The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 6


"D̶e̶a̶r̶ l̶o̶v̶e̶"

"When I think about you, I'm awake. When I dream about you, I'm sleeping.
And when I am with you, I'm alive"



In the evening...

Jk came to main city and directly went to his office. His mind was already exploding from inside. He went there directly while clenching hi jaw and fists tightly and his monster took control over him.

He went inside the cabin where yoongi and V was. Jimin was with the couple whom they imprisoned.
The matter was so damn dangerous. So jk himself has to control over it.

Jk: yeah...

He went there and sit on the couch while closing his eyes. Preventing him from bursting out in anger.

Jk: tell me everything... Completely.

He said sharply inhaling his breath. And V nodded.

V: actually... The principal whom you shot last month.

Jk: So???

V: actually... The two students from the university saw you shooting him. As they were his students so they will do anything to help in catching the murderer.

Jk: tell those idiots to mind their own bussines.

V: we warned them but...


V: but they said that you killed their principal. And they will not gonna silent after this.

Jk: Aish!! Stupid teenagers. I'm gonna fill the bullets in their pretty skulls.

He said getting up in anger and went to the cabinet. He took out his gun and filled the bullet inside it while fuming in anger.

He finished filling his gun and took it inside his secure waistband. And wore his coat back.

Jk: where Jimin kept those two dumbs.

YG: in the dark room of our old building.

He said and jk twisted his neck and turned around.

Jk: let's go. Now I meet them.


Finally, after sometime All yoongi, V and jk come to their whole creepy building which is closed from so many years.

He went to the 12th floor where Jimin and other guards were taking care of them very nicely.

He finally come inside and saw a boy whos whole face was covered with blood so Badly. His clothes were torn. And he was breathing heavily. The boy is probably 18 or 19.
And a girl who was leaning on the creepy blood stained wall with her head hung low as they also tortured her. She was also 17 or 18 as both of they are classmates.

Jk smirked while seeing the deadly condition of both of them and after taking a sharp breath probably to control his anger, he come inside. He shakes the boy with his leg while the boy was just breathing heavily and also crying because of the pain.

He kneeled down to the boy's level to look at him.

Jk: so you are the one who saw me killing your dear principal. Huh.

He asked in his most dangerous voice and the boy just looked down as the blood was dripping from his forehead. The girl was crying so Badly while seeing him like that. And her breath hitched when she saw jk pressing his foot on boy's already broken leg because of which he screamed out loud.

Girl: please please... Don't do this please. I'm begging you.

She said out loud while crying hardly and jk's eyes went towards her. He smirked while seeing the condition of both of them.

Jk: you both dug your grave by your own. Now what huh. Deal with it.

Jk: and you!! Huh. You will give my name to Investigation department. Huh. You little brat.

He shouted while giving a hard punch on the boy's face and the blood oozed out from his mouth. He started coughing very Badly.
The girl started crying even more while seeing her love like this. She started begging on jk to leave him. But he became deaf to listen to her wail.

Jk: speak...

Boy: i-i will... Y-you sh-shot our principal. You are a murderer.

The boy gained the audacity to said this but jk just started laughing maniacally at him.

Jk: oh dude... This is my work. I kill tons of people daily. And about your moutherfucker principal. You know he betrayed me, he disappointed me. So I shot him. Did I did something wrong huh.

He asked with a innocent pretending face and the boy just feel disgusting with him.

Jk: Jimin hyung, Yoongi hyung, V.. you guys tell me. Did I did something wrong. Huh.

He asked and three of them quickly shooked their head in response"No". He then asked his guards and his guards also shook their head in response"No".
Which made him smirk widely.

Jk: see... I didn't did anything wrong.

He said but then again his expression changed into a dark one. And he grabbed the boy's hair while putting his gun on his forehead.

Jk: now your time is over.

He said almost about to pull the trigger of the gun and the girl's eyes became wide after seeing this. She quickly went their and grabbed jk's hand while pleading him to leave the boy.

Girl: please... Please.. don't shot him... Please.

Jk: LEAVE MY HAND... otherwise I will shot you too.

Girl: No... no.. please. Please don't do this. I'm begging you please.

He didn't Listen to her and was about to pull the trigger but then the girl said something which make him stop his movements.

Girl: I'm pregnant with his child... Please. Please. Don't shoot him please. You are snatching my baby's father. Please. Please don't do this... Please.

She said out loud and the boy just closed his eyes. Yeah. It's true she is pregnant with his baby. They are a teenage couple. They love each other.

Jk looked at her with emotionless eyes. And took his gun back from boy's forehead. Giving him relief.
He gulped while seeing the begging and crying figure of the girl which somehow awake a human inside him. He can't shoot love birds like this. He also knows very carefully that what it means to be loving someone. Cause he also love someone. That's why. He stopped.

He took a sharp breath and got up from his position and put his gun back in his waistband.
But still his facial expressions was dangerous like before.

Jk: okay... I'm warning both of you. Just keep shut your mouths. Otherwise. Your baby will become orphan before coming into this world.

Girl: yeah.. we will not tell anything about this. We will keep shut our mouth. We will not said anything. Believe us. Please.

She said breathing heavily as her condition was also not good. Her little bump come in contact with everyone's eyes. And they dropped the idea of killing the couple.

Jk: leave them... But warn them carefully. I don't want a single mistake to happen now.

JM: don't worry... I will.

He said and jk left the cell with yoongi as V stayed with Jimin to send the boy and girl back to their home carefully.

JM: the couple is lucky...

V: yeah... The girl saved him.

JM: actually... The baby saved both of them.

He said and V smirked. They continue doing their work after this.


He come back to his office and throws the gun on the table in anger. He took off his coat and sits on his arm chair while leaning back and closing his eyes.

YG: Relax dude... Too much anger isn't good.

Jk: I swear I was about to kill that stupid boy.

YG: but you didn't? Why... Just because her girlfriend is pregnant. Huh.

He said smirking and jk looked at him with rolling eyes.

Jk: hyung, you know my rules. And that one was also against my rules.

YG: yeah yeah... Well how was your holidays.

Jk: as always...

He said rolling his eyes back. And Yoongi got confused but then didn't said anything about it.


At night...

Jk was in his bedroom while talking to AeRin as she called him.

AR: so how was your presentation.

Jk: it went good... As always.

AR: did your boss got angry on you.

Jk: nope... He doesn't get angry on me.

He said while smirking proudly cause he is the boss here. Everyone is under his control. Who is here to shout or scold him. Literally no one.

AR: I'm feeling alone here...

She said out in blue making him feel sad for her. He himself is feeling so lonely without her. She is his breaths.

Jk: babe... I will come back to you. Soon. I promise.

AR: it's Okay.. I understand. Just concentrate on your work. Don't worry about me, I'm fine here.

Jk: I know my baby is strong.

He said smiling like a crazy and he can feel that she is also smiling from other side.

AR: yup... Okay bye. Good night. And take care of yourself.

Jk: okay. Bye. And you too take care. Love.

He said and she hanged up. He sighed and his eyes went on the wall clock. It is 12:a.m. in midnight. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. His mind was still filled with the incident of the evening. But there is nothing in this whole world which can make him depressed.

He got up while putting his phone on charger and took out the sleeping pills from the night table drawer. And gulped it down with water. Yeah he took sleeping pills to sleep peacefully in nights. Otherwise, his horrible dreams of his past won't let him sleep.

He turned off the lights and went to sleep after then.

On the other hand, AeRin pouted sadly after hanging up. She sighed and got up from the couch to go to the kitchen. It was already midnight and she also have to sleep.

She went to kitchen to turn off the lights and then went to her room. Between her way to room she heared some strange noises. Which make her startled. She quickly went to the hall again to see what is it.

She went there but saw nothing she sighed in relief but her forehead was still sweating so Badly. She exhaled her breath and was about to go then she again heared something strange from out of hall where the garden was. She saw a small tree in there garden which was swinging. She got scared and quickly went to check.

She turned on the lights of the garden and eyed the whole garden carefully.

AR: who is it...

She said out but then nothing happened. She again checked the whole garden carefully and sighed in relief while scratching her head.

AR: maybe it happened because of the winds.

She said to herself to calm herself down. As it was already so late night and thank to her dear boyfriend. She is also alone in the apartment.

She wiped her forehead with her palm. And went inside the hall again after closing the lights.

She went to her room and drank the whole water which was in the bottle. She again wiped her forehead exhaling her breath while shutting her eyes and then went to sleep.


After two hours... 2:00a.m.

AeRin's peaceful sleep got a little disturbed and she growled in annoyance while turning around.

But then her eyes become wide open when she felt that someone is in her room. She quickly turned on the light while sitting up on the bed and saw.

Minho: hi dear babygirl...

Her eyes become wide awake in fear when she saw someone sitting peacefully on the couch of the room. A guy with a dirty smirk on his face. Her forehead started sweating badly again eventho it is winter season.

MinHo: So... Where is your dear Jeon Jungkook.


Jk's sleep got disturbed when he heared the vibration sound of his phone. He rolled on the bed in annoyance still shutting his eyes.
But the sound didn't stopped at all.

Jk: Arghhhh!!!

He got annoyed and opened his eyes finally and sit up in the bed with his eyes half opened.

Jk: Who MOTHERFUCKER calling me this time.

He growled in anger while getting up from the bed to took his phone as it was on charging. But next moment his eyes become amazed when he saw the AeRin is calling him.

Jk: why she is calling that time.

He wiped his whole face with his palm to let go of his sleep and then answered the call.

Jk: what happened...

He asked but next moment his eyes became wide and his whole sleep vanished in just a second when he heared her crying and sobbing from the next line.

AR: J-jungkook... Ah.

Jk: AeRin ah... What happened. Why are you crying baby.

AR: Jungkook some men are here in our home. They are saying that they wanted to meet you. They are saying that they will kill me.

She said sobbing and crying and his heart dropped. She is danger. His love is in danger. But who is that. Is the only question which is roaming in his mind.

Jk: babe.. don't cry.. don't cry... Who is there.

AR: a guy with some ma-

She was about to tell him till then Minho snatched the phone from her hand as she was sitting on the chair with her head hung low crying.

MH: Hi dear friend.


MH: relax dude... Relax. Come here. We will talk about it in peace. Till then don't worry about your pretty, sexy girlfriend.


MH: come here as quick as you can. Otherwise I will shoot her.

He threatened him and hanged the call. Jk just got Hella shocked from this. There is no one who knows that jeon Jungkook is in relationship with someone. Than how the hell he found out about this.

Jk: I am comming babe. I will not let anything happen to you.

He quickly ruffled his hair and wore his shirt and sweater. And out his phone back in his pant's pocket and head out of his room in night.
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