The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 68


Aerin shrugged looking down. It was almost morning but still the darkness was surrounding all around. It was early 4: 00 AM. When Aerin gets to know about Jungsan being admit in the hospital for an emergency surgery, she quickly left the mansion and came to the hospital.

Aerin gritted her teeth when the cold winds swept over her. She was standing outside the hospital building. It was the time of early morning hence, not much crowd was surrounding the area.

She hugged herself to be warm because of the cold breezes which were hitting her. Sighing, she sat down on the bench. Her head hung low and palms rubbing against each other generating a bit of heat.

Hearing light footsteps, she looked up only to find JK standing approaching her. His state was a complete mess and his eyes were red and swollen. He was looking exhausted, drained and ill but he did care less about this.

Aerin’s eyes blinked a few times before she got up approaching JK with her fast steps. She stood in front of him, breathing heavily while he has nothing on his face except looking at her with empty eyes.

“How’s he?” asked Aerin, her breaths still didn’t calmed down but all she do care is about asking for Jungsan from JK. The curiosity was running around her and she needs answers to all of her questions. No one tell her anything. All they were telling her was that Jungsan was fine but no one did tell her what had happened to him. Hence, to know about him, she herself came to the hospital.

“What did the doctor say?” She asked again but JK didn’t say a single word except for standing there with an expressionless face. Aerin frowned being turmoil. Completely blank by his behavior as he wasn’t telling her anything except to keep starring at her.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? What did the doctor say? How’s Jungsan? Is he fine?” She asked without stopping for a single breath as JK slightly shook his head. His eyes lowered automatically and few tears fell off of his eyes. Aerin twisted her eyebrows in confusion.

“What?” She asked but her voice comes out as a weak whisper after seeing JK.

“No, He isn’t fine.” JK replied in a weak tone that was cracking because of his sobs as he left Aerin completely shock.

“What? W…what happened to h…him?” She asked but he remained silent.

“Jungkook, answer me. What happened to me?” She asked again, her voice a little higher and cracking with sobs.

“T…those goons…. They m…moles…ted h…him,” His voice cracked leaving Aerin completely shock and speechless. She gasped not believing what JK had just said.

Jungsan was molested.

They molested him.

They snatched his everything.

Tears fell down from Aerin’s already swollen and red eyes after hearing JK out and she just forgot to breathe not knowing what to say.

“H…how’s h…he?” She asked when JK broken down felling on his knees leaving Aerin speechless. He face-palmed crying so badly that Aerin could notice very well. She was shocked, completely shocked.

“H…he i…is in coma,” He broken down sobbing leaving Aerin shocked.

Jungsan went in coma.

He was paying for something he doesn’t even do, Aerin’s heart clenched while hearing JK and seeing him crying.

She never saw JK being this much weak.

He was crying.

He was sobbing.

He was broken.

The tragedy with his older brother had left him restless completely. He was feeling suffocated even when he was under the open sky. The cold breezes passing by his face and his nose became red. Aerin’s heart clenched seeing him being this much weak. He was crying so hard as if his whole life has discarded down.

Aerin went on her knees too and placed JK’s head on her shoulder. She hugged him so tightly while rubbing his arm to calm him down when he cried his heart out.

“Jungkook, please, hold yourself,” She said rubbing his back while holding onto him tightly. He has his half weight on her as he was crying his heart out. Aerin felt so guilty that tears of grief brimmed in her eyes again. She felt her throat being dried because of the continuous cries that she has done all night long.

“Jungkook please, stop crying,” She tried to console him but he didn’t. He was feeling so weak right now.

“Are you happy now?” He asked leaving Aerin bewildered. She looked up when JK harshly pulled himself back from her embrace. His eyes changed into dark ones that showing nothing except…. Despise.

An Unconditional Despise.

For her

His chiseled jaw clenched in rage as he pulled himself back. He doesn’t even want her to touch him. He was despising her. Only despise.

“Jungkook, what are you saying like this?”


JK snarled on her face leaving her shock. His voice was so high that made her flinch in fright. She backed away when he took further steps in her direction. Now, she was frightened by him. She was scarred of him.

Scarred for her life

JK wasn’t looking less than any mad man who has blood surrounding his satanic head. The rage could be seen in his eyes as he desired to do nothing except to punish the one who was responsible for the pitiable condition of his brother.

Aerin backed off with her trembling feet seeing him so angry that she herself can’t tell what could happen next. JK’s fists clenched as he grabbed Aerin by her arms yanking her back to him. She gasped feeling scarred of him that her eyes automatically closed in fright.

“Tell me, Aerin-ah, why you did this? WHY?” He snarled making her flinch as her eyes closed in fear for the umpteenth time.

“Jungkook, I…I---“

“YOU WHAT? YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGES IN MY LIFE NOW HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO GET RUINED?” He shrieked leaving Aerin with no words to speak for herself.

“Why you did this? WHY?” He screamed.

“You know why I didn’t want you to handle Hyung’s responsibilities? Now see, what a silly mistake of yours has made me pay,” He shrieked leaving her dried mouth as tears of regret brimmed in her eyes.

He was right at this point.

Jungsan was actually paying because of Aerin.

Only if Aerin wouldn’t have left him alone, nothing would happen.

The silver tears rolled down on her cheeks as she regretted what she has done. Even if Jungsan behaved like an amateur, she still shouldn’t have left him alone. But whatever has happened. It did. Now, no one can change the past but indeed, the situation has left them in a big tragedy.

“I lost my brother, Aerin. I lost him. I couldn’t save him from getting molested, I couldn’t save him from these monsters. I couldn’t”

JK cried out holding his face in his palms. Seeing him like this, Aerin’s guilt increases ten folds as she fisted her hands controlling herself to break down. She was dealing with so much. So damn much. And her emotions couldn’t help her at all.

“Jungkook, I---“

Before she could say other word, Jungkook got up storming away from there in anger leaving Aerin all alone with her regrets. Her eyes were tired with her continuous wails still the tears weren’t leaving them. They were still falling.

She cried holding her chest. She harshly patted her chest which was hurting because of her cries but still, she couldn’t help it at all.

‘Why?’‘What have I done?’‘I never wanted Jungsan to deal with all this.’‘He was suffering so much only because of me.’‘His everything has been snatched.’

She cried slamming her fists on the grass. She tucked her lower lip between her teeth to not make any sound but the tuck was so harsh that it almost cut her lower lip. She could taste the metallic taste on her tongue but she cared less.

All her mind was drowned in is the guilt.

Her presence had never made anyone happy. She was feeling like a burden on others. All the messes happen only because of her. She has now lost the strength to fight them all, she was not getting any piece neither any happiness that she wanted.

Her life was slowly going in the darkness.

And she was feeling it impossible to bring it back to the lights of life.

She wanted a break. She wanted to go away. She wasn’t even getting the strength to go and face any of family members. Her guilt was eating her like a termite and she was feeling shame upon herself.

But still, her reason for this wasn’t wrong. All she wanted to do was to help Jungsan to bring him back to a normal life, to give Jungkook his brother, to do a favor for humanity. Nothing else.

She is now tired of all of this.

She doesn’t want to live here anymore.

Her guilts were eating her like a termite.

She was feeling suffocated.

She wants to go away from here.

Far away.

Aerin wiped her tears as after some time, finally her sobs died. She was feeling pain in her back and arms but she cared less for it. Wiping her face with her sleeves, she took out her cellphone from her bag and dialed someone’s number.

“Hello?” The voice answered.

“Hello? Natalie?” Aerin asked.

“Mrs. Jeon? What happened? Why did you call this early?” The girl asked as Aerin took a deep breath before speaking. She was trying hard that her voice doesn’t come out cracked, she didn’t want Natalie to notice this.

“Can you do me a favor, please?” Aerin requested.

“Sure Mrs. Jeon, what is it?” The girl asked in her sleepy tone as Aerin nibble her lower before finally speaking.

“Can you arrange a passport for me?”

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