The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 67


Aerin's eyes opened as she got startled hearing the ring sound. She rubbed her eyes before getting up from the floor and made her way towards the night stand. Grabbing her phone she checked the caller ID. Taking a breath, she answered the call as it was Jimin.


"Aerin-ah, we got to know where Jungsan Hyung is," Jimin informed.

"What? Really?"

"Yes, Jungkook and Yoongi Hyung left for the place where Jungsan Hyung is and I and V are in the main office,"

"Thank god. I hope Jungsan is fine," Aerin sighed in relief before a slight beam appeared on her face.

"Yeah, He will be. Kook and Yoongi Hyung will bring him back safely." Jimin replied making Aerin nod and smile.


"I called to inform you about this. So now, be happy and stop blaming yourself for Jungsan Hyung's missing," Jimin said warmly making Aerin sigh.

"Jimin... I...-"

"Aerin-ah, I know since Hyung went missing. You are cursing yourself for this. It's not your fault and please, I understand you and I am with you," Jimin said softly. Aerin smiled before humming.

"Okay now, V has to tell you something important. I'm giving him the phone. Talk to him." Jimin said before giving the phone to V who was sitting next to Jimin in the head office as both of them were keeping their eyes on every single activity around the area for which Yoongi and Jungkook left.

"Hello, Aerin-ah?" V asked before Aerin spoke.

"Yes, Taehyung Oppa. Is everything fine?" He asked.

"Yes, don't worry. Okay listen to me, we are having an important operation processing all around the town so make sure none of the family member leave the mansion for today." V spoke in a serious manner making leaving Aerin confounded for a millisecond before she nodded. Definitely, it was not the time to think about it and should do what V was asking for.

"Huh? Uh! Okay. I will make sure, no one leave the mansion." Aerin replied.

"And, please do me favor," V asked before Aerin nodded.


"Call Ahyeon and inform her about this too. Make sure she and Eunho do not went out of the apartment, today. Not even for Eunho's classes. Actually, she is angry with me and isn't answering my calls. So please, inform her about this," V said making Jimin giggle for a second before V glared at him.

"Its okay, Oppa. Don't worry, I will inform her about this," Said Aerin chuckling.



JK and Yoongi were asked to come on an old outsider place where Nicholas was and Jungsan. The place was an old and creepy building with no one except Nicholas and his men with imprisoned Jungsan.

"Welcome, Jeon. It's been so long to meet you," Nicholas chuckled before clapping, his face holding a mischievous smirk that was somehow unable for JK to analyze. All he was thinking was about his brother.

"Where is Hyung?" JK sneered angrily making Nicholas chuckle.

"Why so soon, Jeon? Get it easy man. Come on, your brother is fine. We took good care of him after all, we have so old relations." Nicholas said chuckling making JK burn out in rage before he clenched his jaw. Fisting his hands, he controlled his anger to not to turn the situation into more treacherous one.

"Get to the main work. Don't waste our time," Yoongi sneered making Nicholas look him.

"OMG! I got scared. I'm so sorry I waste your guy's so valuable time," Nicholas faked a gasp before laughing sarcastically. Indeed, his fucked up behavior was getting on JK's nerves. His fists clenched tightly.

"It's been so long we met. Come, let's have a drink before I bring your dear brother to you," Nicholas smirked before taking his seat. Leaning back on his arm chair, he eye gestured one of his men. Nodding, the man left and comes back with glass and a bottle of wine.

JK and Yoongi shared a confused look before looking back at Nicholas who has a mischievous smile on his face.

"Let's have a drink first. I will be so glad if you guys will drink with me," Nicholas said making JK pissed with his unwanted treacherous games. But still, for the sake of his brother, he knew he can't take any chance with Nicholas and has to work with the flow in order to not to ruin anything.

"Drink please," Said Nicholas smirking.

"I don't drink, Mr. Nicholas." lies Yoongi, his face was expressionless as always and he was only waiting for Nicholas to put the full stop on his games.

"Oh! But still, you're our guest and you could at least have it as a treat from me. Please, I will be so happy." Nicholas said, with a fake frown. Indeed, Both Yoongi and JK were feeling like throwing punch on his face, but they know they can't do anything to take any risk.

JK internally cursed before taking the glass in his hand. Just after taking a single sip, he could tell the drink was dissimilar from the normal one. Nicholas smiled mischievously before having his own drink. Yoongi unwantedly brought the glass near his lips but before he could drink, he turned the glass down before leaving the glass making it crush into pieces on the floor.


Before Nicholas could get up, JK and Yoongi were good enough to aim their guns at him. The men growled before running towards them, but Yoongi quickly shot them on their forehead.

"BRING MY BROTHER OUT. STOP YOUR FUCKING DIRTY GAMES." Growled JK, his eyes turning dark bloody red and gun aimed at Nicholas got startled before getting up. He burst out laughing making Yoongi and JK angrier as JK's holds tightened around his gun.

"Calm down, Jeon. You might not like the condition of your brother," Nicholas said gritting his teeth making JK even angrier. He was sick of his games and he needs to see his brother as soon as possible.

"BRING MY BROTHER," JK sneered gritting his teeth before Nicholas chuckled. He gestured his other men to bring out Jungsan. As soon as Jungsan was out, JK's blood boiled and raged enveloped his soul. Yoongi left being shocked after seeing Jungsan. Both of them could see that Jungsan's condition was not so good. Indeed, it was pitiable, so pitiable.

Jungsan was badly beat by Nicholas' men and they could see the bruises and blood all over his face and body. His condition was worsening with every passing minute. He was suffering and breathing heavily sucking the large gulps of air.

JK's heart discarded witnessing his own brother in so worse condition. He was literally eye-begging JK to take him out from the prison where the monsters had done so much worse with him, especially Nicholas. Jungsan's condition was so bad and he was probably half unconscious. His legs were continuously giving up as he was unable to stand up properly.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER! HOW DARE YOU TOUCHING MY BROTHER!" JK growled loudly tightening his grips on the gun as Nicholas chuckled.

"The time you took, it was just a compensation for that," Nicholas replied making Yoongi and JK clench their jaw.

"My money," asked Nicholas as Yoongi handed him the bag. Smirking, he opened the zip of the back but indeed his smirk didn't lasts for too long when he saw the fake currencies and newspapers inside. Yoongi smirked and Nicholas' blood boiled up with anger and he glared at Yoongi and JK.

"You fuckers!" Nicholas sneered before taking his gun in his hands. He was ready to aim it on JK but Yoongi shot him directly on his wrist. Nicholas groaned out in pain before landing on the floor.

The men attacked them but one by one, everyone was completely dead on the floor. Yoongi took Jungsan to the side whereas JK was dealing with the other chaps who were still conscious.

Half of the hour passed away in killing all the chaps except Nicholas. Yoongi called their men to take Nicholas to their area and prison him there. Yoongi was about to kill Nicholas for sure but JK stopped him from killing Nicholas. He will give him the pain in the most possible ways later. Right now, their only concern was Jungsan.

JK and Yoongi took Jungsan to the hospital. Indeed, his condition was so bad moreover; he wasn't even able to breathe properly.

"Hyung please, Keep your eyes open. We will be there in some time," JK said to Jungsan ho was dealing with the inner pain inside his chest.

"Kook, we need to take him soon. His condition is worsening." Yoongi said petrified. JK jaw clenched thinking about Nicholas again. His holds on the steering tightened, as he took the right turn before increasing the speed.

They took Jungsan to hospital within some minutes. The doctors started examining Jungsan's condition and Yoongi went to call in the mansion and inform the members about Jungsan.

Soon enough, V also arrived when he received the message from Yoongi, he directly went straight towards the hospital from their main office. Jimin was looking upon the work in the main office.

"How's Hyung?" V asked.

"Doctors still didn't say anything yet," Yoongi replied shrugging. V nodded before his eyes captured JK who was leaning on the side wall completely silent and hopeless.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." V said consoling them as Yoongi nodded.

"Hmm. Let's hope for good,"

Few hours passed away but doctors still didn't tell them anything. Their faces were enveloped with fear and worries. JK's heart was sinking with every passing moment when he doesn't have a single idea how his brother's condition was.

It was nearly 3:00 AM of the night but the sleep was nowhere in their eyes. All which they were waiting for a single response from the doctors so they could get to know how Jungsan's condition was.

Finally after some more time, the doctor finally left the ward and comes out. Jungsan's condition was so worst that they needed to perform an emergency surgery on him otherwise, he could've died.

"Doctor, how's he?" V asked as soon as the doctor comes out.

"Is my brother fine?" JK asked his voice low and cracking. His heart was thundering because of the silence that doctor had on his face.

"What happened doctor?" asked Yoongi frowning in confusion as doctor sighed.

"Actually, after scrutinizing his condition, we had performed an emergency surgery on him. The patient's condition is pretty fine than before but...."

"But? But what?"

"Actually, Mr. Jeon, it's a case of molestation." The doctor replied looking down as Yoongi and V almost gasped. JK's eyes widened and face went pale after hearing out doctor.

Jungsan was molested.

Those hungry monsters didn't even leave him.

Indeed, they not only physically and mentally but also sexually tortured him. That much that Jungsan's tolerance power almost gave up.

Tears brimmed in JK's eyes hearing the doctor's statement. He was completely filled with rage. He was deposing himself for not be able to save him on time from those monsters. Indeed, Nicholas tortured him a lot. Witnessing Jungsan's ethereal features, he forced him and tortured him.

Jungkook knew from always that Nicholas was mentally sick. But his sickness would take this path, he never knew that. And today, his own brother became the victim.

"What are you saying?"

"It's true, Mr. Min. He was being molested. We witnessed several bruises all over his body. We analyzed his medical report which was clearly stating that he was being molested." The doctor stated.

JK's hands fisted tightly. His knuckles turned white and all he desired to do now was to beat Nicholas to his death for torturing his brother.

"The report also stated he had few injuries in his limbs and ribs. We had covered up the internal bleeding but still...."


"Still, he is unable to response to his surroundings."


"I'm so sorry, Mr. Jeon. But he went into coma,"

Jungkook's eyes filled with warm crystalline tears and they slowly rolled down his already stained cheeks. His brother, the only one he had, got separated from him too. Jungsan was so pure and innocent soul unlike Jungkook. And now, he was introduced to the biggest awful moment.

His life was ruined.

His whole state was ruined.

Jungsan is the last one which is left in their family. JK can't lose his brother like he lost his parents. Definitely, he loves his brother so much. Not a single scratch on Jungsan was tolerated by Jungkook but today, his whole body was writhing in pain.

He was completely unresponsive and unconscious.

He became like a dead body.

And who was responsible for this?
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