose Jungsan too. He has lost his family a long ago. His parents became the victim of the devil's games. Same thing was repeating again. And this time, the devil's daughter was the reason he is losing his brother.

This time, his brother was the victim. Now, his brother is the only one left for him. He didn't want to lose his brother like he lost his parent.

Aerin's eyes flickered opened hearing cries of Aejung. She sighed getting up and sitting on the bed. Her eyes were red and swollen due to her continued wails, nose was red and the face stained with tears. Sniffing, she turned only to see her little baby was crying because of the dark night. She turned the dim light on before picking Aejung up in her arms who was lying right beside her mom on the bed.

"Aejung, baby, please don't cry," She cooed her little daughter who grabbed her mamma's breasts over the fabric of her night gown while wailing. Aerin got she was hungry again.

"Awe, My baby is hungry. Let mama feed you," She smiled sadly bringing her face close to her chest. Opening the few upper hooks of her night gown, she fed her little daughter up till she was full and finally slept peacefully back again.

Aerin smiled kissing her little baby's chubby and rosy cheeks. Aejung's tiny hands grasping her mama's silky night gown and her rosy lips curved into a slight smile while holding her mama indicating how much satisfied and delighted she was when Aerin fed her up again.

After putting Aejung back in her previous place, Aerin covered her tiny, fragile figure with the warm blanket to not let the cold catch to her precious little baby. Kissing her tiny hands and her both chubby cheeks, she get up from the bed making her way downstairs to bring the water since the jar in the room was already emptied.

She walked down the stairs when some noises reaches her ear making her startled for a millisecond when she a big shadow of someone was forming on the floor out of the kitchen. Her eyes widened and she gasped but remained silent before taking slow steps down stairs.

Reaching the kitchen's starting, she saw a man was sitting on the stool, elbow rests on the kitchen slab and other hand was pouring another glass filled alcohol for himself. Aerin's eyes reddened with tears seeing JK like this. He was drinking. Only god knows for how long he was sitting here like this and consuming the body harming alcohol.

She tucked her lower lip between her teeth to not to let out a single wail witnessing JK's awful state. He was drunk still he was sitting straight like a completely fine and drinking as if he was consuming the first glass.

Aerin with trembling steps and sweaty hands made her way inside the kitchen. Few tears rolled her on her cheeks seeing his state as if he has cried a lot. A. L.O.T.

Placing her trembling hand on his shoulder, she tried to console him that everything gonna be fine.

"J...jungkook-ah, please.'s enough. D...drinking this much can harm you," She said, her voice croaked between her sentences before she could complete them. Seeing him hurt was hurting her too.

She slightly rubbed her palm up and down on his shoulder thinking he might be calmed down but the next thing she knew, she was harshly pushed on to the side floor. Landing on the floor with a loud thud, she whimpered in pain as the tears rolled down on her cheek.

She looked up at him with wide and shocked eyes only to see him being furious as he is determined to commit a murder today. His eyes, nose flaring in anger, jaw clenched and forehead covered with swear. All were the proof how furious he was. His eyes were shooting death glaring to Aerin almost sucking the life out of her.

"Nothing can harm me more than you, bitch," He growled with the wrath. Getting up from the stool, he threw the glass on the nearby wall making it crushing into pieces and some were even crossed Aerin's feet making her cry in pain.

He marched towards her. Crouching down to her level, he tightly held her by her already weak hair that has lost all the nutrients because of the recent pregnancy. She cried feeling herself pulling by her hair as he made her stood up to his level.

Their eyes met.

But there was nothing in them as before. They were speaking something else.

His eyes, filled with wrath, anger and rage.

Her eyes, filled with agony, pleadings and fright.

She never saw this furious before. It was new for her to witness the treacherous Satan in front of her. It made her gulp. She was scared, scared by him, scared by his dark eyes.

"How dare you to show that filthy face of yours even after what sin you've committed?" He snarled on her face making her flinch. He pulled her by hair even more forcefully than before making her cry out in agony.

"W...we can... p...please, don't this," She sobbed, her hands continuously trying to open his ironic grip on her scalp that was hurting so badly.

"Why? Why you did this?" He asked, his tone was low and filled with agony. Aerin could see the hurt in his eyes, his red glossy eyes. Aerin could witness his emotions. The sadness was overwhelming and the pain could be seen in his eyes.

"WHY?" He snarled again slamming her on the nearby wall that made her cough in pain. She groaned when the pain rose up in her back at the impact how harsh he was. She slid down unable to stand because her legs gave up.

His fists tightened as if he would just kill her today because what she has done. Marching towards her with treacherous steps, he crouched down again grabbing her jaw and squeezing it painfully. He made her look at himself.

Again their eyes interacted.

But nothing was as before.

It was his anger, wrath and rage again.

And, her pleadings, agony and fright.

"WHEN YOU CAN'T FULFILL YOUR RESPONSBILITIES, WHY YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM IN YOUR HANDS?" He growled holding her face tightly between his thumb and fingers, squeezing her jaw painfully. Few tears rolled down on her cheeks again.

"I...I'm so...sorry," She sobbed between her cracking tone. But her sorry was of no use indeed, it pour the fuel on the already burning fire causing him to land a hard slap on her face. Aerin's eyes closed and hand went to her cheek as the tight sting almost freezes her mind for some seconds. The impact of his slap was so much that she was unable to hear the surroundings for almost a minute.

"Your sorry can't fix anything, Aerin. It. Can't." JK seethed in anger, tightening his grips around her head. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he made her look into his eyes. Dark eyes.

Those were only screaming despise.

Again, an unconditional despise.

"WHY ME AND MY FAMILY ALWAYS HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FAMILY?" He growled making her flinch in fright. Her eyes widen as she felt her scalp as burning with tight pulls on her hair.

"FIRST YOUR FATHER AND NOW, IT'S YOU. IT'S FUCKING YOU!" He snarled pushing her back with despise as she landed on the counter slab. Her breaths pacified and the hyperventilation took over her. She was feeling as if her throat was burning in dryness.

She holds on to the slab coughing because of the dryness in her throat as he didn't even let her breath and marched back towards. He grasps her tightly by her arms jerking her towards himself. She flinched in fright as his treacherous eyes were shooting holes to her soul. She was trembling and crying. Pleading him to let her go but he cared less.

Tonight all of the levels of his patience were triggered going to extent.

"I swear Aerin if something happened to my brother, you will see the side of me that you've never ever seen before," He sneered, his tone was calm yet holding a tonnes of dreads. Aerin almost felt as if her soul left her body. She was standing there like a statue. A completely dead being. The sweats dripping from her forehead and eyes were red with the amount of tears that has flowed.

Harshly pushing her back on the slab, he left from there caring less about her already broken state. Aerin slid down on the floor while leaning on the counter wall. Hugging her knees close to her chest, she cried and cried.

After crying for more than one hour, she got up with the help of the counter and with trembling steps, she made her way out of the kitchen. Going upstairs, she went inside the bathroom. Stripping her clothes off, she went inside the warm water letting fall over her body that got some bruises on. The water ran through her scalp as she felt a little relaxed. Hugging her own self, she cried and cried harder while leaning on the bathroom's wall. She kept sitting there under the warm shower with her knees close to her chest and head rests upon them.


Jungkook threw the microphones away in rage by which he was communicating with neighbor servers. All his efforts were going in vain and he doesn't getting single information regarding where could be Jungsan.

Everyone were giving their best in order to find out about his locations but unfortunately nothing is happening and all of the efforts were going in complete vain. Jungsan even doesn't have any tracker or any other communicating device with himself from which JK can find out about his current location.

JK never find any need to give Jungsan any device or trackers. That was only used for the member who often goes out. Jungsan only had three days therapy classes in a week that two for only one or two hours. Aerin would take him there and bring him back safely but JK didn't have any idea that Aerin could be so careless that his older brother was paying for her mistake.

He was completely filled with rage for her for doing that much carelessness with his brother. That's why JK never wanted Aerin to take responsibilities for Jungsan's activities but Aerin being a stubborn keep it in her hands. JK knew his wife would never be able to deal with this but now as she did, JK and Jungsan were paying.

"Did you get to know something?" V asked Jimin who just came out from his cabin with the stress and worries following his face.

"Not yet," Jimin said, his tone filled with guilt and sadness. JK fisted his hands tightly in anger.

His brother was lost and he is unable to find him back. He was feeling helpless.

Completely helpless.

"We need to find him back. SOON! Do anything but find him," JK growled. The anger could be seen in his dark brown spheres but there was something else too.

It was worries.


He was worrying about his brother. Indeed Jungsan is like a porcelain doll. He is so naïve for this venomous cruel world. If he met a single wrong person, his life could be in danger.

"Don't worry, Jungkook-ah. We will do everything. We will find Jungsan back," Yoongi said, squeezing the younger's shoulder. But nothing was working. Words can't stop him from worrying. Till he won't find Jungsan back, he can't help but to keep worrying about him.


JK heard when V called his name. Turning around he only saw with a great shock plastered upon his face. His eyes widen and mouth was hung opened. JK, Yoongi and Jimin quickly marched towards the side table where V was going through the other servers and locations.

JK was confounded but looking at the computer's screen, he saw an audio conference request from an unknown ID. Jungkook quickly wore the next pair of headphones gesturing V to accept which he did.

"Long time Jeon," The man chuckled shocking JK to infinity.

"NICHOLAS!" JK screamed unable to able to control his anger. The man let out a throaty laugh hearing JK's desperate, worried tone. It satisfied him.

"Don't raise your voice, Jeon. You could get to pay in worst possible ways for this," Nicholas chuckled. JK's jaw clenched in anger and he fisted his palms tightly to not to high his tone.

"Your lovely brother is with me. Don't worry, I'm taking good care of him," He said, his tone holding a dread that made JK shocked. Completely shocked.

His brother was in Nicholas' prison. No doubt, Nicholas is so ruthless man that he won't hesitate to slid the knife across JK's brother's throat.

"You dare to do anything with my brother. You will see what I'm capable of doing," JK roared like an angry wolf but his words left opposite impact on Nicholas. He laughed.

"And you try to do anything with me and see what I'm capable of doing with your brother, Jeon," Nicholas warned. JK's jaw clenched and eyes darkened even more.

"What the hell do you want?" JK snarled making him chuckle again.

"Now you came on the right point. Okay, let's keep it 50-50. I want all my shares back that you've snatched. Open my blocked routes and give me my access back to human trafficking, Open all the clubs that you've closed because of this."

"And yeah, arrange 90 million as a repay for what you've done to me,"

"And then, I will give you your brother back."

Jk's jaw clenched. Indeed, no words can describe how low Nicholas is. But at this point, JK has to do whatever Nicholas said. Jungsan was in his prison and JK have to bring him back.

At any cost.


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