The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 69



Aerin finished with the rest of her work before finally stepping out of the living room going back to her room when she was stopped by Yumi who recently came back from the garden after watering the plants.

"Oh Aerin-ah, are you busy at the moment? Actually, I need some help," asked Yumi genuinely gaining Aerin's attention.

"Huh? No Unnie, I'm not. You tell what I can help you with?" asked Aerin before settling the flower vase on the table. Yumi smile before approaching Aerin.

"Actually, I was a little confused with my dress. How should I do my style? Can you please, come for a minute to see if it's good or should I buy another one?" asked Yumi with a pout as Aerin nodded before leaving with Yumi for her room.

Tomorrow is Taehyung and Ahyeon's wedding ceremony. After a long time of awfulness, the couple has finally decided to take the vows and bond themselves together.

They are now finally getting married because of which, the environment of the mansion is pretty fine currently otherwise it remains thick 24/7 since Jungsan's incident.

About Jungsan, he is still in coma. Doctor's statements on him were not as likable as they all are now just hoping for the best for Jungsan. No one knows when he will wake up. They are just keeping waiting for the time when Jungsan will be again like before.

Jungkook would go to visit him daily after finishing his work at night. He would sometimes, spend his nights in the hospital ending up sleeping on the couches while taking care of his big brother.

Aerin nowadays was getting pretty much time to make her mission of escaping work. She has successfully arranged all the documents to leave the country and now, all she was doing is to wait for a right moment.

Staying here with no love and support from her partner was making her lose her confidence. She was feeling suffocated and damaged. Her mind was becoming unstable to tolerate the things now after how much pressure she has gone through.

She knows that she is doing wrong. Escaping from the home would make her image completely damaged in the eyes of the family members but she can't help. She is a human too and she needs a reason to be alive and happy that is now fading away while living here with no love and no support.

"Is it fine now?" asked Aerin giving the dress back to Yumi which she did a few changes to. Yumi gasped in surprise before hugging Aerin.

"Thank you so much, Aerin-ah?" She said genuinely before hugging her as Aerin hugged her back. A lone tear escaped her eye which she wiped quickly. Indeed, Yumi is like an older sister to her. She has supported and helped her for innumerous times. No doubt, she was going to miss all of the members.

'I'm gonna miss you, Unnie'


Aerin came back to her room after the dinner was over. As always, Jung kook was not back and the room was empty. Aerin glanced at her daughter who was sleeping peacefully on the crib. Few drops of tears escaped her eyes before she entered inside after closing the door behind herself.

Sitting beside her little daughter, she kissed both of her hands and cheeks before placing a soft kiss on her nose-tip.

"I'm sorry baby, I know I don't have any right to pull you in all this mess with me but please understand, your mama is helpless. It hurts so much to face all of this when I don't want a single evil thing for others. Still, all the sorrows have written in my destiny. I can't walk away from them but at least, I could make myself a little better and easy."

She sobbed hugging Aejung's naïve hands. After her heart felt a little light, she got up from the bed and went towards the closet. Pulling a medium sized bag out, she took out some of hers and Aejung's clothes. Placing them inside, she took some of Aejung's basic things and packed all of the necessary stuff inside the bag before pulling the zipper.

She hide the suitcase behind the closet incase if Jungkook comes back. Aerin doesn't want him to get a single idea of her plan till she will be out safely with Aejung. Natalie has sent the documents to her last Wednesday through the courier which was placed safely with the other stuff.

'I'm sorry, Jeon'

'But you haven't left any other choice for me'



Aerin shrugged looking down as there was nothing to do in the big house. All were preparing to leave for the venue. The ceremony is held there. The function was decided to be held in the evening as everyone would be wrapped up with their works till then.

It was already evening and everyone left for the ceremony except Yumi and Aerin. Yoongi is coming to pick both the ladies after finishing his work.

"Aerin-ah, we are getting late. You should get ready too." Said Yumi, after looking for the last time in the mirror before turning around to face Aerin.

Aerin passed her a genuine smile before speaking.

"Actually Unnie, Jungkook called me. He said that he will be here in one hour so I must wait for him. He will come to pick me and Aejung," Aerin replied, making Yumi frown in confusion.

"What? Jungkook? But, he is the one who asked Yoongi to pick all of us for the ceremony," Yumi mumbled being turmoil as Aerin smiled nervously before speaking back.

"Yeah But now, he said that he will come to pick us up so no need to bother Yoongi Oppa and You," She said forcing a smile making Yumi pout in confusion before she nodded.

"Okay fine. Come soon. We are will be waiting for you both," Yumi passed her a genuine smile making Aerin nod before she finally left the room to go downstairs where Yoongi was waiting for her.

After sending both of them, Aerin sighed closing her eyes. Now, she was all alone in the mansion with Aejung. It was her time to do her acts.

She went inside her room. Changing into a black jeans and a black hoodie, she also changed Aejung's clothes quickly who was smiling and giggling having her little time. Finishing up with her every work, Aerin pulled the suitcase out from behind the curtains. She checked her and Aejung's luggage for the last time before finally huffing.

A lone tear escaped her eye as she was running away from the mansion on the day her best friend was marrying. Currently Ahyeon needed Aerin the most beside herself but Aerin was helpless. She doesn't have any choice except to run because she knew she won't get any chance later.

"I'm sorry, Ahyeon-nie,"

"I'm so bad as friend"

"I'm leaving you alone on your most important day"

"Please forgive me and have a good life with V Oppa."

She mumbled sobbing before pulling out a box wrapped with sparkling papers. She has brought a gift for Ahyeon but unfortunately, she won't be able to give it to her with her own hands so she decided to leave it here with a note for Ahyeon.

She wrote another note for Jungkook as she knew he will try to find her out after her leave. Tucking it with Jungkook's personal drawer, she picked Aejung up in her arm and held the suitcase in other hand before glancing at the room for the last time.

She left from the back gate of the mansion where anyone goes barely. Natalie has already arranged a car for her that was at the back gate. She crossed the mansion gate and went towards the car's direction. Exhaling a deep breath, she placed the suitcase on the backseat and inside after placing Aejung carefully on her lap.

She has made her whole plan already. First, she will go to her friend's apartment that lives in Gyeongju. She will help Aerin with Aejung as Aerin asked her to keep Aejung for few days. So she could go to Toronto and find a job for herself before taking Aejung there.

She wore the seatbelt so it will get a hold of Aejung and Aerin both before she finally started the engine. Taking a deep breath, she nibbled her lower lip before finally tightening the grip around steering.

"I know I'm doing wrong but I don't have any other option,"

"Sorry Jungkook, for taking your daughter away from you,"

With that, she pulled the gear and drove off from there as fast as she could do.


"Wish you both for the great start. May god bless you both," Yumi and Yoongi said to Ahyeon as V at which they smiled before sharing hug and keeping the blessing of the elders.

"Thanks, Hyung. Really needed this," V said making everyone laugh a little.

"Btw, didn't Jungkook come yet? He should be here it's been already more than one hour," Yumi said checking her wrist watch at which V twisted his eyebrows in confusion.

"Jungkook is already present here with Jimin and Daihee. What you guys were talking about?" V said making Yumi and Yoongi narrow their eyebrows in bewilderment.

"What? But he said that he will come to pick Aerin and Aejung?" Yoongi said.

"No but Jungkook is already present here. See, he is there," Ahyeon said pointing at a manly figure from behind who was talking to some other guests. Yumi and Yoongi left being surprised after witnessing JK here. Without talking further, Yumi approached him. Tapping on his shoulder, she called his name as he turned around.

"On Noona,"

"Kook, you here?" She asked being flabbergasted as JK frowned before looking back at her.

"Or where else I would be?" He replied back with a slight amount of disappointment but Yumi was still confused.

"No I mean, you were coming to pick Aerin, where is she. Has she already arrived?" She asked eyeing here and there in the venue making JK frown.

"Noona, I asked Yoongi Hyung to pick all of you since I was busy here with the guests. Where is she? Did Hyung pick her up?" He asked before turning towards Yoongi's direction who already has a big surprise written all over his face.

"Hyung where is Aerin and Aejung?" He asked.

"Kook, aren't you the one who was going to pick them up from the mansion. Aerin informed us about this," Yoongi informed making JK narrow his brows in confusion.

"No, I wasn't. I was busy here with the guests. That is why I asked you to take her here." He informed.

"But Aerin informed us that you called her and told her that you will go there to pick them up so there is no need for her to come with us," Yumi informed.

"What nonsense, I never did. Wait, let me call her and clear the things," Jungkook spoke before taking her phone out. He dialed Aerin's number that was currently telling switched off which made him angry as hell as his jaw clenched and hold tightened around his cellphone.

"Why the hell this woman has to keep her cell off?" He hissed in annoyance before a chimed rang in his phone. He picked the call up as one of his men was calling him.


"Boss, I have to inform you that we can't find Mrs. Jeon here," He informed. Jungkook's eyes widen in shock.

"What?" He almost yelled making others shock.

"Boss, we saw her in the living room last time but now, she is nowhere to be seen. So I thought of informing you incase if she is present there or not?" The men spoke with a scarred voice. JK quickly hanged the call before rubbing his temple. The anger slowly started to envelope him up.

"I need to know where she is," JK hissed in rage before storming out. "Kook, I will come with you," said Jimin and too left with him leaving all others with a confused face.


JK comes back to the mansion with Jimin as they started searching for Aerin in every single place but she is nowhere to be found. JK stomped his feet in anger that definitely didn't get unnoticed by Jimin.

"Calm down, Jungkook-ah, we will find her out,"

"Where the hell she went without informing me? I swear this woman sometimes get on my nerves." JK Sneered in rage before something caught up his attention. His eyes furrowed as he made his way towards the bedroom upstairs with Jimin.

Entering inside, he didn't found Aejung anywhere that made his heart sank deep down not after not finding his daughter. He went inside in search for Aejung but his daughter was nowhere to be seen that made him worried for her.

"Where is Aejung?" Jimin almost gasped.

JK fisted his hands ready to storm out when his eyes caught a note sticking to his drawer. Approaching the side, he took the note to read which has something written over it.

I'm really sorry but I can't handle anymore. I'm slowly dying inside.I know Jungsan was suffering all because of me and I'm wholeheartedly sorry for this. But still Jungkook, believe me, it wasn't intentional. If you were at my place, maybe you would've done the same.I can't take it anymore, I'm leaving. Sorry.


JK's jaw clenched and hand fisted as he tore the note before throwing it away making Jimin surprise.

"JEON AERIN!!! HOW COULD YOU??" He snarled in anger.

"Hey but what happened? What she has done?" Jimin asked.

"SHE FUCKING RAN AWAY!!" JK hissed feeling rage has been filling inside him. He stormed outside of the room and went to his study room with Jimin who was also shocked with him.

Entering inside, he turned on the screens when CAM: 05 caught his eyes whoch was showing Aerin with Aejung and a bag leaving from the back gate. His blood boiled seeing her escaping like and he want right now is to catch her and get her back here.

Jimin's eyes widen watching the CCTV footages before he finally turned towards JK who was fuming in anger because of Aerin.

"What we will do now?" asked Jimin.

"CALL KIM HYUNG RIGHT NOW AND TELL HIM TO VISIT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" JK snarled as Jimin nodded before taking his phone out.


Aerin kept driving with her full focus until she crossed the main boundary of the Mob's territory. Her whole face was pale and the fright was running through her veins yet she was doing all of this for herself and for her daughter.

She looked at her daughter who was still sleeping because of Aerin's careful movement. Her efforts to not to let her daughter wake up till they reach their destination.

She sighed heavily when she made sure that she has finally crossed the border.

I won't get in any trouble now, right?

I had enough of pain now I can't take anymore.

It hurts.

A lone tear escaped her eye but next she found her car was about to collapse with someone else's. She gasped closing her eyes tightly and fearful scream left her mouth.

She pulled the break immediately as the most fearful shriek left her mouth and she gasped in horror.

A man dressed in black till top to bottom comes out before slamming the door behind himself. Aerin was bewildered to see an unknown man also on the border of the town. It unconditionally made her quiver in fright.

The man was atleast 181 cm something and definitely a bigger hulk than JK. Aerin nibbled her lower lip before tightening the holds on the steering as the man approaches her car before leaning towards her car's window.

"Aerin, right?" The male guessed before his eyes roamed to her lap where little Aejung was already awake. Aerin gulped before holding Aejung tightly.

"None of your business," she spat before ready to start the engine back but the man smirked.

"It is of my business." The male said making Aerin frown before she glared at the man.

"What the hell do you want?" She asked almost yelling at him.

"I'm Kim Namjoon, RM for short, Jk has sent me here to bring you back to him." The male informed.

He already get to know?

her sucking the life out of her. Her breath hitched before she quickly recollected her senses back and tried to start the engine.
.but unfortunately, before she could start driving, another black car halted infront of her blocking her ways to leave.

And the next moment, she knew her life could be in danger as JK comes out of the black car breathing heavily like an raging bull.

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